Chapter 30 - Dormitory Assignment (2)

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‘It has been just two days since the seniors all graduated and the new floor leaders were selected for the North dorms…’

That was what Go Du-ho, who was nailed to the floor, first thought.

An extraordinary situation occurred in which he, a second year of the Heavenly Martial Arts Academy, got pushed into the ground by a new student.

However, he quickly forgot the embarrassment.

Even though he had protected his entire body with internal energy, it seemed like the bones in his lower back and legs were broken.


Mumu scratched his head when he saw the kid in the ground, unable to bear the pain.

‘… I think I did it too much.’

He didn’t think of controlling his strength as he didn’t turn the dials on the bands on his body; he thought that the opposite person could withstand it.

But what could he do now?

He couldn’t undo what was already done.

‘This idiot…’

Seeing what Mumu did, Jin-hyuk touched his forehead, which had started pounding.

Even if he wanted permission to enter the Northern Dorms by showing off his power, he should have at least done it in moderation.

It wasn’t even decided which dorms they were going to enter, and Mumu just took down a senior right in front of everyone.

And people were already gathering.

“Oh my…”

“He drove that 2nd year like a stake into the ground.”

“Isn’t it weird that just the head is above the ground?”

“No, it is weirder to be stuck on the floor like that!”

“By the way, isn’t that him? That one guy. The kid who laughed out loud during the ceremony in the morning and ended up going to the deputy?”

“Right. But why is his external energy so strong?”

Everyone was now focused on this.

Hae-ryang, clearly flustered, also spoke to Mo Il-hwa.

“Miss… I guess we’ll have to give up entering the North dorms. At least….”

‘He hit the floor leader.’

She couldn’t process what was being said.

Touching the floor leader was like touching the entire North dorms.

And the competition between the dorms was known to be quite fierce.

In the midst of all that, this guy just drove the floor leader, who is known to have ample power in the dorm’s hierarchy, into the ground.

‘Did I end up holding onto the wrong thread here?’

Mo Il-hwa’s lips were trembling.

It was because of Mumu and what he did here.

“No. You did good.”


“In the end, Mumu raised the power of our group.”


‘Since when did we turn into a group…’

Once this happened, what was even the point of raising their standards in dorm selections?

Mo Il-hwa whispered to Hae-ryang, who was puzzled.

“They are only trying to recruit students who match their taste, and if that is the case, then they obviously won’t accept what happened, so we’ll have to raise our power and get their attention.”

“Huh? What are you even…?”

“Look carefully.”

Mo Il-hwa approached Mumu as she put her hands on either side of her hips and spoke loud enough for everyone to hear.

“Mumu. What kind of rudeness is this to your senior who was testing your skills? You should have at least done it in moderation.”

It sounded like she was scolding Mumu, but in reality, it was different.

It wasn’t Mumu’s fault, but the senior who touched him first.

Thanks to knowing that, the people around were mumbling stuff.

Mumu tilted his head and said.

“I did act in moderation.”

He really did.

“How exactly does this look moderated? Whatever, just tell the senior that you were at fault.”

Along with that, she whispered something in Mumu’s ears.

“Just match my rhythm.”


Mumu was puzzled by her words, but he soon approached the senior nailed to the ground, and he scratched his head and then bowed to apologize.

“Senior. I am sorry.”


‘This jerk is wantonly pulling my leg!’

It was hurting so bad that he thought he would die, so the apology didn’t reach his ears properly.

Mo Il-hwa also approached Go Du-ho and said

“Oh no. Senior, are you fine? Mumu hasn’t even learned martial arts, so you couldn’t have gotten hurt too badly, right?”


With those words, the noise around her rose.

“He hasn’t learned martial arts? Is that true?”

“Then how did he make the floor leader go down into the ground like that?”

“Was that pure strength?”

“It makes no sense!”

People couldn’t help but be surprised.

For Murim people who practiced internal energy, pure strength just meant the strength from muscles.

But now they were hearing that the floor leader was in such a state just because of pure strength, and this became an incident which people couldn’t laugh at anymore.

‘He hasn’t learned martial arts?’

Even Go Du-ho, who was groaning in pain, was shocked.

Then, that meant that people would remember this day, as the day a floor leader of the northern dorms had been hurt in the hands of a new student who hadn’t learned martial arts.

Meanwhile, Mo Il-hwa crossed her arms and scolded Jin-hyuk.

“Hey, Jin-hyuk. You should have gone ahead and stopped him. It became like this because the senior knew all this. He must have tried to test his power and injure Mumu knowing that he couldn’t use internal energy. You are brothers, you should have been there for him.”

“Miss… that…”

Mo Il-hwa was trying to make it known to people that the floor leader was the one who started this mess.

‘Ha, that is what she is planning?’

He understood why she was acting like this and continued her conversation to keep up with the clever approach she was taking.

For a second, he was about to laugh, but ended up holding back to match her rhythm.

“Say it! Did you do it right or wrong?”

“… I think I was in the wrong. Miss is right. My brother Mumu, I should have stopped him so that the floor leader wouldn’t get hurt.”

At those words, the surroundings began to buzz again.

This time it was because of Jin-hyuk saying that Mumu was his brother.

Most of the admission students knew that Jin-hyuk was the brother of Yu Jin-sung.

But now, another piece of information was revealed publicly.

“Is that one also Yu Jin-sung’s brother?”

“Then, the one who ripped off the gates?”

“No. no way. Last night, there was no even a scratch on Yu Jin-hyuk who handled the people who stormed into his room and banged their heads into the ceiling.”

“But the other one is strong. Then who did that?”

“Ah! I know! I thought it was weird! They are brothers! Both of them are monsters.”

“Is that all?”

“What kind of family are they? Was something else not being said?”

Jin-hyuk frowned.

At this point, he took the chance to reveal that it was Mumu who did all the shocking things and clear the misunderstandings, but it seemed like people were misunderstanding it in yet another weird way.

He probably had to say it out loud.



Mo Il-hwa, poked him on the side with her finger.

“Shh! Are you trying to ruin everything?”

“Huh? But…”

“Let them misunderstand. And look. Those guys are coming.”

When he looked to the side, she saw Do Yang-woon of the North dorm approaching them with a hardened face.

And the energy he was releasing was so strong that people began to give space to him as he walked.

And that wasn’t all.

“Look over there!”

“Guyang Seorin.”

Guying Seorin, the manager of the West dorm, was walking gracefully towards them.

She was approaching them while looking at Mumu.

Do Yang-woon, who arrived first, looked at the 3rd-floor leader of the North dorm, who was pushed into the ground.

“Is that true?”

“W-what are you…”

“Did you try to test the new guy with external energy?”

“Manager. That…”

Flustered, he tried to make an excuse, but Do Yang-woon didn’t bother listening.

He looked at Mumu and said.

“It seems that our floor leader has committed a mistake. As the manager of the North Heavenly Dorm, I apologize.”

And then he clasped his hands together.

As he did that, the muscles in his hand twitched, the female students around were looking at that sight in awe.

‘A handsome man full of ferocity apologizing to another handsome one!’

‘Where can I even see such a sight again?’

‘Ahh. It was a good thing to come here!’

They only had eyes for Go Yang-woon and Mumu.

Of course, the people involved didn’t care.

And Mumu also thought this was fine.

The floor leader definitely said that if he could beat the manager, then he would be able to take over the place and change the rules.

‘Then Il-hwa, Jin-hyuk and Hae-ryang can stay in the same dorms, right?’

So, he tried to ask the manager about competing.

However, before he could say that, Do Yang-woon said something unexpected.

“Go Du-hoo. You are hereby removed from being a floor leader.”

“What is … ack!”

Flustered, Go Du-ho tried to speak, but he couldn’t because of the pain.

Looking down at the man with a disappointed look, Do Yang-woon held out his hand to Mumu and said.

“Now it seems a seat is vacant. I want you to fill that seat.”

“… Me?”

Mumu titled his head.

Hae-ryang went close to him and said.

“H-he is offering to give you the seat of the floor leader. Sir Mumu.”

“Floor leader?”

Do Yang-woon smiled and said.

“Not you alone. Both the brothers deserve it. Was it Yu Jin-hyuk? From what I hear, both you siblings are amazing.”

Do Yang-woon remembered the stuff the admission students were talking about.

He thought it was one person who was famous, but if both siblings were strong in their own way, he was willing to accept them.

At those words, Jin-hyuk said.

“Thank you for the honor. However, we don’t wish to be floor leaders, we just want the four of us to live in the same dorms.”

Mo Il-hwa smiled at those words and nodded her head.

It was her who ordered Jin-hyuk to say that.

At that, the manager looked at Mo Il-hwa and Hae-ryang.

The long sword of Mo Il-hwa and the daggers on the waist of Hae-ryang were annoying to see.


He didn’t care about others, but he absolutely hated those who depended on weapons.

And it was a rule he set.

However, it was a waste to give up on Mumu and Jin-hyuk because of that.

It was the moment when he was thinking.

“If that is the case, why don’t you juniors come to our West Wind dorms?”

Guying Seorin intervened.

She had a strong interest in Mumu, who drove the floor leader of the North dorm into the ground.

Do Yang-woon raised his brows and said.

“Guyang Seorin. They are still talking to me.”

At that, she smiled as she used the fan in her hand to cover her mouth.

“It is so funny that it is getting hot. Hehehe.”


“It is funny. You don’t think so? According to what I heard, that floor leader there flatly refused to accept those four together.”


“Are you saying that you had a change of mind and came to invite them?”

Do Yang-woon’s eyes twitched at her provocation.

Guyang Seorin, with her lips turning into a smile, continued.

“The manager of the Norther dorm who always shouts that weapons are something only women use, so he definitely won’t tell them that it is okay just to get the two students he wants, right?”

Saying that, she chuckled again.

“Guyang Seorin!”

Do Yang-woon’s eyes went wide and clearly showed his anger.

Behind him, the others of the North dorms gathered.

And it was the same with the West dorm members.


Tang So-so, who followed their manager, found Mumu and then waved her hand as she recognized him and then covered her nose.

‘Ugh! The combination of a wild man and a handsome beast!’

She felt that her eyes were blessed as she looked at Do Yang-woon and Mumu standing next to each other.

She was so excited that she couldn’t stop her nose from bleeding.

She immediately stood behind her dorm members.

Either way, Guyang Seorin, who was enjoying this situation, looked at Mo Il-hwa and said.

“What about it, lady of the group? All four of you can enter the West Wind dorms.”

Mo Il-hwa shrugged her shoulders at the face of Guyang Seorin, who said those words.

Looking at that, Hae-ryang bit his lip.

‘Did the dragon recognize the tiger?’1

Guying Seorin recognizing the power that Mo Il-hwa held over them, was something which shocked Hae-ryang.

Hae-ryang, who was still doubting his choice until then, was now sure that he had to be loyal to Mo Il-hwa.


Do Yang-woon, clenched his teeth in anger.

If this went, the Western dorm would take all four away.

He couldn’t just hand over such talents to his opponent’s dorm.

He wondered if he had to break the rules he set.

‘My beliefs… beliefs…’

However, the question of whether to choose his beliefs or the prospective talents were conflicting in his mind.

It was then.

“If it hasn’t been decided yet, we would like to put forth the South Sword dorm in the race too.”

Everyone turned their eyes at the owner of the voice.

There stood Hong Hye-ryung, who appeared with the current manager of South dorm.

The manager was a different person, and when looking closely, the person had a strong aura around.

Hong Hye-ryung glanced at Jin-hyuk and said.

“I will take all four into the South Sword dorm!”

At her words, the others were confused.

Before losing the opportunity, the South dorm seemed to join the battle to recruit the four as well.

They had never heard of anything like this.

But that wasn’t the end.


The manager of the East dorm, Mu Hwa-seong, also appeared from the east barracks accompanied by the floor leaders and the third disciple who newly joined.


“Even the East River dorm?”

The managers of all the other three dorms have also appeared?

A floor leader whispered something into the ear of the manager of the East dorm, and the man nodded as he looked at Mo Il-ha.

“I would like to invite the lady and the three of you to the East River dorm.”

The East dorm had openly rejected people from the Forces of Evil.

However, they now were ready to give up their unique pride and offered a place to all four.

“Oh god…”

“All four of the dorms want to take them!”

“Was there ever such a case?”

A situation that had never happened in the dorm assignments.

‘Ahh. I stepped on a gold mine!’

In that situation, Hae-ryang looked at Mo Il-hwa as if she was a goddess.

  1. Means one leader recognizing another. ↩️

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