Chapter 107 - The Secret Behind The Jade Plaque (4)

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“Take those things off! Right now!”

Mo Il-hwa was puzzled at Ja Muk-hyun’s words.

When she heard him shout to Mumu to not touch them, she realized he knew about the items on Mumu’s wrists . But what did he mean by telling her to remove them?


“If Mo Il-hwa does anything other than taking them off, be prepared!”

Mo Il-hwa realized that this man had misunderstood something. He seemed to think Mumu’s strength came from the items on his wrists. Mo Il-hwa clicked her tongue.

‘If it wasn’t for the hostage situation, we could have gotten rid of him already.’

This was a bit unfortunate.

Well, he wants the bands off, right? So Mo Il-hwa approached Mumu and asked.

“How do I open them?”

“… turn to the last number, and it opens.”

At Mumu’s words, Mo Il-hwa nodded and moved the dial. Ja Muk-hyun then gave her more instructions.

“Release it from both wrists at the same time.”

Man, he was annoying. Mo Il-hwa said.

“Next, you’ll tell me to loosen the ones on his ankles too.”


At those words, Ja Muk-hyun frowned. From what he heard, Mumu only had items on his wrists. But that wasn’t all?

‘So lucky!’

Ja Muk-hyun smiled. He heard this girl was smart, but she turned out to be stupid.

To divulge their best advantage to him like this.


Mo Il-hwa gasped as if she realized she had made a mistake. This made Ja Muk-hyun realize her mistake for sure as he smiled.

“Foolish girl. Yu Jin-hyuk. Release the ones on his ankles at the same time.”

“… fine.”

Jin-hyuk approached Mumu with a stiff face.

‘Why bother talking about the ankles?’

Jin-hyuk didn’t say much. He knew that these things weren’t something that increased Mumu’s strength but instead sealed it.

Besides, there was a hostage with the opponent, so having to reveal Mumu’s true power would just raise his wariness, so he couldn’t figure out what was happening.

‘What do I do? Do I need to find a way out?’

Instead, he had to find a way to overcome the situation. Otherwise, his parents would die.


As directed, Jin-hyuk put his hands on the bands around Mumu’s ankles. Similarly, Mo Il-hwa simultaneously grabbed the bands on both Mumu’s wrists.

And Ja Muk-hyun said,

“Take them off at the same time.”

JIn-hyuk and Mo Il-hwa turned all the dials at the same time. The numbers turned from 8 to 5, eventually to 1, and then they opened.

Some time was needed as the dials would only move one number at a time.

It had only been one arm in the past, but now Mumu would have all of his limbs freed.


Soon, the bands were removed from Mumu’s wrists and ankles. Looking at this, Ja Muk-hyun smiled.

It was then.


Mumu’s upper and lower clothing began to tear. His body became so enlarged that he nearly reached the ceiling.

‘What is this?’

But the change was only beginning.

Crack! Woong!

Steam was being released from Mumu’s body. His muscles began to twitch and then turned from red to black.


Ja Muk-hyun frowned at the strange change happening in front of him. Why was this happening after the bands were removed?

Jin-hyuk and Mo Il-hwa were shocked about this change in Mumu and began to retreat.



Mumu’s body, which had touched the ceiling, began to shrink. It was as if his body was compressing to adapt to a change happening to his body.


All of the muscles on Mumu’s body compressed themselves, returning its shape to normal, which looked strange after the transformation it had undergone.


The floor beneath Mumu’s foot cracked, and the hall began to shake.


“The building…”

Everyone was shocked by this. They didn’t realize that it wasn’t just the building shaking but the entire land it was on.

But the shaking didn’t last for long.


The steam from Mumu’s body began dissipating, and his skin returned to normal from its blackened shade. Soon, he was back to his normal skin tone.

The difference was that his body looked much more toned now, as if his muscles were fixed in a definite form.



Ja Muk-hyun, who was looking at this, turned pale. No, his eyes were filled with fear.

The hand holding his sword was trembling, and he could not stop it.

‘This… what is this?’

Every sense in his body was telling him to run. In other words, the existence before him was a monster beyond human understanding, and he felt an oppressive force fall onto him.

It wasn’t enough to just feel that.


Even Ha-ryun, caught in the middle, was covered in a cold sweat. It was so hard to breathe that he was gasping. This was also true of Jin-hyuk and Mo Il-hwa, who were close by.


‘Is he human?’

This looked like a completely different existence.

It was as if the person standing there only had the body of a human, but everything inside was an existence from out of this world.

Mumu, on the other hand, felt differently.


A feeling of freedom that cannot be compared to anything.

Once he was freed from the bands which had been on his body, it felt as if he had escaped from a shell. With this feeling, he felt as if he could do anything.

No, his senses were telling him the truth.

‘This cannot be compared to when the dial is turned down to 1.’

It was different from that.

It was as if he had stepped into a different level. All of the sensations that touched his skin made him feel liberated. These sensations were different from when he had the bands on, and it now felt like he was looking at the world with different eyes.


Mumu’s eyes were shining now. He fully realized it.

He could even see the energy flowing inside the bodies of Mo Il-hwa, Jin-hyuk, Ja Muk-hyun, and Ha-ryun, who was standing close by.

And more shockingly.

-What was that? An earthquake?

-Did the ground just shake?


Even when the dial had been turned down to 1, he could hear voices from a far distance. But now, the sounds were colliding in a complex manner. It felt as if everything around him were being taken into his mind. He could comprehend the actions of those close by, how they acted, moved, everything.


He could feel everything.

At the sight of Mumu in this state, Ja Muk-hyun bit his lip so hard that blood flowed out. It was a self-helping way to ensure he was not losing his mind.

Yet the trembling wouldn’t stop.

‘…I have never done anything like this before.’

The Demon Blood Sect was a sect that was known to do the most heinous acts.

But now, he was feeling a pressure that could only be felt in the face of the lord. Yet, it was different. This felt as if he had touched something which should not be touched.

‘How could I make this mistake…’

Ja Muk-hyun’s gaze moved to the bands on the floor. Master Sa Muheo had given him the wrong information.

These pieces didn’t increase the strength of this monster.

‘What… have… I done?’

He unleashed something he shouldn’t have.

He wanted to tell them to put the bands back on, but his lips wouldn’t move. Mumu then looked to his sides, making everyone wonder the reason why.


Mumu leaned over and rolled his index and middle finger.

The right arm muscles swelled up for such a short action.

‘What is he doing?’

He then flicked his finger towards the west, and…

Pang! Kang!

The wall in the hall was pierced by something, creating a loud sound and a hole smaller than a fist. However, it wasn’t just a simple hole in the wall.

Through the hole, they could see everything outside.

“Who did you say you would catch? Huh!”

“Huh… huh…”

‘Fucking wench, she hid this.’

The 18-year-old boy with a ragged face looked up at someone with an expression showing the absurdity of this situation.

He was a descendant of the Ghost Blood Sect, and his sect was known to be experts when it came to defending their bodies. This was why Ja Muk-hyun had given them a mission.


Tang So-so was dyed in a bright purple aura from top to bottom. This phenomenon happened when all of the Full Body Poison Points were unleashed.

Manju, the person attacking So-so, was also used to poison. However, their capabilities differed as Tang So-so had a body that embodied the poison of the Tang family from a young age.

‘Sichuan Tang family… those wicked people. How did they hide such a monster within them?’

Manju bit his tongue. Fighting with poison was no longer possible. This was now a proper fight.


Manju took a stance, and so did Tang So-so.

“Woman. Even if you are used to poisons this will not be easy for you. A little carelessness, and your life is lost.”


Before his words could even finish, Manju turned his head at the source of the annoying sound. At that exact moment, a hole was drilled through a nearby tree.


A hole the size of a fist was punched through it and continued through Manju’s head.


With a hole the size of a fist through his head, there was no chance that Manju could survive as his corpse fell to the ground.

“W-what was that?”

Tang So-so was too shocked at this sudden sight.


Meanwhile, the force behind the hole kept drilling through other trees in a straight line, further adding to Tang So-so’s shock.

At the eastern gate of the academy, a man dressed like a guard looked around at the shocked faces of the warriors around him.

‘Damned deputy.’

These were the warriors of the deputy headmaster. Naturally, a person had tried to sneak out but didn’t expect people to be on guard.

They were there due to the orders given by the deputy to stop anyone from leaving the academy without prior authorization.

Naturally, the man was chased and attacked.

‘I need to fulfill the order quickly.’

In order to complete the orders made by the Demon Blood Sect’s descendants, he had to leave the academy and capture both Mo Yun and Yu Yeop-kyung.

He can’t be captured like this, but then Agent No. 4 called out to him.

“Uh. Surrender already.”

Hearing this, the man snorted.

“Don act arrogant to me. At the very least, even if it takes time, I can handle you…”


At that moment, a hole appeared in the man’s head.


No. 4, who had been trying to capture him for information, could not hide his shock.

Mumu slowly lowered his hand.



Everyone there was unable to comprehend what Mumu meant. What did he even do just now?

What did he mean by saying done after punching a hole in the wall? Mumu turned to speak to the puzzled Jin-hyuk and Mo Il-hwa.

“I killed them both. Now it is fine.”

What the hell was he talking about? That was the question on their faces as they looked at Mumu.

On the other hand, Ja Muk-hyun, who understood it, became shocked.

‘… insane.’

Was this even possible?

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