Chapter 360 - Not An Ally (2)

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This man was supposed to come down to this place after he was done putting the Demonic Art mark on the corpses. However, unexpected situations occurred.

How could he have known that his head would get cut off in the hands of a guard he had never heard of. Both the Blood Master and the man with the spear were at a loss of words, and the long haired man in a gold uniform spoke, while his lips curled into a cruel smile.

“This was the fastest way”

The guard with long hair, pure white face and gold uniform was Chun Yeowun. Why did he make an appearance in that underground level by breaking the ceiling?

It was a drastic attempt. A few hours ago...

“Besides these ones, there are four more people?”

“Cough… cough… that is right”

The man caught by Chun Yeowun wasn’t just grunting in pain while his arms and legs were being cut off. He also told information about his companions to Chun Yeowun. It was all so that he could get hit in his head and die without suffering any more.

Suddenly, the temperature in the surroundings started to rise. Chun Yeowun didn’t have any choice but to cut off his neck before the man tried to self-destruct himself with energy running wild in his body.

Chun Yeowun was told about the number of people who were inside. And, one of the purposes that they infiltrated the Guardian Hall was because it held the blood of Qilin in the Royal Shrine.

‘So it really does exist’

That alien energy which was felt from the court ladies, the red scales on their skin, everything pointed to something suspicious happening and for the Qilin blood to be real!

‘Anyways, I’ll have to hurry up’

He had no idea what would happen if the precious blood of Qilin got into the hands of the infiltrators. He had to stop them at all costs so that another problem didn't pop up.

However, the passages and the halls connected in the basement were a lot more complicated than Chun Yeowun thought, which gave Chun Yeowun a bold idea.

‘Break through the ground!’

Even the sapphire wall could be burst through with Chun Yeowun’s power. Combining it with Air Sword, it was worth a try. And the result was, he came down to the 6th level through the ceiling.


It wasn’t just the infiltrators who were shocked by Chun Yeowun appearing from the ceiling. The warriors of the Imperial Palace Guardian were shocked too. Looking at the appearance, they couldn’t help but feel that a guard had just entered the hall.


‘May-maybe it’s the reinforcements?’

Due to the unusual appearance, the remaining warriors misunderstood that His Majesty, the Emperor, had sent reinforcements for them. Their desire to hold onto life made them lose their reasoning.

“Hi-His Majesty has sent us reinforcements!”


As one of the warriors shouted, the rest of the Guardian warriors cheered. The face of the Great Guardian, who was in despair, leaning against a wall turned red. He just saw someone fall from the sky.

“Long live the Emperor!”

They were extremely grateful for the Emperor’s grace. At the sound of their cheers, the eyes of the two Jang Po-in (Spearmen) turned pale. While the others were cheering, they were shocked.

They already reached the conclusion that the colleague, whose job was to put demonic arts marks on the corpses, had died at the hands of this guard.

‘Just one guard did that?’

A measly Imperial Guard, who didn’t learn Wulin but mastered any kind of martial arts, struck and killed their companion?

The Spearman, who couldn’t hold back his emotions and started rushing towards Chun Yeowun.

‘Ah! He’s so impatient!’

The Spearman, who released energy, couldn’t hide his anger. The guard in front of him had just come down through the ceiling. The spearman couldn’t grasp just how strong the man was.



From the Spearman’s spear, a blue qi began to rise. Unlike any general spearman, the one in this man’s hand was long and had an exquisite look.

As the spear went to attack, dozens of trajectories of the spearheads formed, covered, and headed towards Chun Yeowun.

Cha! Cha! Cha! Cha! Cha!

Each of the arrow heads aiming only for the Guard. The warriors, who thought that the guard was there to save them, screamed on top of their voices.

“Avoid! Deflect them!”

Dealing such an attack from close range was impossible. Even the Great Guardian would have a hard time at tackling this attack. Everyone wanted the guard to avoid the attack.

‘Oh! In the front?’

Rather than listening to the warriors, Chun Yeowun walked towards the spearheads as if he didn’t care at all.

“You idiot! You are only walking towards your death!”

The lip corners of the Spearman rose. Although he attacked on emotions, he wasn’t sure where the battle would go. This spear attack is a combination of many spear attacks. He had invented the technique himself.

At that time, Chun Yeowun threw the spy’s head in his extended hand.



At that moment, the Spearman’s eyes went wide.

It definitely looked like Chun Yeowun pulling out a sword from his waist, and he seemed like he picked out a white sword, but only half of its body came out.

‘No-no way!’

At that moment.

Cha! Cha! Cha! Cha! Clang! Clang!

The spearheads, which were heading towards the Chun Yeowun, suddenly got deflected and bounced towards all the directions. It looked as if the spearheads had hit an invisible wall.

‘Ah! What is this attack?’

Looking at the skill, even the Great Guardian couldn’t hide his shocked expression. This guard seemed similar to the monstrous woman called the Blood Master, the Great Guardian thought.



Blood flowed from both the hands of the Spearman, who held the spear tightly.

Why? How did that happen? His palms were torn!

It was the aftermath of his own attacks being deflected by Chun Yeowun. The deflected attacks reflected with such a speed that even the spearman’s body couldn’t handle it, and when the spearheads touched his palm, the palms tore.

‘I can’t handle him’

Even though the spearman pulled out his best attack, he was the one who got hurt, not Chun Yeowun.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

The Spearman, who couldn’t overcome the constant attacks for the Air Sword, got pushed back by ten steps. As if he passed through the storm, his hair turned into a mess and his eyes were losing focus.

In the midst of all that, he couldn’t help but shout at the Guard who was displaying such skill.

“Y-you… who the hell are you?! How could you use that skill?!”

It was no surprise that he screamed. The skill Chun Yeowun used to deflect the arrows was the 5th level skill of Blade God Six Martial Clan’s.

It was a technique that not everyone could use, and even those who reached the highest levels, had trouble using it. To use that technique meant that the guard was someone more skilled than the spearman.

‘How could this happen…’

The problem was that the technique Chun Yeowun used was something only a few of the elders in the Blade God Six Clan could use.

This attack, the Extreme Art of Blade God, added speed to the body which made the body bypass the normal limit, and there was no way that someone other than the Blade God Six Clan could learn it.

“How is a Guard using our… ugh!”


Suddenly, the spearman’s spear cracked and broke into two pieces. It was no surprise that Chun Yeowun decided to close the distance between them.

“You talk a lot”


Spearman tried to increase the distance between them by swinging the broken spear and taking steps back. However, Chun Yeowun was much faster, leaving afterimages as he approached the spearman and jumped towards the man.

‘H-how is he using the Extreme Art of Blade God?’

Shocked by the guard using their swordsman skills, the spearman began to increase the energy as he rotated the spear’s pieces to defend any incoming attacks.

Puck! Shhhhh!


However, Chun Yeowun appeared behind him. A black energy with an eerie feeling rose from Chun Yeowun fingers, which were holding onto the sword.

The Spearman stared at his chest in shock.

‘He has such unbelievable skills?’

His chest was wide open and a hole was present where Chun Yeowun attacked. Chun Yeowun, casually mumbled under his breath.

“I am sorry, but I am in a hurry, so I don’t have time to deal with you”

The sword, which penetrated the spearman’s chest, was giving out a heavenly aura. In an instant, the guard was able to change the sword skills. The guard seemed to be a terrifying person because even the Superior Master of the Blade God Six Martial clan couldn’t do such a skill.

“.. impossible. How can I…”


The spearman who was muttering to himself stopped talking and fell down to the ground. The moment he fell to the ground, the warriors of the Guardian screamed loudly.


“He killed the enemy!”

Even when fifty warriors tried to attack him at the same time, the spearman only had shallow wounds on his body, but this man, with his amazing skills, killed two of the infiltrators.

‘This...! How did such a talent bloom in the Guards?’

At first, the Great Guardian was thrilled because he assumed that this guard was His Majesty’s reinforcements. Among the Guards, the Southern Commander was known to be strongest, but no one had witnessed his strength.

Even if he was a guard who was solely appointed to protect the Emperor, this guard was giving out a feeling that he could take down dozens of infiltrators. The guard seemed to be as strong as the Spearman without breaking a sweat.

It was almost as if the guard was one of the top 5 Wulin warriors.

‘It can’t be! How can he die with only two strikes?’

Another spearman, who was there, couldn't hide his shock. The dead man was known to be inferior in the skills of the Blade God Six Martial Clan, but he was talented in terms of Moorim.

‘A guard took him down?’

The warriors of the Great Guardian couldn’t understand how he belonged to the Guards. If everyone of the guards were this strong, then the spies who infiltrated the Palace could be taken down by them easily and quickly.

‘No. He is unlike any Guard I’ve seen. Who is this person?’

Confusion arose among the warriors minds. They wouldn’t have been so confused if Chun Yeowun didn’t use the Extreme Art of Blade God. At that moment, Chun Yeowun turned towards him and asked:

“Are you the last one here?”

His icy eyes stared at the infiltrator.

‘Damn it!’


Just meeting Chun Yeowun’s gaze made the Spearman feel fear. Crossing blows with the monstrous Guard in front didn’t matter to him anymore. There was no need to fight a losing battle. Death was the only result for him. To fight against someone you cannot deal was beyond stupid.

‘I need to take him to Blood Master’

That monster was the only one who could deal with Chun Yeowun in the spearman’s eyes. There was no way a spearman could take down the Guard. Thinking so, he decided to escape towards Blood Master, and started to move.

‘I need to create a gap between us’


The infiltrator raised his spear and began to release energy to the place where Chun Yeowun was standing. He wasn’t exactly aiming at Chun Yeowun, but just around Chun Yeowun.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

As the floor got hit, dust began to rise around Chun Yeowun, obscuring his vision. All the infiltrator needed was a moment to run away.


Once the spearman saw enough dust rise, he quickly moved to the passage which would lead them to the last hall. It was the right choice. Facing a confrontation with Chun Yeowun would only bring him death.


Suddenly something moved. The spearman ignored it and rushed towards the passage, but a light suddenly appeared at the entrance of the passage. However, after running, he couldn’t help but stop at the entrance, which was currently blocked.


“H-how is this possible?”

The man was shocked after seeing the passage being blocked. While he saw that it was just some simple light, it gave him an eerie sensation. And then, something amazing happened.


Dozens of ice swords floated in the air right at the entrance of the passage, all pointing towards him. The man was speechless.

“Ice Swords? It can’t be!”

No one would even know how the Ice Swords work unless they saw them. It was even questionable whether it was realistically possible to create such a large number of Ice Swords.

‘What the hell? Is he some kind of monster?’

The Ice Swords seemed like they were desperate to plunge into the man.

“Did you really think that you could run away?”


The voice of Chun Yeowun reached in the spearman’s ears. Sadly, even his plan to live a little longer failed. The man, who lost his last resort, felt his heart pounding against his ribs. He wielded his spear and stood against the ice sword.

‘Just end it!’

It was better to break through the Ice Swords than deal with the monster behind him. The spearman unfolded his best technique to break down all the Ice Swords.

Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang!

Among the techniques based on Blade God Six Martial clan, his forte was close combat. As he took position, dozens of ice swords flew towards him like rain falling to the ground.


‘I just need to be vigilant!’

In order to not get hit, the man began to release energy as swords collided and fell.

Clang! Clang! clang!

Although the ice swords were sharp and hard, it couldn’t compare to the strength of a real sword. Whenever his spear clashed with the Ice Sword, the Ice Sword would crumble. After realizing this, color returned to the man’s face.

‘I can get away!’

Half of the Ice Swords were already broken, but there was one thing he missed. If it was a Grand Master, then moving while using the Ice Sword would be tough. However, Chun Yeowun was not normal, with the help of the system, he could simultaneously control the Ice Sword and move.

“His Back is unprotected”


The moment the man turned his head, a voice surprised him from behind.



A white sword passed through the spearman’s neck. The spearman had no time to react. His eyes, which were filled with life and hope thinking that he could escape, soon turned into despair.


He wanted to ask how the Guard could move but the next moment, he lost his life.

Thud! Puck!

The man’s neck cracked and his head fell onto the floor.


Cheers escaped from the mouth of the Great Guardian who leaned towards the entrance. Seeing the man’s head roll around, he couldn’t help but admire the guard. It would be no exaggeration to call the man as God’s Warrior.

‘This is amazing! To think there was such a skilled man...’

His identity didn’t matter anymore and he was fortunate enough that this monster was their ally.

‘Right! This person will be able to deal with that monstrous woman!’

It’s been quite some time since the woman went down and if the Guard hurried, he could stop her from touching the treasure.

“Ugh! Go down and stop the enemies in there. You need to hurry before the treasure gets stolen!”

With urgency in his voice, the Great Guardian shouted to Chun Yeowun. However, he felt something was off.


Chun Yeowun approached him without saying anything. The Great Guardian, who was puzzled, started to worry.


As the Guardian felt scared and the Guard spoke.

“What should I do?”

“What do you mean?”

“… I am not your ally either”

“Huh? What is that…”


Before he could respond, Chun Yeowun slit his throat. The head of the Great Guardian, whose throat was slit, fell on the floor with a thud.

“What the hell?”

“Guard! How can you do this?!”

In an instant, the warriors who were cheering and believed that he was an ally sent by the Emperor went mute and still. It was natural that they were shocked. After all, it was the head of the Great Guardian which fell down. Turning his head, Chun Yeowun asked the remaining warriors.

“Guard… do I still look like a Guard?”


If he wasn’t the Guard, then who was he? Chun Yeowun lifted his sword and aimed it at them, and spoke in an authoritative voice.

“I am the Lord of the Ten Thousand Mountains”

“Ten Thousand Mountains? No… Demonic Cult?”

The Lord of the Ten Thousand Mountains was another term for the Lord of Demonic Cult. Their eyes, which looked at Chun Yeowun, went wide at the obvious truth that he spoke. But that wasn’t the end.

“And now I am an enemy who is going to kill you all”



The moment he was done speaking, Chun Yeowun unfolded the Sky demon Sword.

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