Chapter 74 - Variable (4)

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Staring at the blade of the sword breaking, everyone thought the same thing.

'An Indestructible body?'

Indestructible Body.

An indestructible body refers to a body that had reached the realm of invincibility. However, it was also known that this body was a supreme state which could only be reached when a person had reached the peak of internal and external energy.

It was something more than having a well-muscled body.


'Just how?'

The two masters who had attacked him were shocked. So Boyrang and Bae Manok were so shocked that it took several moments for them to get their senses back, and when they did, they looked at Mumu in a new light.

Ma Yeon-hwa's eyes shone.

Leaving everything behind, they were masters of the academy. And he had broken their sword with only a bare body?'

This was shocking.

And it was something that couldn't be overlooked. Despite having their swords broken, they were all masters who had experience. They were people who could always swing the situation back in their favor.

'I don't know how he did it, but if his body is hard enough to make us think of an indestructible body, we have no choice but to inflict repeated damage to him.'

'I think techniques with force would work better.'

As expected, the two of them were already concocting up their own solutions. Considering that Mumu's muscles could not be slashed with weapons, they came to the conclusion to hurt the body.

Just as everyone's eyes had focused.




Suddenly a masked man grabbed a hold of his neck–Tang So-so had thrown a needle into his neck.

"Uh, you cowardly woman!"

The Masked man's face was turning purple behind the mask, and it looked like he wanted to kill her. Unfortunately for him, he couldn't do much as he was unable to move.

Goyang Seorin was also already ready with poison needles hidden inside her fan and hit the masked man in front of her.


"Kuk! T-this!"

In tandem, the two women had attacked two masked men, and that had made the other masked men become warier of them.

On the other hand, Go Heon-boem, who was leading them, thought it was pathetic that the two men were losing to children all because they couldn't keep their guard up.

"Things which come to prestigious academies sure have a reason…"


Before he could finish speaking, Ma Yeon-hwa's treasured sword the White Phoenix aimed for his forehead. At that, Go Heon-boem titled his head to the side and countered.


While his sword collided with hers, Ma Yeon-hwa said,

"You are the cowards who try to kill the students by arson and poison! We kids learn what we see."


He couldn't refute that, and thanks to the appearance of Mumu, there was a bit of a pause in the constant fighting.

The masked men were slowly moving to Jin-hyuk and Hae-ryang. And Mumu who noticed this became serious.

'Are they trying to kill Jin-hyuk and the others?'

He came here since Hae-ryang had called for him but he couldn't understand the situation. This was because there were masters of the academy mixed among the masked men.

However, now that the masters had attacked the students and masked men aimed their swords at his friends he now understood.

Mumu asked the two masters who were walking around him.

"… are the masters our enemies too?"

"Well, if we say no, would you believe us?"

Bae Manok who was looking staring at Mumu spoke with mirth in his voice. In the struggle for life and death searching for gaps and creating gaps in an opponent was important.

And if he could shake this child he could kill him.

'Find gaps.'

Numerous things had passed through his mind. Because of the muscles which swords wouldn't work on, they were already cautious about Mumu. It looked like he was standing still, yet still, they couldn't move without a proper plan or him revealing a gap in his defense.

'A battle between warriors ultimately depends on the one who takes advantage of the situation first. If I aim before being ready I might get countered.'

But they didn't have time. In this case, one had to draw the boy's attention and Bae Manok blinked at So Boryang.


So Boryang who understood his unspoken words immediately went for Mumu. Even if he didn't have a weapon in hand; even if he wasn't sure of the outcome; he was ready. He used a technique that made his body heavier and moved.

Mumu reached out to So Boryang who was coming in.


He slightly tilted his head sliding right past Mumu's hand all the while closing the gap between Mumu ad him. As he closed in on Mumu, he reached out with a fist toward Mumu's stomach.

'Body Weight Manipulation technique.'

Internal energy gathered on the fist speeding toward Mumu. Using this crushing technique Mumu's already red muscles could be penetrated.


Mumu grabbed So Boryang with one hand.


He was shocked. His internal energy wasn't passing through Mumu's muscles.

Normally one would be too hurt and moving would be difficult because of the pain. Mumu grabbed So Boryang by the head and lifted him up.


Shocked, the man tried to kick Mumu in the neck but his legs couldn't reach him.


It was because Mumu grabbed his ankles. And Mumu who grabbed the ankle mumbled,

"Such thin ankles."


"You have neglected muscle training, then."


When Mumu applied very little strength, the ankle broke and the bones were pushed out of the flesh!


A healthy bone was broken so viciously that it was impossible for even a master to control the pain. However, Bae Manok didn't miss this chance.

He went behind Mumu with his hands clasped together.

Thud! Paaang!

An offensive technique was launched using both hands. Infusing both hands with internal energy, each step she took was so powerful that the ground cracked, and as her hands touched Mumu's back…

The waves of internal energy which spread through her palms quickly penetrated into Mumu's back.


She touched it.

No matter how strong these muscles were, as long as the level ten internal energy pierced into them all of the internal organs would be torn to shreds.


Shouted Jin-hyuk who was dealing with a masked man. He knew that he couldn't be careless just because they were people who were teaching in the academy but in the end, he failed to keep an eye on them.



Mumu was standing. And then he slowly turned his head around. Bae Manok was looking at him like she couldn't understand what had happened.

"You… are fine?"

"Is this a hand technique?"


Mumu had been studying martial arts recently. And he had an unusually good memory so he knew things despite seeing them only once.

A method of inflicting damage to the inside of the body rather than external wounds. That was what was used just now.


Bae Manok hurriedly tried to move away, she wasn't sure why but her technique didn't work. Then she would have to figure something else out…


But Mumu grabbed her by the head.


She tried to shake off the hand but Mumu applied strength to the hand holding his head and soon he was unable to move because of the pain which felt like her skull was breaking.


Wanting to fight, but being unable to fight.

"You, what are you? no matter how strong you are you shouldn't…."

"You don't train your muscles so maybe you are the ones relying on shallow techniques?"


At those words, she thought it was absurd.

If it was possible to prevent attacks by training muscles everyone would have worked hard. Is this guy making fun of him?

It was then.

"Y… you fucker! Die!"

So Boryang who was also being held in Mumu's right hand pulled out a dagger from the waist and tried to stab Mumu in the eye.

He decided to aim for the most sensitive body part, the eye would work. And of course, this was right, but,


Before the dagger could even reach Mumu his head was smashed to pieces. His head which was crushed like a watermelon fell to the ground with flesh and blood.

"Ah… I was a bit worried and used too much force."

Mumu mumbled thinking he had made a mistake.


At this sight, Bae Manok who was in his left hand trembled. Who would have imagined at So Boryang a master at the super master level would die from having his head crushed unable to do anything?

And after killing the man, the child put on an innocent face!

'What the hell is he…?'

She wasn't the only one who was surprised.


While everyone was fighting, they looked at So Boryang who had his head smashed in the hands of Mumu.


Hae-ryang shook his head at the reactions of others. What is with everyone's reactions?

"Can't they be killed?"

At his words, Jin-hyuk shook his head and shouted.

"No! killing is fine!"

These are the ones who tried to kill the students by poisoning them and burning them. They even tried to kill them here too, so Jin-hyuk wasn't going to be kind enough to spare their lives after seeing their true colors.

And Tang So-so too agreed.

"Right! Mumu no need to be considerate!"

In their words, Mumu decided to do the same to Bae Manok's head. And panicking she shouted,

"H-Help me!"

She thought she was going to die in the same gruesome manner and was terrified.

Master Oh Jang-dan who was also a traitor teacher couldn't just watch it and rushed at Mumu.


Oh Jong-dan moved in a light footwork method. And his fierce blade which had energy on it was ready to cut Mumu in half for what he did.

Mumu who was grabbing Bae Manok's head swung it around.


As a result, one of her legs got cut off.

"You bastard!"

To use a woman as a shield!

Oh Jong-dan clenched his teeth regretting his actions which were too reckless and tried to cut the hand of Mumu holding her, but he moved her.

Cutting off the arm of someone who was holding someone else was difficult, especially with him moving her around but there was something else.

"My right hand is free though?"



Mumu punched the man in the head with his fist. After being punched in the forehead the skull was crushed, exploding blood everywhere as he began to bleed from the eyes, nose, and mouth.


The floor sounded hollow as he fell back. The man didn't move as he fell and died soon after.



When Mumu turned back, Bae Manok who had her leg cut off screamed as she looked at the dead and soon died in the same manner. For a moment, after what just happened, silence fell.

'W-what is this?'

For a moment everyone thought the same thing.

This had nothing to do with the martial arts they had learned.

Technique, footwork, forms.

Mumu killed people who were super master-level teachers in the academy without even being pushed into a corner.


Cold sweat trickled down Go Heon-boem's forehead. And his body trembled.

'… these kids weren't the variables.'

The monster in front was the real variable.

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