Chapter 48 - Heavenly Training (2)

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Crack! Crack!

Mumu twisted his neck almost as if his body felt stiff and he was trying to loosen it.

“What was that just now?”

Hwang Wong narrowed his eyes as he saw the kid speaking so casually. He was on alert.

‘He isn’t an ordinary person.’

This man wasn’t only a muscled monster, he was also a worthy enemy who had finally appeared after all this time.

All this while, despite being a special master and working with others, he had never fought with his full might.

Maybe this was why Mumu’s appearance brought him joy.

“You seem pretty good to be able to survive.”

“What do you mean?”

“Looking at your unusually developed muscles, it seems like your muscles weren’t obtained by simple training, right?”

Mumu tilted his head at that question.

Im Jong, who was dumbfounded by Mumu’s expression, mouthed to Mumu,

‘Run away!’

Hwang Won wasn’t listening to anything they said, he was completely misunderstanding their position.

‘You can’t go against him.’

Although Mumu appeared to have tremendous power, his opponent was a master, and a special master at that.

If they weren’t in the academy and outside in the greater Murim world, people would have declared Mumu as the loser before the match had even started, that was just how much stronger special masters were.

Seeing that, Mumu opened his mouth,

“What did you say?”


Im Jong couldn’t help but feel that Mumu was too dumb!

Im Jong was completely losing his mind!

‘I said run away!’

“Oh yang yang?”

‘Run. Aw! Ay!’

“Ang. Ang. Ang?”

‘…. As if that would even make a word!’

He didn’t have the strength to speak, his eyelids were starting to become heavy because of his internal injuries.

“Trying to play tricks. I won’t let you.”

With that, Hwang Won, a member of the Heavenly Training center made his move.

The moment he lifted his toes off the floor, his body seemed to become as light as a feather, almost floating as his form disappeared.


Suddenly, a faint shadow appeared right behind Mumu, it was an unimaginable skill!

Hwang Won, who had appeared in an instant, kicked Mumu in the neck again.


The moment his neck was hit, Mumu’s body staggered forward with the momentum from the kick.


Five steps.

Unlike the attack before when he was defenseless, this time his stance was strong because he had been pushing down on his legs.

‘From behind?’

Mumu was also quite surprised as this was his first time experiencing this. Frowning, he touched his neck.

His muscles were able to handle the kick, but it felt like something was digging into his flesh.



Hwang Won raised his eyebrows, he had tried to break Mumu’s neck this time, but the man seemed perfectly fine still.

‘He definitely isn’t an ordinary one…’


As Hwang Won moved, his body now rotated around Mumu. And then Hwang Won who still appeared circling Mumu seemingly multiplied as his after images spread out surrounding Mumu.


Mumu swung out his hand to catch him, but Mumu couldn’t reach him. To Mumu’s naked eyes, these afterimages were nothing more than shadows.

‘This is strangely interesting.’

It was the first time he had experienced such fast movement and with barely any audible sound.

Even with this elder running with all his might, the ground did not break.


And then came another kick from behind.

Mumu, who was hit, almost fell forward, and the area where he was hit hurt quite a bit too. It was rare for Mumu to feel pain at this point in his life.

“It is just the beginning.”


As soon as he said that, Hwang Won’s kicks flew in from all directions.

‘Gusts of Shadowless Kick!’

It was the third form of Hwang Won’s martial arts.

Each time he kicked, Mumu’s body bounced back and forth in the circle, he was trapped and he didn’t know what to do.

‘Faster, faster!’

The stronger the speed the greater the power.

Hwang Won, who imprisoned Mumu in his swift circle, prepared to attack again.

Hwang Won, who had dug into the floor, kicked off and rotated in the air, rising higher than Mumu to kick him back into the ground.

His movements in the air looked like a whirlpool, and Mumu tried to grab his leg, but at that speed of rotation it seemed to be too difficult.



Both of Mumu’s hands were repelled from the force of the rotation.

“I would say momentum is mass plus velocity.” 1

With a laugh, Hwang Won hit Mumu in the chest, and with the rotational force gathered it was quite a sharp hit.


Mumu’s body plunged straight into the floor from the destructive power of the winds bearing down onto his chest.


Hwang Won continued to rotate his body, but then something strange happened.

At this level, the opponent’s chest should be torn apart, but despite the force bearing down, the opponent seemed to be just fine.


Hwang Won raised one of his legs while spinning.


Hwang Won’s right leg which he had lifted was now dyed with a haze of white light.

‘I never thought I would be using this: Heavenly Repelling Kick!’

While he was spinning, he shot down towards Mumu again.


The power was so strong that the floor was shattered all around Mumu.

As the dust and stones from the broken floor rose, Hwang Won moved back.

Only after taking ten steps back did he stop,


He was satisfied that he finally did his best after such a long time. But, Im Jong, who had watched all of this, was full of regret.

He knew that no matter how strong Mumu seemed, he couldn’t win against this man.

‘Shit… I told you to run away.’

Even running away would have been tough. After all, Mumu’s opponent was a skilled person whom even the Poison Wind of the West acknowledged.

Hwang Won tried to turn and hit Im Jong since Mumu was down.

“Then, now as the manager who…”


Hwang Won suddenly stopped talking.

‘What is this?’

He immediately turned his head in confusion.

At that moment, the shards of dust disappeared and he noticed a shadow standing back up.

It was Mumu.

But Mumu seemed to look a little strange.


Mumu’s body seemed to have gotten smaller.

Rather than it looking like his muscles decreased, it seemed more like his body was compressed. The divisions on his body were more clearly visible, and his skin seemed to be warm.

‘He seems… different.’

These changes could be felt by Mumu, who nodded as he moved his body around.

‘This is the first time I turned all the dials to 4.’

His body felt lighter and stronger than before.


When he clenched his fist, all the muscles in his arm shuddered.

Hwang Won’s eyes were on alert.

“… this is scary.”

Hwang Won didn’t know how, despite being loaded with energy, there wasn’t a single wound on the man. And what was with this changed appearance and the strange intimidation Hwang Won felt?

Apparently, this enemy wasn’t the kind he could deal with so easily.

It felt like he had to put in his all here.


With that thought, Hwang Won moved.

Up till then, he had only used the level eight energy, but now he was currently using tenth level energy and the difference could be clearly seen.


It was as if his form had become invisible along with his movements, and only his legs which were shrouded in a white haze could be seen occasionally.

Hwang Won circled around Mumu, trying to find gaps in his defense.


‘Aim for the blood points.’

Hwang Won had to aim for the weak points to kill him.

Because of Mumu’s thickly developed muscles, it wasn’t easy for him to hit the blood points, which were covered by muscles. Because of this Hwang Won needed to aim for exposed areas like the armpits, groin, eyes, nose and mouth.

‘After moving, pretend to move to the left and hit on the lower right.’


Hwang Won deliberately slowed down, faking towards the left and showing his body to bait him. But at the same time, with exquisite footwork turned to the right….


He tried to move, but then he didn’t. Mumu’s eyes were looking directly at his movements.

‘Can he see my movements?’

Then, Mumu reached out his hands towards Hwang Won.

Hwang Won hurriedly retreated.

Mumu’s hand brushed past his skin.


He really didn’t think that anyone could see his movements.

Among the cultivators of the Heavenly Training center, he prided himself on being someone with accurate movement.

However, this young man could see through his movements.

‘Then this needs to be done.’

Hwang Won raised his energy level even more. If Mumu could see through his movements, actually catching him was a different matter entirely.

With this Hwang Won’s speed was increased even further so that his position couldn’t be grasped.


At that moment, the floor where Mumu was standing broke apart and rose up like a wave.



Mumu arrived in front of Hwang Won, who was trying to increase his speed. Startled, Hwang Won tried to change the direction of his movement.


He wondered if he had gained some distance from Mumu.

At that moment,


Mumu changed his direction too.

Unlike Hwang Won, who moved quietly due to light footwork, whenever Mumu moved, the floor would get smashed, yet Mumu’s speed was still equal with Hwang Won’s.

‘What the hell is this guy made of?’

Hwang Won couldn’t hold back his shock.

He was trying to get rid of Mumu, but that one was still chasing after him.


‘What is this!’

Now that the ground was uneven and broken it became difficult to move around smoothly.

It was beyond common sense. What was the point of light footwork?

It was to prevent the unnecessary movement of feet and legs and prevent the legs from getting overdone with regular movements.

But this guy was ignoring all of this. He ran at random and the monstrous things that were his muscles made it possible.

‘… It can’t go on like this.’

Hwang Won changed his plan.

If this was the case, then he would have to keep running to avoid being caught, but the kid seemed to be getting faster.

If so, he then had to go for a fight.

That was his only way to win.

That was the best way to cut off the speed of his opponent. After using his best technique he would be exhausted for a while, yet it was the only way to defeat his opponent.


Both of Hwang Won’s legs became stained in a white haze.

And then they accelerated.


His new form collided with a layer of air, he was faster than Mumu for an instant, and with this lead ran towards the wall, running up it and reaching the height of the ceiling.

Hwang Won who reached the ceiling, immediately moved for Mumu who was still below him.

‘Wind God Thunder Drop!’


In the blink of an eye, Hwang Won’s attack smashed down on Mumu with the roar of thunder.

‘What a terrific technique!’

Im Jong who saw all of this couldn’t help but be astonished.

As it currently stood, he wondered if anyone could even stop this.

At that moment.



Mumu clenched his fists, pointing them towards the floor and then swung them loudly at the attack coming from above.

With the sound of air being ripped, Hwang Won’s fist and Mumu’s fist collided.


The force of the collision was so strong that a gust of wind was generated.

‘No way.’

Hwang Won was shocked.

Mumu was blocking this tremendous technique of his with only a simple punch.

“H-how was the destructive force of that…”

His weight, speed, and power had reached the highest limits.

“What about speed?”



At that moment, Mumu’s right arm trembled.

The elbow, which had taken the effect of the Wind God Thunder Blow, seemed to have taken a bit of damage.

But in that moment, he pulled it back and then pushed it ahead as strongly as he possibly could.


The floor beneath Mumu had partially caved in from the force.

And at the same time, the explosive force, which had mushed the technique of Hwang Won, was thrown upwards.



Hwang Won’s body coughed up blood as it rose towards the ceiling.


Hwang Won’s body, which had dug so deeply into the ceiling, fell towards the floor and pierced into the ground too.


Hwang Won was stretched out on the floor. His body wasn’t listening to him anymore because of all the cracks in his bones.

‘How… how…’

His technique.

This secret technique which was made to deal with his enemies, all of which was made after ten hard years of work.

But it broke with just one punch.

Mumu walked up to him and mumbled.

“You need to build up your strength, what were you running around for?”


Genuinely he felt it was truly outrageous.

Not that Mumu was wrong, but it just felt beyond common sense!

He wanted to shout that out, but soon Hwang Won remained silent and then fainted, unable to overcome the pain.

‘…. Oh my god.’

Im Jong, who watched all of this was shocked.

One of the six pillars of the Heavenly Martial Arts Academy, which everyone was proud of.

A freshman had knocked down Hwang Won, the best of the masters.

‘No. How did such a monster come in as a student?’

  1. The real calculation for momentum is mass times velocity, I’m not sure if the error here was made intentionally by the author or not. ↩️

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