Chapter 34 - Touch of Temptation (3)

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Most of the male students in the academy she had known so far weren’t much different.

Usually, they act like gentlemen but were scoundrels. When a pretty woman swings her tail in front of them, they completely lose their reasoning.

But Mumu was different.

The more one knew him, the more attractive he became.

They couldn’t hold back their feelings.

‘Haa. How can I not be satisfied with this monopolized sight that only I have… hehehe.’

She was secretly chasing after him because something felt wrong, but there didn’t seem to be any need to worry about Mumu.

He was very manly, and had no regard for women who acted out at him.

Tang So-so cheered for him.

‘You are doing well! Just like that! Those who flirt with their bodies need to be punished!’

However, Mumu, who had been beating the woman for a while, began to drop the body.

‘Uh? What is it?’

He was doing something strange.

Although it was invisible to Tang So-so’s eyes, a white light had flickered as the band was turned, and a redness spread through, before turning back to his normal color.


At the same time, the band that had turned to 5 by itself was back to 8.

Then, Mumu’s eyes which were terrifyingly closed, and Jo Mae-hee, who had been pounded like a cloth, was released.

And she fell to the floor.


‘I-is he done?’

“Sigh… Sigh…”

Jo Mae-hee, who was battered thoroughly, exhaled.

It’s the first time in her life that she had been humiliated like this.

As if it wasn’t enough that he didn’t fall into temptation and wasn’t seduced, this was also done to her.


She clenched her teeth.

She had tried to make her body flexible and use all her internal energy to protect her body.

But nevertheless, her entire body seemed like it was broken.

It felt like she had broken a couple ribs, and there were cracks in her bones here and there.

She touched her face with trembling hands.


Her sharp nose had now swelled up.

Besides, her face was covered in blood, as if it had ripped on the ground.

‘This… this scum…’

Jo Mae-hee stared at Mumu, who was lying on the floor.

It was absurd to see this man lying flat on his back as if nothing had happened.

Was he really the same one who beat her up a while ago?

She would never forget the bloody eyes Mumu had when he beat her up.

The chill which ran down her spine.

‘I need to think I am fortunate enough.’

Since he wasn’t conscious when this all happened.

Since she had stopped with the 3rd level, the effect hadn’t lasted longer.

If she had gone past it, then Mumu would have given her more beating.


Jo Mae-hee barely stood up and approached Mumu.

‘I need to kill him. If I don’t kill him, he will definitely interfere in the future I have planned.’


She pulled out the dagger which she had hidden near her thigh.

As Mumu was sleeping, killing him wouldn’t be that difficult.

Jo Mae-hee raised her dagger.

‘You made my beautiful face into this, so after I kill you, I will eat your bloody skin!’

It was the moment when she was about to stab Mumu in the neck.


Jo Mae-hee sensed something coming for her and moved to the side to avoid it.


Jo Mae-hee looked up and saw the tree in front of her had needles stuck.

She looked back, and she saw a cute girl with deep dimples and a nice face, a face which she knew, and a face that was now angry.

‘Tang So-so?’

She was one of the familiar faces.

It was the girl that belonged to the Tang family.

‘Why now… kuak!’

This was bad timing.

However, Jo Mae-hee didn’t lose her composure.

Despite being injured, she wasn’t some girl who would succumb to pain.

The only thing bad was that Tang So-so used poison, and regarding her martial arts, they were much inferior to the Jegal clan.

‘I’ll kill this one first and then deal with her after that.’

Jo Mae-hee tried to kill Mumu again.

Tang So-so crossed her hands and then brought out more needles from the sleeve of her dress, and threw each one again and again at Jo Mae-hee.


In the end, Jo Mae-hee had to move away from Mumu to avoid getting hit by them.

It was annoying.

“Mumu! Wake up!”

Tang So-so yelled.

‘Damn it!’

Things would turn difficult if Mumu woke up.

She didn’t know much about Tang So-so, but Mumu was a monster.

If so, then she had no choice but to kill Tang So-so immediately; she had to kill the woman or incapacitate her and then deal with Mumu.

However, it wasn’t sure if Jo Mae-hee could deal with them together, especially with her current injuries.

‘In the meantime, it will also become difficult if that bitch yells.’

Fortunately, no one had appeared till now, but if another person came, then Tang So-so would surely reveal that Jo Mae-hee was trying to kill Mumu.

Since this situation had dragged on for this long, Jo Mae-hee had one simple choice.

‘I have to lure her.’

It was urgent to deal with Tang So-so and move away from this place.

Mumu was still on the floor unconscious, so there was a high chance that he wouldn’t remember a single thing that had happened.

“Miss Tang, you are interfering with my work, and you have nothing other than your poison needles. If you follow me, I will kill you.”

With those words, Jo Mae-hee ran away.

She wanted to escape, but made sure that Tang So-so would follow her, so she provoked her.

“What? You!”

And she fell for the provocation.

Because there were words which Tang So-so hated the most.

‘Without poison, you are nothing.’

She had great martial arts skills.

So, to the Tang family, calling them nothing without poison was a great insult.


Tang So-so was now in a conflict of whether she should stay with Mumu or go behind the woman who had insulted her family.

Contemplating for a bit, she chose to go after the woman.

Just in case, she touched Mumu’s body and checked if he had any injuries, and thankfully there were none.

Since nothing was wrong, going after Jo Mae-he sounded like the best option.

‘If I let that slippery eel go now, she will definitely come for Mumu again!’

Tang So-so, who thought that, pursued the girl who ran away.

And so, both the woman disappeared, and not long after, someone else appeared.

It was Ha-ryun.

He was hiding and watching the entire thing unfold from the beginning.

‘I told her to not let down her guard.’

But he really wanted to see how this woman would handle Mumu.

However, the results were unexpected.

He thought that Mumu was just pretending to be naïve, but he didn’t imagine that seduction wouldn’t work against him altogether.

But what surprised him the most wasn’t how he resisted temptation.

‘What was that?’

Ha-ryun doubted his own eyes at the sight he recalled.

How could muscles swell like that?

Is this guy really someone who didn’t master martial arts?

‘It was as if his body completely transformed.’

No, that couldn’t be; he knew that Body Transformation happens when a warrior pushes past all the limits.

However, he also knew that it happened to the entire body and not just one part.

Ha-ryun carefully looked at Mumu’s blood points.


And he frowned.

‘…no way.’

He hadn’t mastered martial arts, so what did this mean?

It wasn’t Body Transformation, then did he have the ability to control his muscles voluntarily?

It was really hard to understand what he had seen.


Ha-ryun shook his head.

It didn’t matter what secret Mumu was holding or how he was doing it.

He just couldn’t miss the opportunity that was lying in front of him.

Ha-ryun took off the gloves from his sleeve and put them on.

And then began to memorize something into a needle and struck it on the floor. 1

It was the basic memorization of the Tang clan techniques.

‘Leaving this behind will do some good.’

Ha-ryun smiled.

If this needle was left here, then everything that happened would fall on the Tang family’s kid.

He approached Mumu with the needle, and decided to walk as soundlessly as possible before killing him.

‘Thanks to you, my hands still hurt like hell.’

This was the price Mumu would pay for hurting his arm.

Even if that wasn’t the reason, he had to take down Mumu to earn back the Master’s trust.

If he managed to deal with Mumu, not just Jo Mae-hee, but everyone in his group would recognize his abilities.

‘I am lucky.’

Ha-ryun looked at Mumu’s neck.

If the needle was inserted into the special acupuncture point of the cervical vertebrae, then Mumu would lose sensation below the neck entirely.

Ha-ryun grabbed the needle and was ready.

‘This will be different from the last time.’

In the past, he was trying to poison him through contact.

However, now it was different.

And unlike back then, Mumu was now on the floor, and he had no choice but to get pierced with the needle.

‘Live and die like a sick person for the rest of your life.’

Ha-ryun stabbed Mumu in the neck.

He tried to pierce the needle at once by using his internal energy onto the tip of the needle,


However, something felt wrong.

The needle wasn’t entering the flesh.

He was sure he was using internal energy, so why wasn’t it going in?

No matter how thick the muscles were, they couldn’t act unconsciously.

‘What now? He can’t do this…’

Ha-ryun increased his energy and tried once again.

Soon, something bizarre happened.


The needle, which couldn’t enter the skin, broke.

‘This is non…’

Ha-ryun looked at the needle, unable to believe it.

Did it make sense for a needle loaded with internal energy to be broken by bare muscles?

His head was throbbing at the progression of events he had witnessed today.

‘Damn it.’

He had to change his approach.

He tried to inflict pain to Mumu for the rest of Mumu’s life by making him immobile, but since that didn’t work, he decided to kill him at once.

‘Even if you have such strong muscles, the head can’t possibly be filled with them everywhere.’

Ha-ryun threw away the broken needle and brought out another one.

And aimed for the back of Mumu’s head.

‘Go to hell!’

He was all ready to do it, when,


Someone shouted, quickly approaching in their direction.

Someone who knew Mumu.

‘I need to hurry up…’


At that moment, Mumu, who was lying down, suddenly got up in a hurry.

“Jin-hyuk’s voice. Wha… why am I sleeping here?”

Mumu looked around, puzzled.

And then heard a strange sound come from behind.


Puzzled, Mumu turned his head.


There was Ha-ryun who had a needle struck right in between his forehead and eyes, and was trembling.

“You, what are you doing?”

‘You… bastard… bastard…!’

On the other hand, at a place not far from the men’s washroom.


Drops of blood fell down and soaked the floor.

Jo Mae-hee looked at her right arm in shock.

Her right arm, which should have been there, was missing from below the elbow.

Her right arm wasn’t severed or torn.

It had melted.

Jo Mae-hee gulped as she looked at Tang So-so with trembling eyes.

An ominous haze was rising from Tang So-so’s body, whose black hair and eyes were now dyed in purple.

‘W-who is this bitch?’

The Tang So-so she knew was supposed to be normal and weak compared to her brother Tang Seong-baek.

But this was unexpected.

‘Po… poison? No, it’s not simple poison. What is this?’


As leaves and wind brushed past Tang So-so’s area, they were all melting away.

It was poison for sure.

Normally, a person from the poison clans were known to have this amount of power only when they reached the highest level, but this was beyond that.

‘No… was it the Ten Thousand Poisons body?’

When learning martial arts, the best body is called Heavenly Martial body.

And those who practice poison for a long time are known to have the Ten Thousand Poison body.

A constitution that represented the embodiment of all the poisons in the world.

And now Jo Mae-hee realized that Tang So-so also had the Ten Thousand Poison body.

‘How did I come across this monstrous bitch?’

Jo Mae-hee went pale as she stepped back.

As she did that, Tang So-so spoke in an angry voice.

“You still need to burn. Since you insulted the Tang family, I have made sure to pay you back, and now you will have to pay for targeting my cute Mumu.”


Tang So-so’s purple pupils were now looking at Jo Mae-hee’s left arm.

  1. memorize something into a needle — I realize that this can be a little confusing but I've left it as such. It probably means he imbued the Tang Clan’s basic technique INTO the needle so that he could frame Tang So-so. ↩️

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