Episode 54

To The West (4)
6 days ago
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In this circle, she was quite famous, so finding the house of the Blind Saintess wasn’t too difficult.

Her house was just an ordinary family home, no different from the other houses lined up next to it. Of course, it was the same with the symbol of the sun dangling old above the door.

Allen, standing in front of the door, habitually looked left and right and gently raised his fist to knock carefully. Then, he turned around and showed a faint smile to Kalisman standing behind him as if to say everything would be fine.

After a while, the door creaked open. It was a young woman, letting her dry black hair hang down as she puffed out the smoke with a hand-rolled cigarette in her mouth. …No, rather than young, she was slightly aged. A woman in her early to mid-30s.

‘…Could this woman be the master?’

She was a woman of mystery, with no information available even in [Guild Master]. He knew neither her age, name, nor face, only that she was the female master of the Blind Saintess.

Strength: 72
Agility: 71
Stamina: 79
Intelligence: 45
Magic: 48
♦ Genius
♦ Narcissism
♦ Transcendence
♦ Affectionate
♦ Longevity
♦ Desire
♦ Touchy
♦ Insomnia
♦ Hated

‘……Shit, this is really fucked up…….’

He knew her master was an extraordinary figure, but seeing her stats directly upon entering the game, he couldn’t help but be internally horrified. She was literally a walking biological weapon. …Even the top 10 would no longer seem scary if he had just one subordinate like this.

With an indifferent air about her face, she took a deep drag of her cigarette, exhaled a long stream of smoke, and stared intently at his face like an investigator scrutinizing their subject.


“My name is Allen Dewise Pomwell. …I heard that a person known as the Blind Saintess lives here….”

Due to meeting such an incredible person, Allen’s attitude naturally became polite. Of course, a person who believes in the divine wouldn’t act recklessly, but it’s still good to be cautious. Hadn’t people also briefly warned them to be careful?

“Ah, her—. She is here, but… why?”

“I was wondering if I could meet her for a moment. I have something to discuss with her calmly….”

“What is it about?”

“…May I ask what your relationship is with the Blind Saintess?”

“She’s my disciple.”

“Ah, I see—!”

Of course, he already knew, but Allen didn’t miss out on acting surprised as if he just found out.

“So, what do you want to talk about?”


Allen cleared his throat a bit.

“In the western region, a dark mage is currently causing trouble.”

“So what?”

“So, I was hoping to get some help from your disciple….”

She took another long drag of her cigarette and then exhaled a milky cloud of smoke with a sigh. All the while, she continued to stare straight at Allen with those deep, tranquil eyes… It felt as if his very soul was being laid bare before her.

“……Come in.”

Phew. Allen had passed the first hurdle.

“Then, please excuse us for a moment.”

The two men followed the woman into the house. The shabby living room contained nothing but a table, three chairs, and two pots of withered plants. The smell of tobacco was particularly piercing there.

“Sit there.”

Allen sat down, and Kalisman remained standing behind him. The woman crossed her legs and started rolling another cigarette on the table. She seemed to be quite the heavy smoker.

“You want to take down the dark mage? Why? Are you a devout believer or something?”

“…There are two answers. One is face; the other is truth. Please choose.”

He gave her the options, smiling leisurely. Of course, inside, he wasn’t as relaxed as his expression suggested.

She looked at him as if he were quite an interesting person and chose the truth. …As for face, well, it was obvious without hearing it.

“Money and a bit of fame. That’s all.”

“Tsk tsk tsk—.”

The woman, who had been expressionless throughout, chuckled for the first time.

“It’s been a while since I’ve met someone so honest.”

“Everyone knows, so why bother hiding it.”

“Are you a mercenary group?”

“Yes. A mercenary group. I’m the group leader.”

Of course, there had been a few instances like this before. Those who came after hearing the value of the name of the Blind Saintess.

If you asked them why, they all laid it out in a tedious manner. For the peace of the continent, or some revelation of the Holy Spirit… Probably, they picked the answers thinking they would be pleased if they heard they were believers of the Holy Spirit.

However, unfortunately, both she and her disciple considered such empty words to be nonsense. They believed in the Holy Spirit, but they were also aware of the reality.

Of course, the experienced Allen was well aware of the tendencies of the two women.

“Ah, it’s not much, but this…”

And he also knew they really liked money—.

When Allen took out a small purse and casually placed it on the table, the female master swiftly snatched it up. Upon checking the contents inside the purse, a sly smile briefly appeared on her face.

“You are someone who knows manners.”

Then, she got up from her seat, saying she would bring her disciple.

As the master disappeared up the second-floor staircase, Kalisman whispered to the group leader with a peculiar expression.

“…Isn’t that the saintess’s master?”

Then, Allen laughed and said.

“Would a saintess’s master live on dew alone?”

Though the morning sun had already gently risen, the Blind Saintess was still sprawled out on the bed, lying face down and stretching lazily. The master, who entered the room, approached the disciple, who was lying exposed in just her underwear, top and bottom. Then, she smacked her on the buttocks hard enough to leave a bright palm print.

“Eugh, you wench.”

“Ah, ack.”


The Blind Saintess groaned in pain, furiously rubbing her burning buttocks.

“I… couldn’t… sleep… well… yesterdayyyy….”

“Not getting up quickly, are you? …Huh? Not getting up—?”

The master slapped the other side of the buttocks with a smack, and Ordnung, who couldn’t stand it anymore, surrendered and got up.

“Ah, geez…!”


“…Oh God…”

“Look at that expression. This is serious. …Get up quickly. Someone who might be your destiny or something has come.”


“Your. Guest. Has. Arrived.”


“Hurry down. Know that if you’re late, you’ll get more spankings.”

The master then sighed, “Hoo,” and disappeared after marking her territory in the room with cigarette smoke.

The Blind Saintess got up, stretched her body with a big yawn, and then put on her shabby nun’s habit. Next, she tied her unraveled hair back into a single braid. The final touch was putting on her blindfold.

Before leaving the room, she bowed in prayer to the Holy Spirit and slowly went down to the living room. After all, since a guest had come, she had to show the holy appearance of a saintess.

Passing through the narrow corridor and gracefully descending the stairs one by one, she felt something strange.


It was a bizarre feeling strong enough to make her stop in her tracks. It was the first time she had felt such a peculiar aura from someone other than her master.

“Come here quickly.”

The sharp tone of her master until just a moment ago was now eerily gentle.

‘…It seems this is no ordinary guest.’

As Ordnung paused for a moment and then slowly continued down the stairs, the man sitting in the chair also stood up. The two, a man and a woman, soon faced each other, and she brought her hands together in greeting.

“My name is Ordnung.”

“I’m Allen Dewise Pomwell. Pleased to meet you, Sister Ordnung.”

His soft voice felt like it was seeping into her flesh. It was a different kind of aura than that of her master.

She was dying to see his color, but her master would probably not allow it.

The Blind Saintess sat close beside her master.

“What brings you to me…?”

Her voice and gestures were the epitome of a perfect saintess. All the practice in acting had paid off.

“There are mages causing trouble in the western region right now. That’s why we want to hire you, sister. We think you could be of great help to us.”


It was an unexpected remark. Hiring her of all things. It must be one of those mercenary group invitations that comes very rarely.

“Uh, well…”

Not knowing what to do, she trailed off a bit, and the master sitting close beside her discreetly jabbed her side with an elbow, unseen by the other.

“Ah, yes.”

“Ah, of course, it’s only natural to generously take care of the employment fee. What comes must go. Isn’t that the divine providence? Don’t you think so?”

“That’s right. The business of God, too—all follows that principle. Isn’t that right, my disciple?”

“Ah, yes, that’s correct.”

Hearing such words from the master, the disciple roughly understood the flow of the conversation.

“So, what do you think, sister?”

“…Well, I have a master to serve….”

“As for the employment fee, we’ll give you 25 gold coins. Every month.”


It was an amount that could make one’s buttocks jump in surprise. A sum too large for a saintess who should be free from personal greed.

However, the master nudged the disciple’s side as if to say not to make a fuss. “Ack—.” The disciple, realizing her disgraceful behavior belatedly, quickly corrected her posture.

“That, that… I have a master to serve…!”

“Very well. 27 pieces, how about that?”

“Ah, no, se, serve…!”

“29 pieces.”

29 gold coins a month?!

Unable to bear it any longer with her own frail heart, the saintess kept poking her master’s side with her elbow, wondering what to do.

“I’m sorry. I can’t live without my disciple.”


The Blind Saintess was shocked, her mouth agape as she quickly turned her head towards her master. Then, she quickly adjusted her expression back to that of a dignified saintess.

‘To push further once more—! Truly an adult—!’

The Blind Saintess, wondering if he might go up to 31 pieces, waited with a pounding heart, but Allen simply sighed lightly and stood up.

“If you are so determined, there’s nothing I can do. But it was a pleasant time, sisters.”

“Yes. Take care.”


As Allen left the living room, the Blind Saintess, who had been forcing a smile, suddenly turned her head towards her master.

“No, Master, what should we do? Shouldn’t we take him up now? He said he would give us 29 gold coins. And that’s every month—!”

“For such a small amount of money?”

“Small amount——?!! The person who trembles at the sight of a single silver coin…!!”

“…This wench?”

Eventually, the Blind Saintess couldn’t hold back and ran out. However, the master did not stop her disciple.

‘……Can it not be prevented…….’

Stepping out the door, the Blind Saintess lifted her blindfold slightly to see Allen walking away in the distance. …She would get in big trouble for seeing colors without her master’s permission, but she had no other choice at the moment.


It was golden. A brilliant gold. The very color she had seen in her dream—!

That beautiful gold was emanating from Allen’s body. His alone.

‘Yes, it’s him. He was the one coming to me. Yes. That’s it—!’

The Blind Saintess hurried back into the house. And urgently relayed the message to her master, who was leisurely puffing away at a cigarette in the living room.

“Master, it’s him. The one I dreamt was coming to me. The one of destiny. I’m sure of it. He’s no ordinary person.”

“……So? You’re going to leave your master and follow him?”


There, the Blind Saintess found herself at a loss for words.

Seeing this, the master chuckled.

“…Just kidding. Go ahead. Make a lot of money and come back. You have to support your master. I’ll make you work hard.”

However, the disciple couldn’t leave easily.

“Didn’t I say go? You really want to stay?”


“Hurry up and go, you wench.”

The Blind Saintess gritted her teeth and staggered back.

“I’ll earn a lot of money and come back. I’ll really earn a lot of money and come back. For real—!”

With that, she dashed outside. The faint sound of her loudly shouting, “Brother Allen—” could be heard.

The master briefly looked at the place where her disciple had left, then took out a money pouch from within and looked at its contents again.

There was a pile of shining gold coins.

…The master had sold her disciple for 50 gold coins.

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