Chapter 111 - The Choice (3)

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Ja Muk-hyun continued to puke out blood. His stomach and body felt so queasy that he could not even muster the strength to stand up.

Although he had protected his body using internal energy, he still felt the pressure as his internal organs tore up from the inside. He couldn’t even keep his eyes open on the way here.

Despite his bad physical condition, Ja Muk-hyun was puzzled.

‘…how did the defense circle get pierced like this?’

To enter the Demon Blood Sect, one had to break through the path of the defense circle. But Mumu simply broke it and flew inside.

Any expectations that Mumu would be deflected or rejected entry were utterly shattered.

‘…he really isn’t human!’

Everyone in the sect would be shocked to know the defense circle was pierced like this, especially the sect leader.


Ja Hyeong-gyong could be seen in Ja Muk-hyun’s peripheral vision.

It had been around two years since he saw this man, but the man still looked the same. But his eyes looking at Mumu were full of cautiousness.

‘As expected, even the sect leader is wary.’

A sense of intimidation was coming from Mumu. All of his instincts were screaming.

Ja Hyeong-gyong was a much more skilled warrior than Ja Muk-hyun, so he must feel this more clearly. Mumu then said.

“Are you all of the Demon Blood Sect?”

At Mumu casually asking that question, those who surrounded him frowned. Of course, not everyone reacted the same way.


A middle-aged man with a scar on his lips drew his sword.

“Who are you? How dare you break into this place with the young master?”

‘Guardian Gok-oh.’

The middle-aged man was Gok-oh, and he was one of the two guardians of the sect.

He had a hot-tempered personality and was quick to jump into action, yet he was called one of the three most talented people in the sect. Mumu answered his question.

“I am Mumu.”


“But I asked first. Is this the right place?”

At Mumu’s words, Gok-oh became angry. However, he was skilled, so he didn’t jump in as his body told him to be wary of the boy.

He couldn’t just jump in.

‘What is he? Is that man human?’

Rather than his instincts telling him this, it was as if his five senses were being stimulated.

This was a feeling which rose when a wild beast appeared in front of you. There was no way that a warrior who was that skilled wouldn’t notice Mumu’s strength. Gok-oh’s eyes glinted like a tiger’s.

Yet now, it felt like he was prey in front of his predator.

‘Why does this guy give out this feeling…’

Gradually making eye contact with Mumu steadily became more difficult.

He couldn’t avoid the gaze because of his pride and personality, but little by little, he was beginning to sweat.

‘… no way.’

Ja Hyeong-gyong’s eyes trembled.

He thought Mumu was just unusual, but this feeling felt too familiar. It was almost as if he was facing ‘HIM’ again.

The same sense of intimidation gave him the same sense of thrill that he had felt 17 years ago.


Overlord Blood Martial God.

Ja Heyong-gyong, whose mind had meandered to the past, opened his mouth after he managed to calm himself down.

“T-this is the Demon Blood Sect.”

“Is that so? I came here to check it out.”

“He is the Sect Leader, Ja Hyeong-gyong.”

With those words from Ja Muk-hyun, the sect leader could guess one thing.

Ja Muk-hyun was someone who never bowed down to others. If he treated this boy with such respect, he had to be related to their lord.

‘Mumu was it?’

There was no one with the name Mumu among the possible candidates.

Muil, Mui,Musa, Muo. Among them, Mui was the one that Ja Muk-hyun followed. Then Ja Muk-hyun spoke.

“Sect leader, Guardian Gok-oh, and brothers of the sect, this is young master Mumu who is another inheritor of that man’s blood.”

“Another inheritor?”


At the words of Ja Muk-hyun, everyone began to talk. What did he mean by saying that this boy, whose name they were hearing for the first time, was an inheritor of that man’s blood?

Even the sect leader was reacting the same way. He had never heard of the name Mumu.


Je Hyeong-gyong finally spoke.

At this, Ja Muk-hyun bowed to him.

If Mumu wasn’t here, he would have knelt on one knee, put his hands together, and greeted him.

At this half-bow, Ja Hyeong-gyong frowned.

“He is someone who will be the lord?”

At that, Ja Muk-hyun said to Mumu in a careful tone.

“Please show them the jade plaque.”

At that request, Mumu pulled out the plaque he had placed in his pocket. Seeing the plaque, Ja Hyeong-gong frowned.

This was definitely the same plaque. On its back, the name Mumu was written as well.


It was clearly engraved. As a result, this complicated things.

‘There was another one?’

After that man’s death, the other followers under him ran to save the man’s children, even if it meant sacrificing everything.

And they were Muil, Mui, Musa, and Muo.

Sadly, Musam died, but the other four were saved.

“Sect leader, how can this be?”

Guardian Gok-oh couldn’t hide his shock, clearly unable to believe this situation. It was the first time he’s seen such a thing happen.

‘Was there someone hidden from us?’

The truth behind this can only be known to the one person who risked his life to save the children during the war.

Mumu put the jade plaque back in and said,

“Now you know who I am.”

Despite those words, no one could respond. This made Ja Muk-hyun nervous.

But within the next minute, Ja Hyeong-gyong knelt down on one knee and bowed politely.

“I am the sect leader of the Demon Blood Sect, greeting the young master.”


The other warriors of the sect all followed the example of the sect leader. Even Gok-oh did the same.

“We greet the young master!!”

All of the warriors there bowed to him.

As they all greeted him, Mumu asked Ja Muk-hyun with a puzzled expression.

“They aren’t calling me the one who becomes the Lord?”

“…that is because nothing other than the plaque was recognized.”

Muil and Mui were recognized by their families. That was why they were referred to as lord candidates. Nothing could be recognized for Mumu, who only showed his plaque.

“Is that so?”

“Didn’t I tell you? To be recognized, you must inherit that man’s martial arts.”

“Yes, yes. I know. I need to check it.”

At Mumu’s words, Ja Muk-hyun clicked his tongue.

Although Mumu had strength beyond the realm of ordinary humans, that wouldn’t solve anything.

Even their former Lord, considered the best in murim, had fallen to the Four Great Warriors, who joined together to kill him. And that was 17 years in the past.

The people under the Four Great Warriors might have become even stronger now. That was why the Eight Evil Families planned to create infighting among the four.

‘Follow that directive. Only then can you lead the Eight Evil Families.’

Ja Muk-hyun didn’t say that out loud. It was because he thought it would be faster for Mumu to experience it than to tell him outright.

And Mumu spoke to the sect leader.

“Senior Muk-hyun has told me that to earn the loyalty of all of you, my father’s subordinates, I had to do something.”

At Mumu’s words, Ja Hyeong-gyong looked at Ja Muk-hyun. It was because he had just disclosed the entirety of the proceedings to a child he had just met.

At that, the sect leader replied as he continued to bow.

“If you heard it from him, then it is right.”

“Right? But do you have to make it so troublesome?”


“I am here to make people swear allegiance to me without the other stuff. Ah, of course, if you swear allegiance to me, you will have to obey my orders.”


At Mumu’s leisurely words, Ja Hyeong-gyong’s expression went stiff.

The other warriors were no different.

The blood of the man they once served suddenly appeared out of nowhere and told them to ignore their rules and remain loyal to him?

To them, the request from Mumu was nonsensical.


Ja Hyeong-gyong sighed. Hearing the words of Mumu, he thought of something which happened in the past.

In the process of subjugating all the Forces of Evil sects and making them serve under him, the lord did most of it using only blunt force.

In the end, fascinated by the power he held, everyone followed that man. But the present was a different era.

They need a master and lord who inherited that person’s martial arts.

If one wanted to lead the Eight Evil Families, one would have to inherit that man’s martial arts. So he decided to politely answer.

“Young master. If you want to follow in his footsteps and lead us all, and if you want to have us under you…”

“Who made the law that a Lord has to follow the standards and rules of the subordinates?”

At the words of Mumu, the sect leader raised his eyebrows.

He didn’t know much about this boy, but that arrogant attitude greatly resembles his father. Of course, the same went for the other plaque owners.

“Young master… if young master inherited his blood, all of us would happily come down to you without any disagreement. But five people inherited his blood, including you.”

“So you want us to compete?”

“Yes. Take over his martial arts. If you get that martial art of his, even if one doesn’t like the young master, they will come under you…”


Mumu held out his hand.

Gok-oh looked angry as his sect leader was made to stop halfway. No matter if the boy in front of them had inherited their lord’s blood, how could he act so rude to their sect leader?

In the end, Gok-oh opened his mouth with an angry voice.

“Young master. The leaders of the Eight Evil Families, including us, are faithful people who served the lord. And the opinions of all…”

“Yes, yes, I know it. But there is something you are mistaken about.”


“I heard your purpose is to take revenge for my father and conquer the world, right?”

At Mumu’s words, the guardian and the sect leader frowned.

For what purpose was he asking this?

As they were confused, Mumu continued.

“But if you are trying to do that, I don’t need you at all.”

“What do you mean?”

Mumu leisurely answered.

“Just accept it that you are saying you want revenge and control over the world, but you don’t even realize that all you are doing is creating trouble.,”

“Young master!”

In the end, Guardian Gok-oh burst out, unable to hold back his anger.

This kid might have his blood, but he was still 17.

How strong must he be to actually come into this place, which was under the protection of a strong defensive circle, and spew such words?

“If you cross the line, even if you are the young master…”


Mumu clenched his fist, making his deltoid triceps, biceps, and forearm muscles wobble as they swelled up.


‘W-what muscle is that!’

For a moment, even Gok-oh felt shocked at the sight. Mumu looked to the northeast and said.

“That side looks good. A little moderately…”

With those words, Mumu immediately swung his fist in the direction at an angle slightly higher than the warriors’ height.


At that moment, there was a deafening roar, making the warriors feel as if their eardrums would burst. The air in the direction that Mumu had swung his fist towards moved like centric waves.

With that pressure, the fog around them had split into the shape of a fan.


A large hole was drilled into the cliff face of the mountain valley surrounding the northeastern corner.

No, could it be called a hole?

It was a large cavity that was nearly 50 kilometers deep.


Everyone who looked at it was shocked. All of them stopped and stared stiffly at the sight.

What was it that they were even looking at now?

‘… this… this…’

Even Gok-oh felt his legs go weak at this.

Was this the power of a human?

He looked at Ja Hyeong-gyong.

Even the sect leader looked shocked as he could not take his eyes off the huge hole in the cliff.

[Because I don’t need you, people, at all.]

At this, he understood what Mumu was hinting at.


This was a different realm from a being wearing human skin. At that moment, Mumu’s voice was heard.

“I am asking this just because I am curious. The martial arts of Overlord Blood or something, is it that great?”


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