Chapter 32 - Touch of Temptation (1)

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Any person who trained their body even a little would know.

No, most people who were training and learning martial arts would know about the structure of the body, muscles, and blood flow better than ordinary people.

And in the eyes of such people, the muscles behind the rolled pants of Mumu were beyond imagination.

How did one train the muscles to achieve such a precise shape? It was so great that they couldn’t help but question their own logic.

Everyone was shocked, but manager Do Yang-woon of the North Heavenly dorms , who was the grandson of the Fist of the Northern Star, was even more shocked.

‘… such huge muscles.’

He had to do a lot of training to build his sculpture-like upper body.

It was a different kind of hard work compared to honing his internal energy.

However, when he saw how Mumu trained himself to have such overwhelming muscles, his mouth turned dry.

‘Is that the secret behind the strength?’

Now he knew.

How Mumu managed to overpower the first-rate warriors and make a mark here.

How much time must it have taken for Mumu to turn his muscles into that?

He was in awe just about thinking of it.

And suddenly, he was reminded of the advice his grandfather, Do Jin-cheon, gave him before entering the academy.

[Do not be arrogant just because you have learned martial arts from me and are a step ahead of other people. The world is wide, and there are many hidden gems within it.]

[I get it.]

[You can learn from the birds that are flying and attain enlightenment from the insects which crawl on the floor. If you want to learn, then treat everything like a teacher.]

[I will keep that in mind.]

[If you make sure to remember these two things I have told you about, you will learn a lot in the academy.]

He made sure to not forget those things.

However, at one point, he forgot the second lesson.

It was because he was drunk on the fact that he had overcome the limit no one else could in the academy.

Do Yang-woon looked at Mumu with trembling eyes.

One of the floor leaders of the North dorm asked Mumu in an angry voice.

“How dare you kick your senior to show your muscles! If you are so strong, then compete with me!”

He was a fist clan member.

Kang Seo-ryang.

He was in charge of the 5th floor, and was also from a prestigious clan.

With the exception of Do Yang-woon, who was a second-year and the manager, this man was the second-best in the northern dorms.

‘This can’t go on like this.’

Two floor leaders of the Northern dorm were already humiliated in the hands of Mumu.

The huge muscles were amazing, but this wasn’t right.

The North dorm wouldn’t stand still when it was being humiliated in front of the new admissions, other dorms and their dorm managers.

And to make up for it, the North dorm would have to show off how great they were, and that would be by beating Mumu.

“Take a stance, if not…”


Do Yang-woon blocked Kang Seo-ryang.

Unable to understand, he asked.

“Why are you stopping me? If this goes on, the honor of our dorm…”

“I will not forgive anyone who touches him without my permission.”


What the hell was happening?

It was absurd, but manager Do Yang-woon didn’t care about it and approached Mumu.

And then, he clasped his hands together.


The other floor leaders of the Northern dorm were perplexed.

They couldn’t figure out why Do Yang-woon was doing it.

Mumu, too tilted his head and wondered why this man was acting like that.

At that time, Do Yang-woon spoke in a polite tone.

“Young master Mumu. Please be my master.”


At Do Yang-woon’s words, everyone was left stunned.

Jin-hyuk, Mo Il-hwa and Hae-ryang, the companions of Mumu, were also shocked.

‘… what is this situation?’

Mo Il-hwa couldn’t think of an explanation.

As Mumu showed muscles, she thought that the manager of North dorm would think of a way to deal with Mumu, and was thinking of her next plan to enter another dorm.

However, this was completely different from what she expected.

No, even weirder was this.


“Yes. Looking at the muscles of young master Mumu I realized that I am a frog in the well.”

“Ah really? I am glad to be of help. Then, work hard on your lower body so that you can balance..”


Just then, Do Yang-woon snatched Mumu’s hand and held them tightly.

And with burning passion in his eyes, he said.

“Young master Mumu. I want to be like you. Please teach me. No, please become my muscle training master.”

“Like me?”

Mumu narrowed his eyes.

Did this person really want to have a body like his?

At that time, Kang Seo-ryang, the 5th-floor leader of the north dorm, said.

“Manager! You want that lowly guy as your master?”

Mumu was a freshman at the academy.

No matter how good his muscles were, asking that kid to be the manager’s teacher didn’t sit well with Kang Seo-ryang.

And he wanted to stop Do Yang-woon right away.

“There are many eyes watching us. Stop…”

“My grandfather told me to never be ashamed to ask someone to teach me something that I am lacking in.”

“You mean the Fist of the Northern Heaven?”

When Do Yang-woon mentioned his grandfather, it was hard for anyone else to say anything more.

Also, judging from the determined voice of Do Yang-woon, it seemed like he was adamant about taking Mumu as his teacher.

The thought of accepting that muscled beast made Kang Seo-ryang sad.

And then Mumu opened his mouth.

“It will be a difficult road, are you prepared for it?”

Do Yang-woon’s face brightened at Mumu’s words.

“How could I ever ask Sir Mumu to teach me without being prepared for it?”

Mumu scratched his head at those words.

“Hearing that from the manager makes me feel embarrassed. Anyway, since you have decided to learn from me, I will also officially accept you as my first student of muscle training.”


At Mumu’s words, Kang Seo-ryang almost let out an absurd snort.

It was really childish to act like this in front of the manager.

Mumu looked at him.

And then looked at Do Yang-woon and said.

“The lower body of all of them is bothering me, since it is like this, not just the manager, but how about all the floor leaders join the muscle training sessions as well?”


Kang Seo-ryang frowned.

He had no intention of playing this game.

However, Do Yang-woon thought that it was a good idea and said.

“I was going to ask Sir Mumu that. Please accept the floor leaders as your disciples too.”

‘No wait!’

‘Wh-what about our opinion?’

‘Ugh. Manager!?’

The eyes of the floor leaders of the North heavenly dorm trembled.

They just barely managed to build the muscles on their upper body because of the intense training from Do Yang-woon.

And now, without any choice, they ended up being dragged into another muscle training class.

“Huh. Men are no fun.”

Guying Seorin clicked her tongue as she looked at this; it was as if she lost interest in the whole issue and soon walked away with her floor leaders.

‘It was North heavenly dorm in the end, huh.’

Tang So-so looked at Mumu with regretful eyes.

This was an unfortunate situation for her, who hoped that Mumu would enter the West dorm.

So now they are going to be in a competitive relationship?

‘No. this isn’t bad either.’

Now she would be able to witness the combination of muscles and wildness.

Regaining positivity, she soon followed her dorm people and went back to the barracks.

The dorm assignment wasn’t done yet.

And like the West dorm, the other two dorms also went back to their respective barracks, hiding their resentment.

A war of nerves took place between the 4 dorms during the ceremony.

There were two people watching this process from a distance.

One was Ha-ryun, and the other was a girl who covered her body in a purple robe.

The girl who had been staring at Mumu for a long time opened her red-tinted lips.

“He is quite interesting, but he doesn’t seem like a dangerous one.”

Ha-ryun snorted inwardly at that.

Despite being alert, all he did was try to high-five with that huge muscled man, and his palms were hurt.

“I don’t understand why Master Heo told me to watch him.”

“Let me give you a piece of advice. It would be better for you to be more careful and don’t go deciding how people are based on people’s appearances.”

Sincere advice.

At Ha-ryun’s words, the girl snorted.

“I don’t want to listen to the advice of someone who got hurt in the entrance tests.”


Ha-ryun’s brows shot up.

Looking at him, the girl smiled and moved closer to his face.

“What are you doing?”

Ha-ryun tried to step back, but the girl made a strange gesture.

Something filled his nose, and his heart began to race.


Ha-ryun took a step back.

Something was strange.

He was the kind of person who had strong resistance to poison.

But just sniffing this for a second made his heart race and face turn hot.

At that moment, the girl licked her tongue and winked at Ha-ryun.

And then, he felt it, a strong sexual desire.


Ha-ryun immediately tried to use the Poison Nullification Internal Energy method.

Unlike him, who revealed that he was from the White Valley, this woman had hidden her identity, so he didn’t know what kind of clan she was from, but he knew now.

“The Fragrance of Sweet Joy!”

“Ho hoho. It is disappointing that you only realized now.”

Ha-ryun bit his lip at her sneering words.

The Masters in White Valley warned him about this group of foxes.

And now he understood why they asked him to be wary of them.

How could a girl who was barely 17 be so assertive?

‘I can’t get too close to her.’

Even though they were the same, she was something he had to avoid.

With a triumphant face, she said.

“Any man who falls into the hands of my temptation can never escape. Watch it. How I trap him.”

The girl licked her lips again.

And looked at Mumu as she smiled.

Mumu, who had been waiting for the dorm assignments to get over, was standing wide with his legs apart and then sitting down and getting up.

The key to the training method was this exercise and how it trained the weakest muscles of the legs.

If the process was done slowly, one could stimulate the rectus lateralis muscles in the leg.

‘Doing this with some weights would be nice.’

Normally, he would have carried some kind of rod with rocks on the edges and placed it on his shoulders, but he couldn’t do that now.

After doing that a couple times, Mumu was desperate to pee.

Mumu asked where the toilet was and headed to the northwest side of the square.

‘Ah! Mumu!’

Tang So-so, who was selecting the students in the barracks of the west dorm, noticed him.

Earlier, it was a pity that she couldn’t meet him, but now that people were being taken in and everyone was doing their own tasks, she wanted to go and say hello.

“I am going somewhere for a second.”

After informing another floor leader, she followed Mumu, who was already a long way away.

Looking at the path he was taking, it looked like he was going to the toilet.

‘Ah, should I greet him when he comes back?’

She knew that it wasn’t right to follow a man to a washroom.

Was it called being a mannered woman?

However, someone caught her eye.

It was a girl with a robe, who put too much makeup on her face for her age.

‘… what is she?’

The northwest side was reserved for men only.

Women had to go to the northeast, so she couldn’t understand why the freshman was going to the men’s area.

Tang So-so had a bad feeling about it and followed him secretly.


Mumu, who came out of the toilet, sighed with a refreshing face.

He was about to walk away, but he looked at someone who was waiting on the side of the path.

A girl in a purple robe.

‘Isn’t this washroom for men only?’

Mumu, who was puzzled by it, titled his head.

And then, soon, he tried to pass her, wondering in his head if the women’s washrooms were full.

At that moment, the woman came over and stood in front of Mumu.


“… hello.”

Mumu too greeted her.

And then the girl spoke in a strange way and said.

“I am Jo Mae-hee.”


“Young master Mumu?”

“Uh? How do you know my name?”

“There is a way to know everything. Haha.”

Jo Mae-hee made a weird breathing sound as she went close to Mumu.

The secret to using the Scent of Sweet Joy was to stimulate the auditory sense.

A man who hears the strange gasping sound will start to imagine something sexual, and the desire to hold a woman would become stronger.

[Mae-hee. It is half energy and half sound.]

It was the secret that her master had taught her.

“Young master. Haa.”

As she was making strange sounds, Mumu asked.

“Are you hurting somewhere?”


Why did someone think that her sexual moans were sounds a person made when they were hurting?

Looking at the face of the man who asked her that, she thought.

‘What is it?’

She was shocked, but she tried to calm herself.


According to her master’s words, there are those men, who have a natural innocence in such stuff, called virgins.

‘Is he a virgin?’

If so, then this is understandable.

However, once a virgin man falls for it, well, he would be nothing less than a beast.

Jo Mae-hee spoke with a sly smile.

“Haa. Isn’t young master Mumu feeling hot?”


With those words, she took off her robe.

A top made with thin silk showing off her breast bones, and a skirt short enough to expose her thighs.

A sultry outfit that only the women in brothels wear.


Tang So-so, who was watching it from far, covered her mouth in shock.

She was skeptical from the start and followed them, but what was happening!

‘Who is she?’

Honestly, it was tempting.

And as Jo Mae-hee got closer, Tang So-so’s heart was pounding.

Tang So-so, who saw that, lowered her gaze, and by the time she raised her head and looked at Jo Mae-hee, she was glaring at her.

‘She is really pulling my strings!’

Trying to target the innocent Mumu!

She couldn’t just watch it.

She tried to stop it right away, but she stopped.

Mumu was staring at her chest.

‘Woah, Mumu, I guess you are a man too? Even then, you shouldn’t do that.’

Tang So-so bit her lower lip in anger.

Jo Mae-hee looked satisfied at the actions of Mumu.


All men are the same.

They can never take their eyes off a woman who shows off her skin.

She won.

Here, with the right moves, she can make the man her slave, and Master Heo will praise her for what she did.

Jo Mae-hee spoke in a strange way and made gestures.

“Haa. Young master came here. Don’t you want to touch it?”

Mumu frowned at her words and opened his mouth.

“This is very serious.”

“Haa. I know. I know that this is different from the others…”

“That is worse than Il-hwa’s. Would you like to do some chest training?”


What the hell was this bastard saying?

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