Chapter 81 - Monstrous Student (1)

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1st hour in the afternoon.

During this time, most of the masters of the academy who had to be in their offices due to the most recent set of incidences would return to their residences. Some of them were resting while others were busy doing other things.

All of these masters felt the same sense of power stimulating their senses, and the source wasn’t too far away from them.

Kwang! Kwang!

And then they heard the loud noises. This meant a battle was happening somewhere near them.


Hak Gyu, the master in charge of the 2nd year students, frowned. After last night’s fight, who was fighting so fiercely?


Ak Hyu opened the door and headed towards the sound of battle; he was unable to get very far.

“Master Hak Gyu!’

“Master Dae-yeon!”

“I guess I heard right.”

Dae-yeon, another second-year master who lived close by, was also coming out to investigate the weird tremblings and the energy which could be felt.

And so Master Dae-yeon asked Hak Gyu,

“Isn’t that in the direction where Master Sa lives?”

“Seems like it.”

Master Sa.

It was difficult to tell what was happening at the residence of Master Sa Muheo. Fighting with this much energy meant that someone was doing their best, but who could Sa Muheo be fighting?


Besides them, the warriors of the academy were also alerted, and eventually, they also followed along.

“Ugh! Stop it! I am right…! Kwaak!”


The site was in ruins. Even the walls had collapsed, there was a huge pit in the yard, and Sa Muheo was screaming.

Shocked, they looked into the pit.

‘What is this…’

‘Isn’t that Master Sa?’

Sa Muheo’s condition was no different from his manor. His body was crushed, and his arms and legs seemed to have been broken with the bones jutting out. A shock for everyone who knew this man was exceptionally strong.

“Ugh… stop…”

A man was begging. And even more shocking was…

‘Wait, he is…?’

The upper body looked red with steam coming out. At first, they were overcome with intimidation, but it was Mumu.

Hak Gyu had seen Mumu at the first test, and he recognized him at once.

‘No. What the hell is that! The kid turned Master Sa into that?’

For a moment, he doubted his eyes. He couldn’t believe that Mumu could do this. Sa Muheo was several times stronger than him.

No matter how powerful he was, could a child with no martial arts skill take Sa Muheo down? Master Dae-yeon was shocked.

“W-who is that huge one who made Master Sa like that?”

“… student.”

“Student? A student in our…”

“I don’t know if you remember. But the freshman with no martial arts skills.”

“Freshman? No!”

Dae-yeon was shocked at Hak Gyu’s words. The child who didn’t learn any martial arts.

“No, does this make sense? You mean that a student who didn’t master martial arts was able to take out a master of the academy?”

“Taking out…”

It was an insult to this child. Sa Muheo looked terrifying right now. It would be impossible for even the descendants of the Four Great Warriors to do this. Hak Gyu gulped,

“I don’t know what it is. I think we have to stop the kid now. Master might die at this rate.”

However, the condition was already serious. It was weird how he hadn’t died yet.

Dan Pil-hoo closed his eyes in the golden prison.

On the surface, it looked like he was meditating to clear his mind, but Dan Pil-hoo was too conflicted.

No, he was nervous. The questioning would start soon, but they had yet to come up with anything to make the charges stick to him.


There was a good chance to discover the truth if Sa Muheo could be fought directly. But unless he was an idiot, that man wouldn’t even come here.

‘So frustrating.’

Right now, the only ones he could trust were his secret agents. The ones directly under him since the time of the Murim Association. However, since they were also detained, they too would be questioned.

‘They are smart ones, so they will know how to handle it.’

He believed them. The only thing he was worried about were the workers in his office. While he was here, it was likely that his office staff were being questioned, and fake evidence would be planted.

‘If I were him, I would do the same.’

This situation is frustrating. Despite knowing who did this, he was powerless.

If his charges got confirmed, then the academy was bound to expel him.

‘… I should be prepared for the worst to happen.’

It was the moment when he was losing it.

Baek Woogi came to him wearing a white mask. It seemed like the time had come for the questioning to begin.

However, Baek Woogi had walked in with something in their hand.

“Master Baek, what is that?”

“Deputy. The charges have been lifted.”

At those words, Dan Pil-hoo was shocked. What he had in his hand was the key to open the prison. Until the previous questions, the man didn’t show any signs of wanting to release him.

“Is that true?”

“Yes. Deputy, as you said, the culprit was someone else.”

At his words, Dan Pil-hoo sighed in relief,

“Ga. Did you catch them?”


“It was Sam Muheo?”

“It was, as the deputy said.”

“Didn’t I tell you! He was the one.”

Dan Pil-hoo was relieved as the charges on him were lifted. In response, Baek Woogi bowed and apologized,

“I apologize for not trusting the deputy despite being asked to discover the truth.”

“No. It would be even more strange if the person in charge of interrogation believes their suspect to be innocent.”

“Thank you for saying this.”

Baek Woogi expressed his gratitude and began to unlock the gate, and once out, he asked,

“Did the secret agents find the evidence for who the real culprit was?”

The only ones who would rescue him were his own subordinates, but Baek Woogi shook his head,


“NO? Then did the academy do their own investigation?”

“It isn’t even that.”

Dan Pil-hoo was too curious now. If it wasn’t the academy or his men then who brought out the culprit?

In a way, it could be said that someone went and made Sa Muheo speak the truth. And Baek Woogi spoke like the whole situation was absurd for him too,

“… Master Sa Muheo… he confessed.”

“He confessed?”

“Yes. And material evidence related to the crime was brought out during the statement.”

Dan Pil-hoo frowned.

Something felt strange; there was no way that bastard would randomly come and confess to the crime.

“He couldn’t have confessed just like…”

“It wasn’t just like that.”

“What is this now?”

“… someone hurt him, and then he ended up confessing.”

Sa Muheo was hurt? The only ones who could deal with him were the head of the academy, Mac Cheong-un, and Hang Yeon.

“Could it be the head of Mak Cheong-un?”


Indeed it had to be them, but the two were in the Imperial Palace now. Even if they heard what happened, they couldn’t have come back in only one day.

“If that’s the case, who handled Sa Muheo?”

“… Mumu, a freshman.”


At those words, Dan Pil-hoo was shocked.

He was aware of Mumu’s hidden strength, but he still thought that Mumu wasn’t someone who could handle Sa Muheo.

But he made Sa Muheo like this?

“I couldn’t believe it either.”

Baek Woogi understood his reaction. He was equally shocked. Sa Muheo was left in the absolute worst condition after going against that child.


This meant Dan Pil-hoo had underestimated him.

Mumu handled a man who killed Hang Yeon? This was far more of a monster than he thought Mumu was. To defeat a Super Master level warrior at the age of 17.


Then wouldn’t it mean that the power he was hiding was out in the open? Dan Pil-hoo felt annoyed.

‘Ah, this is truly…’

He was grateful for the help. In fact, this was something amazing. It was a pleasure that he was helped. However, if this happens, then the academy would notice Mumu. It won’t be like before.

‘I need to meet with him.’

“If the charges are cleared, I should return to work right away…”

“If you are planning to see Mumu, then it will be tough.”

“… what does that mean?”

“The headmaster has returned.”


He had returned from the Imperial palace after just one day. Of course, with his level of skills, it wasn’t impossible. It was possible they had accomplished this using only light footwork..

“Then you mean Mumu is currently with the headmaster?”

“Yes. Probably by now…”

Same time.

In the main office of the Academy.

Mumu, who had turned Sa Muheo into a half-dead person and forced him to speak, came to the questions room of the main office and was writing his report.

This strange-looking middle-aged man in a purple robe with a mustache was the headmaster of the academy, Do Jeong-myung.


Do Jeong-myung stroked his beard and looked at Mumu. He wasn’t someone who remembered all the students of the academy, but he did remember a few special ones.

And Mumu was one of them.

‘Is this child that child?’

For the first time since the founding of this academy, a student passed with just his strength alone. Of course, it had become a huge discussion, so he remembered it.

But this one was quite surprising. He returned to the academy after receiving an incident report at the Imperial Palace, and as soon as he arrived, he heard the news of the culprit being caught.

[Did you say that the deputy was charged?]

[Master Sa Muheo ended up confessing with his own mouth.]

[He did?]

The finer details regarding the extraction of the confession hadn’t been entirely figured out yet.

It was said that he spoke only after being shown force. If it had been done by one of the masters of the academy, it would be much less surprising.

[A student was it?]

It was said that the person who had caught him was the freshman Mumu. The fact that he suppressed Sa Muheon by force alone, someone who Hang Yeon couldn’t fight against.

‘Is this kid really someone who can overpower him?’

On the surface, he didn’t seem so special. He could feel the slight energy in his dantian, yet this energy wasn’t from the body; this energy felt too small. Looking at this, he was confused.

‘Only 17, yet is it possible for a freshly enrolled student to overpower a master who had surpassed the top ten warriors in the school?’

Moreover, it was said that it wasn’t even an easy fight. But Mumu looked fine. Even against such a man, he didn’t have wounds?

“Do… I have to keep doing this?”

Mumu was puzzled and asked the headmaster. At this, the man looked at Mumu and asked,

“Was it Mumu?”


“Can you tell me how you took down master Sa Muheo?”

If he knew how they had fought, then maybe he could do some kind of thinking to better understand this confusing situation.

Mumu titled his head and simply responded,

“With strength”


Did he just hear this child right? He looked at Mumu and clarified,

“Right. I know that. but I need to know how you defeated Master Sa Muheo.”

At that moment, Mumu slapped his palms and said,

“Knocked him down.”


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