Chapter 70 - Great Confrontation (4)

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The mouth of Guyang Seohan was stretched out on the floor and was blowing out air.

The pain from his body made him feel like his mind explode just from moving. Even though he had protected his body with internal energy, he was unable to do anything.

"Haa… Ha…"

This was nothing short of absurd for him.

Mumu's formidable strength was good, but if it wasn't for the shock he had felt, he wouldn't have been pushed to this extent. Mumu pulled his ankle and he was dragged through the wall, his body taking most of the shock.

The pain in that specific part which was essential for men was indescribable.

'Did he do this on purpose?'

If it was, then he was clever. This was contrary to what he had heard, and now Mumu was looking down on him and only said,

"Now let's have a talk."

At his words, Guyang Seohan frowned. This was unexpected.

He, who should have killed Do Yang-woon, was now stuck here. And there was only one chance left.

Guyang Seohan decided to do as asked and gulped.

Mumu then asked him,

"Why did you try to kill senior Do Yang-woon?"


"You were trying to kill him."

To call it a spar was was simply too much now. Mumu was sure that if Ki Majin hadn't fired that arrow during the match, Do Yang-woon would have been crushed under Guyang Seohan's feet.


But Guyang Seohan didn't open his mouth. He was in too much pain because of Mumu beating him.

And it was hard to tell if Mumu understood his pain and did this on purpose or was just naïve.

"You don't seem to want to speak."

Mumu scratched his head as he looked around. After all, Do Yang-woon was saved, so it meant Mumu didn't need to be involved with him any longer.

"Even if I ask, you don't seem to want to speak…"

Mumu frowned and Guyang Seohan's eyes trembled.

Contrary to the threat, there was no significant change in his face or expression, but the answer kept alluding him.

"Cough, Master Mumu."

At that time, Do Yang-woon approached them with the support of Ki Majin. Do yang-woon looked down at Guyang Seohan on the ground with a shocked face.

He didn't think Mumu could defeat this man so easily.

'How can he achieve this with just pure muscle strength?'

Although he did take up the muscle training, it was Do Yang-woon who judged himself to be higher ranked than Mumu. But now that he saw these results, he changed his mind.

Mumu's abilities were far stronger.

"Haa… Haa… Haa…"

"What is he up to?"

Ki Majin looked at Guyang Seohan who was breathing heavily.

Something looked odd about Guyang Seohan. The only thing that stood out, however, was the blank expression on his face, and his eyes were trembling and his breathing had turned ragged.

Do Yang-woon also asked Guyang Seohan, wondering what he was doing,

"Seohan. What is with…"

It was then.


Suddenly Guyang Seohan's head exploded.


All three of them were at a loss for words. They were stunned by what happened all of a sudden.

"This… what was it…"

There was no guess as to why a head just exploded suddenly. But that wasn't all.

Swish! Chik!

Smoke began to come out from the stomach of Guyang Seohan whose head was blown off with a pungent smell.

And Ki Majin said,

"B-Bone powder?"

Bone Powder.

It was a poison that was used to dissolve corpses. It was known to be so toxic that the fleshy muscles and internal organs got destroyed. All that would be left were the victim's bones.

"How can this…"

Do Yang-woon couldn't understand this.

The purpose of the Bone Powder was to not leave any traces of the corpse. Although Guyang Seohan was the grandson of the famous man who was known for the poison he uses, he didn't understand why such poison would be used.

Besides, Guyang Seohan was someone who was known to be immune to poison, so such a thing shouldn't have happened.


The body which was blown up melted in no time. All that was left were some bone fragments from the torso.

And Ki Majin who didn't understand asked,

"He committed suicide because he was hit by Mumu?"

"It cannot be that. He isn't so weak as to do something like that because he lost in one match."

Do Yang-woon denied it but he couldn't figure out what had happened.

Wasn't he also trying to kill him with the sudden increase in his martial arts skills a while back? And now he committed suicide without leaving any traces.


There was a lot of speculation.

Unlike him, Ki Majin was mostly just shocked.

'This is bad. Isn't this going to make things bigger?'

Whether it was suicide or accidental death, the problem was that he was from a big family.

His grandfather was the bloody Poison Air of the West, known to be one of the Four Great Warriors.

'Will we be misunderstood for nothing… uh?'

At that moment, Ki Majin pointed his hand somewhere.

"Uh… isn't the dorm over there?"


Mumu and Do Yang-woon looked over. A cloud of smoke could be seen rising in the dark knight sky. And it was in the direction of the dorms.

At the same time, the North Heavenly Dorm.

On the roof of the dorm, two masked men were smashing down the wooden barrels and pouring out a black liquid.

The black liquid was none other than oil. And this oil was quickly aimed at the walls of the building.

"Hurry up. We don't have much time."

At the words of one masked person, the other one nodded and walked to a dry place with a barrel.

Three more barrels. That was all.


Feeling someone's presence, they stopped what they were doing and looked over. Two people were there, Jin-hyuk and Hae-ryang.

'What? People are awake?'

The masked men looked at each other, unable to hide their shock. They thought they had put everyone to sleep. Jin-hyuk shouted at them,

"What is with you people? Why are you pouring oil on top of the building?'


At his question, the people ignored him and broke the wooden barrel in their hands, and continued pouring.

"This needs to be stopped!"

Jin-hyuk and Hae-ryang each shot for the masked people. If he didn't stop them now, then something bad would happen.

Hae-ryang threw his dagger at one of them.


The man lightly dodged it and pulled something out of his waist. A fire rod.

And it wasn't just the masked man in front of Hae-ryang who pulled one out, even the one facing Jin-hyuk was also doing the same thing, and he took the lid of the rod and blew into it.


The flames which fluttered at the end of the rod, and the oil on the building. Their intentions were clear.

"Stop! Why are you doing this?"

The masked man smirked at Jin-hyuk and said,

"I don't know how you are awake, but it is too late."


The man pointed his finger to the east. The direction from where the East River Dorm was became draped in flames in an instant. And the same for the South Blade Dorm too. The only places not hit were the West Wind and North heavenly dorms.

'No way…'

This was happening in all the dorms? If the students were all intoxicated and asleep then no one would be able to escape, and the most terrible thing would happen.


Jin-hyuk shouted at the masked men.

"I said you are too late."

The masked man smirked and tried to put the fire rod to the oil and Jin-hyuk hurriedly tried to reach there.

'Look at him.'

The masked man seemed a bit surprised as Jin-hyuk had come close to him. Jin-hyuk kept following him and tried to catch him.

"Annoying brat!"

The masked man moved and threw the fire rod under the tile. And Jin-hyuk who saw it jumped there without another thought.

It was a situation where he could fall, but he didn't mind it and grabbed the edge of the tile with his hand and kicked the rod.


The rod which got hit fell far away from the building.

'He blocked that.'

The masked man's expression changed. He didn't expect this young one to be this skilled. And he wasn't the only one.


Hae-ryang too threw a dagger deflecting the fire rod and tried to throw it away.


Jin-hyuk was happy about it. Hae-ryang also looked at Jin-hyuk with a proud, bright face. And to them, the masked man frowned,

"Pretty nice, but don't think we weren't prepared for this."


"The basics of fire starting is to begin from the bottom."


As soon as he said that, the masked man grabbed the rope tied from the top to jump down.

And it was the same with the other man. Jumping down, they took another fire rod from the waist, and then set it on fire and threw it at the second floor.


The exterior wall of the building, which has been drenched in oil, caught fire right away. The fire spread with great speed because of the oil-soaked wall. And Jin-hyuk dipped into despair as the flame rose.

In the end, the arson couldn't be stopped.

"… w-we are done."

Hae-ryang also looked down with a blank face. The fire engulfed the building in an instant, it looked like a fire demon was raging.


Seeing them like that, the masked man laughed. It was quite nice that young children were trying to stop them, but they have now come to the realization that the harsh reality couldn't be avoided.

'About ten years. How much do you think we have prepared for this day?'

This wasn't something one or two kids could have stopped. And this was just the start. No matter how many survive, many would still die. Rather they should be thankful for the present death…


And that was the moment.

A huge roar and slight vibration on the ground as if it was being torn.


The masked man instinctively looked at the source.

Something was flying to them at a tremendous speed.

'W-what? That is?'

It seemed to be moving from the layers of the air and reached the top of the North Heavenly dorm in an instant.

They weren't the only ones to see it, Jin-hyuk and Hae-ryang too noticed it.

"Mu… Mu?"

"Young lord Mumu?"

It was none other than Mumu who did that, and his body was letting off steam, and he clenched his fist in the sky.

And then hurled it down towards the dorm as fast as he could.


The moment he clenched his fist, something shocking happened. A great amount of wind pressure arose and struck the entire building from above.

The flames soared up and wrapped around the building and were soon crushed by the great wind pressure created, and then embers burst out in all directions and disappeared.


The masked man was at a loss for words at the fire which came undone in an instant. He couldn't believe what he had just seen.

'…. What is this?'

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