Chapter 127 - Poison Air of the West (2)

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Yu Jin-sung, royal inspector and older brother of Mumu and Jin-hyuk, had experienced many things in the few days he had been here.

His original orders were to investigate the arson case and uncover the truth behind it. The culprit for that crime was rumored to still be inside the academy.

However, due to several events, his mission had become meaningless. All of this could be attributed to Mumu.

‘Unexpected things happen in this world.’

Because of Mumu’s actions, the Imperial Palace could not get what it wanted. In the end, this was probably a good thing.

Perhaps all of this happened because of the unknown variable called Mumu.

‘How did my father raise Mumu?’

Jin-sung was more curious about this than his investigation. Apparently, his father had simply picked up an abandoned child and raised him.

However, Mumu, who had never learned martial arts, managed to defeat one of the Four Great Warriors.

This news was something that shocked him once he heard it. However, as time passed, his understanding of Mumu remained vague.

‘Does that child hold secrets that father doesn’t know of?’

What is his body? Whatever it was, Jin-sung could only hope that Mumu’s power was put to good use. This child was also his brother, after all.


Jin-sung was waiting for someone else now. There was no reason to just sit here and wait until all of the criminals behind the arson incident were caught.

He had one last thing to do.


Someone knocked on the door, prompting Jin-sung to get up and say,

“Please come in.”


A girl who appeared to be around 19 entered through the door. The girl who radiated a royal aura wore clothes with an unusual pattern. She was Cho Nayeon, a third-year student who was ranked fifth in the academy.


Cho Nayeon walked inside, frowning once she saw Jin-sung in his government uniform. Jin-sung then dropped to a knee to bow to her with his hands clasped together.

“I, Yu Jin-sung, would like to extend my greetings to her Highness.”

Cho Nayeon looked embarrassed.

Her true identity was that of one who inherited the royal blood of the Imperial Palace. To her, Yu Jin-sung relayed the order he had been given.

“His Majesty has urged the princess to return to the Imperial Palace. He said he will not accept any objections.”

The warriors guarding the gates of the academy looked nervous.

An old man and woman in bamboo hats were in front of them, their identities were clear with just a glance.

It was Guyang Gyeon and his daughter-in-law, Jin-hyang.

‘What is this?’

‘It’s only been a few days, and another one of the Four Great Warriors is here.’

They just wanted the academy to stay peaceful and quiet, so what was all this?

Ignoring their reaction, the old man and woman simply looked around.

As they entered the gates, they couldn’t hide their wonder at how things seemed to have ended up contrary to their expectations.

Seeing the condition inside, Guyang Gyeon said to Jin-hyang,

“It seems like Shin isn’t here.”

“I think the same.”

“It doesn’t look like we are late…”

“Father. That is a good thing. Imagine if we were late and our children had been involved.”

“Hmm. I see. Your thoughts are right. Right.”

Guyang Gyeon nodded and clicked his tongue.

He had never won an argument against his daughter-in-law.

‘Good luck is what this is.’

The deputy headmaster’s people set off in a hurry to deliver their report. This was an urgent situation for the academy. It was said that the East River Sword Star could not be calmed without the South Blade of the Emperor.

Guyang Gyeon had worried about his grandchildren and had hurried to the academy. Fortunately, things didn’t seem like they had gone badly.

‘Isn’t it natural that Shin is being cautious?’

His daughter-in-law had felt concerned that something terrible would happen if Shin Eui-gyeom failed to control his anger.

However, what they had feared did not come to pass. On the contrary, the North Heavenly Fist had allowed them to head to the academy as he was the elder.

Guyang Gyeon had made his way here hastily as he felt like his world would crumble if his grandchildren were in danger.

Still, he was glad to have arrived early. No matter what happened, he could at least protect his grandchildren.

‘It is good.’

If things hadn’t started yet, there was no need to cross-check. Guyang Gyeon then said to Jin-hyang,

“Kid. The old man should see the children first before I check anything.”

“Uh? Even if things didn’t happen as we feared, we came to the building so the headmaster…”

“You can go ahead and say hello. The old man has to hurry up and go see the kids.”


As soon as his words were finished, Guyang Gyeon quickly looked away and left to avoid being caught by his daughter-in-law. She could only click her tongue as her father-in-law disappeared.

‘Well, he does have a fiery temperature.’

They had been traveling together for 20 years, but the man never changed. The guard then asked Jin-hyang, who was shaking her head,

“Uh, where are you going? Where is Guardian Guyang headed?”

“Ah, you heard right.”


“He went to see his grandchildren. It is hard for me to completely control him. I will meet the headmaster instead to apologize.”

At her words, the guards couldn’t help but feel embarrassed.

They had come here so suddenly, but one abruptly left while the other asked to meet the headmaster?

“Guardian Shin is one thing, but these people are too…”

One of the guards mumbled, catching Jin-hyang’s ear. His words caused her to frown as she asked,

“Wait. Did you just say Guardian Shin?”

‘Huh! How did she hear that?’

The guard was shocked. It was known that any daughter-in-law of the Guyang family couldn’t be normal, but to hear such a faint mumble… The guard then spoke in shock,

“T-that is… I was referring to the arrival of the East River Sword Star at the academy.”

“What? He already came here? Then why didn’t you say that?”


Of course, there was no need to let her know about that. She looked bewildered and then asked,

“Is it possible that the punishment happened before we came?”

“What do you mean by punishment?”

“Uncle, no, Guardian Shin didn’t touch the girl, right?”

“Ah, no. It all worked out.”

“Worked out?”

Jin-hyang couldn’t hide her curiosity.

Contrary to her concerns, things had worked out better than she expected, considering the peaceful state of the academy. The guard then said,

“Did you not hear?”

“What did I not hear?”


The guards became hesitant about telling her. It seemed that both of their two guests had yet to hear of the news. Honestly, he wasn’t sure if this should be spoken about outside the academy’s premises.

After some hesitation, the guard spoke,

“It’s nothing much, but the East River Sword Star had dueled against a student of the academy and lost.”


Jin-hyang’s eyes widened in surprise. What did this mean?

She doubted her ears. Shin Eui-gyeom had been defeated by a student?

“… Are you joking with me?”

“Would we ever do that?”

“If it is an academy student, you mean one from here, right?”


“Such a child dueled against Shin Eui-gyeom and won? Was the spar done without using internal energy?”

“No, they fought at full strength, and an entire square was utterly destroyed.”

“… That I cannot believe. What you are sayi…”

“We are telling the truth. He suffered serious injuries and is now in the infirmary receiving treatment.”


Jin-hyang became confused at this. If this was a joke, then it was outrageous.

A student who hadn’t even graduated from the academy dueled against the East River Sword Star and defeated him?

Could this be true?

“Where’s the infirmary he is in?”

Only seeing him in person would make her believe it.

Guyang Gyeon used his footwork to move so quickly that none could see his movement. He moved to the dorms, excited at seeing his grandchildren for the first time in a year.

The academy being large was something he already knew. Even though he was using all his speed to reach it, he still hadn’t reached the West Wind Dormitory.

[I am trying to attach a title for the dorms, please give me permission for it.]

[The titles?]

[Hehe. Our titles…]

[Really. That is so strange.]

As he thought about the West Wind Dormitory, he recalled the conversation he had with the South Blade of the Emperor.

He said he wanted to create an academy that fostered the next generation of warriors. He also told them that he wanted to use the titles they had been given to commemorate their achievements.

Everyone had commented that it was odd, but none objected. When those who had graduated from the academy met with him outside, he thought it was great that the others didn’t refuse that proposal.

‘Hehehe. It just feels like yesterday, but the years are so fleeting.’

Guyang Gyeong recalled the old memories as he arrived near the West Wind Dormitory.

As he reached it, he took something out of his arms and checked it. It was a tracking device used for the Thousand Miles Chasing Fragrance.

‘Let’s see.’

Usually, a scent would disappear anywhere within a month to three months. However, he could see the trace because he had used slightly less than the portion that would poison a person.

Despite it having faded a lot, he could still discern it within ten miles and…

If anyone within ten miles had that scent, he could find them.

‘Let’s see. Where are my grandkids?’

Following the directions of the tracker, Guyang Gyeon went off to find his grandchildren.

And soon…

‘Found you!’

He found his beloved granddaughter, Guyang Seorin.

After just a few months, she had grown to look like a dazzling flower, making him smile. Even though she was his granddaughter, she had grown quite pretty.

‘My child.’

There were already two boys around her.

This may be why he felt like he cherished his granddaughter too much.

In his heart, he wanted her to spend the rest of her life with him and not let her get married. Who would he even give his beautiful granddaughter to?

‘If this old man finds someone who matches well with you, you can get married. Until then, don’t meet with any bastards.’

Guyang Gyeon tried to reveal himself to her, but her location disappeared along the path. With the help of the tracker, he went toward her.

‘… Uh?’

What the hell was she doing?

Guyang Gyeon was puzzled as he watched her look at her own tracker.

He frowned as he felt something ominous. He wasn’t sure what she was trying to do, but the fact that she was using something like that within the academy bothered him.

‘Let’s follow her.’

He hoped that his guess was wrong.

And so, he quietly followed her as she found three other students hiding in a rare place.

Could it be that she used the tracker to find these children? He decided to continue to wait and watch.



Guyang Gyeon’s eyes widened as his ears reddened.

‘You said you want to be with me?’

He grabbed his chest as he looked at his granddaughter with fiery eyes.

How could the granddaughter he cherished so much act so aggressively with a boy? What he had feared was happening.

‘Who is it between the two?’

There were two male students.

One looked like a playboy, while the other looked like a kind and fine boy.

‘… If you want to choose, choose the second one.’

A man who had looks was of no use. Besides, even from afar, the boy with playboy vibes didn’t feel stronger than a second-rate warrior. The good-looking one at least seemed…

‘Pretty good.’

He looked young, but his internal energy’s foundation was solid. He appeared to be a child of a well-known warrior or a member of a famous sect.

He wasn’t sure who raised this child, but it was fine if his granddaughter liked him. He wouldn’t mind since the boy had talent that would grow further in just a few years.

‘It isn’t like I don’t have eyes. But still, someone is out there trying… no!’

At that moment, Guyang Gyeon’s eyes widened. His granddaughter has linked arms with the playboy.

And said something even more shocking.

“Would you like to date this noona?”


Guyang Gyeon became pale. He hoped that it wasn’t that boy. He didn’t understand what his granddaughter saw in him.

It was said that true value lies in the innocence and character of a warrior. Did this mean she just liked his face?


Guyang Gyeon grabbed his chest. He wanted to know how the boy would react.

Judging by his youthful face and the fact that Seorin had called herself noona, the boy seemed younger.

As if she wanted to kill her grandfather, she locked his arms against her body. It didn’t sit well with him.

It had been a long time since he met his granddaughter. Seeing her like this confused him.

Guyang Gyeon stared at the boy, who was still silent.

‘Right… calm down. There has to be something to like in that child. My Seorin flirting is what hurts me more.’

Guyang Gyeon calmed his breathing and looked at them intently. He wasn’t sure who the boy was, but he was lucky.

His granddaughter was actively speaking out.

“If you don’t have a girl you like, date me,”

Seorin said again.

No, this was a bit too aggressive, even if a woman should be confident. Saying it once was enough. Why say it twice?

Guyang Gyeon looked at his granddaughter with a frustrated look.

‘Ugh. If my granddaughter confessed, you should bow down and say thank you. Why is he looking like that…’




“Because I like you.”

“Is that so? But I don’t have any feelings for senior.”


The words that came out of the boy’s mouth were an unexpectedly clear refusal. For a moment, Guyang Seorin looked disappointed.

‘This guy!’

Guyang Gyeon, who was watching this, couldn’t stand it anymore.


He jumped from the top of the tree, flew towards the boy who had rejected his sweet child, and grabbed him by the collar to lift him up.

“How dare you embarrass my granddaughter?”


The boy, no, Mumu, suddenly felt defenseless as an old man suddenly appeared and pushed him violently into a tree.


Mumu collapsed as he collided against a large tree.

Mo Il-hwa and Jin-hyuk, surprised at the man’s sudden appearance, widened the distance between them and became alert.

As this happened, Seorin called out to Guyang Gyeong,


“My granddaughter. How have you been?”

Only after hearing this did they understand who this person was.

‘Poison Air of the West?’

‘One of the Four Great Warriors?’

The only person that this woman could call grandpa was that man alone. Seorin, surprised by his appearance, then said,

“Grandpa! What is this!”

“That is what I want to say. What is wrong with you, begging for a bastard like that?”

Guyang Gyeon frowned as Seorin shouted at him.

“Where can I even find such a man?”

At her words, Guyang Gyeon pounded his chest with his fists.

“Oh my. No matter how much you want to stick around with a nice-faced guy, he is lacking so…”

“What are you talking about, the man who is strong enough to defeat Uncle Shin?”

“Defeat Shin- what?”

Guyang Gyeon tilted his head for a moment. There was only one person she would call Uncle Shin.

Shin Eui-gyeom… and he was defeated?

“What are you saying now? Are you sure that the uncle Shin you are talking about is the Shin I know?”

“Yes. The same man.”

“… Are you joking with this old man now? How can a little kid who is less than a second-rate warrior stand shoulder to shoulder with the…”


At that moment, Guyang Gyeong turned his head toward where Mumu had been thrown.



There, Mumu was casually getting up and loosening his neck.

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