Chapter 129 - Poison Air of the West (4)

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The poison became tangible as it was frozen by Mumu’s breath.

‘What is this?’

Guyang Gyeong thought for a moment at the absurdity of this.

Occasionally, among the warriors, people could use their mouths to release internal energy.

However, what Mumu was doing now was completely different. What came from his mouth was just a simple gust of wind, not air filled with internal energy. Yet the wind pressure was so intense that it could freeze the wind.

‘No way.’

He had lived in the Murim for decades, but this was the first time he had encountered this. No, this was utter nonsense.


The frozen poison had turned into purple ice and fell to the ground.

In the end, he couldn’t use the poison anymore. Mumu also stopped blowing the wind.


Mumu’s muscles, which had swelled up around his rib cage, slowly began to relax. Even after doing such a terrifying thing, his face still had an innocent expression.

‘… This guy is really not human.’

Cold sweat formed on Guyang Gyeong’s forehead.

Was this the same anxiousness that he had felt 17 years ago? The four of them had to suffer a life-and-death situation when dealing with that person.

But it felt different now.

‘I thought that there would be no more monsters after him.’

Despite this not even being a proper fight, his instincts were screaming at him.

He realized that the monster in front of him was someone he couldn’t fathom, which filled his head with complicated thoughts.

‘I have a lot to lose.’

He immediately elevated Mumu into the realm of a formidable opponent. His honor would collapse if he lost this fight here, especially to this child.

Would it be better to stop here, then?

As one became older, one could determine when to attack and when to retreat.

If he had been a little younger, he might have rushed towards Mumu, but not anymore.


His ear was filled with the voice of his granddaughter, Guyang Seorin.

Guyang Gyeong couldn’t bear the nervousness in her voice and looked at her. She had worry shining in those beautiful eyes.

The child he cared for was now caring for him. Seeing this, he clicked his tongue.

‘Gyeong, Gyeong, you stupid jerk. You wanted to show your grandchild how a man who doesn’t have much life left to live will step down as a warrior to enjoy some glory?’

For a moment, he thought that his actions were absurd. Rational judgment wasn’t always the answer.

No matter how strong the enemy he faced was, he had to be a grandfather that she could be proud of.

‘That’s right.’

Guyang Gyeong’s expression changed.

If the opponent was a monster, victory or defeat was not something he could guess before the fight even began. It was a world where even the smallest variable could tilt the odds.

‘Let’s do it.’

It’s quite amusing that he said that he would simply check the strength of this boy to judge his worthiness as his granddaughter’s lover but instead was now about to go all out.

Guyang Gyeong calmed himself and adjusted his body. His desire to fight began to grow as he further calculated the variables.

‘From what I can sense, he is just a second-rate warrior. That means that only his physical capabilities are beyond the level of a human.’

If so, he had to take a different approach.

His method of fighting that tested the opponent’s skill by using poison wouldn’t work. If his attack was blocked again, it would only be a waste of internal energy. That would be to his disadvantage when close combat became a reality.

‘Even if he is a monster, the situation can be changed as long as the poison spreads in his body.’

To do that, he had to close the distance with Mumu. That was the key to victory.

With that conclusion, Guyang Gyeong drew up the poison qi from within his body.


At that moment, his indigo hair and beard became purple.

With that, purple energy spread through his body.


The purple energy spread through his body. Everything it touched was corroded.

This was something that happened when poison qi was released to the tenth level.

‘Ten Thousand Poison Body!’

Seeing this in front of her, Guyang Seorin exclaimed in surprise. Her grandfather was a man who had many poisons in his body. His physique was something called the Heavenly Body that was further improved by his perfect practice of poison.

They were witnessing the moment he decided to actually use that form. At that time, Guyang Gyeong shouted,

“Let’s do this properly!”


With those words, he moved forward.


Guyang Gyeong’s body vanished, leaving behind only an afterimage.

Among everyone present, only Mumu was able to have a clear idea of the man’s position. He had clear visibility of the man’s movement. He directed his gaze from the side to the back and then to the front.

Pak! Pak!

The Poison Air of the West, Guyang Gyeong, was a man skilled in two martial forms.

The first was the form of the Poison Emperor, and the other was the form of the Wind God.

He was called the Wind God as he was known to be the swiftest of the Four Great Warriors. Guyang Gyeong was determined to make full use of his footwork for this fight.

‘Even faster!’


If he moved even faster, afterimages would be the only things anyone could see, and he would be functionally invisible.



“Great Warrior Guyang has increased his speed?”

Mo Il-hwa’s eyes couldn’t even comprehend this. All she saw were 20 afterimages. It was almost as if he was the emperor of movement.

Guyang Seorin also felt a thrill run through her body at this sight.

‘Sensible Wind Kick technique, eighth form of the horizontal motion!’

The Sensible Wind Kick technique consisted of ten forms. Among them, only seven could be used by the Guyang family.

From the eighth form onwards, they were secret techniques that only Guyang Gyeong could use.


Guyang Gyeong’s body, which had left behind 20 afterimages with his movement, rushed towards Mumu immediately.

Mumu’s eyes fluttered slightly as he saw the afterimages rush toward him. It wasn’t only due to shock.

Guyang Gyeong was not visible in the eyes of the others, but that wasn’t the case for Mumu.


The ground rose as Mumu moved.

The place that Mumu aimed for was towards the west.

‘Did he?’

Guyang Gyeong frowned. He had tried to distract Mumu, but the child could still pinpoint where he was.

This child was undoubtedly a monster. Even the other Four Great Warriors couldn’t accurately determine his position unless he got too close.


Mumu rushed towards Guyang Gyeong with his arm outstretched. His middle finger and thumb were locked together.

‘A flick?’

Was the child trying to do a flick right now? This shocked Guyang Gyeong for a moment.

But he had the confidence to be able to break through this attack. Mumu then began to snap his fingers.


In an instant, Guyang Gyeong gave up on trying to reach Mumu and hurriedly turned around. The wind pressure at that moment felt so fierce on his skin that his face flushed and his lips stiffened.



Guyang Gyeong looked back and squinted his eyes in shock.

Mumu had only flicked the air, but the ground below had been split by the force, and holes were formed in the trees.

‘W-what strength!’

This felt like a scam.

This had happened with just a snap of his fingers? But there was no time to stay shocked.

Now was his only chance. Mumu’s speed was unusual, but the speed of his reaction was even more insane.


Mumu was trying to loosen the hand he had used to flick.


Guyang Gyeong kicked the ground and moved towards Mumu.


Mumu kicked his feet and used the ground to launch himself towards Guyang Gyeong.


Mumu’s kick had created pressure that made the ground explode around him.



However, Guyang Gyeong turned with all his might at that moment and gathered poison qi towards Mumu’s chest.

‘Deadly Poison Scepter, ninth form!’


He struck out his hand towards Mumu’s chest.

Since he had utilized the Ten Thousand Poison Body at full force, it could be said that his power output was enough to even pierce through a small mountain.


Mumu’s body would bounce back, and the poison would spread…



At that moment, Guyang Gyeong felt his body bounce back as if launched from a cannon.


He was the one who had struck the child, so why was he being thrown back?



Guyang Gyeong could barely stop his body from being planted into the ground. This wasn’t what should have happened.

Not only the ground but even the clothes on his back were ripped.

He was protecting his body with poison qi, so he could withstand it to some extent.

‘… M-monster.’

Guyang Gyeong, who staggered to get up, couldn’t believe it.

This child could still blow him away even if he used his deadliest trick.

It was no exaggeration to say that this child’s body was like a Diamond Body. However, the risk he had taken seemed to be worth it.

Guyang Gyeong smiled.

‘The scary thing about my technique comes after it lands.’

The poison from his attack would soon penetrate Mumu’s body. Once it touched just one part of his body, it would spread around quite soon.

Like now, for example.


Purple-colored veins began to spread from Mumu’s chest.

As his body heat increased, the poison would spread through his body. If the foe was one of the Four Great Warriors, they could have fought off the poison using internal energy, but this child could not.

‘The result is inevitable when you do not have internal energy.’

In a way, this victory could be called a lucky win. There could not be a true best in the world because everyone was meant to have an enemy.

Mumu could not drive out the poison unless he could use internal energy.

‘This is a victory I achieved by holding out the longest.’

A valuable victory that had been attained even though it meant he was hurt.

Guyang Gyeong staggered up and walked towards Mumu. It was as if he was about to lecture Mumu about the defeat.


Still, it was the first time someone had pushed himself this far. Even Guyang Seorin looked shocked.

If he had such skills and could augment them with internal energy, he would soon surpass even the Four Great Warriors.

‘That kid’s value has increased tenfold.’

It seemed like everyone had to admit it.

He thought he would regret it if he missed the chance to make this boy his granddaughter’s husband.

This would also save his face in moderation. He moved to drain the poison and restore things to normal so that he could also get along with his granddaughter.


Guyang Gyeong walked towards Mumu.

“How is it? Understand what poison…”



For a moment, he stopped as he watched Mumu, who still had poison spreading around his body.

The muscles around the boy’s body were moving. No, the appearance was so bizarre that it was difficult to comprehend.

‘What the… hell?’

At that moment, Guyang Gyeong’s eyes fluttered in shock.

Mumu’s body, full of muscles, began to change. The poison qi that had started to spread in a purple color began slowly diminishing in volume from his chest.

Then, his skin returned to its original color.

‘It is poison…’


He couldn’t comprehend it as Mumu made a sound like he was gathering phlegm. The muscles around his neck then bulged.


And the boy spat out purple blood from his mouth.

The moment it touched the ground, everything around it began to melt.



This made Guyang Gyeong lose all of his rational thoughts. What did he just witness?

Did this boy collect the poison within his mouth and spit it out?


The poison he used was so toxic that not even the Four Great Warriors could move once under its effects. However, even after spitting out the poison, Mumu looked fine.

“It tastes bitter.”


Guyang Gyeong was at a loss for words because of Mumu’s actions. Was this child human?

And Mumu then said,

“Is it my turn now?”


“I will do it lightly.”


At that moment, the ground that Mumu had stepped on rose up. Before anyone could realize it, he appeared right before Guyang Gyeong.


But before the old man could speak, Mumu hit his shin with his foot.

Puak! Crack!


With that attack, the old man’s body spun like a windmill.


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