Chapter 10 - The Incident (1)

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‘It has been a year since I received a large sum of money from the head and was hired as an escort warrior.’

There wasn’t much work.

During their time as an escort, no one of great talent or courage targeted a person of the Criminal Affairs, one of the six departments.

When the escort was a member of a different Murim group, there wasn’t a single day without tension.

However, those days ended once he was hired as an escort for this man.

‘The continuation of boredom.’

It has been a quiet year.

Just by staying beside that person, his salary was piling up.

It was a time when he was gripped by the pressure to show and prove himself.

After realizing that his senses were gradually being dulled because of the long peace, he found a situation worthy of intervening.


The young master was suffering at the hands of someone.

How much pressure was the other one applying for the young master to wriggle.

‘It’s time to pay for the graces I was shown.’

The escort warrior thought that he had seized the opportunity to show himself.

Now, when the family members of the head gather, it would be a good opportunity for him to help and increase the trust they have in him.

“This bastard! How dare you act so rudely to the young master!”


With a shout, the escort warrior moved towards Mumu.

As a former native of a Murim group, his movements were fast enough to be compared to lightning in the eyes of ordinary people.


At that, the people around were amazed.

‘He seems to be the same age as the young master.’

Do Pyung’s lips turned into a smile.

He was lucky.

Kids of that age couldn’t be his opponent as he was strong.


Such young ones can be suppressed at once, but he moved around incessantly.

It was to distract him, and make himself look cool as a martial artist.

‘Should I take him down now?’

Seeing that the opponent was a kid, he couldn’t figure out where he moved…



Mumu’s eyes moved.

And the places where Mumu looked were where the escort warrior was moving.

In an instant, Do Pyeong felt weird.

‘What? Is he able to follow my movements?’

He was flustered.

As a native of an assassination group, he knew that he had skills better than first-rate warriors.

But a kid was able to look at him.


Something felt creepy about it.

Maybe even if he was a kid, the kid had excellent eyesight.

In that case, it seemed like he had to stop moving around so much and subdue the kid at once.

So, he moved his body to catch the chance.

“Ugh, look! Stop it now! This child isn’t dangerous.”

Mumu’s eyes turned to his father Yu Yeop-kyung, who screamed.

Do Pyeong didn’t miss the chance.



Do Pyeong moved for Mumu’s back which was facing him to show off his skills.

‘Engraving Punishment!’

It was a technique that instantly subdues the opponent from behind and breaks their neck at the same time.

But this time, the escort intended to grab the neck instead of breaking it.

At the same time as he moved to hold the right arm of the kid, who was grabbing his young master’s hand, he went for the neck.



The arm wasn’t breaking.

The part where he held the arm was hard, like an old tree which wasn’t going to fall.

He didn’t expect that the kid was an expert in body training.

But training the neck wasn’t an easy task.


He grabbed it and tried to threaten him.


‘… what is this?’

It was his first time seeing it.

The blood vessels from the ribs to the shoulder blades were standing up.

And the enormous neck muscles made it hard to grab.

No, he wasn’t able to grab them properly.

‘How. How can one train their neck like this?’

It was then, Mumu asked,

“Why are you touching another person’s neck?”


He grabbed his neck hoping that the kid would gasp for air, but the kid thought he was touching it?

It was unusual.



At that moment, Mumu grabbed the wrist of the escort who was struggling to grab Mumu’s neck.

And applied force to the hand.


A shrill scream erupted from the escort warrior.


An unbelievable power.

All of a sudden, like the son of the master, the escort’s body, too, was in pain and wriggling.

The people around who were expecting something couldn’t help but feel disappointed.

No one else could do anything more, the escort who talked big about himself was on his knees in front of a 17-year-old-boy.

Even the head, Mo Yun, was stunned.

‘I paid so much for him.’

He knew that it wasn’t worth it to pay such a huge sum for the escort.

Still, since he belonged to an assassination group, he thought that the escort would show something, but what kind of thing was he seeing?

Mo Yun’s eyes narrowed.

‘Or is that kid ridiculously strong?’

The Minister of Criminal Affairs looked at Mumu.

At that moment, Yu Yeop-kyung yelled.

“Mumu. Release the hand of the young master right now. He is the son of this man.”

And then he hurriedly fell on his knees and bowed to Mo Yun.

“Lord. My son has only lived in the mountains, so his social skills are poor. Please punish me as the father and forgive my son!”

Mumu frowned seeing his father act like that.

As he didn’t want to trouble his father, he let go of the hands he was holding.

Mo Il-seo, and even the escort who were released, crouched and gasped for breath.

Mo Il-seo’s hand was red and swollen, it looked like it was broken.

And the kid who found his father, shook in pain.

“Ohhh my hand. I’m dying! I’m dying!”

Mo Il-seo rolled on the floor more and complained of the pain.

Rather than showing people that it was just his hand that hurt, he wanted to pretend that he was hurt everywhere to save his face.

‘This is crazy!’

Yu Yeop-kyung thought.

Knowing Mumu’s personality, he knew that there was no way Mumu would have approached the son of the head.

Something which wasn’t being said had happened, and he wasn’t sure if the young master was really hurt, or was just trying to instigate his father.

And his prediction came true.

“Yu Hakjeong. What on earth did your son…”


At that moment, a different voice was heard.

All eyes turned to one girl.

The name of that pretty girl was Mo Il-hwa.

The only female child of Mo Yun, the one he cherished.

“My pretty daughter was here?”

“Father~ Il-hwa is scared so don’t be angry.”

Mo Yun frowned at his daughter’s words.

He was someone who knew about her voice and attitude better than anyone else.

But, this was the first time that she was talking so sweetly and playing aegyo.1

He wasn’t sure if it was because of the presence of new people in the home, but it was lovely that he got to see it.

“Oh my. My daughter. Daddy isn’t angry at all.”


“Of course. Daddy doesn’t know how to get angry in front of his sweet daughter.”

Mo Il-seo glared at his sister who was trying to calm their father, and grabbed his hand and complained even louder.

“Ohhh father! I think I will die!”

Mo Yun frowned at that again.

His anger did subside a little because of his daughter’s aegyo which he hadn’t seen in a long time, but he couldn’t let this pass.

Mo Il-hwa pointed to her brother and said.

“Father. All of this was brought on by my brother.”

“You mean he started it?”

“It was like my brother was trying to test out how strong that person was, and he deliberately went over and asked for a handshake, and this is how that turned out.”


“You know that thing. The greeting of westerners.”


Mo Yun, who understood what his daughter was saying, looked at his son.


Mo Il-seo, who was trying to avoid being seen negatively, glared at his sister.

But it was too late.

His father, who was obsessed with Mo Il-hwa, wouldn’t listen to him anymore.

Mo Yun was so angry that he looked at his son as he walked closer to him and asked.

“Is that true?”


“I asked if that was true.”

“That… that is because he is Yu Jin-sung’s brother, so I tried to confirm if he was grea…”

“So you asked for a handshake?”

“Well, I was just trying to take it easy, but this guy…”


Before he could finish speaking, Mo Yun mercilessly smashed his son’s head with his fist.


His father’s fist didn’t hurt much as his father didn’t learn martial arts, but he could imagine just how angry his father was as he wasn’t the kind to use his hands in front of other people.

“Believing that you are a nice martial artist, I firmly told you to not act recklessly. But you do this.”

“F-Father b…”

“Don’t speak. You’re putting a lot of pressure on your father, who is in the position of a prestigious high noble.”

At those words, Mo Il-seo bowed his head.

Leaving the kid, Mo Yun spoke to Yu Yeop-kyung who was still on his knees.

“Yu Hakjeong. Forgive me. It wasn’t you who made the mistake, it was me.”

It was surprising how the high noble admitted it.

To that, Yu Yeop-kyung said,

“No, lord. My son didn’t do the right thing either.”

“I will punish and teach my son, so I hope that you don’t feel uncomfortable.”


Yu Yeop-kyung looked at Mo Yun.

He felt so respected at the words of the noble who showed fairness.

At that time, Mo Yun’s daughter Mo Il-hwa approached and greeted him.

“I’m the daughter, Mo Il-hwa. I greet Yu hakjeong.”

“The fact that he has such a daughter by his side is a true blessing to the lord.”

Thanks to her, Yu Yeop-kyung was able to get out of the embarrassing situation.

“Ah no.”

Mo Il-hwa who was flustered by the words, bowed her head.

Seeing that Yu Yeop-kyung smiled and said.

“I feel so jealous right now. I wish I had a daughter like this.”

“Hahaha. Uh, you’re really too much sir.”

The warm atmosphere was back again.

Mo Il-hwa bowed her head as she smiled.

‘Just as I planned.’

It was worthwhile to sell her brother out.

How could she let her brother act cheap in front of someone she was planning to make her father-in-law.

With her head bowed, she glanced at Mumu.

She actually thought that he was Yu Jin-hyuk, the younger brother of Yu Jin-sung whom she wanted to marry, but she heard that this one was the adopted son, Mumu.

‘Thanks to my brother, my work here is done.’

She was willing to be close to Yu Jin-hyuk as she would enter his family in the future, but if it was the adoptive son, she didn’t have to please him.

Step children are step children.

Mo Yun opened his mouth.

“Well, it seems like your adopted son also has great competence.”

“Huh? What do you…”

“Your second son and your adoptive son will work together to take care of my sweet daughter so that nothing happens in the Heavenly Martial Arts Academy.”

At those words, Yu Yeop-kyung went stiff.

He was fine with sending his second son, but he had no intention of sending Mumu to that place.

So he spoke very carefully.

“Lord, my son Mumu in that place called Heavenly…”

Before Yu Yeop-kyung could even finish speaking, Mo Yun pointed his finger at his son and said.

“How can my son pass the entrance exam of the academy with his hand like that? It breaks my heart as a father to think that my weak and fragile daughter will have to survive in a place like that without her brother.”


“But I have no doubts that your sons will watch over her and take care of her. Right?”

His tone was very thin.

‘… I was fooled.’

Mo Yun didn’t like backing down.

Even if his son was hurt, he thought that it was strange how his son’s hand was so hurt.

Yu Yeop-kyung looked at Mumu.

‘Son. What do you plan on doing?’

Now he suddenly had to go to a place called Heavenly Martial Arts Academy.

  1. Aegyo refers to a cute display of affection, displayed by a cute voice, facial expression, or gestures. To put it simply, it means cute, cuteness, flirtatious, that type of thing. ↩️

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