Chapter 53 - Ma Yeon-hwa (2)

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Ma Yeon-hwa, called a beauty in Heavenly Martial Academy, was one of the people that girls envied the most.

She had a few secrets that others didn’t know of. One of them was her hidden desires. Contrary to her appearance which was like a fox, she felt a strange pleasure when someone mistreated her. But who could treat her, a third year recklessly?

Rather, she could only imagine it, and it had been so long since the last time she felt like this.


“Are you hungry?”

Mumu asked. He didn’t seem to find anything odd with it. In an instant, this woman ended up showing her true self. No matter how inherent her tendency was, she couldn’t openly reveal it in the academy.


“You were biting your finger so I thought you were hungry.”

“Ah… no it was just a habit.”

“Ah. Then I will leave. I am really tired.”


Ma Yeon-hwa couldn’t send him away like this. But Mumu raised his hand telling her not to bother him, so she held the black iron rod which Mumu was holding.


It was then,


Ma Yeon-hwa, who couldn’t pull the rod because of the weight, fell to the floor along with it.

The rod on her.


She couldn’t even move or raise it despite trying to do her best. It hurt so badly that she couldn’t take a good breath. And her face turned red as she couldn’t handle it. And the pain was only temporary.


And she felt better.

“Oh! Are you fine?”

Mumu immediately lifted the rod from her.


It seemed like she was in a lot of pain, so he asked her, but then Ma Yeon-hwa’s lips were forming a smile.

‘…. What?’

Mumu titled his head. Ma Yeon-hwa took care of her expression and held her hand, wondering If Mumu figured out her secret.

“You…. What is that?”

She thought it was light because he was holding it with one hand, but it was incredibly heavy.

“Ah! This one?”

Mumu casually lifted the rod and said.

“A muscle training item.”

“Muscle training?”

He wanted to use the incredibly heavy rod for muscle training? She didn’t understand it.

‘Who is he?’

But that wasn’t the point now. She got up and said,

“Yes, thanks to that rod my hands are like this, won’t you give me a second of your time?”

She held out her bruised palms, and so Mumu sighed and responded,

“Only a second?”


So he followed her into the dark alley.

“What is it?”

Ma Yeon-hwa looked around at Mumu’s question and then said,

“You… you got a star from Master Baek Yeon, right?”

“Uh? How did you know?”

Hae-ryang told him to not tell anyone, but this girl knew?

“There is a way to know everything.”

A freshman student had given her this information. There were quite a few people who wanted to be with her, so that person was one of them.

[Senior. There is really good information. There is a guy who got a star on the first day from a special teacher.]


[It is him. The one being dragged by the deputy.]

[That one?]

The information she had been waiting for. The star she had been collecting since freshman times. If she could collect three more, she could enter the 3rd basement, the hidden one, but she couldn’t get them from the head master or Baek yeon.

And she was more focused on finding the stars.

“Well. Yes.”

“Don’t think too much. An alumni assistant to a manager told me.”



He did think it was strange that she knew. But it wasn’t like he thought she did something bad.

‘Rumors can easily fly.’

Mumu nodded at that, and Ma Yeon-hwa who saw that he didn’t mind, put her palms together and then said.

“Then, please tell me how.”


“I am saying, you really got the star from Master Baek Yeon?”

“Yes. What about it?”

“Then tell me how you got it.”

Baek Yeon was famous for not giving stars to her students, not even seniors had received it. But Mumu got on from her.

“Please let me know.”

At her request, Mumu scratched his head, it didn’t matter if he told her.

[You. Don’t tell this to anyone. Not everyone has such good chances in their lives.]

Mo Il-hwa told him. not to mention that he got a star and was told not to let anyone know. She kept emphasizing that.

“I am sorry. But I don’t think I can do that.”

At Mumu’s words, she bit her lip. She knew that it wouldn’t be easy. There was something she prepared for it.


Ma Yeon-hwa took out papers from her sleeve.

“I am not asking you to tell me for free.”

“Then what?”

“This is genealogy.”


Mumu titled his head. The genealogy that Mumu knew was a book that recorded the lineage of families. So why bring it to him?

“How is that? Does that appeal to you?”

Ma Yeon-hwa smiled. The genealogy she was talking about was her study material she kept. Her genealogy of her time and tests here.

It was because she kept detailed records of all the tests she took in here. Of course, the tests wouldn’t be the same way or same format. Still, it would help them understand it. And most students would want it.

“Aren’t you tempted? Wouldn’t this work?”

Mumu shook his head with bitter eyes.


“I feel jealous. It would have been nice if someone gave this to me.”


Ma Yeon-hwa frowned. What was this reaction?

Naturally, she thought he would like this, but this guy didn’t seem to like it.

“You. This one. I can give it to you if you tell me. Get it?”

“Senior must have worked hard for it. Cherish it yourself.”

“… you.”

Ma Yeon-hwa was shocked for a moment. It was the first time she saw a student who didn’t want to take this book. The genealogy book was like a treasure everyone would want. However, Mumu refused it.

“You really don’t need it?”



‘… must be arrogant. How can such a one act like this!’

She couldn’t understand it, if he didn’t want the book that meant.

‘He is going to take the test on his own without relying on others’ help in genealogy.’

An outright rejection. And she felt embarrassed for some reason. How could a first year have such a will?


She seemed to understand why the daughter of the Tang family liked him. There were many kids who liked to take the short route to success, but this one wasn’t like that.

‘… right, I shouldn’t be acting like this either.’

Ma Yeon-hwa shook her head. It was a shame that she couldn’t get the stars. And it was just the beginning of third year, she would have ample time.

‘If I keep pushing him it would be like I am insulting him.’


Ma Yeon-hwa bowed to Mumu.

“I am sorry that I did something shameful by being blinded by my greed.”

“No. it wasn’t anything.”

Mumu waved his hand. She felt horrible now. The bold personality of the man who didn’t care even if the other person was at fault and excused them. She had a glimpse of how good this man would be in the future.

Ma Yeon-hwa stared at Mumu.

“What is it?”

“Ah… nothing.”

“Then can I leave? I am really tired. Yawn!”

Mumu yawned and asked. It was a demeaning act in front of a lady, but it didn’t seem that bad for the girl.

“You… your name?”

She was curious about it, to which he smiled and answered.


Seeing that, Ma Yeon-hwa turned her head away without realizing it.

What? That weird feeling? It was similar to the excitement she got when she would be treated badly.

She felt like she had to move somewhere and calm herself down.

“… let’s meet again.”


As soon as he said that, Ma Yeon-ha ran away. It was so fast that she could be seen, but seeing Mumu frowned.

“An unusual senior.”

Well, he just wanted to go and sleep. And wanting to sleep he was about to leave the alley, but then someone with a bow on their back blocked his path.

It was Cho Nayeon, the fifth ranked senior.


When she saw him, she changed her mind.

“It was you?”

“Hm… bow shooting senior.”

At Mumu’s words she frowned.

“You don’t know my name?”

“Don’t know.”

“Ah… I am Cho Nayeon.”

“Okay. But why are you blocking my way?”

He was tired and he only wanted to sleep. Cho Nayeon felt a bit bad at those words. She was feeling very grateful for what he did in the past.

‘No. something else is more important.’

Shaking her head, she said,

“Did you tell Ma Yeon-hwa how to get a star from Master Baek Yeon?”

Cho Nayeon, ranked 5th in the 3rd year, had a weird relationship with Ma Yeon-hwa who was ranked 3rd.

She was pushed down in the final test of second year, but she was keeping an eye on Ma Yeon-hwa.

Mumu was puzzled by the question and asked,

“Did senior also know this from someone?”

“… right.”

Like Mumu guessed, there were people who admired her, so they might have told her this to get close to her.

Mumu clicked his tongue.

‘These seniors have light mouths.’

He felt like he would die from exhaustion if this kept going on. Mumu, who was bothered by it, cut off and said.

“I didn’t tell her. I am not going to tell anyone, can I go now?”

“You really won’t tell anyone?”

Cho Nayeon was flustered at it. Looking at the face of Ma Yeon-hwa who was running away, it seemed like she got the information. But he didn’t tell her?

“Yes. I want to. I am leaving now.”


“I won’t tell you.”

Mumu’s unwillingness to listen turned her to urgent.

“If you tell me, I will give you my genealogy book and two ways to get stars.”

She had four stars. So he suggested it to Mumu who would want more. And made this daunting proposal. Mumu stopped.

‘Star… Hm.’

He did see the 3rd basement and he had a lot of questions. But he got the iron rod with him. That said, maybe he could get something useful from the 2nd basement too?

‘Would it be fine to say?’

Mo Il-hwa told him to not do it, but he wouldn’t lose anything. And he could get two stars.

“Fine. But I don’t need that book.”

“Uh? Really?”

Cho Nayeon was shocked at it.

“Yes. Even that senior a while ago told me she would give me, but I don’t understand why anyone would give me their family genealogy?”


She frowned. Family genealogy? He thought she was giving him her family lineage book?

“Did you reject the book because you didn’t know that in our academy genealogy is a slang term for collection of tests and important information?”

“Wh… at?”

Mumu frowned. That was what genealogy meant?

Mumu’s reaction was so funny that she wanted to laugh. She couldn’t imagine him being so innocent.

“Ahhhhahaha. You really are… one funny kid!”

“… I didn’t know that.”

Had he known he would have revealed the information, there was no harm in knowing about exams beforehand.

And Mumu’s purpose was to become famous here. Just like his step brother, Yu Jin-seong.

“Then, would you like to exchange information?”

Mumu nodded his head.

“I wrote it down in advance, do you still want me to tell you?”

Cho Nayeon took out the book she had prepared and handed it. Mumu who took it looked at it.

“Then will you let me know?”

She asked with eyes full of anticipation. Her heart was pounding.

If he got the method, she would be the first student in the 3rd year to get a star.

Mumu told her casually.

“Show Master Baek Yeon your body.”

“… What?”

For a moment, Cho Nayeon’s expression was distorted.

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