Chapter 99 - Kang Mui (2)

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Kwaang! Rumble!

The sound of the building collapsing spread throughout the academy grounds.

‘It’s done.’

Kang Mui hurriedly headed outside, his steps slightly heavy as his face carried a worried expression.

Although it had all been planned out, he didn’t know when Oh Muyang or anyone else would appear.

‘… did it work?’

Oh Muyang supported the ‘boy’ and not him. The fact that the person placed in charge of the Imperial Family came here made his purpose clear.

‘Are you looking for it too?’

In order for things to be perfect, he needed the book. No matter how many enemies he had, if he had that, no one would even try to question his claim.

However, finding where the book was hidden took a long time.

He only had information that it might be either at the Imperial Palace or the academy, the two places that had divided the treasure during that time.

‘They were here before I even got my hands on it.’

The fact that Oh Muyang had come meant that he had smelled something promising or had already obtained the other half of the book.

The former would be annoying, and the latter would be even worse. That would mean that the secret book would be completed in his hands.

‘I need to get it before him.’

If not, he would be at a disadvantage.

Anyway, he had to end it without creating any trouble. Even if things went a bit overkill, it was a priority to get that book.

[… I had it in my hands.]

Sa Muheo had found the way to get it. He had been stopped due to unforeseen incidents, but this was the only chance.

‘I need to see it just once.’

Unlike Sa Muheo, Kang Mui was smart. With just one glance, even the most difficult concepts could be understood by him.

Kang Mui looked at the library.

‘If it wasn’t for him, things would have happened my way.’

Yu Mumu.

The biggest variable.

If he had known this would happen, he would have killed Mumu when they first met in the old building. He had let him go then because he looked talented and might have been useful.

‘That was a mistake.’

That one moment of interest turned into a tsunami of incidents.

If it weren’t for Mumu, the Heavenly Martial Arts Academy would have been under pressure from the Imperial Palace and the other martial clans. Not to mention the division between the Four Great Warriors.

But all that had resulted from their plans was a rift between two of the Four Great Warriors. That was the only good thing.

But what upset him the most was that his efforts had been in vain.

‘The ice flower.’

It was a stepping stone to receive at least one star this year.

While looking for ways to receive a star, he discovered that Dan Baek-yeon had a soft spot for the special flowers which could only be grown in her hometown of the North Sea Ice Palace.

For that purpose, he had brought the seeds and planted them.

‘Cheeky bastard.’

He didn’t think Mumu would touch them. He thought Mumu was there in the old building just out of curiosity. Thanks to that, everything he had done to collect seven stars was wasted.

If only he had gotten another one, he could have gone into the third basement floor of the library without resorting to this kind of plan.

‘All because of you.’

If it wasn’t for all the fuss happening, he would be even angrier at Mumu.

For the moment, while all the attention was focused on the collapsed building, he could hurry and get things done.

[It is a bit risky, but it’s probably better than changing plans again.]


[Yes. Right after we collapse it, the officials and guards will all rush over there. They won’t return quickly, so you can make your move.]


That was true.

Would any of the officials and guards gathered in the yard even think that someone would be aiming for the library?

Destroy the building, dispose of a menace and erase any traces. Then use it as a chance to get the secret book too.

Oh Muyang would need to keep up his act as an official, so he would be forced to head to the collapsed building.

‘Shall I go then?’

It was unreasonable to go from the front, so going from above was the right call since he could avoid the eyes of any guards left behind.

Kang Mui recalled the route of the plan.

‘After I temporarily stop the mechanism in the first basement…’


Kang Mui, who had been thinking of the plan, felt something ominous and raised his head.


He could see something that looked like a dot floating in the air. It might not be clear to some eyes, but Kang Mui immediately recognized it.

He knew exactly what it was.

‘Yu Mumu.’

It was Mumu.

Kang Mui frowned.

The roar and vibration caused by the old research building’s collapse had happened, so how was this guy here?

‘…did he fail?’

Mumu being unharmed meant the plan failed.

He didn’t understand that if they hadn’t entered the building, the building wouldn’t have come down, and the probability of the plan failing was also low.

‘Did something go wrong with the plan?’

As his brain struggled to rationalize a reason, Mumu located Kang Mui’s position from the air.


Did he float that high into the air to find him?

It was difficult to find something when your field of view became large instantly. This was the truth for even the most skilled of people. But Mumu was able to do it almost immediately.

‘… something went wrong. Well, nothing can be done. Before he comes…’


A wave formed in the air, alongside the roaring sound of it being ripped apart. Mumu flew to him with tremendous speed.



He flew in like a shooting star and landed. The impact of his landing was so great that the ground was crushed into pieces.

Kang Mui looked at him.

‘Did he use the Void Movement?’

This was beyond his expectations. If not for that, it would be impossible for Mumu to fly through the air and arrive here in an instant.


‘What is this?’

All of Mumu’s muscles looked swollen. As if that wasn’t enough, his current frame was much larger than an average adult’s, and his skin was grey as steam escaped from it.

This was too strange.

‘Then does it mean that Master Heo’s words weren’t lies?’

He had been warned about Mumu, but he hadn’t believed it as he had crossed paths with Mumu once before in the old research building.

Seeing the sight in front of him now, he could understand why Master Seo had suffered.

Kang Mui’s gaze fell on the bands on Mumu’s ankles and wrists.

‘As expected, those items were on him.’

Such a chance wouldn’t have come normally. When he saw those bands, he remembered Master Seo’s words.

[Since you dealt with him, you must have thought about a way to go against him, right?]

[You need to neutralize those bands on him or deal with him before he uses them.]

That was what he said.

Even if he wanted to deal with Mumu before he used those bands, Mumu now looked like he was fully ready to fight.


So the second option is immediately out. Then the only way would be to neutralize it.

‘Break it.’

No one ever said that those bands could not be broken.

Anything in the world would decay with time. Therefore these things could also be destroyed.

But before that.

“You look angry.”

At Kang Mui’s question, Mumu stood up.

“I will be straight with you.”


“Are you on the same team as them?”

“What are you talking about?”

“The people who set fire to the dorms, the person who killed Elder Hang Yeon inside the library, and those who tried to frame Hong Hye-ryeong.”

At those words, Kang Mui replied.

“I don’t know what you are talking about.”

Mumu scratched his head and then said,

“Is that so? Then I will change the question, why did you erase the traces inside the basement in the research building? And why did you destroy it?”

At this, Kang Mui waved his hand.

“Building? Old research one? Why are you asking me all that? I just told you I don’t understand why you are asking me this.”

“The same.”

“The same?”

“Master Sa Muheo gave me the same answer as you but then opened his mouth when I gave him a good beating.”

At Mumu’s words, Kang Mui’s eyes turned sharp.

He had tried to avoid this, but Mumu kept riling him up. After defeating Master Heo, his arrogance seemed to have risen.

“You are more reckless than you look. Are you proud of your own strength?”

“Not reckless. It is said that martial arts are difficult to learn all at once, but inside Senior, there seems to be many of them.”


Mumu’s eyes didn’t feel that Kang Mui’s energy was of a singular type.

There was a wide variety of colours inside.

One even felt similar to the energy he felt from Dan Baek-yeon.

“Usually, it should only be one or two, but the fact that you have many shows that you learned many kinds of martial arts, right?”

At Mumu’s words, Kang Mui frowned.

This guy was becoming more and more annoying.

He didn’t know why, but he kept talking to him.

“You are annoying.”

“I see.”

“I should have killed you that time.”


A sharp blue light shone from Kang Mui’s hands.

It was none other than a strong type of energy. The fact that he could even form this type of energy using his bare hands meant that Kang Mui was at a very high level.

And that wasn’t the end.


The seam of the clothes around Kang Mui’s muscles was torn as they bulged outwards. They looked similar to Mumu’s own muscles now.

And Mumu’s eyes shone.

“You didn’t think you were the only one who could manipulate muscles, right?”

‘I am the one who has mastered all kinds of martial arts.’

Kang Mui had learned most of the martial arts on the 1st and 2nd floor of the library as well as those from the 1st hidden room.

The body’s strength could be created in its best form through the contraction and relaxation of muscles.

‘A Powerful Single Hit.’

This was not something he wanted to show off. However, he wouldn’t be careless in front of this boy who had spoiled so many things for him.

“I will show you the true power of this attack!”


Kang Mui’s body became blurry as he moved. And in an instant, he was in front of Mumu.


With the sound of ripping air, Kang Mui rushed in to hit Mumu in the chest.

It was so swift that his fist reached Mumu’s chest before the latter could even react.


An all-powerful attack to destroy everything. That moment it touched Mumu’s chest, a huge roar filled the air.

Kang Mui smiled.

‘To be defeated by the kind of strength you love so much…’

As his lips curled up into a smile, they suddenly stopped. He was the one who was powerful and had unified both types of energy in his attack on Mumu’s chest. It was the best attack for both internal and external damage.



Only a hint of steam escaped Mumu’s chest as it remained unscathed.


What the hell was this body?

Mumu, who was just standing still, said to Kang Mui.



“I regret letting you even do this.”

After saying that, Mumu slammed his palm onto Kang Mui’s head.



With that simple attack, the floor below him shattered, and Kang Mui’s body dug into the ground as if he had been struck by a hammer.

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