Chapter 68 - Great Confrontation (2)

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Ki Majin’s heart pounded just then.

Even Cho Nayeon who was ranked five in the third year could not find him if he was hiding like this.

He was someone who prided himself on being the best in stealth. But this man could find him with just smell?

‘… Ha!’

Well, if he had something sprinkled on him he could understand Mumu finding him from that, but with just smell?

Then, this human had surpassed the sense of smell. Mumu said to him,

“Now you cannot run away Senior.”

Ki Majin bit his lip. At this rate, he would never get to see Cho Nayeon training. Because of this damned 6th floor leader.

“Should I come up?”

At Mumu’s words, Ki Majin took the back of his hand and pointed up.

‘Think I will let this slide?’

In both of Ki Majin’s hands was a small unusually shaped crossbow that was fixed on his wrist. These crossbows were loaded with many small needle-like arrows.

Ki Majin held them in his hands and spun as he jumped from the tree he was on.


Along with the dodging motion, he fired the needle-like arrows at Mumu.


They were arrows with rounded heads, meant for killing and they made their way to Mumu with great speed.


The arrows which were very small shot out, and in a smooth motion Ki Majin landed ten steps ahead, as he spoke to Mumu,

“I didn’t come out here to do something bad. I came here with the pure desire to see the woman I like.”

“I see.”

“I warn you. The arrows which I shoot will fly right through your body this time.”

“You want to shoot at me?”

“Yes. So leave me alone.”

“Are you trying to peek again?”

“I am just watching.”

“Are you going to not follow the rules? Ah, come to think of it, I was told that martial arts training should not be looked at.”

“…. This is true, but due to the accumulation of demerit points, I don’t think it matters.”

After breaking the curfew and sneaking peeks at others, he was already caught once. Mumu scratched his head and said to him,

“Just come with me.”


“If you keep doing that, I will knock you out and take you back.”

Ki Majin laughed at this.

“Do you think it will be the same as last time? At that time I was too confused but this time it will be different. As soon as I have my weapons out, you won’t be able to come close.”

“Is that so?”

“If you don’t want to get hurt, just go back. Even if the tip of the arrow isn’t sharp, it will hurt you.”

“I apologize for this senior but I need to take you back to get my duties done.”


Ki Majin fired an arrow at Mumu and Mumu lightly grabbed the arrow with his fingers.


“What did you do?”

“… they say that you haven’t mastered martial arts, but your movements are as good as someone who learned it. Then this shouldn’t be a problem.”



Ki Majin flew back and then used both arrows again. The greatest advantage of the needle arrows was their rapid rate of fire.

Ki Majin came from a family which inherited the craftsmanship of the crossbow. And the family’s crossbow technology made the people of Murim nervous too.


And he fired arrows at Mumu. Ki Majin naturally thought that Mumu would avoid it, and in the meantime, he planned to keep firing and widen the distance.


As soon as his feet hit the ground, Mumu rushed toward the oncoming arrows.


No matter how much he wanted to get the work done, he should at least avoid or block the arrows. At that moment, Ki Majin’s eyes widened.


The arrows which were touching Mumu’s body were being deflected.

‘… Uh?’

For a moment, he doubted his eyes. But the arrows weren’t hitting Mumu’s body. No matter how much energy he was using to make sure it hurt Mumu, the arrows were deflecting like they were hitting a rock.

He was doing this with a bare body?

Meanwhile, Mumu’s body was getting close to him.



Ki Majin kicked his feet, flying back once again, and loaded two more arrows into the crossbow.

Mumu didn’t know martial arts so he didn’t want to use internal energy, but he realized this wouldn’t stop him.

‘The legs.’

Ki Majin aimed for the thighs and legs. Even if only the two legs were blocked he couldn’t run after him.


The arrows with internal energy were coming for Mumu, and so Mumu jumped up to dodge the arrows. Seeing this, Ki Majin smiled,


Jumping up in front of an opponent who uses an air-based weapon was stupid. Ki Majin jumped up and tried to aim both arrows at Mumu in the air again. That moment,


Ki Majin looked elsewhere.

Mumu’s body jumped up and hit him.



Ki Majin, who was hit on the collarbone by Mumu, fell down. Mumu who fell with him asked.

“I thought you were going to shoot, why didn’t you?”

“Kuak. I cannot breathe, can you not ask without pressing down on me?”

“Ahh. I am afraid you will run away.”

“… damn it. If it wasn’t for that I wouldn’t be listening to this kind of thing, but I could have surely turned you into a hedgehog by releasing all the arrows if not for the vibration.”


“The vibration… didn’t you feel that? maybe since you jumped?”


Mumu was puzzled to which Ki Majin was trembling, pointing to the training center, a place built on stone.



There was a roar from there and the stone building shook.


Do Yang-woon who crossed his arms was pushed back eight steps. Blood dripped down his lips. He wanted to try and calm himself but the pride within didn’t allow it.

“Haa… Haaa…”

Do Yang-woon exhaled these words. The muscles of his body were stained with bruises, and there was someone who was walking toward him as he kept exhaling harshly. Brushing his shiny navy hair, and looking up Do Yang-woon asked,

“What are you?”


“Did you gain some kind of enlightenment?”

The handsome man with navy blue hair and sharp eyes didn’t answer Do Yang-woon. And seeing him like that, he frowned.

Just a month ago, when they sparred he was on the winning side, but now the gap widened like this. And he was being taken down with simple attacks and not techniques so it looked exquisite.

‘… is this guy for real? He progressed till here?’

If there was a difference in the level of competency, the result was obvious even if there was no fight. Do Yang-woon felt bad, he had to admit defeat.

Do Yang-woon clenched his teeth and said,

“Seohan. This spar is my defe…”


At that, the handsome man stretched out towards Do Yang-woon and then lifted his feet to hit him. Do Yang-woon hurriedly moved a step back to avoid it.

“What are you…”


Before he could even finish speaking, the handsome man kicked him. Do Yang-woon’s body moved to the side.


Do Yang-woon, who was thrown to the side, was only able to stop his body after rolling down on the ground a couple of times.


Blood dripped from his lips. Do yang-woon staggered and got up. Even though he was admitting defeat this man continued to attack him.

“Guyang Seohan. Are you going to take it till the end today?”


“You really…”


In the blink of an eye, the man called Guyang Seohan was right in front of Do Yang-woon’s nose.


Without a second’s wait, he hit the man in the neck.

After being hit in the neck, Do Yang-woon staggered and was about to fall, but he clenched his teeth and endured it, he then looked at Guyang Seohan, and tried to hit him.

But the man avoided it lightly.


As soon as he avoided it, Do yang-woon was knocked down violently.


Blood gushed out of Do Yang-woon’s mouth and he fell to the ground. Just by looking at the crack in the ground, it was clear that he didn’t expect the attack.

With the blood all around, Do Yang-woon barely opened his mouth.

“You… how…”


Before his words could be finished, a foot was harshly pressed onto his chest.


He coughed blood once again. Guyang Seohan looked at him with expressionless eyes and lifted his feet again now aiming for Do Yang-woon’s face. At that sight, even Do Yang-woon was flustered.

‘Is he trying to kill me for real…’


Guyang Seohan’s feet were coming down to the face of Do Yang-woon.


Guyang Seohan was about to step on his head but instead took a step back—catching something in his hands.


It was a small needle-like arrow, Guyang Seohan turned his head to look at the arrow. Through a window was Ki Majin standing there aiming at him.

“Uh…this is… I didn’t mean to do…”

Guyang Seohan looked at Ki Majin and then raised his foot to stomp down on Do Yang-woon’s face.


And Ki Majin immediately shot again.


And a rain of arrows came in. Guyang Seohan moved lightly to avoid it.


Guyang Seohan endured twice and then moved for Ki Majin.


Ki Majin panicked and fired again without breaking into a run, even as the man moved with great flexibility and avoided everything; reaching the window in an instant.

‘W-why so fast!’

This was an unbelievable speed. Flinching, Guyang Seohan avoided the arrows and kicked Ki Majin who was about to move back from the window.


And then he felt startled and stopped as he took a step from the window.


‘There is another rat.’

Guyang Seohan noticed that there was someone next to the window. And if he had kicked at the window the other man would have caught him, and he was right.

“Damn it. What is this! Almost got hit.”

“Ah, is that so?”

Guying Seohan snorted at this.

‘Foolish people.’

Did they think that he would really fall for this? And the kid on the other side couldn’t even hide his presence properly.

‘it’s better to deal with this first.’

Guying Seohan aimed his feet at the wall.

It looked like a simple kick, but it was the most advanced kick which could pierce through the wall. This was a kick to crack down the wall.


When the foot touched the wall, the entire wall shook with his feet making an imprint there. It was powerful enough to make the other walls there shake at it.



Guyang Seohan frowned. He was sure he hit with the right amount of force, but just a groan?

It had to be a fake scream…


At that moment a hand came from the wall which shook and grabbed Guyang Seohan’s ankle.


How could his kick be blocked from the other side this easily? Obviously, he could feel that the man on the other side had lower martial arts than him, and then a voice rang out,

“Come out and talk to me.”



As soon as the words were done, the hand which grabbed the ankle pulled with great force.


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