Chapter 362 - Incarnation of Qilin (2)

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‘You stupid guy! Why did you die on me!’

It wasn’t like the assistant of Blood Master fell after fighting for a prolonged time but he died because of the collapsed ceiling. Even calling for him seemed frustrating. For a moment, everyone was shocked at the sudden collapse of the ceiling and the eyes of Blood Master narrowed.

‘He is not normal at all’

With her keen and reinforced instincts, she was sure that the man in front of them wasn’t an ordinary one. He was perfectly holding onto his energy without releasing it, which meant that he must be someone with great power levels that went beyond her imagination.

‘I thought this would be easy, but was I right?’

She thought that the problem would be solved once she got rid of Ran-yeong, whom she was fighting with, but that clearly didn’t seem to be the case. Seeing that he had a golden armor on him, he was definitely a member of the Imperial Palace.

‘The fact that he appeared right from the ceiling…’

In the other levels above this, there were people of Blade God Six Martial Clan who were leaving the marks of Demonic Cult martial arts on the corpses.

Blood Master stared at the Guardian, Ran-yeong, and Chun Yeowun alternatively.

She was confident in her skills, but she knew that she’d be at a disadvantage if they both joined forces.


On the other hand, it wasn’t just Blood Master who was awestruck at the sudden appearance of Chun Yeowun from the ceiling. The Guardian, Ran-yeong was also wary of his actions and appearance. The man was wearing gold armor, but not once had she ever heard about such a skilled man in the Guards.

‘I don’t think that even the Guardians are this capable’

She was convinced that the man in front of her was a lot stronger than the Guard, who is right next to the Emperor. Moreover, although the man wasn’t releasing any energy, she could feel that he had a scary and dangerous energy around him.

‘This is no normal underground and he appears through the ceiling. Meaning, these two must be allies’

Ran-yeong stared at Blood master.

She thought that it was worth playing with her since it had been a long time since she crossed swords with others, but there was no way that someone trying to seize the treasure would play fair. Even if she was skilled, it would be quite troublesome if the two of them joined hands and attacked her at the same time.

‘It would be dangerous if they joined hands. Then…’

Right now, the situation was truly complicated. With the appearance of Chun Yeowun, the two women made the same decision.

With eyes on full alert, the both of them looked at each other and then at Chun Yeowun, and attacked him at the same time as if they had already made the decision beforehand.


It was Chun Yeowun that the two women were aiming at. In order to prevent him from joining hands with either side, they decided to take down the newly emerged man.



‘Are they together?’

Chun Yeowun didn’t expect such a development. It was as if the beasts were trying to get rid of any possible enemies before they resumed their fight.


From the right side, an attack of hot flames similar to Qilin was released, and on the left was the Extreme Art of Blade God.



The two women’s eyes found each other at the same time. They thought they attacked an opponent. They thought that the Guard was an ally to the other, but what is the new twist?

However, they realized that they both were mistaken.

“This is not a good start”

Chun Yeowun's eyes turned serious. To avoid any more changes in the battle, the two of them decided to attack him.


When Chun Yeowun stretched out his right hand to unfold White Dragon Blade, the blade on his back suddenly appeared in his right hand. But that wasn’t the end.

Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang!

When he stretched the left hand, the black irons which seemed to be protecting his wrist on both the arms disassembled, forming into a black sword, and formed in Chun Yeowun’s hand.

‘An arm of a guard turned into a sword?’

‘Who the hell is he?’

They both knew from the start that Chun Yeowun wasn’t going to be an easy opponent. And their thoughts were true.


A cold chill ran down their spines, even though the temperature of the underground was increasing. Despite the strange phenomenon the guard displayed, the long spear wrapped in the flames of Ran-yeong, which was used to attack Chun Yeowun, went to strike him.

_Cha! Cha! Cha! Cha! Cha! _

At that moment, Chun Yeowun, who unfolded White Dragon Blade collided, with Ran-yeong’s spear.

Cha! Cha! Cha! Cha!

‘What is this cold energy?’

Ran-yeong’s eyes shook at the blade’s movement. The skill Chun Yeowun used would release cold energy, but it wasn’t strong enough to prevent her flames, so she tried to find the loop and break his blade.

And it wasn't just Ran-yeong who was shocked.

When the Art of Blade God was used, Blood Master wanted to slash Chun Yeowun into four pieces, but the black sword in his hand moved so quickly and eloquently and prevented the attack.

Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang!

‘Did he just stop my attack without even moving?’

It was natural that she would be flustered. She wasn’t sure how, but he managed to work with two swords together, and even prevent both incoming attacks without even getting a scratch on him? He blocked both the attacks simultaneously! But that wasn’t it!

He even managed to perform such a technique while using two different energies.

‘He used both his hands to handle different energies’

Although Blood Master has been learning martial arts for a very long time, it was her first time witnessing a person unfold two entirely different energies with two hands at the same time. What was even more shocking was that the energies were high-level ones.

‘This guy… is dangerous’

‘He isn’t on the same level as us’

Although they were aiming to take down the shockingly appeared man, the women weren’t stupid. When Chun Yeowun managed to stop both their attacks, they decided to acknowledge that the man was dangerous for them to deal with.


‘I need to take him down’


Red scales began to form on Ran-yeong's body, who had begun to use flames to wrap her both arms. The places where the scales began to form, soon released fire sparks, and in time she looked like she lit many fireworks on her body.


The heat she was releasing couldn’t be compared to what she was releasing before. The White Dragon Blade, which was releasing cold energy, was turning red because of the heat.


With the White Dragon Blade turning red because of the heat, the heat reached Chun Yeowun’s palm and turned the palm red.

“You, who deals with cold energy, can block this too? The Twelve Hellfire!”


The twelve individual spheres of crackling fireworks rose around her, and then went towards the sky at the same moment, and exploded. It was a power that couldn’t be compared to the flames she was using until a moment back.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

‘Now is the perfect time!’

Without missing the opportunity, Blood Master too began to release a new sword. It was the fifth form of the Blade God Six Martial clan’s - The Extreme Art of Blade God.


A sharp release of energy rose around as she used the sword from her waist. Gathering all the energy she could, she used Extreme Art of Blade God, which was a lot stronger than the attack, on the Imperial Palace’s Guardians.

There were 24 types of trajectories emerging from all over the place without covering up the fire sphere, which was causing explosions.



The moment she shouted, the energy swords moved at once along with the exploding fire sphere. The fire of Ran-yeong blasting through the hall so was the Blood Master’s sword energies.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

As the explosion and the energy were aiming for the same spot of contact, a crack appeared on the floor because of the overflowing energy, and sparks flew in all directions.

‘Such tremendous power’

‘This much should be enough. Now, we need to create a gap’


At the same time, both the women flew backwards to avoid getting caught up in the collision. The power of the two exquisite energies was beyond any imagination. It wasn’t intended to be a mixed attack, but it seemed like a perfect combination of two Super Masters.


When the combined attack was used, the whole place was being damaged.

The entire place was scorched in black sooth because of the explosion which occurred and many huge pits were created before all rocks and debris flew and scattered around.

The point where the attack hit only released smoke, however, both the women didn’t feel the need to check if the guard was alive or not. Facing such tremendous power, it would be difficult to even find the trace of the body.

‘He must have turned into ash’

Blood Master clicked her tongue. She looked at Ran-yeong who was still looking at the point of impact.

‘Who was he?’

There was no doubt that the Guard belonged to the Imperial Palace. But, he seemed to have joined forces with someone else. Thanks to that, the situation was under control, but Ran-yeong couldn’t figure out why he entered the hall.

At that time, Ran-yeong asked her.

“That man from earlier, is he one of yours?”


At her question, Blood Master was confused. Blood master couldn’t hold back her question too and asked Ran-yeong.

“What nonsense is that? Weren’t you the bitch who brought him along?”


After hearing each other’s questions, both women were confused. They both came to the conclusion that he wasn’t an ally for any of them. So, what was the identity of the Guard?

‘Hah…! I should have asked before I killed him’

Ran-yeong felt regret, but there was no way that she couldn’t ask the dead, whose body was also gone. That was when Blood Master thought.

‘It is better for this to happen. He was a nuisance anyway, and now I need to deal with the flame bitch, who is still here’

It wasn’t an intended joint attack, but it was fortunate that the Guard had been taken down. The Blood Master didn’t have a lot of time on her hands and wanted to kill this woman before taking the Blood of Qilin and escaping from the Imperial Palace.


Blood Master spoke to Ran-yeong while taking aim.

“You are a lucky one. Now I only need to deal with you”

Clicking her tongue, Ran-yeong spoke to the Blood Master who seemed overconfident.

“That is funny. I would apply the same words to you. I had to do a joint attack with you since I knew that you could barely attack him”


Flames burned more around Ran-yeong’s body. Saying those words, both of Ran-yeong’s hands were raised and the flame sphere rose again. It was a similar technique she used on the Guard.

“Huhu, do you think that it would work on me?”

“Well, we’ll see whether it works or not…”


Before they could even finish their words, they felt something eerie in their senses. The two women abruptly looked at the source of the energy.


It was the place where the joint attack had fallen.

The smoke was still rising due to the aftermath of the explosion but now, a weird energy made them feel a chill run down their spine.

“What the hell is going on?!”

“No way…”

It was weird. In the aftermath of that tremendous energy, there was no way the man could survive. The attack was so powerful that it was questionable if even the 5 great masters of the Blade God Six Martial clan could stop it.

But, that’s where they were wrong.

Cha! Cha! Cha! Cha!


The floor began to turn cold, from the point of impact, where the large pit formed. The entire cavity, which should have been hot and smoking, started turning cold and began to turn into ice.

However, the frost was black…

“The floor is cold and black?”

The both of them couldn’t think of what to do facing this new and weird phenomenon and looked at the place from where the energy was coming from. Eventually the smoke went and someone appeared.

“N-No way!”

“He isn’t dead?!”

Shockingly, from the smoke, rather than turning into ashes, Chun Yeowun stood tall. Of course, he wasn’t completely fine.

His armor was scorched because of the heat, and his face along with other parts of his body, which were guarded, were full of burn marks and cuts, but there was something else.

‘Ah! What’s happening to the wounds?’


The burn marks and cuts on Chun Yeowun’s body began to heal quickly. In And in an instant, they were visible no more, as if he wasn’t wounded in the first place.

‘What? He is…’

Such regeneration speed made Ran-yeong’s expression harden. It looked much faster than her own regeneration speed, which was possible only after taking Blood of Qilin. As she looked at him, Chun Yeouwn spoke.

“I didn’t know that the two of you, the Guardian of the Imperial Palace and the Blade God Six Martial clan members would join forces. Ugh… well, it doesn’t matter. Now then, I will also do joint attacks from now on”

“What? Joint attacks?”

The two of them focused on the word joint attack. They couldn’t feel another person apart from the Guard and them. So, what could he mean?

‘Nano’, Chun Yeowun called from Nano inside his mind.

‘Let’s go with Augmented Reality, Nano’

[Understood. Augment reality has been initiated for Master.]


As the two women were looking around, white light particles began to form a line around them, creating augmented reality. As the augmented reality got initiated, Chun Yeowun raised his right hand towards them and blue light began to merge in the air.


“N-no way!”

Blood Master’s eyes began to tremble as her predictions were coming true. The blue light which was forming in the air began to take the form of a sword, which was...

“Air Sword!”

It was the Air Sword.

‘Condensing strong energy in the air without any other medium and calling for a sword?’

Anyone who has reached the stage of performing such a technique and executing the Air Sword would normally need a medium. A step after that, if one reached for the next level, they could create the sword energy in the air without even a medium, such people were called the Perfect Supreme Master in Wulin.

“Per- perfect Supreme Master?”

It was natural that Blood Master was astonished. In Wulin, the only ones who could deal with such a high technique were the five great masters. But that wasn’t the end.


The blue-colored energy wasn’t just condensing into one.

Rather, 12 swords were forming around Chun Yeowun.

“It makes no sense!”

Not one, but 12 swords! She was dumbfounded. She knew that he wasn’t normal, but he was turning out to be a monster. Even Ran-yeong, who was covered in flames, was at a loss of words as she witnessed what was happening in front of her eyes.

‘He… who the hell is he?!’

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