Episode 53

To The West (3)
1 week ago
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In a gloomy back alley of the Holy Kingdom.

Three men surrounded a woman.

The cute-looking woman trembled pitifully like a baby bird, pleading for them to stop, while the three rough-looking mercenaries teased her gently, saying how cute she was.

Then, a woman appeared at the entrance of the alley. She had her deep pink hair tied up and wore a nun’s habit with a blindfold.


The three men, who were smirking, looked at the woman standing alone. Huh. Their smiles gradually faded, and their relaxed postures stiffened.

“Do you perhaps have some business with this sister?”

Then, a guy with a scruffy beard and yellow teeth spoke in a sinister tone.

“Now, what kind of crazy…”

“Hey, hey, stop it. Oi, let’s go.”

The one who seemed to be the leader urged the other two to leave quickly with a tense expression.

“She’s the Blind Saintess, damn it. Let’s just go. Quickly.”

“…That woman?”

“Ah, move quickly.”

The three men, with their awkward steps, laughed stupidly as they tried to sneak out of the alley. However, the Blind Saintess stretched out her arm in front of the man trying to pass by her side and stopped him, saying, “Wait.”


The Blind Saintess’s face, which had been expressionless and fierce, soon softened with a smile, and she politely brought her two hands together towards her plump chest. The bald man’s gaze briefly landed on the Blind Saintess’s voluptuous chest before moving away.

“Brother. Do you know that a great crisis has befallen the continent right now?”

“……Ah, yes, there’s always a crisis. Yes.”

“That’s why God’s work has also encountered a great setback.”

“Is that so? We, uh, don’t really have an interest in religion, haha.”

“Oh no—!”

The Blind Saintess suddenly seemed deeply saddened. Yet, as if to say not to worry, she quickly smiled again.

“However, the Holy Spirit is so merciful that He has given an equal opportunity to all brothers and sisters, even those without religious intent.”

Only then did the three of them realize something was off. But what could they do? It was already too late.

“So, I was wondering if you might be able to contribute a little to the work of God…?”


One of the companions who came along had strictly warned them to avoid any woman dressed as a nun and posing to be blind at all costs.

“Ah, yes, that, contribution, yes. I’m not sure how much I can contribute….”

The smile of the Blind Saintess deepened. And she stretched her hands, tightly clasped to her chest, towards the man.

“Please. A donation. Half of what you have would be just right.”

‘Is she a saint or a bitch.’

However, the mercenaries, already losing their momentum, had no choice but to gently pull out all the money pouches they had on them. Despite wearing a blindfold, Ordnung snatched the opponent’s money pouch as if she could see everything and then took a handful of money from it.

After working on all three pouches and returning them to the brothers, the bald man furrowed his brow and went, “Uh.”

“You took more than half…?”

“Ah, that. You looked at my chest, brother. The sin of coveting what belongs to God. I’ve repaid it with an offering.”

The bald man almost burst out cursing, “You fucking bitch—,” but barely managed to hold it in.

“This precious offering was given by the brothers. I will make sure it is u—sed wisely in the work of the gods. You may leave now.”

The three mercenaries quickly left as if they couldn’t stand to see any more filth. From afar, it seemed like someone cursed, but the Blind Saintess pretended not to hear.

Ordnung approached the woman trembling in the corner of the alley, slowly.

“Everyone’s gone, Master.”

Only then did the woman straighten her back and crack her neck, looking at her disciple with a sly, expressionless face.

“It seems you’ve gotten better at acting?”

“……I could never match you, Master.”

“Have we been pushing the business too hard lately? There’s no one willing to make donations.”

Then, she extended her palm towards her disciple, the Blind Saintess. Ordnung placed a heavy money purse on it.

“The thing you put in your pocket earlier too.”

‘How did she see that—!’

“Ah, my God. What should I do with this disciple.”

“…No, this, it’s the price for him having looked at my chest.”

“Didn’t you say it was for the sin of coveting what belongs to God?”

“It’s my boobs—!”

“Even in those boobs, the will of God is fully embedded.”

The Blind Saintess eventually gave the money she had to her master, deeply understanding the mercenaries’ feelings just then.

Disrespectfully, the disciple thought about how much she wanted to beat up her master… Of course, she would have hit her if she wanted, but there was no way she could actually do it.

After collecting the divine business funds, the master gave a portion to the disciple. “That’s it—?” Frustrated by the meager amount, the Blind Saintess was furious, but the master, with a compassionate expression, clasped her hands and said,

“How can you, a saintess, harbor personal greed for wealth?”


As always, the disciple respected the master’s wishes this time too.

And the master and disciple walked side by side through the alley.

“Did you go to get your dream interpreted yesterday? How was it? Was it impressive?”

Having wasted two precious silver coins, the Blind Saintess would bolt upright from sleep at the mere thought.

“Impressive my foot. I mean, telling a pure virgin maiden that it’s a conception dream is just absurd.”

“She said it was a conception dream?”

“…Or it signifies the arrival of a noble person. ‘Your destined one’ or something like that. Ridiculous.”

The faint smile on the master’s face gradually faded. However, the disciple, unaware of the master’s change, kept rambling on, only looking straight ahead.

“What kind of incredible fortune-teller is that? I could say such things, too. Maybe I should become a fortune-teller? A fortune-teller who has received divine revelations. How about that? Not bad, right? They seem to make quite a good amount of money.”

“……I’m not sure. I’ll return first. I’m getting tired with just a little movement as I age.”

“…Yes, Master. Then I’ll go buy ingredients for the meal.”


The face of the master who parted with her disciple midway darkened.

Fifteen days after leaving the mercenary city, Vermandois, the Allen-Mercenary Group finally entered the territory of the Holy Kingdom.

As if to prove it, the number of pilgrims trudging along the dirt road for a pilgrimage noticeably increased. Of course, none of them sent a signal to be picked up by the carriage. They just bravely took one step at a time towards the Holy Kingdom on their own feet.

The carriage carrying the Allen-Mercenary Group soon stopped at a station outside the outer city walls. This was because carriages could not enter the city.

The members who got off the carriage let out small exclamations of admiration upon seeing the beautiful city.

“Wow, shi—.”

As if honoring the blessing of the holy deity, the city with its dazzling white spire towering in the center was closer to a work of art than a single domain. Even Allen, an atheist, felt a moment of sublime emotion upon seeing it.

Allen collected the payment for the escort mission from the merchant group leader he came with and entered the city with his companions.

Strangely, there was no checkpoint here. The city gates, wide open on both sides, were said to have never been closed for over a hundred years as if the holy deity had left the gates of heaven open to everyone.

Of course, it wasn’t that there were no mercenaries in the holy kingdom. After all, it was a place where people lived, so naturally, various types of people gathered. Still, it was undeniable that it was a place lacking in excitement.

The doors of the entire building were adorned with dangling symbols of the sun, signifying holiness. Indeed, a holy nation was a holy nation.

The Allen-Mercenary Group entered an inn. The hall, which would have been a chaotic mess of swearing, shouting, and laughter in any other city, was significantly quieter. It wasn’t as silent as a church, but it was hard to believe it was a place for drinking.

“Damn, we’re really standing out.”

They went to a secluded spot and split themselves between two tables. Soon, a staff member came over, and Captain Aiden skillfully placed their order.

The bald illiterate with dark eyes glanced around and whispered a bit lower.

“Do people in the holy nation, even during sex, go ‘Oh God—’?”

“At this rate, it seems like a possibility.”

Captain Aiden chimed in. He, too, had traveled through various cities, and this was the first time he encountered such solemnity. Just as the truly illiterate Billy said, whether it’s the one screwing or the one getting screwed, both might just be shaking it off, exclaiming, “Oh God—”

Soon, dishes filled with food were served one after another. However, the taste of the food was not particularly holy.

Ravenous, they licked the bottoms of their bowls clean with their tongues. Then, they each gathered their belongings and went up to their rooms.

They rented two rooms for four people and one for two. As soon as Allen entered the room, he threw his bag on the floor carelessly and flopped onto the bed. Compared to the hard ground, the coziness was such that he almost cursed out loud, feeling that there was no other way to express this sensation except through swearing.

Even in the cramped lodging room, sun symbols were plastered all over the body. However, unfortunately, Allen was not the kind of person to be swayed by such sloppy proselytizing. Even during his lonely and hard times on Earth, he had never once turned his eyes to any religion, let alone a cult. …Though, if they had proselytized through sex, he might have been slightly shaken.

“Kalisman, I have a few places I want to visit tomorrow.”

“Understood. I’ll keep that in mind.”


As the sun set, the city of the holy kingdom, now tinged with a rosy hue, became even more beautiful. If it were a peaceful time, living here wouldn’t be so bad.

…However, shouting “Oh God” during sex, no matter how you think about it, was an act he couldn’t do.

The next day, after spending a night in the holy kingdom.

Allen got up early in the morning, quickly finished his meal, and left the lodging with Kalisman.

There were two things to do today.

One was to look for a caravan to head west with, and the other was to meet the Blind Saintess.

The Blind Saintess, Ordnung—.

Like Group Leader Viola, who was one of the top 10, she was a representative named character with the [Aesthetic Sense] trait fixed.

She, along with her master, played a role in purifying the streets of the Holy Kingdom. One might mistake her for a healer because she was a saintess, but, amusingly, she was a martial artist who swung her fists.

How could she fight if she was blind and could not see? It was said she felt objects not with her eyes but with energy. …It might sound a bit strange, but that was what the Guild Master setting stated.

Especially with her deep pink hair, she was one of the representative characters for those who adored pink hair. Additionally, her being blind garnered interest from those who had a fetish for physical disabilities, and being a believer in God also made her a target for blasphemers.

So, as soon as midnight passed, the community would repeatedly post and then delete all sorts of posts about her strange sexual desires. Truly the ultimate specimen of human desire experimentation, being toyed with in both the light and shadow of doujinshis—.

But, receiving attention for whatever reason meant that she was considered a useful character in Guild Master. If her performance were terribly poor, she wouldn’t even be mentioned; that was the nature of this industry. …Of course, this was considering those who are fans of terrible characters as an exception.

The only reason to seek out a named character with such a recognized performance from the early stages was one. To undertake the mission that would be assigned in the western region together.

No matter what, in the end, she, too, was a devout believer in God. It was natural for her to shudder and detest a dark mage. Thus, in Guild Master, you could temporarily hire the Blind Saintess in Chapter 1, The Festival of Dark Mages. Of course, once Chapter 1 ended, she would leave without looking back…. Therefore, in the parody of The Fucking Bitch Who Loved—, the unhesitatingly departing Pinkette Ordnung frequently appeared.

Anyway, it was an opportunity to use the well-statted pinkette, even if only temporarily, freely. Who would refuse that—! That was precisely why he made a point of passing through the Holy Kingdom.

The Blind Saintess was quite a celebrity in the Holy Kingdom, so Allen stopped a passerby on the street to ask about her whereabouts. A young man with a slightly reluctant expression readily spilled the information about her.

“I’ve heard that she lives somewhere on Kalif Street with her master. You can ask others for the details when you get there. …But be careful. Especially, don’t look at her chest…! Oh, God.”

The passerby warned them as if cautioning about a fierce dog and then walked away briskly. The two men glanced at the back of the man walking away and then stealthily exchanged looks.

“……She’s a saintess, right?”

“As far as I know….”

‘…I knew she was a bit quirky, but she wasn’t considered blasphemous.’

‘If one is devout and loves justice, that’s what a saintess is. What else could there be—!’

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