Chapter 79 - Strength Control (1)

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The sound of the band being turned could be clearly heard and Sa Muheo’s eyes turned sharp.

‘That item!’

The item which even Master Yang Baek-jeon defended, saying it was only a muscle training item.

Sa Muheo didn’t believe him. It was because he knew that Dan Pil-hoo had intervened. Unlike him, who was on alert, the other warriors present were angry at how Mumu spoke.

‘What? Get hit?’

‘How dare this little bastard!’

The reactions of the warriors on either side were quick. In order to subdue Mumu at once, the ones on the right tried to break Mumu’s right arm, and the others on the left tried to grab Mumu’s left arm while attempting to kick Mumu on his calf.


Just as the two warriors simultaneously grabbed Mumu’s arms.


The number on the dial had turned to 4.



‘His arm?’

Starting at the shoulder, each muscle on either arm began to expand rapidly. They were a bit shocked at the sudden change occurring, but they continued trying to break his arm.


‘This jerk’s hand…’

‘Isn’t even moving.’

Neither arm would budge, it was like the massive branch of an old tree which hadn’t ever moved–trying to break it might only break their own bodies.

“Get away.”

Mumu pushed them. It only looked like a slight slap.



The two of them were pushed way back. Those who got pushed were shocked by the strength of Mumu that their faces had turned red at the shot to their pride.

“This is the end of the fun!”

Srng! Srng!

The two pulled out their swords from the sheath. The other warriors also drew out their weapons.

Helper 2 who was watching this from afar was confused about what he had to do.

‘No, what is he doing!’

He asked him to lure them out, not to create a fight.

He could feel that Sa Muheo was losing his cool. Was this an intentional provocation?

He knew the mighty power of Mumu, but his opponent would be the master who killed Hang Yeon, he was different from everyone whom Mumu fought till now

‘What do I do?’

This was the perfect situation to do what he wanted but he was unsure if he needed to save Mumu or not. The warriors in the yard, who were all first-rate, rushed at Mumu in tandem.


Clang! Clang!


The eyes of the warriors who had brandished their swords against Mumu widened with shock. Their swords infused with energy clashed against Mumu’s muscles, but it was their blades that broke?

“What kind of body…”

“This isn’t that surprising.”


“You have a wide forehead.”



Wheik! Thud!

Mumu flicked on the forehead of one warrior and their body spun around before hitting the ground and they passed out.

At this sight the others were stunned.

‘Was that a… forehead flick?’

‘What is this!’

It was a slight finger snapping. But it looked like someone was hit with a hammer.

Mumu nodded looking at his fingers.

‘This much should do.’

Unlike the masked men from last night who all ended up dead before confessing, he was going to be extra careful this time.

“What are you doing! Cut off his arms and legs if you have to take him down!”


When one of the warriors shouted, the others who were hesitant rushed in at once.

Perhaps, they were used to such situations, no one overlapped with others, and each one with their own path of movement. Mumu put his hands on his waist.

“You brat!”

“Against us!”

“Think you can survive?!”


Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang!

The attacks of the four escort warriors aimed for the blood of Mumu. However not one blade could cut his skin, rather the moment the weapons touched, they shattered.


It was shocking.

What is this body? At the same time, Mumu who withstood the attacks inhaled and exhaled.

‘Continuous finger flicks.’

The warriors were all shocked at the broken weapons and then came the finger flicks to the forehead.



One who was hit fell to the floor in the same way as before. Another fainted down right away. In an instant, a warrior tried to block Mumu’s flick but–



He had his arm broken and was bounced back. And the last one moved back to avoid it.

“Then kick!”



He was hit in the neck by Mumu’s kick and his head slammed to the ground. Mumu carefully pulled the leg back.

‘It didn’t explode.’

He had a hard time holding back his strength as much as he could to make sure they didn’t crack their necks or have their heads explode.

Of course, the warrior’s head was bleeding though.

‘W-what is he?’

‘This has to be a joke!’

They all wanted this to be a joke. Even first-rate warriors were going down with single flicks. It was absurd that they couldn’t believe it despite seeing it.

But it was clear.

‘… we cannot deal with him.’

They realized they were no match for Mumu. At that time, Sa Muheo who watched the warriors in annoyance gestured.

It was a sign to not fight and drag out the ones who had fallen.

Sa Muheo’s eyes looking at Mumu were different from before.

‘It is no coincidence that the item on him has been a hindrance till now.’

It seemed that he had to do something. This guy was a huge variable.

No, it is a factor that would do the same each time.

[Seems like an interesting one. It wouldn’t be bad to have him on our side.]

Kang Mui.

The one who would become the next leader showed interest in him.

If it wasn’t for that, he would have dealt with Mumu, and given the chance, he could do what he wanted.

This guy was nothing to him. Although a hindrance, wasn’t he just an adopted son? Maybe give the man some money after killing the child.

Sa Muheo said,

“Yu Mumu.”

“Yes. Are you ready to tell the truth now?”

“Honestly… fine. Do you want to know the truth?”

“Yes. Because I am the only one who has to go and train my muscles again.”


It seemed like a joke.

Was he being this relaxed in front of him? Sa Muheo snorted,

“You are an interesting one. But I don’t know at all what truth you want to learn. What are you talking about?”

“Well, I knew I had to do this.”

Sa Muheo walked down the steps and continued,

“If you promise one thing, I can speak what you want to hear.”

“Just one?”

“Right. Not a bad one, not a good one.”

“… Um. So make a promise and you speak the truth?”


He was concentrating the energy on the index finger of his right hand which was behind his back. And depending on the answer. He would decide if he should use the Finger Energy Shot.

“Will you join us?”


“Right. If you come with me, there is no reason for me to lie.”


Mumu tilted his head. He had an innocent look like he was thinking about something.

“A man has a destiny. Everyone walks towards that. But, in the end, this destiny can depend on the choices one makes in life.”

“You are speaking difficult things.”

“It isn’t difficult. Last night’s misery had just begun. More hells await than one could imagine.”

Mumu asked then,

“You are speaking like it is bound to happen.”

“I guess you aren’t as stupid as you seem.”


“You have just one chance. If you hold my hand and walk down the same path, you will escape from this hell.”

“Ah really?”


“Then if I join hands, you wouldn’t mind going and helping the deputy be freed from the false accusations?”

At Mumu’s words, the warriors were all angry. At most, he was being given a chance to live and he was speaking about such stuff!


‘I will kill him.’

They wanted to see their master in action.

‘You are so dead.’

All the warriors thought so. At that time, Sa Muheo folded the palm of his left hand and then held it out.

“It seems like you are still too young to understand the cruelty in the world. Your fate and the fate of your precious people will depend on this answer.”

“Precious people?”

“Can you risk the lives of your brothers and parents for one man?”

Killing intent began to flow from Sa Muheo’s body. Depending on the answer, he would use the technique gathered in his hand. Mumu coughed and sighed,

“This sounds like a threat?”

Sa Muheo smiled,


“If I don’t join, you will kill my entire family?”

“Not just family. It might be cruel to the child who didn’t see the world but I will erase all the people you love.”

The warrior smiled at the threats. It sounds like the kid was really someone who didn’t know the reality.

If he missed the best chance now, then he will lose everything and Mumu said,

“Ahh. I tried to listen as much as I could. You keep talking about too much nonsense, but I cannot hear anymore of this.”


Sa Muheo raised his eyebrows and Mumu said,

“Aren’t threats something which only works on someone weaker than you?”

“What are…”

“I will offer you the same. From now on, I will keep hitting you until you speak the truth, so don’t die.”

“Cheeky bas…”


Mumu moved before his words could finish. And he kicked his feet as he soared high at Sa Muheo at the same time, Sa Muhoe was ready to use his right hand.


A white light shot at Mumu and Mumu drew his fist.


The moment the energy hit Mumu’s fist it bounced up and Sa Muhoe stretched out 10 fingers.

Blue light shone from them. The essence he was so proud of. All ten fingers were shot out lights to Mumu’s blood points.


Mumu clenched all of the muscles in his body, ignoring the attack, he ran at Sa Muheo. However, as soon as he felt the light touch the body, Mumu coughed blood as he was pushed back.


Mumu who was pushed back frowned. It was the first time he had been dealt a wound to his muscle and not with a sword at that. At Mumu’s reaction, Sa Muheo frowned and smiled,

“Don’t put me on the same level as others. Whether or not you have that item, do you think concentrated energy can be stopped with muscles?”

Concentrated energy.

Condensed energy that went beyond controlling energy.

It was a technique that those who were at the Super Master level could use. And he pointed five fingers at Mumu.

“You turned down the chance to live, so die here.”


Five rays of light went for Mumu again. Mumu exhaled and crossed his arms and with that, the five lights touched the body trying to pierce it.




The light couldn’t penetrate his body and unlike before, it didn’t bleed either. Sa Muheo frowned.

‘Concentrated energy isn’t piercing through his muscles?!’


He was puzzled, but the upper body of Mumu took on a stronger shape and started to shine red while giving out steam.

This was a strange change he didn’t know of so he pointed with ten fingers.

‘I need to get this done fast.’

Using concentrated energy is tough and taxing.

10 rays of light shot at Mumu’s body and just as everyone believed that they had won–



Mumu’s fist pierced Sa Muheo’s stomach and the moment that happened, his body was pushed back several times.


The warriors were all shocked at this. This is their first time seeing their leader being pushed like this. Blood was dripping from the corner of his mouth.


He wiped it off with the sleeve.

‘… that bastard is too powerful.’

The shock of the punch had spread throughout his body making him stiff for an instant.

At this level, he thought he would be in danger if he didn’t fight with his all.

“Good… but it will be different from now.”

Sa Muheo was ready. And Mumu said,

“Thank god. I did it gently but I was worried you might die.”

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