Chapter 73 - Variable (3)

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The situation hadn’t been good when it had only been him and Jin-hyuk, since they were badly outnumbered–but the appearance of the West Wind Dorm Women changed all of that.

‘I have heard the rumors.’

Reminding himself of the rumors made Hae-ryang sigh in relief. Jin-hyuk was indeed known to be skilled, but these three women who had just appeared were far superior to him; Of particular note were Guyang Seorin and Ma Yeon-hwa, who were widely known to be abnormally skilled.

Ma Yeon-hwa’s splendid dual swordsmanship created black and white lines as she took down the masked people, just how strong could she be?



The masked man who had been blocking her twin swords had his sword broken–but that wasn’t all.



The twin swords cut down his elbow and his side without missing a beat. This technique of hers was amazing, in both precision and control. However, it could be said that these swords were moved with the sole purpose of dissecting her opponent, there was no room for surrender.


“Huh! This witch!”

“Whom are you calling a witch?”

Guyang Seorin’s movements were swift. Like the woman who was known to have crossed everyone in the school with her movement, she avoided the attacks of the masked man–reaching out in front of his nose, she lifted up her leg to kick him in the chin.



A foot collided with a chin, as a masked man soared high up–only to fall back down. The one who was hit just rolled back onto the ground not moving.

“Well. This was nothing.”

“Damn it!”

As she fanned herself, the other men grunted.


Chang! Chang! Chang!

The other men then began to wield their weapons to smash down the daggers that Tang So-so had been tossing at them, though that wasn’t all she had been doing.


While throwing the daggers with her left hand she swung the whip which was hanging by her waist and used it to pull the leg of a man.



As the man lost his balance, he spotted the daggers that were coming right for his face.

Bewildered and not wanting to be hit by them, he immediately rolled not even caring about his body.


One of the daggers had managed to embed itself within his left wrist.

Tang So-so was from a family famous for poison, so the weapon was bound to be coated in it! Seeing that his wrist was turning black, the man cut off his own wrist without another thought.

‘Amazing. They aren’t second and third-year seniors for nothing.’

These women were a lot stronger than the masked people. Hopefully, they might be able to subdue them but there was something missing, the man, Go Heon-boem hadn’t moved yet.

‘Why isn’t he coming?’

If he joined his men, things could have turned out differently. However, despite giving the order he hadn’t stepped ahead and kept watching them all with his hawk-like eyes.

‘…those two are the problem.’

The ones who annoyed Go Heon-boem the most were Ma Yeon-hwa and Guyang Seorin. With every motion, these two were limiting the area in which his men could move freely.

‘And it isn’t like they are doing their best.’

They weren’t doing their best. That being said, the two had already gone past the limit that students should have.

Guyang Seorin was a child of one of the Four Great Warriors and was said to have natural talent but Ma Yeon-hwa was the most shocking one.

’That girl… every time she moves her swords another opponent succumbs, she keeps aiming to maximize the bloodshed, killing each of them in an instant.

This wasn’t what the academy taught the students. It made him wonder from where she was learning this, and because of that, she was more interesting than Guyang Seorin.


Ma Yeon-hwa’s eyes turned to him. Her goal was to defeat the man who was using these masked people.

Ma Yeon-hwa was most aware of the fact that he was the strongest person and the one behind this incident.

‘That man is the most dangerous one, and is probably the ring leader.’

It wouldn’t be difficult to stop him once all these masked men had been stopped.


She decided to move instead of waiting there and went for Go Heon-boem…

Black Dragon and White Phoenix swords were ready as she rushed at him.

‘Ma Yeon’s Double Fang Swords Knot!, the 4th technique Early Evil Cutting Fangs!’


A bloodthirst so thick that revealed itself to be so ferocious that it seemed to materilize as something hungry to feed. Go Heon-boem went stiff as he immediately took a step back and pulled out his sword.


‘Loyal Evil Sword!’

The sword’s blade was like a rippling wave from Go Heon-boem’s hand. And then it stopped.


Both swords collided as sparks glittered around them.

‘Ha, look at this.’

Go Heon-boem’s eyes shone as he watched his technique being blocked. Despite knowing that this woman was good, he thought he would have an upper hand due to experience but it felt like they were on equal terms.

‘This witch. She has skills comparable with the teachers.’

The teachers of the academy were all warriors, so there was a certain gap between the skills of students and teachers. From the perspective of Go Heon-boem, if he had to divide the levelings then this woman could enter the teacher’s ranks.

‘Loyal Evil also didn’t work, if a few more years pass, I won’t be able to face her. But now…’


Go Heon-boem pulled back his sword and aimed for the gaps he could see in Ma Yeon-hwa’s guard. As she turned her body to counter, her shoulder became exposed as she aimed for the face of Go Heon-boem.

‘I knew you would do that!’

His sword, which was already getting used to her, tried to cut off her ankles. At that moment, something flew to intercept the tip of his sword stopping it.


‘A fan?’

It was none other than Guyang Seorin’s fan. When he looked over to where the fan had come from, he saw that Guyang Seorin was multitasking, clenching the neck of one of his men while she licked her lips and helping Ma Yeon-hwa in the meantime.



Go Heon-boem hurriedly stepped back and withdrew. Any later and Ma Yeon-hwa would have cut his throat. Go Heon-boem’s impression became distorted as he touched his neck.

“Unfortunate, senior.”


As if it was a pity Ma Yeon-hwa had spoken, Guyang Seorin picked up her fan which had fallen to the ground.


Guying Seorin took it lightly. And Go Heon-boem clicked his tongue.

“I am not going to be careless just because you are kids.”

“Kids? I don’t think that is something a man who committed such horrid deeds against the so-called kids should be speaking.”

Ma Yeon-hwa aimed the tip of her Black Dragon sword at him. She wasn’t wrong, but the man smiled.

“Whatever, it is time to end this game,”



At that time, a few forms appeared from the bushes in the west and seeing that Tang So-so’s face brightened at the people whose presence she couldn’t even feel.


Fortunately, they weren’t masked men but three people she knew.

“Master Oh Jong-dan!”

“Master So Boryang and Bae Manok?”

They were the masters who taught the second and third years students. It was the moment when the kids felt relieved that strong allies had appeared. The middle-aged man, Oh Jong-dan said,

“This is a bit different from the plan.”


Jin-hyuk frowned. Something felt off.

If it was a normal reaction, when masked people and students were fighting, the teachers should help them.

However, as soon as they came, they were talking about a plan, and Go Heon-boem said,

“There were variables.”

“These are the variables? That is why the smoke didn’t rise from the fires?”


Hae-ryang who was hearing this weird conversation mumbled.

“Damn it… I don’t think they are allies.”

“This is troublesome.”



Guyang Seorin broke the neck of the masked man she was holding and got up. For now, things seem to have changed a bit.

If it was only Go Heon-boem they would have had the advantage in the fight, but now there were 4 teachers of the academy.

And not all the masked men were dealt with, at that time, Jin-hyuk looked at them and said,

“Are masters in on this?”

None of the three masters answered as if they didn’t care. Rather, weird words came.

“Let’s change the plan.”

“The teachers of the academy dealt with the arsonists that had murdered the brave students trying to stop them, doesn’t sound bad right?”

“I think the same.”


Jin-hyuk’s face went stiff with those words. Although it was known that they were on the team which committed the arson, he couldn’t think that they would come over to kill the students this casually.

What is with those people?

‘We are done. What skills do lower District sect people have to fight?’

Hae-ryang regretted coming here; he could lose his life trying to help Jin-hyuk.

Even if he wanted to run now, there was no way he could escape from the academy teachers.

“Huhuhu. Afraid?”

Go Heon-boem chuckled as if he sensed his fear. And to that, Hae-ryang said.

“If I ask to spare me, will I be spared?”

“But you see, dead don’t speak”

‘… they want all of us dead.’

Knowing their secret meant that no one here could be left alive.


All the three masters took out their weapons. A terrible killing intent could be felt eminating from them. It was the moment when all the students began to be nervous about this.

They heard someone’s voice.


Jin-hyuk’s eyes widened. It was none other than Mumu.

‘Young lord Mumu?’


Even Hae-ryang and Tang So-so who recognized the voice were confused. Although it was one person’s cry, even the masters trying to attack stopped to see if it was just one or more people coming.

And in an instant, the words of Mumu flashed through Jin-hyuk’s mind.

[Call me if anything happens.]


This was nothing short of a crisis, so how could he call Mumu in this danger? What if he gets hurt here?

Hae-ryang, who was troubled, looked up at the moon and shouted with all his might.


At his cry, even the masked men seemed to be shocked and unable to comprehend.


Rather than shouting for help from other masters and teachers, this child was calling for someone called Mumu?

‘Idiot! What can Mumu do in this situation?’

Jin-hyuk was embarrassed. However, Hae-ryang’s cry was enough to provoke the enemies.

So Boryang, one of the masters rushed for Hae-ryang. It was to kill him. But during that moment.


Someone crashed through the trees above and landed right where they were. As he landed the floor could be seen digging down making everyone turn there.

“Young lord Mumu!”

He shouted with a bright face and So Boryang, who was trying to kill him, frowned.

‘This one is Mumu?’

Is there anyone in the academy who didn’t know the name? That unique man who passed through the entrance test with only muscle strength.

But this looked different from what he heard.


The form of Mumu with steam rising from his body and red hot muscles looked ominous.

And that was enough intimidation for them to stay alert.

‘… this one is dangerous.’

‘This one needs to be taken down first.’


All three masters rushed to Mumu at once.

‘So fast!’

Two of the masters quickly narrowed the distance to Mumu at once and moved from left and right.

Their swords aimed for the throat and waist of Mumu.

“Stay back!”

Tang So-so yelled in fear. But,

Clang! Tang!



The expressions of the two masters wielding the sword to kill Mumu went stiff.

This was because their swords hadn’t stabbed into Mumu–instead, the swords had simply snapped.

For a moment, both the attackers and the onlookers were shocked and Mumu titled his head and asked.

“What are you doing?”

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