Episode 110

Fist Saint
1 week ago
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Kim Yu-seong, stung by the criticism, quickly widened the distance between him and her.

Although he had swung his fist only once, he knew.

She was more skilled than Captain Boris, whom he had fought in Akihabara.

“Aren’t you coming?”

Mei Ling, noticing Kim Yu-seong hesitating rather than rushing in confidently like before, said that and then took the first step herself.

“Then I’ll make the first move.”


The heavy sound of her footstep on the floor echoed in all directions.

It was the Earth-Shaking Step, a trademark of the Eight Extremities Fist.

A technique that used the mystery of footwork to transfer the weight of the lower body entirely to the upper body.

She deeply penetrated his defense with a spear-like sharp elbow aimed at Kim Yu-seong’s collarbone.

Her height of 180cm, slightly shorter than the 186cm Kim Yu-seong, made this possible.

He reflexively raised his right arm to block her attack, but Mei Ling’s attack was just beginning.

From the fundamental techniques of the Diamond Eight Forms, starting with the Charging Bull, the Coiling Dragon, and the Returning Tiger, she unleashed a series of powerful attacks.

Originally, the typical Eight Extremities Fist, derived from spear techniques, was characterized by its ability to overpower an opponent with a single powerful strike. However, the Breaking Heaven Six Harmonies Supreme Eight Extremities Fist she had mastered was a practical martial art that combined only the advantages of the Heart-Mind Six Harmonies Fist and the Eight Extremities Fist. Therefore, it included combinations designed for ultra-close-range combat.

However, Kim Yu-seong, as if his initial hesitation was a lie, effortlessly blocked all her attacks.

‘Indeed, she’s strong.’

While admiring her inwardly without showing any emotion, he forcefully pressed down on her chest with both palms, transferring his entire body weight.


At that moment, Kim Yu-seong, who had been successfully blocking her attacks until now, suddenly received her Wall-Defying Strike with his bare body.

She tried to retreat, but he was faster.

His waist twisted greatly, and his right fist was loaded with powerful strength.


As the perfect counter hit her abdomen, Mei Ling, despite the unimaginable shock, quickly took a falling technique.

His monstrous strength, throwing her, nearly 70kg due to her overwhelming muscle mass, like a toy, truly suited the nickname Diamond Yaksha attributed to him.

After all, another name for Diamond Yaksha, the guardian of the Dharma, was Diamond Warrior.


And the spectators watching the fight between the two were left speechless with their mouths agape.

It was a rapidly unfolding exchange of blows.

Their spectacular battle, like something out of a fighting game, seemed simply cool to the growing young judo enthusiasts.

However, for those who knew the situation to some extent, it was nothing but nerve-wracking.

It was a relief that neither of them used qi; otherwise, the dojo would have turned into a complete mess.

Kenjiro Yaguchi, the instructor of the Mujin-ryu Jujutsu Dojo, realized he had been captivated by their thrilling battle.

‘Where on earth did these monsters come from…?’

He looked anew at the schoolmate of his daughter, fighting in front of him with China’s Mei Ling.

Mei Ling’s background was at least clear, so it was less surprising.

But this boy, seemingly out of nowhere, was fighting on equal terms with Mei Ling, one of the world’s top fighters, and the Chinese Fist Saint.

It was truly an overwhelming talent.

It made Ryuji, almost like his own disciple, seem pale in comparison.

“…Is this how it is?”

And he was astonished by the rapidly developing capabilities of Kim Yu-seong, unfolding right before his eyes.

Until just a moment ago, he was awkwardly adopting a boxing stance, but he had somehow absorbed Mei Ling’s fighting style.

To others, it might have seemed like a superficial imitation, but to him, who had reached his own level of proficiency, it appeared to be a fairly refined copy.

His disordered breathing had also become perfectly regulated, exhaling and inhaling in perfect sync with Mei Ling.

Eventually, after catching their breaths, the two lunged at each other to resume fighting.

The harsh sound of their fists clashing mid-air was indeed violent, but to Kenjiro, it appeared almost like a piece of art.

It seemed as if time was moving slowly.

With extreme concentration, they read each other’s breathing and intertwined their trained fists.

At some point, both she and I were fighting in a trance, as if we had forgotten everything else.

To the extent that we even forgot that the original purpose was sparring.

As our stamina nearly depleted, Mei Ling, stepping back and creating distance, said with a calm gaze,

“I’ll end this with the next move.”

Instinctively, I realized she was about to use a significant technique.


Swallowing my ragged breath from fighting, I tensed all the muscles in my body.

Unlike her, I hadn’t learned any sophisticated techniques, so I had to react at the moment.

Then, her body rapidly closed in on me.

Like using teleportation, she closed the distance in an instant, stepping with the Earth-Shaking Step of the Eight Extremities Fist, rotating her body, and thrusting forward a Penetrating Hand laden with her full body weight.

Reacting reflexively, I was about to raise my arm to block, but the formidable momentum made me change my decision instantly, throwing my body to the side.


The impact caused a loud noise to reverberate throughout the dojo.

Shortly after, Mei Ling, retracting her hand that had struck the air, asked me,

“Why did you dodge instead of blocking?”

I answered with a wry expression,

“Because I thought it was an attack I couldn’t block.”

The attack just now, no matter how I thought about it, was too dangerous to take head-on.

And confirming my guess, Mei Ling chuckled and nodded.

“You made the right decision. The technique I used just now was called the Fierce Tiger Piercing Spear.”

“Fierce Tiger Piercing Spear?”

“It’s a secret technique of the Sky-Breaking Dance, piercing through flesh if it blocks and bone if it obstructs.”

While saying this ominous thing, she approached and extended her hand to me, lying on the dojo floor.

“Let’s stop here for today. It seems we won’t be able to have a proper match.”

“…For today?”

“I plan to stay in this town for a while. Please join me to improve my skills.”

Mei Ling said this, smiling warmly for the first time.

After the sparring, Mei Ling bowed to Yaguchi’s father, thanking him for lending the dojo.

Since it was originally my request, I also bowed, and Yaguchi’s father said that it was a pleasure to watch after a long time and that he would lend the dojo again if needed.

We left the dojo and bid farewell to the children being taught there and the Yaguchi family.

When we arrived here, the sun was surely in the sky, but now it has turned dark.

I asked her,

“What are your plans now?”

Mei Ling replied in a lively voice,

“I plan to stay at a hotel nearby for now. And thank you for putting up with my insistence today. You were stronger than I expected.”

And then, shaking her long black hair, she said,

“However, I regret that you didn’t give your all until the end. I want to fight Kim Yu-seong, who defeated Ivan.”

In a way, it was almost like a provocation.

She probably wanted to provoke me by not going all out.

But I ignored it and bid her farewell.

“That probably won’t happen.”

The reason was that I never had such a competitive spirit to begin with.

After the sparring session with Mei Ling, I went to the gym as usual.

No matter how tired I was or how much I wanted to lie down right away, I couldn’t skip going to the gym.

Master Nakayama was shocked to see my face covered in bandages, but I pretended not to notice and continued my workout.

Senior Fuma and Kazu were equally shocked to see my condition.

“Kim Yu-seong, what on earth happened to you?”

“Brother?! What the heck happened? Should we gather the guys?!”

I covered Kazu’s overreacting mouth with my palm and told Senior Fuma that it was nothing.

But Senior Fuma didn’t seem convinced.

Probably because I wasn’t the type to get beaten up everywhere I went.

“Tell me honestly so I can help you.”

“No, really, it’s nothing.”

Having barely completed my workout quota for the day and evading Senior Fuma’s persistent questioning, I took a quick shower and returned home with a light heart.

And then I discovered, a Chinese person squatting next to the fence of our store, looking forlorn, using their cell phone.

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