Chapter 126 - Poison Air of the West (1)

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East River Sword Star, Shin Eui-gyeom found himself lying on an infirmary bed, waking up for the first time after two days.

His two disciples who were guarding the room called out to him when they saw him wake up.



At their voices, Shin Eui-gyeom looked at his disciples. Seeing the worry on their faces, he could tell how much they had suffered.

‘They know of the defeat.’

Without that information, there was no reason why they would look like this. Shin Eui-gyeom then sighed.

“No one died, so why are you so gloomy?”


At his master’s question, Young Chuseo answered with his anger bubbling from within,

“Master… master… is the right…”

Young Chuseo was unable to even say the words properly. Shin Eui-gyeom then looked at him and said,

“I know.”

“You know?”

“Are you trembling in anger because I can no longer use my right hand?”

“M-master! Your left arm is also broken, but your right arm has been crushed completely. Even the muscles are torn. A swordsman losing his arm, how can…”



“You’ve become a warrior to walk down a certain path. This is a fate that one has to accept eventually.”

“Fate! No matter how much of a fight it was, he crossed a line…”

“Didn’t your master tell you over and over that those who have power over others have the right to harm their opponents in the end?”


“Those who have died by my hands or are alive and crippled, there must be hundreds of them.”

“But wasn’t that due to them being part of the Forces of Evil?”

“Chuseo. To kill someone, whether or not they’re from an opposing side, means that you must be prepared to face the same.”

“… Master.”

Young Chuseo went silent in the end. He was still angry but knew that his teacher was not wrong.

Although this result was upsetting, the death or crippling of a warrior in battle was unavoidable.


“… I am angry. The youngest died, and even the Master ended up like this. We are so helpless and unable to do anything.”

Young Gadong said this bitterly. His words made Shin Eui-gyeom turn his gaze to the window.

It wasn’t Mumu’s fault that this had happened. It was as if 17 years of karma had hit him again all at once.

However, his heart was broken further as they could not get justice for the youngest disciple.


Young Gadong clenched his fist.

“Master… even if I have to die by Mumu’s hands, I will kill Kang Mui…”



“If we make a promise, we need to keep it.”

“If we can’t even get revenge for our youngest, our master will lose face…”

“Don’t be in a hurry to get my name back. If you still have the energy to move like this, you should further refine your martial arts.”

“Those words…”



“I mean to forget revenge.”

“Forget revenge? No matter the fact that you lost to him…”

“Do you think it is just because of that?”

“Didn’t you say that if one is around the level of Master Haona, then victory or defeat can be changed at any time, depending on the situation?”

At that question, Shin Eui-gyeom opened his senses wide and looked around the area. After confirming that there was no one around them, he whispered,

“Listen carefully. Forget about your Master’s work here or Young Chun. This is already beyond the realm of humans.”

“What is that supposed…”

“Do you not know what this master is saying?”

“I know. The fact that the child is strong according…”

“It isn’t like you think. He is truly invincible.”


His two disciples could not hide their shock at Shin Eui-gyeom’s words.

Many said that Shin Eui-gyeom was the best. This man also always said that something truly invincible did not exist.

To be invincible meant to be undefeatable by anyone.

“That is someone who shouldn’t ever be touched. Never provoke him.”

“Master, how can you say such…”

“Chuseo. Carve these words into your heart. You can never provoke him.”

“Are you saying that getting revenge for you or Young Chun should be forgotten?”

“Don’t. I am telling you that it isn’t something that can be achieved with effort. Do you think humans can resist natural disasters just by working together?”

“Is he a natural disaster?”

“His power is like a natural disaster.”


His two disciples became silent at such a serious warning.

Their master was one of the Four Great Warriors and was known to be at the peak of Murim, yet he was afraid of a child?

But these children knew nothing. Shin Eui-gyeom knew of Mumu’s bloodline but chose not to tell them. The reason was simple.

‘… The moment they find out and try to stimulate him, a crisis could happen.’

Inside the office of the deputy headmaster of the Heavenly Martial Arts Academy—

“This is…”

Deputy Dan Pil-hoo looked at the person in front of him with a puzzled face. The man, who was an aide, asked him,

“Are there any problems, sir?”

“Problems… it’s only a problem if we think of it as one.”

Things were escalating.

As Mumu’s strength was revealed, things began to move in a strange direction. It was as if a small ball of snow had resulted in an avalanche.

“All of the attention of the academy’s staff is on him.”

“You are talking about Mumu?”


“That is inevitable. Shin Eui-gyeom of the Four Great Warriors was defeated by him. Wouldn’t it be natural to draw attention?”

“I have reached the level of exhaustion.”

Many students are also reportedly flocking to Mumu. It was said that they wanted to receive strength training classes from him.

However, even the masters were interested in attending. The entire academic building was moving as if being swept away by a wave made by Mumu. It wasn’t a small one, either.

“Is it going to become harder?”

Dan Pil-hoo clicked his tongue.

He had been working hard to hide Mumu’s power in the academy. It had been all for him, but now it was becoming more complex.

This wasn’t at a level that could be calmed down by just spreading a few new rumors. Mumu’s victory over the East River Sword Star was known to everyone, and they were embracing it.

Normally, the boy would have already lost all reason to stay in the academy.


‘Do we need to take any special measures?’

There was only one way to make Mumu stay even if people wanted him to leave. He didn’t know if it would work yet or not.

In the meantime, another spy came to deliver a report.


The spy who had caught the pigeon checked the contents of the message around its ankle.

“Uh? It appears to be sent from the sect?”

“The sect?”

After receiving the paper, Dan Pil-hoo opened it to check its contents.


He jumped up from his chair, puzzling his aide.

“What is this?”

“… Guyang Gyeong has come to the academy.”

“Elder Guyang? Who… Guyang Gyeong? The Poison Air of the West?”

The aide could not help but be further puzzled when he found out who the new guest was.

“Phew. Did we have to come here?”

They were at a nearby garden by a special training center that had been locked down until recently.

Mo Il-hwa asked in a whispering voice as Jin-hyuk nodded.

“It is because no one will see us.”

Mo Il-hwa, who heard this, looked at Mumu.

“What kind of trouble did you bring?”

“… Um. Sorry.”

Mumu apologized by scratching his head. The reason they had to hide all the way here was simple. It was all because of Mumu.

Mo Il-hwa was annoyed with him.

“Why did you have to go and say that about the strength training!”

“It wasn’t on purpose…”

“I know it wasn’t on purpose, but you should at least think. If a person who defeated the East River Sword Star and is being called the Youngest Great Warrior says something like that, everyone will swarm to him.”

“I didn’t think it would be like this.”

Mumu was equally confused.

The strength training was originally something for only the floor leaders of his dormitory. However, rumors of his victory spread, and several people came to him and asked him to join his class.

And Mumu had readily agreed.

[Anyone who wants to train their muscles is welcome.]

That was the starting point.

In just two days, a few had turned into hundreds. Even the academy masters were secretly visiting and inquiring about it.

“Phew. What are we going to do if you say that?”

Mo Il-hwa clicked her tongue.

She had been shocked at first when she heard that Mumu had defeated one of the Four Great Warriors. However, she knew that Mumu’s strength was exceptional. Now that he had a name added to it, being with him was becoming difficult.

Mo Il-hwa smiled as she said,

“Let’s move ahead. I will be walking around with Jin-hyuk, so from now on, you eat alone and listen to classes alone.”


“Our skilled guardian Mumu is fine being alone, right? Ah. Don’t bother.”

“… Y-yes.”

Mumu replied dully, making Jin-hyuk sigh.

He was no different from usual, but ever since he discovered Mumu’s identity and victory over the East River Sword Star, it felt like his daily life was becoming twisted.

‘What Miss Mo is saying is just a joke for now. However, it may just be a short time before he really gets pushed away from the academy.’

Mumu had come to stand shoulder to shoulder with the Four Great Warriors. Who in this academy would teach such a person martial arts?

Just being a normal student had already put Mumu at a level that the faculty found hard to deal with.

Jin-hyuk then said,

“Mumu. You could be released from the academy.”


“Right. None of the masters here can teach you. Even if you want to learn martial arts, the masters know of your strength.”

Who would dare to teach a kid who had defeated the East River Sword Star? On the contrary, they might even refuse to teach him in class.

“Umm… For real?”

“Don’t you think it will be like that?”

If one thought about it carefully, Mumu’s academic life might come to an end. It would be even quicker if his biological father was mentioned.

‘Will I be kicked out?’

Mumu scratched his head as he wanted to stay longer. His original purpose, like his other brother and Jin-hyuk, was to find his parents and then make a name for himself. However, things had changed.

His friends, something he never had during his exile, were important to him.

‘A pity.’

If he was asked to leave, then there was no other way.

‘… If that is the case, should I ask Jin-sung hyung to take me to the palace?’

If not, he would need to go and learn about his mother’s existence in the White Valley. It was said that the location of his other siblings was known to the Heavenly Killing Valley.

He was destined to leave this place one way or another.

Mumu looked at his two friends. If he had to leave, he would have to part with them.

And he then said,

“If I am…”


Before he could say anything else, someone appeared with a bang.

It was a girl with navy blue hair and a dress that revealed one leg. An antique was in her hand.

It was none other than the sophomore, Guyang Seorin.

“Found you.”


Jin-hyuk looked at her in surprise as she approached Mumu with a smile.

“What are you doing, hiding here?”

Mo Il-hwa clicked her tongue at that question.

“No. Senior. How did you find us?”

She hadn’t been part of the crowd wanting Mumu to teach them, but she had found them quickly.

Guyang Seorin then took out an unusual tool and showed it to her.

“What is that?”

“It’s something like a tracker.”

“Thousand Miles Chasing Fragrance? Are you referring to the scent which can be discerned up to ten thousand li?”

“Ah, you are smart.”

“And you put it on Mumu?”



Mo Il-hwa couldn’t understand it since that scent was used to capture only the most dangerous of enemies.

Why would she use it on Mumu?

“Because I wished for him to be mine?”


In response to her question, Guyang Seorin shrugged her shoulders and approached Mumu. As she folded her arms and smiled with her red lips, she then said,

“Would you like to date this noona?”


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