Chapter 109 - The Choice (1)

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Dominating Hegemony.

Overlord Blood Martial God.

Even now, 17 years later, it was a presence that had not disappeared from the people’s minds. And it has been so for decades.

The world was now peaceful, and the era of the Forces of Evil had passed. Still, the memory of the Dominating Hegemony was one of a sea of blood.

At that time, the Nine Great Sects One Union and the Six Great Families who lead the Central Plains had tried to fight them, but they couldn’t do anything about them, not the lord who led them.

During that time, people called it the darkest period.


‘Mumu’s father is that man?’

Now even those who had stayed silent regarding Mumu turned speechless. This wasn’t something they could just ignore and move on from.

Even if it were simply a leader of an evil sect, a rogue scholar, or something similar, Mumu was already at risk, but now, this was too much.

‘… the public would hate him.’

The fact that his bloodline was that of the Overlord Blood Martial God would overturn the entire murim.

Even those called the greatest masters of the time had gone after all his progeny, innocent children, to ensure no new monster would rise.

And for there to not only be Mumu, but a few other children left alive? This would raise hell in the murim.


Mo Il-hwa looked at Mumu with a serious face. He looked puzzled, as if he didn’t recognize the name.

‘Well, nothing can be done.’

She said she would be on his side no matter who Mumu’s father was. However, this was too much.

Even the Imperial Family had considered that man dangerous, and it was their greatest achievement when the army was mobilized to take them down.

‘I should have guessed that it was them when their plans aimed to kill all the students.’

Mo Il-hwa’s head began to ache. And it was the same for Jin-hyuk. He and his whole family had shown strong support for Mumu, whatever the secrets of his birth were.

But this was too much.

‘Father…what did you do?’

The child he had accidentally helped during his exile was the son of the Overlord Blood Martial God.

This was absurd to even know. And if this fact went out, his whole family would be in danger. No matter what they said, they would be killed.

And Mumu said.

“Overlord Blood Martial God? Who is that?”

At Mumu’s words, the expressions of Ja Muk-hyun and Ha-ryun changed.

They did feel it was strange when he asked for his father’s name, but not knowing even the man and his existence was too much.

‘Is he really someone who doesn’t know?’

At that moment, Jin-hyuk spoke.

“Hmm…this cannot be. Even if you become everyone’s enemy, I said that our family will support you, but if you are that man’s child, you and everyone around you will be in danger.”

“Huh? What do you mean?”

“He was the head of the Forces of Evil, and the greatest achievement of this era was that man’s death.”


“This… this is something which has to be not known. Not just the people but even the Imperial Palace and other groups, if they come to know about your birthright, they will kill your whole family.”

Jin-hyuk’s face was soaked in a cold sweat. It was worth noting that this wasn’t solely due to his worry for Mumu.

His father was the one who had raised the child of a monster, and now this would end up hurting his whole family.

“…kill our family?”

“Mumu… it is as Jin-hyuk said. Even a mere member of the Forces of Evil is considered to be dangerous. People now are still scared of the name Overlord Blood Martial God.”

Mo Il-hwa also expressed her affirmation of Jin-hyuk’s words, and Mumu, who didn’t know everything had to know the truth.

Mo Il-hwa knew there was no right or wrong here, but things changed when Mumu’s father was revealed as murim’s greatest villain.

That man had killed many people and was an icon of fear.


Ja Muk-hyun narrowed his eyes as he was convinced of this truth.

‘He didn’t even know of his lineage.’

That was why he kept interfering. Then for some reason, Ha-ryun discovered this man, and he coincidentally ended up defeating Kang Mui, a person who knew about the other jade plaques.

His clever mind was on the right track.

‘He was being honest.’

That was why he had been asked about the jade plaque. He asked because he didn’t know.

‘I don’t know why there are only four jade plaques with numbered names, but if he survived the war and lived as an orphan, everything falls into place. Ha!’

The fact that he was an adopted child wasn’t to hide his identity. It was simply an honest man raising a child, unaware of his power and existence.

‘A predator who didn’t know of his own existence…’

How could such interesting things happen? Ja Muk-hyun smiled.

Instead, this was good. If he didn’t know of his own existence, then he couldn’t have known about his father’s death.

At that time, Jin-hyuk pointed to the two of them and said in a trembling voice.

“Mumu… I am on your side always, but for this one time, follow my words. Break the jade plaque and hide your identity.”

“Hide my identity?”

“Right. Otherwise, our family will be in danger!”

At Jin-hyuk’s sincere voice, Mumu frowned.

The fact that he said he would support him was something he did before knowing how dangerous Mumu’s father was. Mumu then looked at Mo Il-hwa.

It was to know if she had the same opinion as Jin-hyuk.

It was then.

“Lord, your father and mother were the true masters of Forces of Evil and heroes of that era. Your whole family was murdered by the vicious factions of the Forces of Justice who had ambushed them with a simultaneous attack.”

“They lost their lives to the Forces of Justice?”

At Ja Muk-hyun’s words, Mumu frowned.

“There is a saying that a person who knows Heaven’s Rule and filial piety cannot be with those who killed their parents under the same sky. But they are trying to kill us and deny the lord’s blood, which is still alive and burning hot.”

“Shut it! Don’t bring Mumu into danger! You paid the price for killing innocent people!”

Jin-hyuk yelled at Ja Muk-hyun, who was trying to rile up Mumu. At this time, Ha-ryun looked at Jin-hyuk and spoke sneeringly.

“Innocent people? Ha!… and did the Forces of Justice only kill the guilty?”


“Look at the actions of the Forces of Evil. What is so different between us? Was it for justice that they feared one man and killed all those close to him or had blood ties with him? From old men to infants! Didn’t they also kill innocent people to get rid of their own emotions!”


Jin-hyuk couldn’t answer. It was because it reminded him of war, where many people were mobilized.

And like Mo Il-hwa said, there was no point arguing about who was right and wrong.

[In the end, don’t they get rid of everyone?]

Jin-hyuk was confused. He had been thinking about what was right all his life.

But like Ha-ryun said, could a faction that was afraid of one person act so terrifyingly to kill everyone related to that person? Their actions were the same as the Forces of Evil.


Even if there was no right and wrong. The world was full of politics.

And when they find out about Mumu’s father, his true father, people would not simply pass it off with, ‘Ah, he was a kid at the time, it is alright.’

No, they will be scared to death. They would suspect that Mumu, whose real parents were murdered, would come for revenge.


Jin-hyuk looked at Mumu. What was the correct answer to this situation?

In the end, he vowed to support his brother, and now he was persuading him to hide his true identity in fear of his own family getting killed.

‘Is this destiny?’

Jin-hyuk thought.

This was a fate he couldn’t escape from. Now everything depends on Mumu.

The fate of himself, his father, mother, and older brother all depended on Mumu’s decision.

‘I want to stop him, but…’

If it was himself in Mumu’s position, would he endure that his father was killed?

Even if the father was a man who did terrible things, would that change anything between them? This was a common fate for those who share blood.

Mumu cannot be stopped from doing it.

‘Since my father raised Mumu, we have been pulled into his fate.’

Realizing this, Jin-hyuk sighed. He could no longer intervene. Mo Il-hwa smiled at the look on Jin-hyuk’s face.

‘Right. He did look upright but eventually gave up.’

She understood him.

In the end, Jin-hyuk was the kind of person who thought about Mumu before himself. So now everything is up to Mumu.

Even if his father was the Overlord Blood Martial God, there was only one conclusion Mumu could come to.



“You decide what you want.”

“I decide?”

“Right. As you heard, your father was considered the world’s enemy as he had killed people in his quest to become the ruler of Murim. He died due to the wrath of others, so, understandably, you would seek revenge for him. But if your true identity is revealed, you and the people around you will be in danger. And you will have to endure that.”


“Didn’t I tell you before? Right and wrong don’t matter. After all, this is due to the relationship between the two sides. However, the outcome of the decision is something you will have to bear responsibility for.”

Mo Il-hwa calmly told him this. Actually, no matter what path Mumu took, she knew it would be a thorny one.

In the end, if he chose his father, the adoptive family that took care of him would be put in danger, and he would have to turn his back on them.

But if he chose to cut off the ties with his father, he would have to fight with those who followed him.

‘… you are born with such a terrible fate.’

Mo Il-hwa looked at Mumu with sad eyes.

Who would have known that Mumu’s fate, which had looked bright, would instead be as stormy as the sea?

What choice would Mumu make?


At that moment, Ja Muk-hyun slammed his forehead to the floor and said,

“Lord. We must not forget the resentment of your father and your family members whose souls are wandering without rest after having their lives taken unjustly by the Forces of Justice. If the lord forsakes his destiny to join them and yields to the enemy…”


Mumu interrupted his words.

At this, Ja Muk-hyun looked at Mumu with hopeful eyes.


“I have something to ask.”

“Is the purpose of senior and the other men to seek revenge for my father?”

At Mumu’s question, Ja Muk-hyun went silent. He knew his response would be crucial to getting Mumu on his side.

So he spoke with a voice of determination.

“Along with revenge for blood, it is also to achieve dominion over the world. If the lord gives us the courage, we will obey you unconditionally.”

Every man dreamt of conquering the world. And he thought it would be even more fascinatingly possible with strength like Mumu’s.

“Conquer the world?”

“Right! If lord….”

“Then you will take revenge, conquer the world and kill a lot of people?”


Ja Muk-hyun couldn’t respond to that.

To subdue the world, sacrifices would have to be made. How could one achieve dominance without sacrifices and striking fear in the enemy?

“… it is a natural procedure.”

Mumu spoke with a sullen voice.

“Then it isn’t revenge but just repetition of the past.”


“Killing and dying again. Do you think such a thing is dominance over the world? If that is the case, I can see what will happen.”

“Lord! How can!”

“I am just stating my thoughts. What is wrong with it?”


At Mumu’s words, Ja Muk-hyun couldn’t help but feel disappointed.

How could a weak cub have been born under such a fierce tiger?

‘… he got influenced!’

Ja Muk-hyun understood the reason. Mumu didn’t know about his true blood till now.

As he had grown up under a scholar who would only discuss such things, this was bound to happen.

“… Lord. Are you sure about not taking revenge for your father?”


At Mumu’s tone, Ja Muk-hyun came out with stronger rhetoric.

“The lord hasn’t been recognized by the Eight Evil Families yet! If the lord doesn’t take over the vision of the former lord, the others will become the ones to inherit it!”

“So it happens even if it isn’t me?”


Mumu touched his chin at this.

“Hmm…now that is a bit difficult.”

“The Eight Evil Families have been waiting for this moment for 17 years. Lord, you grew up without knowing anything, and as you fraternized with the enemies, you didn’t even feel enraged at what happened, but we cannot stop…”

“I understand that from seeing senior.”

That they will never stop. Mumu stroked his chin and said,

“Let me change the question. I think I understand why you want revenge. Then if I tell you to not touch the people around me and myself to take revenge with the least possible sacrifices and to rule the world without touching innocent people, will you do it?”

At Mumu’s words, Ja Muk-hyun snorted inside.

They wanted bloody revenge, a vicious annihilation to avenge the killing of their blood. That meant many must die. What would revenge even mean by killing less?

“Lord. No, you will not become the lord. But things aren’t as simple as you think. If you want to become a different kind of lord, you should seek the counsel of…”

“Yes, I know.”

Mumu interrupted Ja Muk-hyun’s words. Then he lowered his hand from his chin.

“You don’t plan to listen to me at all.”


Ja Muk-hyun didn’t respond. But everyone knew what this meant.

Mumu looked at Ja Muk-hyun and sighed.

“Phew. We cannot do much then. The question is answered. Let’s just talk.”


“I will be the lord for senior and my father’s subordinates. In exchange, you all will follow me unconditionally.”


Ja Muk-hyun frowned. He knew what kind of tendencies Mumu had.

Just because he was willing to be the lord and asked them to obey him didn’t mean that he would lead them in the direction they wanted to go in.

And what was his attitude?

It was annoying, but he said he would be their leader.

“You are someone who will become the lord. If the lord doesn’t carry out the revenge correctly, then someone from the Eight…”

Before he could say it, Mumu walked closer. Then, carefully, he grabbed Ja Muk-hyun’s head so he wouldn’t crush it.


It still felt like Ja Muk Hyun’s head would explode.


Mumu spoke in an emotionless voice to Ja Muk-hyun, who was in pain.

“I think you are misunderstanding something here.”

“W-what do you mean?”

“Conquering the world for revenge is something I can do alone.”


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