Chapter 124 - Title Of The Youngest (5)

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Among those who were hiding and watching the middle of the square, there weren’t just ordinary students.

Many like them wanted to know the results of the duel.

They were the other descendants of the Four Great Warriors. Do Yang-woon, Guyang Seorin, Guyang Seohan, and even the newly-released Hong Hye-ryeong were there.

“… No way”

They all doubted their eyes. They had picked up Hong Hye-ryeong, who had been released, heard a tremendous roar, and then made their way here.

They guessed there might have been a fight between two of the Four Great Warriors. What they witnessed was not something they expected.

“This makes no sense,”

Guyang Seohan mumbled.

Guyang Seorin had brought him here. He had also heard Mumu being called Master by Do Yang-woon.

But this…

“Are we seeing this correctly?”

Do Yang-woon asked in utter disbelief.

“… Is master Mumu this strong?”

“No, is he really the one who defeated Uncle Shin?”

“Can’t you see?”

“It’s not that I don’t see it. I just find it impossible to believe. He didn’t learn any martial arts at all…”

Before he could finish his words, Do Yang-woon’s body trembled in excitement.

“Master proved it.”

“Wh-what did he prove?”

“His muscle training!”


Guyang Seohan hated this man.

Muscles? Did this idiot really believe that Shin Eui-gyeom was defeated by a child who only trained his muscles?

“Those words…”

“Seohan. You start muscle training too. Work hard on those muscles.”

‘… Stop with the bullshit.’

He wanted to say that, but he didn’t since he knew just how stubborn Do Yang-woon was. Talking with his sister would have been better.

“You people…”

He was speechless.

Hong Hye-ryeong stared at Mumu with red eyes.

Why was she like this? She had simply been helped by him too many times.

And now, seeing Mumu defeat one of the Four Great Warriors filled her heart with pride.

‘… It’s possible.’

She had considered the Four Great Warriors as a wall that she would never be able to overcome.

Perhaps she could do it now without waiting to grow old and weak. That wall had now collapsed right in front of her.

And it was all because of a 17-year-old boy.

‘I was being desperate.’

Despite having a strong father, she could only see defeat no matter what she did. However, now that she had seen one of them fall, she felt her heart boil.

This was what she wanted, even as a child—the birth of a new hero, a dream that she longed for.

“Ehh. You seem to like him too. But I called dibs.”

Guyang Seorin gave her a warning.


“Ah. You didn’t hear? He is mine. You like him too, right?”

“L-like him?”

Hong Hye-ryong’s face went red.

At that moment, Guyang Seohan joined the conversation.

“Called dibs?”

“It doesn’t matter who says it now.”

“Doesn’t matter? Did you actually say that to your brother?”

“Ah. Come to think of it, I was being told to bring home a suitable companion for a long time, right? I will do it.”


“I want him. So I will try my best.”


Guyang Seorin’s words made her brother sigh in frustration.

He grumbled, but he knew nothing would change her mind. However, their grandfather would probably fight the boy to test him. He believed that no one could win against that man.

“Still, you can try.”

“Try? Why would I test him when Uncle Shin ended up like that?”

“Right. If you want to defeat Master Mumu, you need to go through me first.”

“Can you just drop that!”

“What? Are you ignoring it?”

“Ignore… do you think a patient can even say such stuff?”

Seeing the two men arguing, Guyang Seorin snorted in derision.

The pride of men made them all turn into children. She then turned to Mumu.

‘There is no need for grandfather to even fight. Instead, this is a situation that would probably make him nervous.’

Guyang Seorin licked her lips in anticipation.

The three people who were left behind in the prison all had blank looks on their faces.

One of them, Kang Mui, was still bound by his chains, while the other two, the disciples of the East River Sword Star, were guarding him.

‘How is it going?’

Kang Mui was nervous.

The plan he had so painstakingly made had failed miserably, so there was no need for him to remain here anymore. Now was his chance to run.

‘Well, there is no chance for him to win.’

The intimidation he felt from Mumu was extreme, but his opponent was a living legend.

After experiencing that man’s sword technique here, Kang Mui was sure that even Mumu would end up being defeated.

Didn’t Mumu only have brute strength?

‘Right. Let’s run.’

From what he knew, the two men guarding him were unquestionably strong. He knew it wouldn’t be easy to run.

Even if he needed to use everything he had left, breaking through the blocked gate had to be the priority.


Young Gadong snorted at the change in breathing he was hearing. He could understand what that change meant.

It was a gamble of a lifetime by Mumu, a gamble where the outcome needed to be decided quickly.

A duel between his master and an academy student.

‘Even if the kid is a monster, my master is more skilled. In the end, even if the boy tries his best, he shouldn’t be able to do anything.’

So, of course, the chance was now.

But that was also a mistake.

He had been granted the title of one of the ten warriors. Even his sajae next to him could be included in it.


At that moment, Young Chuseo adjusted his body and spoke angrily.

“Ugh. Don’t do that. If you try to run, I will cut your head off before our teacher returns.”

Young Chuseo had also noticed the change in Kang Mui’s breathing. At his warning, his breathing returned to normal.

And Yong Chuseo went closer.

“… I am warning you…”


Before his words could even finish—

The gate of the cell they were in opened.

‘The gate was pushed?’

Young Chuseo was shocked for a moment. Even he wouldn’t be able to do that in such a short time.

“Your hands are shaking.”

Young Chuseo raised his sword and gathered energy in it. He then moved to Kang Mui like lightning.


His technique aimed directly at the forehead, neck, chest, and stomach. If just two spots were hit, then the body would become paralyzed. At that moment, Kang Mui raised his hand.


Fire erupted from his bare hands and transformed into a pillar of flames that blocked his sword.


Young Chuseo was shocked.

This was undoubtedly fire qi.

“You are the culprit!”

Young Chuseo was enraged as he looked at the fire. Alongside him, Young Gadong was looking at Kang Mui as he felt a chill from above.


Young Chuseo hurriedly backed away. At that moment, he felt coldness rush down and freeze the floor below him.



Young Chuseo jumped from the ground and kicked Kang Mui, who avoided it.




Young Chuseo screamed as lightning qi assailed him the moment his feet touched the floor. The lightning qi paralyzed his body with pain and made it impossible for him to move.

Kang Mui then aimed for his heart without missing a beat.


Something flew at Kang Mui.

As the piece of armor hit Kang Mui’s hand, Young Chuseo was able to move back. The one who had thrown it was Young Gadong.

“Sahyung he…”

“I know.”

Young Gadong replied gravely. Although fire qi and ice qi were known to not mix, they were also trained to understand that Yin and Yang existed together.

It can be said that no one could handle both energies as they were opposite in nature.



However, both flame and ice were here. Young Gadong could not understand this.

How was this child able to do it?

‘A piece of equipment, maybe?’

However, Kang Mui had no such thing on his body. He then asked,

“How are you able to handle three energies at the same time?”

“Do I have to tell you?”

Kang Mui snorted in reply.

The dead had no reason to know.

And he wouldn’t tell his opponent about his skills anyway.

“As things stand, I will kill you both before I die! That will be a good gift for your teacher. Hahaha.”

That monster, the East River Sword Star, was the problem. Not his disciples.

At the boy’s arrogance, Young Chuseo grunted.


“I do not know how you can handle three energies simultaneously, but it is nothing but tricks. Let’s just subdue him together.”

“Let’s do that.”

From the moment Kang Mui showed that he could handle three different energies, they were no longer looking down on him.

“Do you think you can fight against three different energies?”

Kang Mui and the two swordsmen moved together.


At that moment, the three were about to collide.

Swish! Bang!

Someone landed through the hole in the ceiling. Thanks to that, all three had no choice but to take a step back.

And the person who had entered the cell was…



Kang Mui and Young Chuseo were shocked as they looked at Mumu.


‘How is he here?’

None of them could hide their curiosity.

Why did this guy suddenly appear here again after leaving for a duel?

They couldn’t even see any wounds on Mumu. It was as if the fight had been stopped in the middle.

Young Gadong, who couldn’t understand what was happening, asked,

“… What happened?”

“About what?”

“The fight with my master?”

“Ah, the fight? It is done.”



“Then where is the Master? Why are you the only…”

“Ah, he is seriously injured, so he was rushed to the infirmary by the headmaster.”


Mumu’s innocent words shocked the three of them even further.

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