Chapter 128 - Poison Air of the West (3)

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Guyang Gyeon’s daughter-in-law, Jin-hyang, arrived at the infirmary.

She was speechless upon seeing Shin Eui-gyeom with his body covered in wounds. She was hoping that the news had been wrong.

But he really had suffered the worst possible injuries.

“Mrs. Jin.”

“Brother… what is this?”


At her question, Shin Eui-gyeom could only sigh. This had to be the worst day. It hadn’t been long since his defeat, and the presence of Guyang Gyeon’s daughter-in-law only made him feel ashamed.

“You people, get out.”


At their master’s order, the two disciples exited the room. As they left, he looked towards her, who then asked,

“Is this real?”

“I don’t know what you heard, but if it is about my defeat, it is true.”

“How is that possible…”

‘It is impossible for this man who stands equal to father to be defeated by an academy student.’

Even though the word defeat was mentioned, it was still hard to believe. Shin Eui-gyeom then asked her,

“Here to see the kids?”

Jin-hyang answered honestly,

“It was partially for that, but it was more to see you.”

“To see me?”


“… Is it because of Hwang-suk’s daughter?”

“Yes. We came here worried that two of the Four with a good relationship would end up causing chaos here.”


“We thought the children would also be at risk if something more happened.”

“I have no face to show.”

“No. We have no idea what happened here, but we are lucky that something horrible didn’t happen.”

“We? Did your husband also come?”

“No. Father-in-law is here.”

Shin Eui-gyeom’s eyes widened.

Jin-hyang looked shocked at the man’s reaction.

“What is it?”

“You mean you came here with Elder Guyang?”


“Where is he now?”

“Father said he wanted to meet the children first, so he went towards the dorms. He didn’t come here as he hadn’t heard about you yet, so please don’t…”

“Dorms… no!”

Shin Eui-gyeom tried to get up but then clutched his chest with his hand.


“Brother? What is it?”

“Mrs. Jin. Please take the elder away from there now.”

“You mean father?”

“Yes. He cannot meet him.”


“It is bad if he meets Mumu.”


“The child who defeated me.”

“That child’s name is Mumu? But father-in-law knows nothing about him and has no reason to meet that child.”

At her words, Shin Eui-gyeom bit his lip.

‘There is one, a huge grudge.’

If the old man ended up injured now, his plan for the other three to defeat Mumu would be useless.

He had to send that old man away from the academy right now.


Mumu stood up as he casually loosened his stiff neck muscles. Guyang Gyeon narrowed his eyes at this sight.

‘Look at him.’

Even though the tree was destroyed, he didn’t seem to have suffered any internal injuries or seem like he might faint from the pain.

A mere second-rate warrior couldn’t survive such an attack. He was further puzzled as he looked at Mumu’s exposed muscles.

‘… This guy is much more developed compared to most warriors.’

He didn’t notice it from a distance as he had only taken a single glance. However, up close, the boy had amazing muscles.

Guyang Seorin ran up to Mumu with worry and asked,

“Are you fine? You aren’t hurt because of my grandfather, right?”

Mumu shook his head.

“No. I am fine.”

He had been thrown by Guyang Gyeon, but it didn’t matter. It wasn’t because of his body’s strength or anything, but it was because the shock of the impact had strangely been directed at the tree.

This was the reason why martial arts were so mysterious. Unlike Mumu, Guyang Gyeon could feel his face reddening.

‘What is this child?’

Would he even injure a child just because he was in a bad mood? However, his granddaughter had other desires behind her request to take a proper look.

“… Do not get too close. Don’t you know the saying that men and women are different in all ways?”

“Grandpa, you’re the one who told me to not get caught up in such sentiments.”

“When did I ever tell you to do that?!”

“You definitely did.”

Guyang Gyeon grabbed the back of his neck at her words. He had cherished his granddaughter and perhaps favored her more than the others…

However, he wasn’t the type who could hold back his emotions as he felt his anger continue to grow.


Guyang Gyeon held out a hand and made a pulling mention, which forced Seorin’s body to move.



It was a martial arts technique where one used internal energy to grab something from afar. Seorin felt her body lifted against her will as she was dragged over.

“What is this?”

“If you continue to act arrogant, I will take you back from the academy or whatever.”

“Are you talking about taking me back home?”


“Isn’t that too much? Are you saying that your words about having me meet a sufficient man with qualifications were a lie?”

“Oh my.”

Guyang Gyeon touched his throbbing forehead.

For his beloved grandchild to act like this. Most people in Murim would tremble or crawl at his name, but these kids weren’t afraid at all.

“Are you really saying that about him?”

“No tree won’t fall after being hit ten times. There is no other man like him.”


Guyang Gyeon sighed and turned to Mumu.

“No man like him? That is why you have been telling me such lies? You wanted him to be recognized by me?”

“They aren’t lies!”

“What is not a lie? Who would believe it when you tell me that Shin…”

“If you don’t believe it, grandfather can experience it.”


Guyang Gyeon thought that all of this was just absurd. He was a senior warrior by a large margin, not to mention he was also a hero of Murim.

Wasn’t this implying that this boy stood on equal ground to him instead of just a simple test of strength?

‘No more.’

He couldn’t let this continue any longer. Guyang Gyeon then looked at Mumu and said,

“This old man’s granddaughter is saying so much. So I will ask you directly instead. As the child said, did you fight with the East River Sword Star?”

Mumu scratched his head as he answered.

“Yes. But…”


Guyang Gyeon frowned. Was this child just playing along with Seorin?

This child fought with Shin Eui-gyeom?

“You mean you fought him and won?”

“Yes. Is there a problem?”


Guyang Gyeon was shocked.

Mumu had a unique muscular body that exuded a sense of strength, but there was no way he could have dealt with Shin Eui-gyeom.

This child would have died with just a snap of Shin Eui-gyeom’s fingers.

“Tch tch.”

Guyang Gyeon clicked his tongue and reached for Mumu.

“Fine. If you’re good-looking and decent, we can test whether or not you have the qualifications to be that child’s lover. There will be no such thing as being cautious. Come here.”


Guyang Gyeon pulled Mumu using the same technique he used on Seorin.


Mumu planted his feet and stood tall.

‘This guy? He can handle this?’

Even his granddaughter, who was stronger than her peers, had been unable to resist him.

‘Then he isn’t just a normal guy?’



Guyang Gyeon’s black robes fluttered as he increased the amount of energy in his move.


Mumu’s body then began to be pulled, even with both feet stuck in the ground. Feeling this, Mumu raised his hand towards the band on his left arm.

[Please refrain from taking off the band until you can control it yourself.]

‘… I should finish it as soon as possible.’

Guyang Gyeon radiated a bright light almost equal to Shin Eui-gyeom. It seemed like it would be challenging to deal with this man without turning the dial.


The dial began to turn. Ten, nine, eight… and eventually to one.


Mumu’s whole body began to shake as his muscles turned black. With that, something akin to vapor came out of his skin. At the sight of this, Guyang Gyeon stiffened.

‘What is this?’

The boy had changed all of a sudden.

A sense of intimidation from Mumu began to wash over the area. This change in his body wasn’t something to be taken lightly.

At that moment, Mumu raised his hand and slammed it into the ground.


The ground rose up like a wave with a tremendous roar.



Guyang Gyeon pushed his granddaughter, Seorin, back while swinging toward the pile of sand that was coming crashing down.

‘Venom Septor third form.’


A strong wind appeared from the cane he held to overturn the oncoming wave.

Guyang Gyeon, who had managed to block, had completely changed his expression. This boy wasn’t normal.


As he moved his cane slightly, a pile of dust formed in front of him.

The wind and the dust swaying in it sank back in an instant.


He heard the sound of something falling. When he looked, he noticed it was Mumu’s golden band.

“Is that alright?”

“Uh. Take it easy and stay away for a while.”

It was none other than Mo Il-hwa who had taken it off Mumu’s wrist. Mumu had bought some time by obscuring the vision with dirt to run towards her earlier.


Mumu’s body changed once more. His darkened skin returned back to normal as his muscles became denser.

But the true change was…


Guyang Gyeon’s expression hardened.

The sense of intimidation coming from Mumu was even stronger than before. It almost felt like they were standing in the boy’s domain.

‘T-this is?’

Even Guyang Seorin trembled as this was the first time she had seen him like this.

She only knew the result of the fight between Mumu and Shin Eui-gyeom. From that, she could make a guess about his level, but this felt even beyond that.


Despite her call, the man didn’t respond. All of his concentration was on Mumu.

He was in a state of absolute vigilance that he didn’t even hear his lovely granddaughter’s voice.

‘Is grandpa that nervous?’

This was her first time seeing this. It was surprising to see him like this. This was at the level of accepting that the person on the other side was at the same level as he was. Mumu then took a step forward and said,

“Since I don’t have time, let’s end this fast.”

At Mumu’s words, Guyang Gyeon frowned.

While he felt slightly stiff from the sense of intimidation, he was still stronger.

And the boy wanted to end the fight quickly?

‘He is a bit too confident.’

Guyang Gyeon’s eyes turned bitter.

He didn’t have to hesitate any longer if he was this strong.

‘I will teach you the fear of poison.’

Poison Air of the West.

He was called the most dangerous person in Murim and had the ability to kill an entire sect with just a little poison.

Of course, using such wide-reaching poisons in the academy was impossible. However, since he was a poison expert, he was sure to manage something.

The fact that this man used poison was something that Mumu could never be careless against.

If it wasn’t for this skill, the incident 17 years ago wouldn’t have been possible.

Guyang Gyeon took aim at Mumu.


A strong and poisonous energy emanated from the old man.

With control over poison that was more complete than any other, he was able to manipulate it using his invisible qi.

‘Even the other three are afraid of this old man. You will not be an exception.’

“Let’s see how you do it.”

Guyang Gyeon stretched out his cane to Mumu.

Purple poison exited the snakehead figure from the top of his cane and moved towards Mumu.


And it was at that moment…


Mumu took a deep breath that caused the muscles in his rib cage to enlarge. His pectoral muscles were also swelling up.



A strong wind, close to a gust, exited Mumu’s mouth and blocked the poison heading towards him.

What was more impressive was…


Guyang Gyeon’s poison began to freeze up from Mumu’s breath.


For a moment, Guyang Gyeon doubted his eyes.

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