Chapter 31 - Dormitory Assignment (3)

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‘This is…?’

Jin-hyuk was shocked.

He thought that a fight was going to end up starting with just the North and West dorms.

However, now, even the South and East dorms intervened.

This was similar to when a person uncovered a diamond, and those around him took an interest in it and coveted it.

Mo Il-hwa’s trick to raise the standard of the group was a success.

However, right now, which dorms they chose wasn’t the question; but rather,

‘What should we do?’

Personally, Jin-hyuk wanted to enter the Southern or Western dorms.

If he entered the South dorm, he could get closer to Hon Hye-ryung, and if he went to the West dorm, he could come in contact with Guyang Seorin, the successor of the Poison Air of the West.

And he would be able to fulfil the wishes of his teacher.

Jin-hyuk whispered to Mo Il-hwa.

“Miss. If possible, it would be better to enter the Southern or Western dorms.”

At Jin-hyuk’s words, Mo Il-hwa smiled and said,

“South is out.”

“… huh.”

He didn’t understand why this girl hated Hong Hye-ryung so much.

What was it with women and their instincts?

“Then West?”

“Just wait and keep watching. We will get to see more interesting stuff.”

Although she didn’t know much about the Murim families and their children, she at least knew what kind of existence the Four Great Warriors were.

And now, the successors of those 4 were competing for them.

It didn’t matter where they entered, except for the South dorm; how could Mo Il-hwa pass up this opportunity?

Guying Seorin snorted and opened her mouth.

“For the East dorm to come over here.”

“Miss Guyang. Didn’t you manage to get the other talented people into your dorm?”

Mu Hwa-seong, the manager of East dorms, bowed and said,

“Yeah. I guess so. But I heard that the East River dorm only brought in people from the prestigious clans. You must have changed your mind.”

At her sarcastic remarks, the manager of the East dorm frowned.

It wasn’t easy for them to come here.

“Ahahaha! Times are changing now, how can we still continue to focus on only the prestigious clans and neglect the best talents around?”

Mu Hwa-seong smiled and spoke as if the past wasn’t a big deal.

This year, the 3rd disciple of Eastern River Blade had come in.

Mu Hwa-seong turned his gaze and looked at the South dorm.

“Since when did the manager of the South dorms change? Miss Hong is a newcomer who just entered, it is strange to see her coming here with the manager and leaders.”

In his words, Wi Pyeong-ak raised his voice and said,

“So rude! How dare you say that to Miss Hong Hye-ryung?”

At that, Guyang Seorin raised her brows.

“Rude? What do you mean?”

“Miss Hong Hye-ryung is the person we have been waiting for a long time. She isn’t someone you can treat as you wish!”

At that, the floor leaders of the South dorms joined in.

“Right! Miss Hong Hye-ryung is the real deal!”

“Hong Hye-ryung is the true savior of the dorms!”

“No. Miss Hong is a God!”

“Hey! Enough. Don’t try to cross the line.”



The place turned quiet.

Everyone looked at the dorm’s leaders with burdensome eyes.

Either way, people knew that Hong Hye-ryung had followers.


Jin-hyuk now understood why Mo Il-hwa rejected the South dorms right away.

Guying Seorin, who was silent, smiled arrogantly and said.

“See that? On one side we have muscle brains who think people who use weapons are sissy, and the others insist on fake dignity. Now decide. You don’t need to waste time with other thoughts.”

She reached out to Mo Il-hwa.

A sign to tell them to go with them.


Do Yang-woon immediately yelled.

He placed his hand on Mumu’s shoulder and said.

“I want this guy.”

At those words, the women around blushed while squealing.

‘Oh my! So strong!’

‘Even after this day ends, I don’t think I can spare another glance at anyone else!’

‘Ahh! I love this!’



Tang So-so, who barely calmed her nosebleed, grabbed her nose again at this sight.

Guying Seorin clenched her fist.

“Why? Why are you trying to change the rules you created?”

“… this time, there will be exceptions.”

“Hey! In front of all these people are you going to make an exception for these four only?”

“That is what is so special about these people. And anyway, we did have people who came into the dorms with weapons because of the lack of space in other dorms, so taking these two isn’t a big problem.”

Do Yang-woon said that.

It wasn’t as if anything he said was wrong.

It was difficult to fill the North dorm with fist users, so there were times when they took in weapon users, which weren’t taken in by any other dorms.

And he would teach them to use their body too while they stayed in the dorms.

‘It is better to convince one of them than try to convince all 4.’

Do Yang-woon put his hand on Mumu’s shoulders and then made a fist.

“Did you say it was Mumu? A man needs the power to go through everything with fists. If it is you, I think you have the passion and power.”

And he twitched his chest muscles and tried to give an impact.

He thought if a man saw such a huge body, then the desire to train would rise.

‘Why didn’t he train his lower body?’

However, Do Yang-woon’s muscles only annoyed Mumu.

Mumu took a deep breath and said.

“I am not that kind.”

“If you join the North dorm, I am willing to train you as your senior.”

Do Yang-woon really liked Mumu.

But Mumu didn’t like the man.


With those words, he grabbed Do Yang-woon’s hand, which was on his shoulder and tried to remove it.

As he did that, Do Yang-woon wondered how powerful Mumu actually was.

Even though weakest among the floor leaders, Go Du-ho was still the leader of the 3rd floor, and had the advantage over any newly admitted student, but ultimately, he was overcome by a kid with pure strength.

‘Let’s see.’

He, too, never neglected his strength training because of his grandfather’s teaching.

He prided himself on being the best among students with pure strength.



‘This guy’s strength?’

Do Yang-woon couldn’t hide his shock.

He prided himself on being trained enough to face even the best warriors with pure strength.

However, his hand was removed so easily.

‘Does this mean that he is reaching the Master level with just his strength alone?’

It was certain that this kid had power.

And it seemed difficult to suppress Mumu with just force and no internal energy.

It was amazing to see that a person could actually be this strong with strength training alone.

‘… the best!’

Do Yang-woon’s face flashed with excitement.

This person was the best person he had always wanted.

He even thought that his grandfather would be happy if he met Mumu.

“Mumu. The place which suits you is the North Heavenly dorm. Along with your friends…”

Hong Hye-ryung didn’t want to yield and stepped ahead.

“We aren’t going to back down.”

She heard from her dorm’s floor leaders just how important the dorm competitions were, so she stepped ahead.

At that, the East dorm stepped in too.

“The East River dorms wants you too! If you come here, I am sure that your dignity will increase.”

At that Guyang Seorin snorted.

“Going after dignity. Hey, juniors, aren’t you tired of this too? Look. There is no other place than the West Wind dorm which gives freedom.”

“What did you say?”

“I didn’t say anything wrong.”

“The East River dorm is the best in here.”

“The best dorm? The south dorm where our Miss Hong stays is the best.”

“It is ridiculous to mention being the best dorms when you couldn’t even win last year’s competition when facing us North dorms!”

A light quarrel had turned into an intense one.

And it was too late to back down.

Now, it turned into a verbal fight between the dorms.

“Wait. Seniors.”

Mo Il-hwa stepped forward.

‘Our value has been raised very high now.’

Thinking that the time had come, she bowed politely and said.

“I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the seniors who said they would accept us.”

Guyang Seorin fanned herself and said.

“Enough of that, decide where you’re going.”

If they were all fighting to take these four kids in, they had to know which place the kids were going to decide.

The managers of the other dorms, too, nodded their heads.

At that, Mo Il-hwa held back her laugh.

‘Getting exhausted? Seniors.’

Now she wanted to make them compete.

It would be in her best interest to take the side of the dorm which offered her the best conditions.

Mo Il-hwa opened her mouth while still looking polite.

“This is really upsetting. We four just wanted to be in the same dorm, but since all the seniors seem to want us, we have no choice but…”

“Il-hwa. Let’s go to the North Heavenly dorm.”

“Huh? North Heavenly dorm-what?”

Mo Il-hwa was shocked at Mumu’s words and looked at her.

She was looking for the best tree around to climb up to, and Mumu just threw a lightning bolt at her!

In a low voice, Mo Il-hwa said.

“If you wait a little while, your seniors will give us the best conditions, why are you speaking now?”

“I want to go to the North Heavenly dorm.”

Mo Il-hwa frowned at Mumu’s words.

She couldn’t understand why he was stubborn to go to that place.

Was it because Do Yang-woon had openly shown his interest in Mumu?

Despite being puzzled, Do Yang-woon laughed and said,

“Hahahaha! Indeed, I believed that you would choose us. Right, you must be a man of passion and spirit.”

He was talking as if everything had been decided.

And this was done intentionally.

From the looks on the four students, it seemed like each one wanted to go to a different place.

‘Ah! My head!’

Mo Il-hwa grabbed her forehead.

She was turning this into the best situation, only for Mumu to destroy it.

Then Guyang Seorin, who didn’t understand the reason, asked.

“Hey, junior, look here. Why do you want to go to the North dorm all of a sudden?”

Everyone looked at Mumu at that question.

The managers and the floor leaders of all dorms were all curious.

Do Yang-woon of North dorm grew elated and stood proudly.

“Are you really asking him because you don’t know? There are seniors in the North dorm apart from myself who can satisfy this friend’s…”

“Ahh… annoying.”


At Mumu’s words, Do Yang-woon frowned.

What was annoying?

Mumu approached the sculpted body of Do Yang-woon and tapped the upper body muscles.

“Your training is biased.”


“You only trained your upper body, why didn’t you train your lower body? Your muscles are out of balance.”

“… uh.”

In an instant, Do Yang-woon was dumbfounded.

No one ever talked bad about his muscles.

However, Mumu vocally spoke about the balance of his muscles being messed up in front of so many people.

“You… what did you?”

“It isn’t just the manager. Didn’t you say that the people behind you were leaders in the North Heavenly dorm?”


“Did the manager teach muscle training to them?”

Most people behind Do Yang-woon had their upper body trained well.

It was true that Do Yang-woon was the one who trained them over the past year.

Mumu took a clear look and then spoke while clicking his tongue.

“Everyone is the same as the manager. A complete mess.”

“Mess? Ha… you think the muscles they have because of what I taught are a mess?”

“Yes. Especially the lower body.”

“I don’t know what this bias you are speaking about is, but you will be held responsible for…”

Mumu walked closer to the floor leader who was talking.

And said.

“Put strength into your legs.”


“Put strength. Go on.”

The floor leader gave strength.

Mumu, kicked the leg of the floor leader.



The floor leader fell down as his body rotated twice like a pinwheel.


Everyone was shocked at the sight.

Not caring about the others, Mumu pointed to the floor leader’s leg and said.

“See that? The lower body is so weak.”

Saying that, Mumu rolled his pants up.

Finely split and wonderfully developed quadriceps, which were hidden behind his baggy pants, was revealed.


At that, Do Yang-woon’s eyes widened.

“If you train this much, you won’t get knocked down like you did before.”

‘That much?’

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