Chapter 51 - The Change (3)

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“Elder, how are you going to make up for this unfortunate situation we have been through?”

Im Jong couldn’t hide his shock at the appearance of Mumu and the tone of his voice. What kind of person would ask for compensation from this man who was one of the most influential people?

‘Oh my, does this kid not know who that old man is?’

Elder Hang was much more terrifying than he looked. Right now, his face looked like that of a kind old man who liked to drink and was in charge of the Heavenly Martial Academy. But there was a time when he was known to be scary and known as the Ruthless Swordsman.

The Ruthless Swordsman, even hordes of Black Sword members were killed by his hands.

‘Compared to this old man, the academy’s entire power wouldn’t amount to much.’

That was why everyone treated him with respect and also why Im Jong tried to dissuade Mumu.

“Kid! Is that the way you talk to the elderly? Apologize right away…”


At that, Elder Hang Yeon raised his hand and stopped Im Jong. Im Jong looked into the old man’s eyes. He thought that the man would be enraged at Mumu’s words, but contrary to it, he seemed calm.

Rather, it felt like he was interested in this, and with the same kind face, Elder Hang asked,

“Right, kid. Can you tell me what unfortunate situation you are talking about?”

At this, Mumu started to complain.

“Elder, Im Jong and I have almost died several times here, all in one day!”

“Several times??”

“Yes! Whether it be the faulty underground construction or poor management, the floor collapsed and we almost died from the fall. Just look at Manager Im Jong, he is full of scars!”

‘Why are you bringing me into this!’

Im Jong frowned at Mumu’s words, strictly speaking it wasn’t because of poor management, but because this child had pulled out that rod. Im Jong almost said this, but then held himself back.

‘Wait… is he trying to play something here?’

He was unable to know everything, and if a detailed investigation was done, then the cause of the accident would be revealed.

Pointing towards his torn clothes Mumu said,

“And look! My clothes are rags now and my bones ache because of the fall.”

‘Aren’t your clothes torn because your muscles swelled!’

Besides, no matter how much he looked, Mumu didn’t seem hurt. He didn’t have a single bruise on his body and yet he was saying such things!

‘Was this kid always this smart?’

Im Jong clicked his tongue, contrary to Mumu’s immense strength, Im Jong thought Mumu was innocent, but he had such a side too? At that, Elder Hanf laughed and asked,

“Hahaha. That isn’t wrong. And what else made you almost die?”

“Of course, there was this accident, and then the rescue team didn’t come, and so I and manager Im Jong almost died in a place called Hell!”

Im Jong nodded his head at that, if Mumu hadn’t shown his powers, he would have also died there.

“And is there more?”

“As you can see, a certain warrior who is now passed out misunderstood us as intruders and attacked us and we almost died again! Look at manager Im Jong, his face is still pale from the shock!”

“E-elder I am fine.”

“As if you could be fine! Manager you coughed up blood because you were beaten bloody by that warrior! There are traces of you coughing up blood here and there.”

Mumu pointed towards the bloody spots with his hands. Hearing Mumu say it, Im Jong felt like he indeed had been through a lot. Feeling troubled, Mumu said,

“Because of that, I and Im Jong went through such hardships, and don’t you think it is unfair if we are just asked to move?”

“… even if there were mishaps, I have no complaints.”

Im Jong waved his hand as he said this. He understood that Mumu didn’t know this old man. Mumu was looking at the old man’s kind face and trying to do something. At that, the old man opened his mouth.

“So you are asking for reasonable compensation right?”

Mumu scratched his head at that and said,

“I am not hoping for anything big, since we managed to overcome the death and mistakes of the staff, wouldn’t a small reward be fine?”

At that, the elder Hang Yeon smiled and shook his head. And approached Hwang Won, who had fainted, and said,

“You did seem to have suffered a lot, but before discussing the desired reward, can you tell this old man a few things?”

“What things?”

“Not much.”


“It all boils down to a thing or two.”

He pointed to the fainted Hwang Won and the surroundings and said.

“As you said, that Hell part of the trial was stopped thanks to you, but the repair cost of it would be insufficient even after a thousand gold, so how would you like to compensate.”

“Uh… Hm…”

Mumu went silent. He was trying to pass this situation by bringing up the accidents and taking away some compensation, but he didn’t think they would have to argue like this.

“… you respond to the request for compensation with a request for compensation?”

“Huhuhu. Shouldn’t these things be properly pointed out?”

With that, Elder Hang continued,

“This is fine, but what are you going to do about disruption of class?”


“Right. This is an academy to teach students. And we give the lectures according to the classes chosen and paid for. And the same goes for Master Hwang Won.”


“And Master Hwang Won is a special level teacher and even an alumni of this place. But thanks to you. A few classes will be missed.’

“Ah… is that so?”

“Is that so? Wouldn’t it be sad if the ones who paid for the lecture of this teacher here didn’t manage to get taught anything because of this? What would they say about this? And how much damage would the academy suffer because of this?”

Im Jong decided to stay out of this situation. Mumu came up with a scheme but savagery was hit back by the old man who had years of experience. Mumu scratched his head.

“That special teacher tried to kill me, and I should let him go?”

“He is in a state where he would have to rest for several months.”


“He could have just been subdued instead of turned like this.”


Did he overdo the fight? Still, he made sure to not kill the man.

“It is frustrating. Then…”

“It isn’t over yet.”

“Is there more?”

“Right. Is it true that you defeated Master Hwang Won?”

“Yes. But.”

“If you did, that itself is a problem.”

“Huh? What could be problematic about that?”

Mumu asked curiously. To which Elder Hang yeon responded as he moved close to Mumu.

“The academy is a place where teaching is given. But what would you think if a person far superior than the teachers has entered the school?”

‘As expected…’

Im Jong clicked his tongue. He wondered what would be said. The elder must have known about the accident, and thought it was just luck.

But surpassing a teacher was a problem that couldn’t be overlooked, and to defeat one of the best was even more problematic. Regardless of their age, there was no need to accept such a strong person, and if they hid their strength and entered, that could be viewed as impure intentions.

‘Anyone would doubt it.’

There was too much going on and Mumu could be considered as a spy aiming for treasures in the academy. It seemed like Mumu should start defending himself. But Im Jong knew Mumu’s reason for joining this place.


But Im Jong went silent. If it was a couple moments back he would have defended Mumu, but now Mumu was acting on his own. And he couldn’t help Mumu with his plan.

‘Oh my. Right. I can’t be involved anymore.’

But then it felt weird. If he really had bad intentions, wouldn’t he have killed Hwang Won and taken the treasures for himself? Without even touching a thing, he kept helping Im Jong till the end of the trials too.

‘Why is it so confusing to take a side!’

Im Jong couldn’t understand Mumu. But he made up his mind.


It was weird, but Mumu had definitely protected him till the very end with his own body and Im Jong was convinced that Mumu had no bad intentions.

If people were mistaking him wrongly, then he would have helped Mumu.


Even before he could speak, Elder Hang Yeong spoke.

“But for all those things, one thing is true.”

“… what is that?”

He looked at Mumu and said,

“You said it with your own mouth, but no matter how I look at it, in this old man’s eyes, it seemed like you and the manager solved the problem in trials and even took down Hwang Won.”


“I am not done yet.”


As soon as those words were done, the air around turned heavy and the kind smile vanished on the old man’s face and the sharp energy rose around, as if thousand blades were flying.


Even Im Jong had a hard time breathing because of it. Although he did expect something like this, this energy was too much from him. It felt like a slight movement could kill him.

‘This is dangerous.’

The entire area was under Elder Hang Yeon’s control. And Mumu’s eyes turned serious.

‘… it’s different.’

Among the people he met, this was the first person he considered as strong. He wasn’t sure what it was, but something felt heavy. It was his first time that an unseen force was pushing him down. Eler Hang opened his mouth.

“If this old man’s guess is correct, then two other assumptions can be made.”

“… what kind?”

‘Oh ho!’

When Mumu managed to answer normally, Hang Yeon was impressed. The energy he was releasing could scare even the experienced people. He could tell it by looking at Im Jong’s pale face. However, this kid was able to speak.

‘He is certainly good.’

His eyes which observed this kid in the entrance tests weren’t wrong. But that was all. He couldn’t feel any threatening energy from Mumu, so the old man continued.

“The first one is that either you or the manager has a hidden power, but seeing how you aren’t able to handle this energy then it can’t be this. The second is that there is someone other than you two hiding here. What do you think?”

With that, he raised the energy more. If anyone lied, he was ready to kill them.

“Can you help resolve my doubts?”

Hang Yeon was suspicious that someone else was involved in this. Mumu put his hands together and bowed his head. The attitude seemed more polite

‘Must be difficult to stand this.’

No matter how hard he tried, Mumu was seventeen years old, and was still brave enough that he could handle this. So Hang Yeon thought that the truth would be told.

“Kid. Then tell me the truth so i…”



“If the former is correct will I be kicked out of the academy?”


Elder Hang Yeon frowned. He thought the kid would tell the truth, but this was…

“That would be trouble for me.”


A strange sound in the ears. It was small, but Hang Yeon heard it.

‘This sound?’

It was then.


It was then the dial on his bands were set to three and Mumu’s muscles on both his arms swelled and white steam rose out.



At this bizarre change, Hang Yeon didn’t have the time to think and moved to subdue Mumu. His long-honed intuition was telling him the kid was dangerous. And Mumu clenched his fist.


A roar broke out first. One simple action. And when the fist was extended ahead, an explosive force was created which tore the air around.


The floor shattered and debris soared up hitting the body of Hang Yeon.

‘What is this?’

Im Jong was shocked at this. What had happened in such a brief moment?


The dust which had soared up was no more, and someone was seen twenty steps away.

It was Elder Hang Yeon.

There were no injuries on his body, almost as if he was only hit with only a shockwave.

‘Elder Hang Yeon got pushed back?’

This was unbelievable. Hang Yeon also seemed shocked at this. He couldn’t feel any energy in the child, so he didn’t expect such a strong power coming from him. And it was natural that Hwang Won couldn’t handle the shock wave.

‘What is this power…’

What was surprising was that this power had nothing to do with internal energy.

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