Episode 52

To The West (2)
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Dawn arrived with a steady drizzle.

The carriage carrying the Allen-Mercenary Group cut through the dense fog. The thick gray clouds spread across the sky seemed to have no intention of showing the sun today.

“Starting a journey in the rain is said to bring good luck.”

Inkster Arnold, who was tatted up all over, muttered to himself as if talking to no one in particular. Even if it were baseless superstitions, words of luck were enough for mercenaries who were always teetering on the brink.

Allen let out a light breath, recalling the mercenary city that had disappeared into the fog in an instant. ‘…It’ll be at least half a year before I can return. Maybe even longer.’

Yet, he didn’t feel a great sense of loss. Although he was backed by the halo of one of the top ten, Viola, it was not like she blatantly favored him, so he didn’t really benefit much from it. After all, there were quite a few mercenary groups under Viola’s protection besides Allen, so it wasn’t like he was anything special.

Being able to shake hands when meeting was enough for him. Wagging his tail too eagerly like a dog in heat would only end up biting him back.

“But, why are you heading to the West?”

Bald Illiterate Billy, who only knew that there was business in the West, asked.

Allen, who had been looking out at the carriage’s foggy surroundings, scanned his companions’ faces with a strange smile. …The atmosphere was eerily perfect for telling a scary story.

“Have you guys ever heard about corpses that move?”

“……Corpses that move?”

“Then it’s not a corpse.”

At that, the smart milk-jug mage’s eyes sparkled, and she blurted out a word.


“Oh, correct.”

“…What is that? Necromancy?”

The dumb, bald illiterate scratched his hairless head with a finger and asked. Then Captain Aiden snorted through his nose.

“Kid, you don’t know necromancy? It’s dark magic, dark magic.”

“Dark magic? Ah, is that so? I’m a bit weak with difficult terms. Hehe.”

The devout believer, Christopher, let out a very displeased groan. Devout believers abhorred dark magic that went against the divine providence, especially necromancy, which they considered the worst.

As the talk of dark magic came up, the female warrior Zunisha, with her arms crossed and chin up, boldly said,

“Anyway, if a dark mage encounters me, they’ll drop dead right away.”

As the northern warrior rambled on without knowing her place, the bald illiterate chuckled. Then, suddenly, with eyes lost in old memories, he muttered.

“Well, I don’t know about other things, but it sure feels like dying when you thrust into the soft pussy of them northern women.”

As the conversation started to shift from necromancy to talk of vaginas, Kalisman steered it back on course.

“So, what does going West have to do with necromancy, Group Leader?”

“That necromancer is causing trouble in the West now. Seems like even a small town got completely wrecked. …There’s bound to be a lot of work. For a mercenary group like ours, we go where there’s work, where there’s money. Right?”

The continent wasn’t in enough chaos to cause an uproar yet, but in a few months, it would be.

Allen could feel the faint scent of money wafting through the air there. Although the Western Region wasn’t as wealthy as the Central or Southern Regions, it was still a place with some money, so if negotiations went well, he could make a tidy profit. With that money, buying luxury goods in abundance and returning to Vermandois was currently the best plan Allen could undertake.

And among the various crises that would hit the continent in the future, the first was this festival of black mages. As a result, the Mage Tower would inevitably be ruined, and the homeless mages would scatter across the continent, sparking the seeds of turmoil.

‘……Fuck, just thinking about it gives me a headache…….’

As the madmen who had been crammed in the tower poured out all at once, it would be strange if one didn’t have a headache. It was due to its occurrence that the slogan “Armed throughout the continent” came about, and the mercenary business achieving unprecedented prosperity in history concluded Chapter 1 of Guild Master.

“But isn’t there a magic tower in the Western Region? The dark mages are running wild without knowing their place, but what are the magic tower folks doing? Are they just sucking their fingers?”

The internal politics of the magic tower, which had lasted for hundreds of years, were already rotten due to various factional fights, so it was true that they couldn’t care about what was happening outside. In fact, some would deliberately turn a mage from an opposing faction into a dark mage to use as an excuse to undermine their opponent.

There was also the fact that if you were a mage not affiliated with the Magic Tower, they wouldn’t even treat you as a mage. In cases like Elena’s, she was literally an outsider. To them, the milk-jug mage wasn’t a mage but a second-rate imitator of themselves.

“How could we, mere mercenary riffraffs, possibly understand the thoughts of the noble mages?”

The mercenary riffraffs fell silent for a moment. And then, once again, it was Kalisman’s question.

“So, which way will you go?”

Having roamed all over the continent, Kalisman knew there were many ways to reach the West. Everyone knew that if the land was flat and empty, then going straight was the shortest way. But, the central region also had quite a few mountainous areas, so the routes inevitably varied.

“We’ll go through the Holy Kingdom.”

“It seems you plan to take a roundabout way to the south.”


As the name Holy Kingdom was mentioned, several mercenaries let out a sigh, resembling the sound of the wind. As the name suggested, it was filled with devout followers, making it the most boring place for mercenaries. It was also the only place on the continent without a brothel.

Of course, Christopher, who was of the same ilk, was very happy at the thought of being able to see the holy spirit up close.

And so the conversation abruptly ended there.

Allen turned his gaze back outside.

The drizzling rain had stopped at some point, but the sky remained unopened.

…Like the dark future of the continent.

At that moment, a middle-aged woman, who must have been quite beautiful once upon a time, was diligently wiping a crystal ball placed in front of her with a cloth when someone swept aside the tent and stepped inside.

It was a young woman with her deep pink hair tied in a single braid trailing down her back, wearing a blindfold. Her attire was similar to that of a nun’s, except a part of her voluminous skirt was vertically torn, revealing her pale right leg as she walked.

‘Oh, my—.’

The fortune teller recognized her immediately upon seeing her… She was a figure those in this line of work couldn’t possibly not know.

“What brings our celebrity to such a humble place…?”

“I have something to ask.”

“The price list is right here…”

“Don’t worry, I have money.”

Blind Saintess Ordnung, despite covering her eyes, sat down precisely on the chair in front of the fortune teller as if she could see everything.

The fortune teller lady rubbed her hands together like a sly merchant and smiled a business smile. Then, in a sweet voice, she asked.

“What are you curious about—?”

Ordnung, with her hand propped on her chin at the table where a crystal ball was placed, tapped her fingers and said,

“I’ve been having the same dream over and over. I was wondering if it could be interpreted.”

The fortune teller was newly aware that even the blind could dream.

“Interpreting dreams is my specialty. What kind of dream was it?”

“I saw the night sky. There were a lot of stars too. But, among them, there was a particularly large and bright golden star.”

“Ah, a golden star—. And then?”

“It was so pretty and fascinating that I kept looking at it, and it started to get bigger. Turns out, it was coming towards me.”

“The star?”

The blind saintess nodded and continued her story.

“A dazzling golden star, so bright it was blinding, entered my body. Then I woke up from the dream. If it had been once or twice, I wouldn’t have thought much of it, but since I dream this often….”

‘Aha—’.’ The fortune teller smiled mysteriously.

“How long has it been since you had the dream?”

“…Maybe about half a year?”

“That’s a conception dream. You will give birth to a great person.”

“…A conception dream?!”

“Could it be…”

Then, the blind saintess lightly hit the table with her fist, expressing her disagreement. Her ears turned slightly red.

“That’s nonsense. …I’ve never been with a man in my life!”

“Oh, really? …But that’s definitely a conception dream.”

“Are you sure you can interpret this correctly? I came here because I heard this was the best place.”

“Goodness. No one in this field can see better than I can. Let them come forward if they exist.”

“But I’ve never been with a man?!”

“Could it be something like a virgin conception…?”

“I’ll just leave if you’re going to be like that.”

“Ah, I was just saying… …Let’s see.”

As Ordnung tried to leave, the fortune-teller quickly grabbed her hand and sat her back down in the chair.

“If it’s not a conception dream…, it’s a dream of a noble person coming.”

“…A noble person?”

The fortune-teller, as if acting, looked off into the distance with a distant gaze and stretched out her arm.

“The one of destiny—?”

Odeun’s expression turned incredulous.

‘…The one of destiny, my foot—.’

“…I’m going to leave now.”

“You have to pay for the dream interpretation before you go.”

The blind saintess rummaged through her purse and slapped a silver coin onto the table with a clack.

“It’s two.”

…So she added another.

‘So damn expensive,’ she grumbled to herself.

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