Chapter 117 - East River Sword Star (3)

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The twelve swords formed a neat line around Shin Eui-gyeom.

To the observers, they appeared to look like an army of twelve. The Sword Twelve.

It was the name of the technique that Shin Eui-gyeom had devised and was considered the best technique in present-day Murim. No swordsman in the realm was unaware of this technique.

However, not many had seen the man wield it in the flesh. The reason for this was simple. Few in the realm would be able to even make him use it.

This technique was a skill that only those who had reached the highest level of their own discipline could even dream of handling.

Those who could handle it were thought to only be the other members of the Four Great Warriors.

‘… master actually intends to use this. Then does that mean that he thinks this child Mumu can be compared to the Four Great Warriors?’

This thought shocked Young Gadong.

This was the first time he saw his master use this technique after his bout against the Fist of Northern Heaven six years ago.

He wasn’t the only one shocked. Everyone else in the prison was amazed at this technique.

‘Does the man actually consider Mumu as his enemy?’

All of them shared the same thought. They knew that this technique symbolized Shin Eui-gyeom’s greatness and utmost mastery.

At that moment, Shin Eui-gyeom opened his mouth.

“Let’s move.”


With those words, Shin Eui-gyeom stretched his hand to the prison’s ceiling. At the same time, the 12 swords around him began to move in a circle.


The ceiling, also constructed using black iron, began to change.


Even the headmaster was shocked as he watched the 12 swords instantly create a hole in the prison roof.

‘Do those swords hold sword energy? If so, does this mean that this technique is a level higher than the Air Sword?’

Everything shocked him to the extent that even his tongue fell out of his mouth.

Even if a single sword was filled with sword energy, the consumption of internal energy would be enormous. However, this man was doing it with 12 swords at the same time.

‘… he is different from us.’

The deputy, Dan Pil-hoo, gave Mumu a look of concern. The boy had always exuded a strong and intimidating aura, but he didn’t think that Mumu had a chance of winning against a technique of this level.

Mumu’s greatest strength was his fortitude.

Until this point, he had dealt with various opponents by simply crushing them with his strength, but this time it was different.

‘A strong force which surpasses the human limit is before him.’

That was the man standing in front of him.

Even Mumu’s mighty power could not be compared to the East River Sword Star’s internal energy.

Not only did he possess unimaginable internal strength, but Shin Eui-gyeom also had experience dealing with strong people.

‘… this is a done deal. It is different from what he had faced up to now.’

Shin Eui-gyeom had given Mumu many chances to back down, but the boy had refused them all.

Therefore, revealing all of his power meant that he wanted to utterly defeat Mumu.

‘He might die.’

Mumu was a boy of only 17 years of age.

Mumu now had enough strength to force his opponent to utilize these air swords. This meant that the East River Sword Star saw him as a potential competitor. This was also probably why the man wanted to fight Mumu with all his strength.

This may also mean that he would conclude that Mumu had the potential to aim for a position equal to the Four Great Warriors. Depending on how the fight goes, Shin Eui-gyeom might even decide to kill or maim Mumu.


The deputy bit his lip.


He didn’t know why Mumu had made this decision, but he was sure it was wrong.

Was the boy trying to throw his life away before making a name for himself? Just as his concern began to go deeper…

“You people keep an eye on that one.”


“I understand!”

Shin Eui-gyeom ordered his disciples to guard Kang Mui and looked at Mumu

“Follow me.”


Shin Eui-gyeom took the lead and moved out of the prison through the hole. Mumu looked to follow, but Dan Pil-hoo said to him.

“Mumu! Stop this right now! That man is one the greatest martial artists in the realm. This time, even if you are strong…”

“Do not worry.”

Mumu smiled brightly despite Dan Pil-hoo’s warnings and bent his knees.


Mumu’s jump caused the prison’s floor to curve downwards, shocking everyone again.

Shin Eui-gyeom’s peerless technique was shocking enough, but Mumu’s strength was equally shocking.

The still-shocked headmaster then said to the deputy.

“Let’s follow them.”


It was impossible for them to not witness what would happen to their student. They also wondered how the fight would go.

And so, the two followed Mumu and Shin Eui-gyeom through the same hole in the ceiling. Seeing them leave, Young Chuseo mumbled.

“Ahh. We missed a good sight, sahyung.”


Young Gadong couldn’t deny it.

Even they, as disciples, had never seen their master in full strength.

A lot of potential study material would now go to waste.

Shin Eui-gyeom, who had jumped out first, rose to a high point and pointed to the north as he saw Mumu, who had come after him.

“That place would be nice.”

The location he pointed to was the largest square on the academy grounds. The place could accommodate up to 100,000 people and be typically used for festivals.


Shin Eui-gyeom stepped on the air as he moved north, using true Void Steps to do so. Mumu, too, sprinted through the air.


Eventually, the two landed in the middle of the square and faced each other.

It was a pity that no one was around to witness this. The sight of Shin Eui-gyeom in a fight with anyone was a sight that no one would miss.

However, Shin Eui-gyeom didn’t really care about that.

‘It has been 6 years.’

The feeling boiling within him.

It wasn’t a bad one.

Even if it wasn’t for this, he had planned to fight with the Fist of Northern Heaven in a couple months.

Before that match, this would be a good warm-up. Shin Eui-gyeom then said to Mumu.

“I hope you are ready to die. Otherwise, it might end up feeling bland for me.”

As soon as he said that, Shin Eui-gyeom reached for his swords. At his movement, 2 of the 12 swords circling around him moved forward and launched at Mumu simultaneously.

Swish! Swish!

The speed of the flying swords was beyond imagination. Their movements were lighter than if a human wielded them and reached Mumu in the blink of an eye.

‘So fast.’

Mumu hurriedly shifted his upper body back to avoid the swords.


At that moment, the swords changed directions and aimed toward Mumu’s back.


This was the first time he was facing an Air Sword.

Their movements were more flexible than he thought. Usually, when he dealt with swords or weapons, the movements of their wielder’s body were also known.

Depending on their musculature, the weapon’s movement was bound within certain limits. However, human hands did not wield these swords, so they had no limit.


‘I cannot avoid it.’

The swords aimed to cross and cut.

There was no space to escape them, so Mumu tried to cut off the swords.


Wheik! Wheik!

The swords moved freely, evading Mumu’s fists and cutting into his shoulders and thighs.


‘His movement is simple.’

Shin Eui-gyeom looked a bit disappointed.

By just using two swords, he realized that Mumu’s movements were basic. It felt like even if Mumu was a powerful expert, he did not quite yet match up to his own strength.


Pak! Pak!

The moment the swords cut into his body, Mumu grabbed their blades without missing a beat. This shocked Shin Eui-gyeom.

‘It couldn’t cut it!’

He thought his swords had cut Mumu’s body, but no blood was on them.

No, there wasn’t even a trace of a cut. These swords were infused with his energy, so their sharpness was beyond a normal sword.


Mumu was applying strength to break his swords, which made Shin Eui-gyeom rush and extend the sword held in his left hand.



The swords being held by Mumu began to shine blue. The enhanced energy filling them was leaps beyond what Young Gadong had wielded. Mumu frowned slightly as he felt pain digging into his hand.

‘He is holding it?’

Shin Eui-gyeom pulled the sword using his left hand and the two swords being held by Mumu began to shake.



The two swords began to crack, making Shin Eui-gyeom’s lips twitch.


If the boy had let go of the swords without showing anything else, he would have been disappointed, but instead, he now felt more interested.

This boy was trying to break swords that had energy infused in them.


As Shin Eui-gyeom came closer to Mumu, the two swords began to expand as their energy intensified.

The closer he was, the stronger those swords became.


In the middle of that, Shin Eui-gyeom extended his right hand toward Mumu and sent three swords flying toward the boy.

‘Three Swords. Image Dissociation!’

The three swords cleanly created a net-like form by overlapping their shapes.

‘How do you plan to stop this?’

Mumu, still holding the two swords, now raised his feet to cut off this net.


As he lowered his foot, the ground below cracked, sending a large clump flying up. As a result, the swords were intercepted.

Meanwhile, Mumu…


He finally broke the two swords he was holding. After breaking one of them, he realized that the swords gave out a tingling feeling that made them difficult to hold on to.


Mumu’s palm felt the breeze touching it.


At that moment, the ground began to crack as the three swords that had been temporarily halted began to move toward Mumu again. This time, all of them were covered by blue light.


Mumu swung his fist at the flying swords.

As the three swords collided with Mumu’s fist, the pressure around them spread as another sword began to move toward him.


In the meantime, two people arrived at the square. The deputy and the headmaster.

The two could not help but admire the sight in front of them.

Kwang! Kwang!

Each time Mumu would loosen his fist, the three swords covered with blue energy would let out a horrible shock wave.

At this sight, the headmaster’s shock was renewed.

“… he is a true monster, deputy.”

For this fight to be of this magnitude. Even though they were still far from the fight, they could feel what was happening.

Mumu was shockingly fighting against Shin Eui-gyeom on equal footing.



At that time, Shin Eui-gyeom extended his left hand once more.

Two swords flew towards Mumu, who was already facing three other swords.


Mumu hurriedly jumped into the air and flicked his fingers at the two swords approaching him.


Those two swords were bounced away by only wind pressure.

How could the Air Sword be kept in check like this?


The two of them continued to watch in awe.

Shin Eui-gyeom was clearly giving his all, but the child was holding up just fine.

The headmaster asked.

“Deputy, how do you think this fight will turn out?”

“… to be honest, Mumu is still at a disadvantage.”

“Same opinion here.”

It wasn’t difficult for them to make this conclusion as Shin Eui-gyeom had yet to properly utilize all of his swords.

Meaning that the swordsman had yet to use all of his strength.

Excluding the two broken swords, if Shin Eui-gyeom utilized the other 5 swords he had, he would be able to put more pressure on Mumu. Dan Pil-hoo then said.

“Mumu, that child is a monster, but his opponent is a perfected monster. A growing monster cannot win over a perfect monster.”

‘If only he had ten more years…’

It might have been possible then, but not now. The deputy judged it so.

At that moment, Shin Eui-gyeom pulled both of his hands back at the same time and…


The five swords that had been attacking Mumu retreated at once. He then crossed the blades as they moved around him as one.


‘All the swords!’

It was the harbinger of another technique. All 10 swords began to move at the same time.



Even the broken swords moved and surrounded Mumu in an intense storm of blades and energy.

The storm gradually became more violent as it narrowed around the boy.

‘Sword Sky Storm!’

‘To see this!’

The headmaster and the deputy could not close their eyes at this sight. This was something they had only seen once, 17 years ago.

It was one of Shin Eui-gyeom’s secret techniques that he had used against that monster.

And they recalled that it had resulted in a small mountain disappearing.

‘… how is it possible with a human body?’

‘The word monster isn’t enough.’

The blue storm created by the ten swords was enough to fill them with fear and terror.


Would Mumu be able to stop this? This was a disaster.


At that moment, Mumu looked at the unexpected storm from within its eye and raised his fist.

And Shin Eui-gyeom looked at him.

‘Can you stop this technique?’

Even the other Four Great Warriors had difficulty dealing with this.

Now that this technique has been further perfected, it might be difficult for them to stand firm in front of it.


Mumu raised his fist.

His arms began to condense tightly as the muscles twisted.


With that, the area around Mumu’s feet began to crack.

‘He can contract his muscles by that much?’

Shin Eui-gyeom’s eyes narrowed.

Even if it hadn’t been for that, the fact that Mumu could exert so much strength on his muscles was terrific. Being able to contract and relax them in such a manner was another huge step.

‘So you had a hidden card.’

Shin Eui-gyeom smiled.

He then spread his arms wide before crossing them towards Mumu.


At that moment.


The storm around him began to narrow further into a violent vortex.

At the same time, his compressed muscles began to relax.


The whirlwind began to enclose him.

And Mumu slammed his fist to the ground.


The moment his fist made contact with the ground, everything around them began to shake violently.

The force destroyed the slabs and the ground, causing it to rise and the two forces to collide.

Crack! Crush!

The buildings immediately around the square could not withstand the shock and were destroyed. Even those buildings 300 meters away had visible cracks.



“W-what power is…”

The deputy and the headmaster were pushed back dozens of steps and crossed their arms.

The two of them couldn’t withstand the force despite watching this from far away.

They even had to defend themselves.


The two looked at the ground below them in shock. The power had been so strong that they couldn’t withstand or even see what had happened.


They sighed at this.

The place designed to accommodate 100,000 people was now closer to ruins. Even if a war had broken out, the square would probably be in better condition.

‘What happened?’

They looked closer to get a clear sight and saw the figure of a person on the ground.


It was none other than Shin Eui-gyeom.

Two cracked swords and four in good condition floated around him as he exhaled lightly.

The other four swords were not visible. They must have been destroyed by the impact.

‘… this is his strength.’

Shin Eui-gyeom stuck out his tongue.

He didn’t expect such destruction to come from just muscles.

After the Fist of Northern Heaven, he never thought that a monster with such power could ever be born again.

But now he acknowledged Mumu.

This child was someone who could eventually become apart of them.

‘Though you are a long way off.’

He was still a dozen years too early. Shin Eui-gyeom then looked at Mumu, who was kneeling on one knee as he clenched his right wrist.

He must have been injured.

The deputy shook his head.

‘As we thought?’

The difference in level was evident.



At that moment, the band on his right arm was visibly red and cracked.


And then.


It simply fell down to the ground in pieces.


And that wasn’t the end.

The remaining three brands also became red hot and made strange clicking sounds.

Clack! Thud! Thud!

All three were released from his body. With this, Mumu was now free from all his restraints.


Mumu’s skin color, which had turned dark, returned to normal alongside his muscles.


Shin Eui-gyeom, who thought the result was settled, could only look in shock.

‘.. what is this?’

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