Chapter 69 - Great Confrontation (3)

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In a building to the southeast of the dorms was another dormitory where the four head managers of the dorms lived.

Although the roll call was carried out by the self-governing students, since the students could not be fully trusted with everything, the people in charge of the dorms would inform the head managers about matters concerning the dorm through a final report.

The people in charge of receiving the final status report would then report to the main office, and today's report was almost finished.

Jin Yip-shin, who was in charge of the East River Dorm, grabbed the wooden pad with the final report and looked over the current situation.

"I am now done, I'm leaving work first, and you all should finish up soon…"

Even before he could finish speaking, the hand which was holding the wooden pad had let go, and the pad had fallen to the floor.


Jin Yip-shin looked at the trembling hands.

'What? The strength in my hands…'

And it wasn't just to him. The North heavenly Dorm's Seok Sa-young and the South Blade Dorm's Yeo Gunan were also unable to get up from their chairs.

Shocked by this, they tried to use the internal energy from their dantian, but they couldn't concentrate on it.

"What the…"

Everyone was thinking the same thing.

'Is this scattered body poison?'

However, this seemed different from that, if it was really the scattered body poison, they would have noticed it right away. They also would have been able to recover by using their internal energy. They all were shocked by this, and the only person who wasn't was the West Wind Dorm manager Go Heon-boem.

He looked at the other three with a sly smile and the three couldn't help but wonder.

"Master Go?"

"Certainly the masters in this academy have an amazing amount of internal energy. Consuming the quantity you had and staying awake should be impossible."


With his words, everyone turned their eyes to the teacups on the table. They had a few cups of tea earlier.

"Relax. It isn't poison, so you won't die from drinking it. But you won't be able to stand with a sword for some time."

"Why are you doing this, Master?"


Master Go pulled the sword from his waist.

"Well, there is no need to explain this. With everything going according to plan, it isn't difficult for me to subdue you all by myself."

Surprisingly, the other three tried to take a stance.


But the sword of Master Go flew at a lightning speed.

And at the same time, around the four dorms of the academy.

People in guard uniforms guarding the academy buildings were disappearing one after another.

Whenever the black shadows passed like ghosts, the guards couldn't even scream before disappearing, and this was all done quickly and silently.

On the stairs of the North Heavenly Dorm.

After roll call, Jin-hyuk, who was waiting for Mumu, was headed to the manager's room on the first floor.

'Mumu still hasn't caught him?'

Normally, he would have slept without waiting for Mumu. But today, he had a lot of questions about Mumu, so he was waiting.

He wanted to ask about what Master Dan Baek-yeon had told him that helped him create a dantian so quickly, but it was getting late.

'Is it because of senior Ki Majin's stealth?'

According to Kang Seo-ryang, the leader of the same floor, Ki Maijin's stealth skills were excellent enough to be ranked in the top five of the students.

It may take longer than expected to sleep.

That was what he said. After all, even if Mumu had amazing strength on his side, trying to find a hidden person isn't within his skills. And it wasn't known if Mumu could use his senses to find him.

'Senior Kang Seo-ryang will be guarding the dorm instead of the manager, so I need to ask permission and then go help Mumu.'

Jin-hyuk went down the stairs. More than half an hour had passed since roll call was finished, but the hallway seemed too quiet.

'What is with today?'

Confused, he opened the joint room and when he opened he saw Kang Seo-ryang lying on the table, sleeping.

He seemed to have fallen asleep because he was tired from waiting.

'… should I talk?'

Jin-hyuk reached out to wake Kang Seo-ryang, but a noise came from outside the room.


Was it the manager or Mumu? At that, Jin-hyuk opened the door and went out. But he saw a girl walking while holding onto the wall.

"Lady Mo?"

She was Mo Il-hwa.

Jin-hyuk startled at the sight of her walking with the help of the wall, ran to her and asked.

"Lady Mo? Are you hurt?"

"I-I don't know. My body seems weak. Ugh, something is strange."


"I was in the room and suddenly my body didn't feel fine, it was strange, but the one called Ho Jin-hwa in the same dorm as mine fell asleep on the desk as she was reading a book."

Jin-hyuk frowned at this. Seo-ryang too was sleeping on the table. And this seemed too odd to be a coincidence. At that, he supported Mo Il-hwa walking her into the joint room of the team leaders.

And then he tried to wake Kang Seo-ryang.

"Senior. Senior.'

He shook him but the man showed no signs of waking up. It was like he was in deep sleep.



Shaking him hard didn't work. He wanted to wake him up by hitting, but Jin-hyuk didn't think that would work either.

"Something is strange."

"I think so too. I think it would be good to check if the people in other rooms are the same."

"Yes. That sounds good."

At Mo Il-hwa's words, Jin-hyuk left the room and opened the rooms on the first floor. And Jin-hyuk who opened the door saw people sleeping in places other than the bed.

All five rooms he opened were the same.

'What is this?'

This was strange. As he was puzzled, someone was coming down the stairs so he ran there.

"Young lord Jin-hyuk?"

Hae-ryang's expression was weird and it meant he was also going through the same thing, so Jin-hyuk asked.

"Did your roommate also fall asleep?"

"H-how did you know? Rather, something feels off, so I looked into the other rooms and there are people sleeping on the floor or desks."

"… Ha!"

As this happened, Jin-hyuk sighed looking at Hae-ryang.

"What is it?"

"Are your hands and feet trembling or your body feels weak?"

"No. it doesn't."

"You're fine?"

"Yes. So the young lord doesn't feel dizzy or anything?"

Jin-hyuk nodded at it. He had no such symptoms.


It was strange. Looking at the dorms most of the people were asleep and only Hae-ryang, him, and Mo Il-hwa were awake.


Jin-hyuk took out the poison antidote around his neck. This was something that Tang Soso had given to them, she asked them to have it on them for a few days since they were exposed to the poison in the old building.

Seeing that, Hae-ryang's eyes shone.

"No, is this sleeping poison?"

"I don't know. But seeing that only us three are awake, it seems like poison has been used."

In the current situation, it was the most likely solution. So they hurried down to the joint room. And Mo Il-hwa was sitting there, clenching her hands and releasing them.

"Uh? Hae-ryang?"

"Lady Mo. Why are you holding hands like that?"

"I don't know. I am trying to make the energy flow, but it doesn't seem to be happening."

"Uh? Are you sure?"

"What? Do you know something about this?"

At that question, Hae-ryang looked at Jin-hyuk and said,

"Don't you remember young lord Jin-hyuk? The powder that man called Ha-ryun had used."


Jin-hyuk's eyes widened. Thinking back he had the same symptoms as Mo Il-hwa. Now, this was a little more serious.

Now, even walking seemed like a difficult thing.

'Is it Ha-ryun again?'

But it couldn't be. The guy was being questioned about the incident by the school disciplinary committee.

And he didn't even come to his dorm so it couldn't happen. And even if it did, the scale of this incident was too large for one man to do.

"Wait, but why are you alright?"


At Mo Il-hwa's question, Jin-hyuk and Hae-ryang looked at each other. Come to think of it, they were fine unlike her.

Mo Il-hwa was also given the antidote but still, she seemed to be suffering from this. It was then.


The sound of water dripping.

"Is it raining?"

"It cannot be."

The sky seemed clear after the roll call, clear enough to see the moon, there couldn't be a sudden rain.

Tuk! Tuk! Tuk!

Something was clearly falling with the sound of rain. Jin-hyuk, puzzled, opened the door and went out. And as he came out, he frowned.

A sticky black liquid was falling from the floor above,

'is this the reason?'

Jin-hyuk looked up at the top of the building in shock.

"Cough, Cough…'

Ki Majin supported Do Yang-woon who was coughing up blood from internal wounds.

"Look…. Are you fine?"

"Haa… Haa…"

Do Yang-woon, who was being helped by the most unlikely person, seemed puzzled. Had it not been for him, his face would have been crushed to death.

And Do Yang-woon expressed his gratitude,

"Thank you, senior."

Ki Majin coughed.

"Hmm. If you are that grateful then I would appreciate it if I don't get a penalty for being out today."

"… sure."

Despite being the manager, he wasn't too stiff. Even if Ki Majin didn't say it, he was going to pay back the man for helping him.

And Ki Majin was happy to hear it but tried to hold back the emotions as he asked Do Yang-woon,

"But, the one who made you like that, that man Guyang Seohan, you know him?"

"Cough… yes."

"I see."

It is impossible for people to not know Guyang Seohan. Despite being a second year, he was famous for being the twin brother of Guyang Gyeong.

"That man was trying to kill you earlier. Did the two of you have some enmity going on?"

Do Yang-woon shook his head at the question.

Although they were fighting like this, there was nothing emotionally involved. However, it was difficult for Do Yang-woon to understand why he was trying to kill him. But that didn't matter now.

"Rather, we might have to help."


"Isn't it Master Mumu who is out fighting Guyang Seohan?"


It was expected. The man was badly hurt so he must be speaking weirdly.

Ki Majin frowned.

"But, Master Mumu? What is that supposed to mean?"


It was a bit complicated to explain.

Muscle training helps.

"For now, helping Master Mumu is the priority."

"You are seriously injured, what can you even do? He asked me to take you to the infirmary first and he would deal with Guyang Seohan."

That was what Mumu said to Ki Majin. Guyang Seohan is a monster to deal with. Do Yang-woon said.

"Cough cough… Master Mumu cannot deal with him alone."

He knew that the muscles of Mumu were the ultimate result of training. But what Do Yang-woon experienced in the hands of Guyang Seohan was something higher than that.

He was someone on par with the academy masters.

"We need to help Master Mumu…"

Bang! Bang! Bang!

At that time, the wall shattered, Mumu whose upper body muscles were all welled up grabbed Guyang Seohan by the ankle and beat him.


Do Yang-woon doubted his eyes and Ki Majin mumbled in surprise.

"… rather isn't it important we stop him first?"

It seemed like Guyang Seohan would die at any moment.

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