Chapter 39 - Roll Call (2)

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Manager Do Yang-woon was shocked too, this proof of strength was too much.

He knew that Mumu’s muscles were close to perfection, but didn’t expect them to be without flaws.

Instead of Mumu’s muscles being hurt or bruised, it was the warrior who was trained in martial arts who was injured, it was almost like this warrior had slammed his fist into a wall!

‘Beyond common sense.’

No matter the fact that Mumu was his Master, his body seemed strange.

‘How can this simply be a result of training?’

Something was making his heart flutter.

An uplifting feeling that an immovable wall was being torn down by Mumu.

At the same time, a subtle heat rose in his heart.

‘Makes me want to compete too.’

He thought he could learn something so he had decided to take Mumu as his master, but now he wanted to compete with Mumu, someone who was strong as he was unknown.

But this competitive feeling didn’t last long.

At that time, Hang Mi-hye, the floor leader, put her hands on the table and said.

“This… is rather problematic.”

Which made the others nod their heads.

The floor leader of the 6th floor had been injured.


Do Yang-woon hadn’t thought of this.

Wu Houci was in charge of the 6th floor, which was known to be nice when on good terms with others and rebels once on bad terms with others.


Wu Houci, holding his wrist, groaned in pain.

If he went to the roll call in such a state, the people would look down on the floor leaders.

Do Yang-woon, spoke with a light sigh.

“Seo-ryang. For now take Senior Wu to the infirmary.”


Kang Seo-ryang, the 5th floor leader, supported Wu Houci and left the place.

As they left, Do Yang-woon fell into troubled thoughts.

Wu Houci was ranked in the top 30 in 3rd year.

Besides, he was from the Black Blade clan, so he knew most of the people, and he was the only one who could manage the 6th floor.

‘We are in a tough place.’

The people on the 6th floor were literally bastards, and they acted like they ruled the dorms.

Therefore, even under the management of Wu Houci there were accidents too.

Do Yang-woon looked at Ja Muk-hyun, a 3rd year student who was flipping through the book and asked.

“Senior. Maybe…”


“Senior. Then you…”


Ja Muk-hyun didn’t even have to listen to refuse.

And Hang Mi-hye asked.

“Muk-hyun. There is no one else who can control them but you.”


Even at her words, he said the same without lifting his eyes off the book.

But because of Muk-hyun’s attitude she couldn’t push him further.

Being ranked in the top five of 3rd year meant that he was stronger than most, and from what she heard this man was stronger than the teachers in here.

Which led her into only casually asking, instead of insisting.

‘This is bad.’

Do Yang-woon shook his head.

He didn’t expect Ja Muk-hyun to agree, the only reason why Ja Muk-hyun took the role of floor leader was to keep ‘that’ senior of the West Wind dorm in check.

‘And I can’t take it.’

Except for Muk-hyun, no one else other than the one in the infirmary could handle the 6th floor.

Do Yang-woon couldn’t take over since he was in charge of the entire dorm.

It was impossible to entrust his position to someone for the time just because he needed to check on the members of the dorm or find any abnormalities during the roll call.

At that, Ja Muk-hyun who was turning the page in his book said.

“Leave it to him.”


Ja Muk-hyun pushed Jin-hyuk’s robe off and pushed it to Mumu.

Mumu tilted his head.

“Did you think that it was enough to stand and make Wu Houci’s hand like that?”

At the words of Ja Muk-hyun, the floor leaders were confused.

Surely everyone was shocked with Mumu’s body which was stable as a monks, but this was an entirely different thing.

“… him?”

‘He is too naïve.’

‘Can he handle them?’

Aside from strength, Mumu had a rather innocent and simple mind.

They wondered if Mumu could handle those bastards on the sixth floor.

Even Do Yang-woon shared their concern.

‘… it will be tough.’

Those bastards cannot be suppressed simply by force and if the person handling them was naïve, then those bastards would take advantage of the naïve floor leader.

It was unreasonable to send Mumu to the 6th floor.

And Do Yang-woon wanted to find a representative among the 3rd years, but Mumu raised his hand and simply stated,

“Senior Wu Houci got hurt because of me, so I’ll take care of the 6th floor.”

He was stepping forward willingly?

Seeing that, Hang Mi-hye tried to stop him.

“Junior, this isn’t something a novice like you can handle. Not everyone can handle those bums, so Wu Houci was especially suited so he was put in charge.”

“What is a bum?”

“Well should I put it as those who don’t consider the rules?”

“Then I only need to make them follow the rules?”

At Mumu’s words, Hang Mi-hye waved her hand.

“If it was easy we wouldn’t still be calling them bums. They aren’t the kind of people you can suppress by force, and are hard to control.”

If someone tried to stop them by force, those bums would come as a group.

Therefore, the 6th is the toughest to handle.

At that, Mumu smiled and only asked,

“Doesn’t that mean we simply lacked the strength to control?”


Because she was worried she tried to convince Mumu, but he came to an entirely different conclusion.

Heavenly Martial Academy time for dorm roll call.

As there were a huge number of students, roll call was introduced to keep track of them

In the early days this task was handled by the teachers, but with the establishment of student governing, this task was transferred to the students too.

The only teacher involved was a superintendent who oversaw it all.

The method of taking roll calls was simple: floor leaders assigned to each floor would check the number of students who were there and then compare it to the number of students staying on their floor.

And once roll call was done, everyone needed to remain in their rooms, with the sole exception for the leaders who were allowed to go out.

The 6th floor of North Heavenly Dorm.

In here was where second and third year students who frequently broke the rules resided, a place where the worst kind gathered.

It was currently time for roll call and it was late at night, the time for silence. Yet, the sixth floor was as noisy as ever, there was commotion on the stairs and noise in the common hall too, people were too busy talking to notice the time.

Ding! Ding!

The bell rang throughout the dorms.

A signal that roll call would start.

With the bell, students were supposed to come and stand in front of their rooms, as this was the easiest method to identify people and confirm that the room they were staying in was the correct one.

But even with the bell, not a single person did that on the sixth floor.

Step! Step!

Somebody was walking up the stairs.

A boy wearing a band on his arm, with the words ‘North Heavenly Dorm 6’ on it.

It was Mumu.

Mumu came up while checking the names on the checklist which was on a thin wooden block.

‘8 rooms on the left hallway… 16 people and 7 rooms on the right hallway… 14 people. 30 people in total.’

A total of 30 people stayed on the 6th floor.

There were 17 2nd years and 13 3rd years.

There were no first years who were assigned to live here.


As soon as he went up, he was puzzled to see people chatting and playing in the hallway.

If they followed the rules, then shouldn’t they be standing in front of their rooms?

Mumu then walked to the common room.

The people who heard the footsteps turned their heads and noticed Mumu.

They spoke while snarling,

“Wow. What is this?”

“Did they change the floor leader?”

“I thought that it was that dirty haired Wu Houci for us?”

Naturally, they thought that Wu Houci would come every day.

Considering their attitude, they recognized that no one other than him could control the 6th floor.

But now a child-faced man was sent.

And they knew right away that this year would be more comfortable than their time with Wu Houci.

Mak Jin-ryung, one of them waved his hands and said.

“Yah! Floor leader. Say you were done and get lost.”

At those words, Mumu looked at the checklist and asked.

“Which room?”

Mak Jin-ryung didn’t answer and went back to talking with the others.

Mumu then entered the room and asked.

“Which room is yours?”

Mak Jin-ryung who felt bothered by Mumu said without even turning his head.

“Yah, freshman. Just do it and leave. What do you need all that for? No one cares.”

At his words Mumu closed the checklist and muttered.

“Ahh. This is why they said you are all bums.”


Hearing the mumble, Mak Jin-ryung got up. And it was the same with the others too.

Wu Houci was arrogant as hell, but he never openly called them idiots or bums.

But this, who looked nothing more than a freshman, was calling them that?

Mak Jin-ryung approached Mumu and kept pushing his finger on his chest and said.

“Yah, since the seniors were looking after you, did you get too comfortable? Bums? Do you want to quit as the floor leader by today of your own accord?”

“I don’t want to quit.”

“Then you shouldn’t say such things.”

“You don’t follow the rules during roll call, what else should I call you then?”


At Mumu’s words, Mak Jin-ryung laughed out loud.

This guy seemed more naïve than they thought.

He couldn’t even understand what the manager was thinking by picking such a kid.

Mak Jin-ryung spoke angrily,

“My dear, it seems like you don’t know anything, so I’ll tell you very kindly. The one before you, Wu Houci, was exhausted with us and made an agreement. The agreement said that one side would not intervene with the other”

“Not intervene?”

“Right! Unless it was some huge problem. He decided to leave the sixth floor alone, so you should also do what he did. And then you can spend the year here very comfortably.”

“Ahh. Is that so?”

“Right. Now do you understand what I’m sa…”


“Don’t act cocky…”


“And go away…”

At that moment, Mumu grabbed the wrist of Mak Jin-ryung who kept poking him.

“Really annoying.”

“Ugh. What is this jerk…”


Mumu gave strength to the wrist he was holding.

And Mak Jin-ryun’’s body twisted like a pretzel in pain.


“Which room?”

“You… you bastard…”


“Can’t remember which room you belong to?”

“What… are… you all going to watch?”

“This bastard!”

At that, one of those standing next to him, flew at Mumu.

Mumu didn’t avoid it, but welcomed it.

However, the one who hit him was in pain.

“Ouch! What is he?”

It hurt like hell, but even after using internal energy, whoever was hit was hurt and Mumu stopped as if nothing happened.



At that time, Mumu slammed his fist at the head of the man, who flew down.



The man collapsed with eyes turned upside.

At that sight, the eyes of everyone including Mak Jin-ryung went wide.

They thought this one was freshman, but this one wasn’t an easy one.

“You… what are you?”

“Which room?”

Mumu clenched the hand even more.



“Ugh… S… Six hundre… Six hundred and four!”

And the room number came out.

With that Mumu released the wrist he was holding.

One of them gritted his teeth seeing Mak Jin-ryung groan in pain.

“You… Does this mean this child is controlling us? Yah! All of you go at him!”

All this time, many floor leaders had tried to suppress the sixth floor solely with strength.

Even Wu Houci was the same in the beginning.

But no one succeeded in doing it, rather they always ended up compromising and took the easy way out.

‘I know you are different.’


“They said that they lacked the power to control you.”


What was this kid saying now?


With that, Mumu rolled up his right sleeve and turned the band.

And the muscles on his right arm expanded as if they were moving away from a cluster.

Those who saw that shuddered at the scene.

‘W-what muscles are those?’

Their first time seeing.

It was like a strong wooden tree.

At that time, Mumu grabbed the head of the kid who spoke out and said.

“Wh-what is that?”

Jangho, who was being lifted by his head, tried to shake off the hand.

But Mumu shook him by the head like a bell.

And then he let go once Jangho lost consciousness.


The others were at a loss of words.

What did they just see now?

To them, Mumu said with a bright smile.

“From now on, once the roll call is done, I will make sure that all the seniors here get a good night’s rest”


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