Chapter 80 - Strength Control (2)

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‘…. What?’

Helper 2, who was watching this situation from afar, doubted his eyes. As if it wasn’t enough to go against a master, he was making the man bleed. No matter Mumu’s absurdity, he thought the situation was weird.

This particular opponent was a strong man who had killed Hang Yeon, who was known to be one of the top ten.

‘Is that why?’

Come to think of it, when Mumu had fallen to the hidden floors in the library, Mumu had come out safely. At that time, he thought it was just luck, but it wasn’t only that.

Despite the fact they were trespassing, it had been another member of the office who had been severely injured, including Hang Yeon, while Mumu had come out safely.

‘Is he a monster?’

Two clicked his tongue while staring at Mumu. At this level, there was no need to bring his friends and waste time.

No matter how strong Sa Muheo was, he wouldn’t be able to notice his movement while being focused on Mumu.

‘Now is my chance.’


2 moved–seeping into the shadows.

‘What is this?’

Sa Muheo’s eyes narrowed. Is this guy trying to provoke him? But he wasn’t the kind to get riled up.

‘He must have some confidence.’

Sa Muheo accepted Mumu’s words. There was no more distraction. In these life or death fights, there were cases where people lost matches due to carelessness.

His eyes turned to Mumu’s bands on his wrists.

‘The items.’

The sound when Mumu would cross the arms.


After hearing that sound, he felt the texture of his muscles change. The redness and the steam from the body and the extremely developed muscles.

‘Is that why he developed such force to stop my attack?’

Analysing it, it felt like there was a possibility. A body that was so strong that it could withstand concentrated energy and even have room to counter-attack.

‘Such a tricky thing. He is just good at close combat, which means that there is a lot more room for me to do other things.’

So what was the plan?

It was a fleeting moment, but Sa Muheo felt confused.

‘Any form of a head-on fight cannot be attempted.’

He could think of a couple of other ways. Since the man had strong muscles, a penetrating hit would do a lot better. But to do that, he would have to get up close.

‘And the risk is high.’

He couldn’t ignore the blow he got a moment back. He believed that Mumu’s one-punch could turn things around. In fact, that previous hit was too shocking.

‘Speed or ranged attacks.’

Mumu’s movements were simple. It wasn’t like he knew martial arts either, everything he did relied on his physical abilities and muscles.

‘But speed or range is meaningless if I cannot deceive the eyes or take a small risk.’

If so, there is just one way. It isn’t a single trick but many together.

‘If the opponent’s tricks are simple, aim for their blood through speed.’

He decided to refrain from using any close-ranged brawling attacks and went for ones where he would make Mumu careless. And as he finished his thought, he kicked the floor and moved for Mumu.


He intended to draw attention while going around Mumu at high speed and to target the sensitive areas like Mumu’s armpits, groin, eyes, nose, ear and mouth.


Sa Muheo’s ten fingers were shining blue again. Although it was said that he had an almost invincible strength in his muscles, there were still many vulnerable areas. Areas which could never be trained.


Sa Muheo’s new form turned hazy and hovered around Mumu.

Exclamations flowed from the warriors watching; they couldn’t even see their own master.

‘Lord is showing such skills!’

Now the child had run out of luck. Everyone looked at Sa Muheo, who was about to attack Mumu. And Mumu mumbled,

“I think master Hwang Won did this last time.”

“Hwang Won?”

Sa Muheo, who was running around Mumu, narrowed his eyes. Hwang Won was one of the special teachers. Of course, compared to him and a couple more, that man was nothing; he was the least of the top six. It was then,

“Let’s stop this now.”

As soon as he said that, Mumu suddenly slammed the fist to the floor. Sa Muheo wondered what he was doing.


The moment his fist touched the floor, the entire place began to crack and hollow out, and the surrounding area began to break down.


“What is this?”

The warriors dragged themselves by their asses and hastily moved back from the impact. There was no way to block it as it happened too fast, and in just an instant, the ground was shattered.

‘He used his head.’

Sa Muheo’s new form suddenly appeared in the air above Mumu. At the moment when Mumu slammed the fist, he had gone right up.

“As expected, you went up!”

“You overlooked one thing.”

Sa Muheo held out ten fingers at Mumu. All ten shone blue from the concentrated energy.

‘No matter if you are as strong as a monster, if you don’t know how to deal with energy, then you cannot respond.’

He was referring to a technique made by someone he knew that was made to counter his ten-finger energy attack easily.


Sa Muheo fired all 10 of them at the same time at Mumu. Instead of moving in a straight line, this time, they were moving in a curved line aiming for the key points of Mumu.

‘Let’s see if you can avoid it…’

At that time, Mumu’s biceps twitched. And he slammed the fist into the air.


At that moment, a shock wave rose in the wind from the fist. It was an explosive power.



Sa Muheo’s eyes widened. His attack was blown away by the force of the fist? It was like blowing out the light on a candle.


He gathered energy in his body and crossed his arms so as not to fly off,


His body soared up at the tremendous force which struck his body. The shock made his eyes go blank for a moment.

And when he opened them, he found his body floating so high that he could see the entire academy–this was too shocking.

‘Shock wave?’

Among the masters who had risen to a certain level, there was a technique where they created a wind field.

This was known to be as Fist Wind. Moreover, the point of it was to stop the attack from touching them.

‘This is beyond common sense.’

It didn’t matter if the strength was from the item or muscles. If you fall and fall like this, he would be defeated at the hands of Mumu.

‘This is bad.’

Flesh Blood Demonic Technique.

That was the only way to deal with this monster. But if he did that, he was bound to lose his energy and life. Then, the one way to prevent it was…

What he was aiming for was a technique which aimed to change the blood points and blood flow of the body, but if he could change only certain points here…

‘Losing half of my energy and holding onto life.’

Losing half the energy was a waste, but it was better than losing his life. Sa Muheo tried to use that on the chest.


Just as he was about to open up his two blood points…


Someone grabbed his wrist.


It was Mumu. Mumu, who suddenly jumped up to his height, grabbed his wrist.


Is he blocking him before he made an attack? Mumu spoke in a disappointed voice,

“Just like what those arsonists did the other day.”


“They pressed their chest a few times with fingers and got stronger, but in the end, it was one hit.”

With those words, Mumu wrapped his legs and arms around Sa Muheo’s body, making him shocked.

“You, w-what are you doing?”

“Muscle Drop!”


As soon as he said that, Mumu hugged Sa Muheo and fell to the ground. He wanted to shake off the child, but Mumu’s muscles were so thick that he could do nothing.


And then they slammed into the yard. Due to the falling force, the entire yard was destroyed, and even the walls were smashed. At the center there was a massive hole, and Sa Muheo was groaning.


Even though Mumu was wrapped around him, the shock to his body was too much. Despite using energy to protect his body, he couldn’t move. It felt like his body had cracked. Mumu was looking down at him and simply said,

“Don’t groan. This is just the start.”


“Didn’t I say it earlier? If I don’t join hands with you, will you kill my brothers and my family?”




As soon as Mumu said that, he smashed his fist at Sa Muheo’s stomach. Blood gushed out from the mouth with a groan.

At the moment when the five internal organs were hit with tremendous pain, which made him feel like he would fall unconscious.

“Cough… yo… u…”

“Yes. Of course, you need to be strong-willed; you will be keeping your mouth shut, right?”


Mumu stamped on the right arm of Sa Muheo.


The moment it happened, the bones shattered, and a few had pierced out of his arm. Was it true when people said that the most severe pain would stop a scream?

Only air was coming out of his mouth. However, seeing his face, one could tell just how much he was suffering.

“It is still bearable, right?”

At Mumu’s words, Sa Muheo’s eyes widened. Was he kidding?

To say that this is bearable…


At that very moment, one of his friends attacked Mumu from behind.

Mumu reflexively put his hand back.

And the head of the warrior, which got hit by Mumu’s hand, had rotated and turned to the back.


“Ah… I tried to control my strength.’

Sa Muheo’s eyes went wide.

This, what he was listening to, had to be a joke. Was he really trying to control his strength while inflicting this much pain?

‘Is there an end to his strength?’


For the first time, he felt afraid. Mumu’s eyes or expression didn’t show malice toward him.

Rather, that made his fear rise even more.

“Shall we do it again? The left arm this time.”

“I will speak.”

And Sa Muheo surrendered.


Before that, Mumu stepped onto his left hand.


Mumu spoke in a soft voice,

“Ahh. I think I heard someone say they would remove all the precious people of mine from this world.”


Sa Muheo looked at Mumu with trembling eyes.

This guy was messing with him!

2, who was searching the manor for a long time, clenched his teeth. He was hoping to get some evidence, but he didn’t see anything important.

It felt like they covered up everything.

’Damn it!

At the very least, it felt like a waste of time. The building was shaking because of the fight outside, and the academy masters will come here any time.

On the contrary, Mumu was the one causing this situation.

‘I need to find another way…’

And then came the scream from outside.

“S-Stop! You are right! I… Kuaaak!”


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