Chapter 57 - Strength Limiting Bands (1)

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Jong Seung, who was pushed back for a while, dropped the black iron ball he was holding due to the piercing pain in his hand.


The palm of his hand, which had let go of the black iron ball, was red and swollen. Even though he had made sure to drain out the force of the ball, it seemed like the palm of his hand was charred and cracked.


But when he saw the ball fall to the floor, Jong Seung’s mouth was left hanging open, looking at the footprints engraved on the ground. Mumu had thrown the ball with such a massive amount of force.

The black iron metal is different from normal ones; it is heavy and durable. And yet, it had been used like this.

Jong Seng looked at the students on the ground; everyone had the same expression as him.

‘This… cannot be.’


Jong Seung hurriedly looked at Mumu and went for him.

“Master Jong Seung!”

“I need to catch that junior!”

At his cry, the ones beside him made their move.

On the other hand, the students in orange robes watching all of this didn’t want to miss what could happen and moved to follow.

Mo Il-hwa, looking at that, smiled.

“Yah. Look at that; they must be angry.”

“This is bad. They were preparing for the competition, and now the keeper has his palm injured.”

JIn-hyuk was puzzled at Har-ryang’s words.

“Then why are the opponents also running?”

As Jin-hyuk said, both sides were running towards them. Of course, the first to reach them was Jong Seung. Mumu scratched his head, looking at the swollen hands of the senior, and said,

“Ahh… senior. I am sorry. Did I kick it too hard?”

At that, Jong Seung shook his head with a broad smile.

“No, junior. This is the first time that I have found such a strong and wonderful kick. Have you ever tried Cuju?”


Of course he hadn’t. And Jong Seung continued to ask.

“Hahaha. Well, that is good. Instead of that, why not be with us and play Cuju?”

“Right. It will be a waste to have your skills rot.”

“You were great.”

The seniors, along with Jong Seung, praised Mumu. At that, Hae-ryang was puzzled. He thought they would be enraged, but they rushed here to recruit Mumu.


“Wouldn’t that be nice? With your level of skills and strength, you—my junior, can….”


“Rule the ground.”

Jong Seung slapped his palms, unable to hide his excitement.

“Uh? What?”

“Ahh. I spoke without realizing it. You will be the best.”

“… but more than that, isn’t your hand hurting?”

Jong Seung, who forgot about his palm and clapped them, looked.

His palm was sore, but he pretended to be okay.

“Don’t worry about….”


At that moment, someone interrupted their conversation and pushed Jong Seung aside.


Thanks to that, Jong Seung was pushed back, and other students yelled at him.

“Brother Youngjo! You are being rude.”

“Ah… rude? Sorry. It was kinda urgent.”


“Junior, what is your name?”

Mumu scratched his head at the question and answered.


“Uh? Right, junior Mumu. I had a good look at that. That was the best I have ever seen!”

“… thank you.”

“I cannot let such outstanding talent rot away…. Why not play with us? If it was you, you could become the best player after me….”

“Best? The person mentioned that he couldn’t even pass the others and is calling himself the best?”

Jong Seung intervened, at which the one called Youngjo raised his eyebrows.

“What was that?”

“I came to this junior first. Don’t interfere and wait for your turn.”

The atmosphere turned sour rather quickly, both sides confronting, and Youngjo snorted.

“Ha. Well, if you can do it, go ahead.”

At those words, the atmosphere turned grim. Both sides were ready to fight.

‘What is this?’

Mo Il-hwa couldn’t believe this. Was there a fight happening for Mumu?

Mumu said that this Cuju might be fun, but this situation still seemed too hard to understand.


Everyone’s eyes turned to one place. There was a middle-aged man with drooping eyes and a mustache standing with his hands behind his back.

It was none other than Yang Baek-jeon, a swordsman lecturer in the academy. And the students who recognized him couldn’t hide their shocked expressions.

“Master Y-Yang.”

Yang Baek-jeon was a master no one would speak freely to. He was strict with rules and had a sensitive personality, making him look cranky. Since it was inconvenient to talk with such people, the students avoided him.

“What fuss are you creating in this building?”

At those words, Jong Seung tried to speak.

“Master Yang. It isn’t that….”

“What isn’t? Are you telling me that my eyes are wrong?”


“if you don’t move right now, I will have to give you all penalty points.”

At his warning, both sides were worried and retreated hastily. If they stayed here any longer, they would be given penalty points.

“Junior. See you later.”

In the midst of that, Jong Seung narrowed his eyes and smiled at Mumu. Youngjo did something similar to Mumu and said something, but what he said couldn’t be heard.

As they moved away, Master Yang approached Mumu and his party.



Jin-hyuk responded to it right away. And glancing at them, Master Yang spoke.

“Seeing where you are going, it looks like you are going for a lecture.”

“Yes. that is correct.”

“Then you don’t have to go.”


“The one in charge of the lecture, Master Ga Yu-hang, is not coming for personal reasons. So I am letting you know.”


Mo Il-hwa smiled, unable to hide her joy. She wasn’t in the mood to understand the lecture today. Master Yang looked at Jin-hyuk and said,

“Good. Now can you go to the classroom and tell the waiting students about this?”

“Ah, yes.”

It was nothing complicated. And Master Yang looked at Mumu and asked,

“You… are Mumu?”

“Yes. I am Mumu.”

“Since the next lecture isn’t there, you are free?”


“Then follow me.”


Mumu couldn’t hide his shock at this. Master Yang wasn’t happy with that reaction, so,

“A master in the academy asks you to follow; what is with that reaction?”

“No, you suddenly asked me to follow you.”

“Come with me; you’ll know the reason.”

And Mumu had no choice but to follow him.

“Why is he taking Mumu?”

“Well. I don’t know….”

The cold attitude of Master Yang caught the others’ eyes.

And Jin-hyuk, Hae-ryang and Mo Il-hwa, who didn’t know something had happened, couldn’t help but watch it.

Mumu looked at the writing board inside the room.


Just looking at it, the place felt solemn. Yang Baek-jeon, who had brought Mumu inside, looked at him.

“Did you know why I brought you here?”

Mumu tilted his head at the question, wasn’t he asked to follow here to know the answer?

“I don’t know.”

“Don’t know… phew.”

Maser Yang shook his head and sighed. And then pointed to Mumu’s sleeves.

“Roll up your sleeves.”

“Sleeves? Why?”

“If your master tells you to do it, you do it. Never ask questions.”


Mumu looked at Master Yang and then immediately rolled up the sleeve with his right hand. And the bands were visible. Seeing that, Master Yang narrowed his eyes. He had heard about it, and they did look like average bands.

“The other sleeve too.”

Mumu was aware of what his father, Yu Yeop-kyung, would say, The King, The Teacher and Father are one body, so he stayed silent.


As he rolled up, the bands on the other arm were revealed and confirmed what Master Yang said.

“Take them off.”


“The rings or bands or bracelets, whatever they are, remove them.”

Mumu frowned at those words.

“Did you call me here for this?”

At that, Master Yang frowned.

“Are you talking back to your master now?”

“… not talking back. The Master keeps telling me things that make no sense.”

At that, Yang Baek-jeon snorted as he said,

“These are the academy rules. However, I heard that a guy not trained in martial arts is using items to enhance his strength through the office, and then he created an accident too. Doesn’t this man sound familiar?”

“… who are you talking about?”

“Who? Did you really ask me that?”


At that, Master Yang was a bit annoyed and shouted at Mumu.

“I am talking about You!”


“Yes. Is there anyone else who entered the academy without learning martial arts?”

Mumu tilted his head. He did pass the tests, but he didn’t know what his man was saying. Was there any rule about everyone having to learn martial arts?

“It’s true, I didn’t learn martial arts, but I passed the test cleanly.”

“Are you really going to talk back? Ha!”

Master Yang clicked his tongue.

“Are you saying that it is normal to do it with the power of an item?”

“… excuse master. From a while ago, you kept talking about an item; what is that?”

“It is that ring on your hands!”


Mumu asked, looking at the bands on his hands.

“Ha. Look at you. Are you really talking back and acting like this?”

“… I am not acting; it is because I really don’t know. And this is no item.”

“Not an item?”

“Yes. This…”

“Does that mean that the rings have no power?”

Mumu went silent. It wasn’t like these bands had no hidden power. The bands helped hold his body and use the muscles to the best and even prevented him from using too much force.

At Mumu’s reaction, Master Yang clicked his tongue.

“Look at you now. Did you just pretend to be naïve to getaway? Trying to fool a master? Pretending that the item on your hands is something normal.”

“It isn’t like that.”

He slammed the table at Mumu’s words.

“This is the Heavenly Martial Arts Academy. Would it be fair to let cowardly people like you with items get higher grades than the others and ruin the competition?”


“Are you still talking! Take that rings off now.”

“Take them off?”

Unable to hold back the anger, Master Yang got up from the seat and shouted at Mumu.

“Do I have to take it off you?”

Mumu shook his head at the scream, and Yang Baek-jeon firmly said,

“It seems like you think that the item being removed is unfortunate, but if you pass with such things and expect people to stay quiet….”


At that moment, Mumu held out both his hands towards Master Yang.



What was this now? Master Yang couldn’t hide the shock on his face at the change in the attitude of Mumu, who had his eyes shining.

“Are you going to take this off? Please just take these off me.”


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