Chapter 130 - Poison Air of the West (5)

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Jin-Hyang, Guyang Gyeong’s daughter-in-law, hurriedly moved toward the dormitories. It was hard to believe, but she trusted Shin Eui-gyeom’s words.

For some reason that she didn’t know, Shin Eui-gyeom had told her to ensure that her father-in-law avoided meeting with Mumu.

‘Does the child have a grudge against them?’

Was that perhaps the reason? If not, how could two people who had no relationship fight to that extent?

It was then…


As she arrived at the dormitories, something caught her eye.


A pile of dirt had soared higher than even the trees at the northeastern side of the dormitories near where the training centers were.

Her eyes widened at the sight. The only people who could do such a thing were the Four Great Warriors.


It had to be him. Jin-Hyang bit her lip.

It seemed that Shin Eui-gyeom’s worries had come true.

[Huh… If two people are fighting there, then that Mumu child must be there. The promise must be kept, but it isn’t time yet.]


[The boy will understand if you say that.]

Shin Eui-gyeom did not tell her what the promise was. However, if Mumu was skilled enough to defeat Shin Eui-gyeom, as he said, then her father wouldn’t be a tough opponent either.

There was no need to fight against a child to only lose his fame.


She rushed towards the spot. As that man’s daughter-in-law, she had outstanding skills.

Before long, she had reached where the dust and dirt had soared high.


When she looked at the scene, she was simply at a loss for words.

The sense of intimidation that she felt made her heart pound like crazy. At the center of it was a young man with enormous muscles.

‘But why is he standing still… ah!’

As she moved a little closer, she could see why.

The veins around Mumu’s body were starting to turn purple, beginning from the chest.

‘He got hit by that technique.’

As his daughter-in-law, she immediately recognized what technique Guyang Gyeong had used.

Most of her father-in-law’s techniques were dangerous and poison-related. This skill would take the top spot for her. Once someone was hit by it, the poison would seep into the body and inevitably kill them unless they were one of the Four Great Warriors.

Even for them, they would need to use massive amounts of internal energy to deal with it.

‘Did father win?’

It looked that way, but her father-in-law’s condition wasn’t good either.

‘Did he push father to that extent?’

Jin-Hyang bit her lips at this. She couldn’t believe this child could push one of the Great Warriors to such an extent.

However, it seemed the poison within him had sealed the fight.

‘… Thank god. Since Father has won, then I have to tell him about…’



The boy’s muscles began to wriggle horrifyingly as it repeated the process of contraction and relaxation. How could a human control their muscles to such an extent?

‘W-what is he doing?’

She was puzzled, but then something even more shocking happened.


Blood mixed with purple poison was spat out of the boy’s mouth. That was the poison. This thoroughly shocked her.

‘… What?’

Did he just spit out the poison that had seeped internally into his chest? As Guyang Gyeong’s daughter-in-law, she had high knowledge of poisons, and even she couldn’t understand this.


In the blink of an eye, Mumu had spat out the most extreme of poisons.


The next moment, Guyang Gyeong’s body spun like a windmill.


It was hard to tell how many times he was spun.

Jin-Hyang was shocked again. If someone as great as her father had been kicked into the air to such an extent, how strong was the attack?

Mumu then clenched his fist and aimed for the still-spinning Guyang Gyeong. Jin-Hyang shouted out in shock.



Like her, someone else had stepped out. It was her daughter, Seorin.


“Ah, mom. This needs to be stopped, if not grandpa…”

It wouldn’t just be a serious injury. He could even lose his life. Seorin didn’t know Mumu’s strength, but this wasn’t a fight between people of equal skill.


Mumu, who was about to release his fist, stopped because of their shouts and looked at them. Jin-Hyang then shouted again.

“My brother, Shin Eui-gyeom, wants me to tell you. The promise will be kept, but it isn’t time yet.”

Hearing her words, Mumu unclenched his fist.

After all, this man was older than even Shin Eui-gyeom, and he had no intention of injuring the man. This last blow was to finish the fight.

Mumu reached his hand out to the still-spinning Guyang Gyeong.


And grabbed the man’s shoulder to stop him.




The speed at which he had spun had made it difficult to breathe. The old man found it difficult to withstand the force.

His eyes were flipped over as he was stopped.

They did not mean for this to happen, but Guyang Gyeong had attacked Mumu first and taken the fight one step ahead. If it weren’t for Mumu’s control, he would already be dead.

“Was it a bit too much?”

“… Very little, according to me.”


“If it was just a little more, grandfather here would have lost his lower body.”

Seorin thought that Mumu’s words were absurd.

If what he said was true, Mumu didn’t even do his best against her grandfather.


Guyang Seorin gulped unknowingly.

It felt like she had misunderstood by thinking that Mumu’s strength was equal to Shin Eui-gyeom.

But no…

‘He can already surpass them? How is this possible?’

Mumu was just 17 years old.

It was unprecedented in the history of Murim that someone who barely knew martial arts would be able to surpass the Four Great Warriors.

No, didn’t he already prove it?

It wasn’t just one but two Great Warriors that he had defeated.

This was Mumu’s true power in Murim…

“Was it Mumu?”

At that moment, her mother spoke to them as Mumu nodded.

“Yes, I am Mumu.”

Jin-Hyang frowned at the innocent answer, which seemed incomparable to the sense of intimidation she had felt just moments ago.

What was this child?

She asked in confusion.

“Why did you fight my father?”

She was curious as Shin Eui-gyeom didn’t say anything and decided that asking the boy directly would be better.

Mumu scratched his head before looking at Seorin to help his answer.

“I wasn’t the one who started it.”

“You didn’t? What is that supposed to mean?”

“Mother… I am sorry.”

Guyang Seorin apologized to her mother, which made her wonder even more.

“Grandpa fought with Mumu because of me. He wanted to test him.”

“Test? This?”

Jin-Hyang nodded as she looked around.

Guyang Gyeong looked seriously injured, and the surroundings were a mess. This wasn’t a test. This was a life-or-death battle.

Jin-Hyang bit her tongue while looking at Mumu.

“I am the mother of this child.”

“Ah. Hello.”

Mumu clasped his hands and bowed to her. It was difficult for her to adjust to this side of the boy.

Even now, her senses were still intimidated by the child. Yet his actions seemed so simple.

Jin-Hyang asked with a frown.

“Are you dating my child?”



“Senior did ask me, but I declined.”

At Mumu’s answer, Jin-Hyang shook her head and looked at Seorin, who just shrugged.

They weren’t even dating, so why did that old man test him? As she stood, puzzled, Seorin said,

“I said that I would make Mumu my man, but after he rejected me, grandpa decided to come here after not liking the response. It then resulted in this.”


Jin-Hyang was shocked.

Was that the only reason all of this happened?

Seorin liked Mumu, but Mumu rejected her, which was why this old man got angry? This was absurd!

“… That is why he fought?”

She couldn’t understand it, no matter how much she thought about it.

“I will apologize first. Because of my child and father, you were caught in an unfortunate event.”

“It is fine.”

Mumu shook his head lightly.

He had wanted to meet the old man and even luckily got the fight he wanted. Jin-Hyang sighed and then spoke to Mumu.

“This all happened because of my child and father, so I will take the blame for it. Saying that, it would be nice to have a little mercy since you have such overwhelming strength.”

As she said her reasoning, she looked at the old man’s legs. It looked like he would need crutches for the rest of his life.

It was absurd that the Wind God had been reduced to such a state just because of his granddaughter’s love affair.

Mumu scratched his head.

“I went really gently.”

“His legs have reached a point of nothingness, a man who is one of the Four Great Warriors couldn’t withstand your attack. Considering that you didn’t even use internal…”

At that moment, Mumu stepped towards Jin-Hyang.




The wind blew wildly as both mother and daughter felt their hair being blown around.

The air rippled from where Mumu had stepped.


Soon a shattering sound came from above as a hole was formed in the cloud. Mumu then pointed to the sky and said,

“I was gentle, right?”


Jin-Hyang and Seorin were speechless at this. How could someone make a hole in the sky with just one kick?

Was he really a human?

Jin-Hyang was unable to say anything else other than…

“… T-thank you for being gentle.”

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