Chapter 131 - Interest (1)

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Deputy Dan Pil-hoo was heading to the academy gates to greet a guest. It was none other than Guyang Gyeong, one of the Four Great Warriors.

He was surprised at the sudden visit, but he could guess why he had come.

‘Did the headmaster ask Elder Guyang for help?’

Dan Pil-hoo knew that the headmaster had a close relationship with the South Blade of the Emperor and the Poison Air of the West.

He knew Guyang Gyeong’s daughter-in-law was also the headmaster’s maternal cousin. From that, he could infer that the old man had been asked to help with this situation. However, the timing of his appearance was a bit too much.

‘To show up after the case is already resolved…’

This was a problem. It didn’t really matter as long as the situation was resolved, but the problem was Mumu.

Mumu was the one who had solved it by force.

‘I hope they don’t run into each other.’

Dan Pil-hoo was worried about the potential of Mumu meeting with Guyang Gyeong. If Guyang Gyeong discovered that a 17-year-old boy was the one who had defeated one of the Four Great Warriors, then he might want to fight as well.

That was how any warrior would think.

And then came the bad news.

[Urgent news! Elder Guyang Gyeong and young master Mumu have met near the training center of the dorms.]

Agent No. 2 had reported this to him.


He hurriedly changed direction and headed towards the training center near the dorms. It would be quite a mess if those two people met.

Dan Pil-hoo headed there, hoping nothing would happen, but then ran into someone.



The two of them had coincidentally met along the way.

Even without speaking, both of them understood the direction that they were heading in. They didn’t bother asking any questions and continued to move.

“Does the deputy have the same thoughts as me?”

“If it is about Mumu, then yes.”

“Just as I thought.”

“Isn’t Elder Guyang known to have a quick temperament?”

“That is why I am rushing there.”


The two who shared their thoughts ran forward, but there was only one goal for them—to prevent Guyang Gyeong and Mumu from fighting.

The entire academy had been overturned with the defeat of one of the Four Great Warriors. Sooner or later, the whole of the Central Plains would also know of it.

And as if that wasn’t enough, another fight was happening? This was a bigger problem than one would think.

‘The balance might get broken.’

The Four Great Warriors were said to be the best warriors of the current Murim. They were located in the north, south, east, and west to balance the land.

It could be said that the Forces of Evil couldn’t push any further because of this balance. The whole balance would be shaken if two of them were taken down.

“They couldn’t be going at it right after meeting each other, right?”

“Not yet, at least. Isn’t he different from the East River Sword Star, who came here under different circumstances?”

Shin Eui-gyeom had a reason to fight with Mumu but not Guyang Gyeong.

Because of this, they wouldn’t clash with each other…



The two people who didn’t want their worst-case scenario to happen managed to see a wave of dust.

The headmaster and the deputy had gone stiff at the sight of their worst fears coming true.


The two of them scrambled even harder without time for another thought. The headmaster, feeling an ominous premonition, then said,

“It couldn’t be a situation where Elder Guyang loses, right?”

“… It is difficult to make a conclusion, but doesn’t the headmaster know the elder well?”

In a sense, Guyang Gyeong was the most dangerous of the Four.

He was a man who was equipped with poison and footwork. It was also his poison that had taken down that monster 17 years ago.

That was why other people were reluctant to fight him.

‘Poison… Elder Guyang.’

It seemed that poison was a huge factor in his prowess.

Even if his opponent was a monster beyond human comprehension, poison was a whole different thing.

Even those with internal energy would have difficulty dealing with poison spreading within their bodies. Mumu was someone who had only begun to learn about it.

‘The physical strength of Mumu transcends the level of humans. If he is poisoned, however, he will be vulnerable.’

Because there was no way that just physical strength could protect his body from poison.

Therefore, the nature of Guyang Gyeong and Mumu could be considered perfect opposites.

In response, Dan Pil-hoo expressed his opinion,

“… A fight that has started is impossible for us to intervene in, but because of the variable called poison, the fight might be calmed down quickly too.”

“Poison… There is truth to your words. Poison is not something which can be easily dealt with…”

It was then that they realized that they had not heard a second roar.

There was no way that a fight between two strong people would end with just one attack.

“I think the deputy is right.”

At the headmaster’s words, the deputy nodded.

The silence around them meant it was likely that the fight was already over and Mumu was suffering from poison, but…


The sound of air being ripped apart reached and shook their heads.


They stopped stiffly in their tracks at the sight of a hole in the clouds.

‘W-what is this?’

What nonsense was this? What was this ominous feeling?

A hole in the clouds—


It was a sign that the result was contrary to what they expected.

Arriving at where the fight had taken place only shocked them further.



“… You don’t have to say it. I cannot believe this either.”

Guyang Gyeong was covered in blood, and his daughter-in-law and granddaughter protected him.

This showed that Guyang Gyeong had lost.

‘… Even… he lost?’

The deputy and headmaster couldn’t believe what they were seeing. Not just one, but two of the Four Great Warriors had been defeated in just three days.

This meant that the result was the same even if the situation had changed.

Defeating one would allow Mumu to stand tall, but defeating two would not bring good results.

‘… Mumu, this child has already surpassed the realm of the Four Great Warriors?’

He was truly the supreme being of the current Murim.

Guyang Gyeong was carried away by the infirmary staff after being treated using first aid.

His daughter-in-law and granddaughter looked concerned for him, but the old man had yet to gain consciousness.

Even if he did regain consciousness, the situation would shock him.

The infirmary staff had said,

[… The left shin bone was crushed beyond repair.]

[Is there no way for it to recover?]

[I am sorry, I will do my best for now, but I feel like a full recovery is quite unrealistic.]

[Does that mean his left leg is crippled?]

[Looks like that for now…]

They had expected this, but hearing it felt different.

His left leg would be impossible to recover. They were informed that regaining the ability to walk on his own would be lucky.

It meant that Guyang Gyeong would no longer be able to use his martial arts to their full potential.

“… It is all my fault.”

Guyang Seorin blamed herself.

Although his life was saved, her grandfather had lost a leg. It broke her heart that all of this happened due to her own provocative actions.

“Mom… I…”


Her mother stopped her from blaming herself.


“There is always a winner and a loser. Father, no, your grandfather is a lot stronger than other people, so defeats were rare, and he would rarely get injured. However, do you think he didn’t expect this kind of situation while walking down the path of the warrior? No, he is a warrior and was always prepared for this.”


“And your grandfather is strong. He isn’t the kind of person to be discouraged by something like this. So don’t worry for too long. The more you worry, the more insulting it is to him.”

Jin-Hyang was also heartbroken by this. However, it had already happened. Being within Murim for decades, she knew that her father-in-law had killed thousands and that karma would eventually come for him.

“There is something more important than that.”

“More Important?”

Jin-Hyang looked at Mumu, who was with his friends, and said,

“Didn’t you say you would go for it even if you failed ten times?”


“You said you would make that boy into a man.”

Guyang Seorin went silent.

Mumu had turned her grandfather into a cripple. She could no longer speak of what happened with her own mouth.

“I am sorry. I was acting…”

“Does that kid Mumu have a woman he likes?”

“Uh? No. I don’t think so.”

Why was she asking this? Seorin then realized…

“Then it is good. Make sure to knock him down.”


“You get what I mean, right?”

“Mom. What are you even saying…”

“Make him into your man.”

Seorin felt confused upon hearing those words.

She thought everyone would object to Mumu, considering he had crippled her grandfather. So these words from her mother were the most unexpected.

“But mom…”

“If I were you, I would never let the child go.”

“Let him go?”

“Do you think anyone else could turn the Four Great Warriors into this?”

“True, but…”

Two had fallen at Mumu’s hands. They hadn’t just lost a fight but were utterly crushed. Jin-Hyang then spoke in a serious voice,

“I guarantee that the entirety of Murim will revolve around that child in the future.”

“Around Mumu?”

“Two of the Four were lost today. Do you know what it means?”


Seorin’s eyes trembled at this.

She realized what her mother was hinting at. At this point, Mumu could be said to be the closest person to that inhuman monster from 17 years ago.

“Today might be a sad event for the Guyang family, but it will be different if you can get your hands on that child.”

At those words, Seorin’s eyes shone.

Her mother was right.

She should not be broken down over her grandfather’s injury. She had to make Mumu hers, and she would have nothing to fear.

Seorin spoke with a voice filled with determination,

“I will take hundreds of shots at him to make him mine.”

“Right. That is how my daughter should be.”

Jin-Hyang gave her full support.

Once this incident spread, fights would inevitably crop up for Mumu. In that inevitable struggle, she would need to get a head start.

‘It shouldn’t be for this, but Mumu should be brought into my family.’

It wasn’t something she would leave solely to her daughter.

Guyang Gyeong was put in the infirmary. When he woke up, he had a blank expression.

The aftermath of his defeat had yet to fully sink in yet.

“We will move you to a bed.”

The guards carefully moved Guyang Gyeong to a bed. He then turned his head and spotted someone familiar.


He looked at the person leaning on the bed opposite of him.

It was Shin Eui-gyeom, who had ended up here after being defeated by Mumu.

The two looked at each other.



Both had mixed emotions in their eyes.

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