Chapter 33 - Touch of Temptation (2)

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Jo Mae-hee opened her mouth with a trembling voice.

“What… what did you say?”

“You seem to have too much fat; would you like to train your chest?”


Right, she hadn’t heard it wrong.

‘This scum… is he a eunuch?’

The Fragrance of Sweet Joy was different from other techniques.

Through collecting the Yang and Replacing it with Yin, they absorb the man’s yang and increase their own internal energy.

And therefore, tempt them.

Their sect’s numerous secrets have been developed focused on how to seduce men efficiently and quickly.


Jo Mae-hee was absolutely stunned.

She was one of the top three talents in her entire clan.

She was proud of her ability to seduce men, which even made the women in brothels recognize her.

However, this man in front of her, didn’t see her as a woman.

‘My chest?’

For a second, it felt like her charm was diluted.

She had never lost control of her actions since the moment she learned to seduce, but for the first time, all reasoning failed her.

‘This is what he is.’

He had to be one of the two.

Either he was a legendary top-notch man who didn’t understand women.

Or, maybe he was changing the topic while holding onto the last bit of his consciousness as much as possible to not get himself distracted.

To be frank, the former seemed more credible.

‘… his eyes look so pure.’

Normally, she would have thought of the latter, but strangely, as she looked into Mumu’s eyes, the former seemed right.

Then there was only one way.

Up until now, it was just foreplay for seduction, but now she would have to use the real secret of her clan.

‘You will be nothing when I use the last technique!’

In order to be reborn as a true successor of the palace, the last two techniques had to be received and practiced.

It was a technique that could corrupt the monks who turned to Buddhism and Taoism, and it could excite even the eunuchs.

If they successfully practice that, they will get a qualification to be next in line for the successor.

[Mae-hee. No matter how patient and natural he looks, a man’s ultimate instinct lies in their desires to leave offspring before their deaths. It is the secret which we know, something that they used to stimulate and raise their limit.]

‘Let’s see.’

She would try to subdue the man with that nature.

“Young master.”


Mae-hee reached out to Mumu.

From her hand, a strange incense that would stimulate sexual desire flowed out.

Jo Mae-hee increased her internal energy and memorized the pleasures verse of the clan.

‘1st level, forgetting.’

Mumu’s eyes, which frowned at the smell of incense, immediately went blank.

‘2nd level, main act.’

Jo Mae-hee made a strange gesture towards Mumu.

The gesture was a kind of hint.

Through it, it stimulates the instincts hidden inside the hearts of men.

‘3rd level, stimulation.’

Jo Mae-hee approached Mumu and ran her hand along his cheek.

The hand boldly went from there to the chest, and then like a snake preying on the prey, went for his lower body.


Tang So-so, who had been watching this by hiding, jumped from bushes.

She couldn’t watch it anymore.

For a wench to attack Mumu.


When she was about to move and stop the woman, she went stiff as she saw the sight before her.

She saw Mumu grab Jo Mae-hee’s wrist as she was touching ‘that’.


Jo Mae-hee looked at Mumu in shock.

Mumu’s eyes were still in a state of oblivion.

‘Then how?’

When the 3rd level is initiated, men can’t control themselves. That was what she was taught.

However, Mumu suddenly grabbed her hand as she was about to start the 4th level.

Jo Mae-hee’s eyes turned sharp.

‘A self-defense mechanism?’

It was surprising that a man who wasn’t trained in martial arts tried to protect his body with his instincts.

However, she was taught to overcome this variable too.

Taoists and monks showed extreme self-defense mechanisms, as they would instinctively reject the touch from the opposite gender.

Of course, that would also soon be eaten up by the lust that the technique brought forth.

‘It’s no use against me.’

Jo Mae-hee, increased the pleasure-inducing energy to the peak.

She should have done this only after she had reached the 6th level, but since the variable occurred, she was doing it now to bring out the hidden lust inside the man.

‘Let it out. Your true instincts…’


It was then.

It felt like a needle was stabbed all over her body, and she felt a chill run down her spine.

Jo Mae-hee, who was aiming for Mumu’s lust to go wild as she raised her energy, became a bit conscious at the feeling, and she slowly raised her head.

Without realizing it, she gulped.

‘What is with him?’

Mumu was looking right at her.

Those eyes which were looking at her were far from being innocent.

It was so intense that for a moment, she was speechless at the intense intimidation she felt almost to a point where it seemed like she would be eaten.

‘Why is he…’

The pleasure-inducing energy brings out the hidden desires of men.

So, she didn’t understand why Mumu was giving off such terrifying energy.

What was his true instinct then…


At that moment, Mumu’s fist went for Jo Mae-hee’s abdomen.


Her body was thrown back after being hit by the fist.

After bouncing back ten steps, she flipped back and stopped.

‘He did that with just pure strength?’

Jo Mae-hee touched her stomach and couldn’t help but be amazed.

She already used internal energy to defend her body as she had seen the bullies with their heads stuck into the ceiling earlier.

But now that she experienced it with her own body, she was amazed.

The hit didn’t enter her body, but the power of the blow was so strong that no warrior could do it nor withstand it.

[Let me give you a piece of advice. It would be better for you to be more careful than be all reckless with your actions.]

Suddenly, the words of Ha-ryun came to her mind.

Now she knew why he had said that.

A variable which couldn’t be overlooked for the man that everybody thought was strong only with his muscles.

And how his growth would be unknown to everyone.


Jo Mae-hee smiled.

She couldn’t understand why he had lust in such a form, but he was definitely different from other students.1

‘He is qualitatively different from the people who have been proud of themselves. And he was even able to hold off the Fragrance of Sweet Joy palace.’

Well, her attempt turned unsuccessful.

Then, her next move would have to be to suppress him.


Jo Mae-hee decisively went for Mumu.

She moved with the speed of lightning and went right for Mumu’s nose and then for his abdomen.

‘Evil Deep Claw’

With her nails like a beast’s claw, her hand went for Mumu’s internal organs.

She was going to end this in one strike.



Her nails, however, didn’t pierce his abdomen.

She tore the cloth, but couldn’t even scratch the skin.

As Jo Mae-hee was shocked, she felt Mumu’s muscles which were like a washboard.


How can one even train to this level? Is this even possible?

As she had always been one of the most skilled people everywhere she had been, it was hard to believe even for her.

As she stood there astonished at that sight, Mumu’s fist came flying at her face.


Jo Mae-hee moved back and avoided it.

And she didn’t just avoid it; she was unfolding another technique and grabbed Mumu’s wrist, hoping to break it.


However, Mumu kicked her and avoided it.

‘It is crude, but it is strong.’

One could tell that with the sound which could be heard after his attacks.

The man didn’t learn martial arts, so his fist’s trajectory was easy to read and avoid.

‘If you can’t hit, then it means nothing to use the fist.’

For her, Mumu had obvious weaknesses.

Mumu couldn’t challenge the essence of martial arts that was created to deal with enemies who used only muscles.


Gathering her internal energy, she moved her feet and went for Mumu again.


She stepped forward and soon touched Mumu’s abdomen with her palms.


A small wave occurred in the abdomen, and Mumu’s body immediately bounced back.

And he fell to the floor and rolled once.

Jo Mae-hee smiled as she looked at that scene unfold.

‘It works.’

Because of his enormous muscles, the man was able to withstand the blows on the surface, so she used internal energy and attacked his inner organs.

By forcing the high level of internal energy into the body, the pain inflicted on the body multiplied.

It was something that could only be learned at a Master level.

Jo Mae-hee shrugged her shoulders and looked at Mumu, who was on the floor.

“How is that? Do you feel you are going to die?”

In terms of internal energy, she had the confidence that she was better than anyone her age except for the kids of the Four Great Warriors.

This was the power she had accumulated through preying on dozens of men.

Jo Mae-hee approached Mumu, who was on the ground.

Clicking her tongue, she looked at him and said.

“Now, how do I turn this into a tasty meal…”


As she approached Mumu, who she thought had fainted, a hand grabbed onto her ankle.

Jo Mae-hee snorted at it.

“Oh my. Did you wait for me to come close to you? Then how about this? I am not the kind of person to brag about my power.”

Jo Mae-hee concentrated her internal energy into the sole of her feet and raised it.

It was to shake off Mumu’s hand.


At that, the veins on the back of Mumu’s right hand bulged out disgustingly, and then the band on his hand turned red and moved on its own.

The number changed from 8 to 5.

And with that,


The sleeves tore, and the right arm of Mumu swelled up.

The hands protruded out like a mountain of muscles, and the other muscles in his hand were so defined that it looked like they were painted.

At the sudden change, Jo Mae-hee went stiff.

‘Wh-what is that? Is…’

It was her first time seeing a person’s muscles change in front of her.

And the changes didn’t stop.



She raised her internal energy to the 7th level, but her ankle began to hurt as if it would break any moment.

‘What is this power?’

Flustered, Jo Mae-hee hurriedly raised her energy again.

At the same time, she tried to poke both eyes of Mumu with her fingers.

It was then.


Mumu’s body bounced up from the floor and stood upright.


As a result, she lost balance and hung upside down in Mumu’s hands.

As she was bewildered, she looked at the ground where Mumu had been lying.


As if it was pushed in, the ground had imprints of the muscles on it.

Jo Mae-hee couldn’t understand what was happening.

Could it be that he temporarily inflated his back muscles to straighten up his body so that he could stand?

Was that even possible?

She was flustered.


Mumu grabbed her and threw her body to the floor.

The pain which surged through her body was so much that she couldn’t even scream.

Even so, it wasn’t like she was a sack; why did he have to throw her.

Jo Mae-hee spoke.

“Euuu… Mu, Mumu, Young master. You… can’t do this to a woman…”




Mumu didn’t listen to a word she said and just kept punching her.

And that wasn’t the end.

Bang! Bang!

Mumu picked her up and slammed her body back and forth.


Bang! Crack!

‘Uh! No way?’

It seemed like she cracked her nose bone as she was being whipped to the floor.

That sharp nose which she was so proud of…

‘This… this…’

Swish! Bang!


There was no time to be angry.

Jo Mae-hee couldn’t come to her senses because of the constant hits that she was receiving.

Tang So-so, who looked at the scene, covered her nose in excitement.

‘Wah… he is the perfect man.’

The coolness of not bothering with women.

She thought Mumu was pure and juicy, but it wasn’t like that at all.

  1. “Why he had lust in such a form” – I know this doesn’t make much sense but I’m assuming that it means something like why his true instincts were displayed in that manner. ↩️

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