Chapter 364 - Be the Flame, Hu Bong (1)

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Blood Master had been killed by the Air Sword, dying miserably before falling into the pond which had water bubbling due to the heat.

Bubble! Bubble!

‘This is unusual. Why isn’t it bubbling now?’

Thanks to her, Chun Yeowun got to take a better look at the pond.

It was strange enough that a flame was burning in the centre of the pond. The water just boiled and the pond didn’t dry out.

Chun Yeowun wasn’t affected by the heat thanks to the techniques he was using, but he still felt the temperature, so he decided to take a couple steps back.

[The user has 38% percent of energy remaining.]

Nano’s voice reminded him of his energy usage.

It wasn’t like he had been attacking for a long time, but even after reaching the Perfect Supreme Master level, such strong attacks were still burdensome.

‘What is left now is to take down that woman whose body is on fire.’


In the past he had met a woman whose body was deadly cold, but meeting someone with fire on their body was a first for Chun Yeowun.

The Guardian, Ran-yeong, was struggling to deal with the Air Swords which were being controlled by Nano, however, she was doing a lot better at defending herself than Blood Master had.

Clang! Clang! Clang! clang!

The sword qi from the Air Sword permeated the hall.

With every passing second, defending herself became more and more difficult.

It was a natural outcome, she was dealing with the 24 Demon Swords and Sword Force of Heavenly Demon, which were exerting tremendous energy.



The trajectory of the swords which were leaving behind a blue-hue, cut through Ran-yeong’s ribs.

As a result, she ended up staggering for a moment, which made another sword cut the side of her left thigh.



However, she didn’t feel any pain. Ignoring her injuries, she raised her hands to prevent more swords from reaching her.

‘Huh… the wounds?’

Upon looking closely, Chun Yeowun found that her wounds were healing. It looked very much like regeneration.

It wasn’t as fast as the freshener regeneration that Nano provided him, but the speed was commendable.

The flame around her body didn’t seem to interfere or halt the process of regeneration.

‘Is that why she's been able to remain standing until now?’

The rapid regeneration and not being able to feel pain were the only driving force which kept her on her feet.

Of course, it wasn’t just that. It would be no exaggeration to say that Ran-yeong could be considered as a top ranked martial artist in Wulin.

‘But this needs to end.’

There was no more reason for Chun Yeowun to stand still, especially after killing Blood Master.


Blue light began to condense around the air, and 6 sword qi Air Swords generated again.

Even the five great masters of Wulin, would struggle against twelve swords and declare surrender.

Would this woman be able to withstand it?


Just when Chun Yeowun had raised his hand to bring an end to the battle.


A familiar voice groaned.

The sound came from the opposite end of the entrance.

‘Hu Bong?’

When he looked over, he saw that Hu Bong had been caught by someone, a man who seemed to be in terrible condition. Seeing the blood on the man, Chun Yeowun felt that it was a miracle that he could still stand.

The man, whose arm seemed to have been crushed to a pulp, had his dagger at Hu Bong’s neck with a threatening look in his eyes.

“Ha… ah… ah… damn it…”

‘Tch, damn it! What kind of situation is this?’

Having gotten himself caught, Hu Bong couldn’t hide how embarrassed he was.

He was the one who did run down right away after hearing explosions coming from the lowest level.

Well, the sound had actually been caused by Chun Yeowun Overbearingly making a hole through the ceiling.

However, just as he'd jumped in to help Chun Yeowun, he ended up getting ambushed by a man who'd jumped out from the piles of stones (The aide of Blood Master, who'd been assumed dead).

“Ugh, you…”

“Shut up! If you don’t want to die, don’t act up!”

Hu Bong slowly began to gather energy to escape from the man’s grasp, but it was useless.

Hu Bong had reached the Super Master Level Warrior, but his opponent seemed to be skilled.

Before he could even act, he got stabbed in his right shoulder and another warning was given.



“Didn’t I tell you not to act up! If you move once more, I’ll cut your throat!”

The cold dagger, pressed dangerously against his skin.

Eventually, Hu Bong decided to not rebel.

‘Who is that guy?’

Asked the man with labored breaths, due to his injuries and crushed arm.

They'd assumed he'd died, however, he'd just barely managed to survive the falling rocks and escape with his life.

He had injuries all over his body, but was shocked at the amount of luck he had on his side. He was injured, but had also been able to subdue Hu Bong, who was of a higher level than him.

‘Blood Master is dead…’

His grasp around Hu Bong tightened as he wondered what had to be done.

He'd thought of escaping after the treasure got taken by Blood Master, but then he'd witnessed her arms being cut off.

‘It makes no sense. He killed that monstrous woman so easily?’

A monster suppressed another monster.

In a short moment, he had numerous things to worry about.

Should he keep hiding behind the stones and pretend to be dead, and wait for them all to disappear?

‘There is no way that monster wouldn’t notice my presence.’

Seeing how he'd dealt with the two women, it was obvious that that monster would detect him.

That was when, from the piles of stone, someone called ‘Lord!’, whilst trying to enter, that was when he'd decided to take this opportunity.

“Hah… What is your relationship with him?”

“… you just told me to shut up a moment ago…”

“Don’t play with me, I’m not in the mood.”


Even before he could warn Hu Bong, Chun Yeowun, who was on the other side of the hall, appeared in front of them.

He was so fast that the man didn’t even notice.

‘Th-this man is a real monster.’

If Blood Master couldn’t do anything, then what could a simple aide do?


Hu Bong, who'd been caught by an enemy out of nowhere, cried out with a sad expression.

He knew that he had unintentionally turned into a burden.


The mood in the hall didn’t seem good.

Although there was distance between the aide and Chun Yeowun, it felt like swords were ready to kill him at any moment.

And his anxiety couldn’t help but make him nervous without realizing. The man, who was trying to be calm, gulped without his knowledge.

‘Calm down. This man has to be a member of that monster’s group.’

He was afraid, but he could think of a couple things.

The captured man had called the monster of a man ‘Lord’, which meant that he had to be related to him.

With stone cold eyes, staring at him, Chun Yeowun spoke.

“Let him go.”

“Ahhhh… Lord!”

Hu Bong’s lips trembled at the angry look on Yeowun’s face.

He had been serving Yeowun for five years now, for Yeowun to show such a face, meant that he was a cherished subordinate.

“Bullshit! Don’t come closer! If you move a step further, I will kill this man!”

The man said with a tense expression.

It was obvious what would happen if he released Hu Bong.


‘Kuek. I told him not to move…’

The energy Chun Yeowun was releasing only grew stronger,which only instilled more fear.

He decided to act, which meant that there was no chance for retreat.

“I'm wa-warning you! If you want to save your subordinate, get the Blood of Qilin to me. And if you pledge to release me, I will let this man go.”

He raised his head and pointed to the burning flames on the rock in the middle of the pound.

He wasn’t sure if the threat would work or not, but it was the only option he had.

‘If he cares for this person, he will do it.’ Seeing how angry the monster before him was, it was clear that he must cherish his subordinate.

No matter how angry he looked, if he thought rationally, he would have no choice but to accept those terms.

But there was one thing he didn’t know.

Ordinary people may make sacrifices to protect people or things precious to them.

However, Chun Yeowun was a person of the Demonic Cult to the core.

“… how about I suggest one thing?”


“If you let Hu Bong go now, I’ll kill you as painlessly as possible. But if you don’t, I will kill you so painfully that you’ll regret being born into this world.”


The words from Yeowun made the man go silent.

He'd thought that Yeowun would come up with another peace suggestion, not threaten his life!

Moreover, he had decided to kill him in both options.

‘What the hell is with him?’

If this was how the man before him operated, then threatening him would be of no use.

The opponent is stronger, and his suggestions only end with death.

However, something unexpected happened.

[Only 15% of energy remains. I can no longer maintain Air Swords' trajectory.]



Along with the voice of Nano, the Air Swords, which were being operated by the remote system, halted.

It was all because of the time which got wasted due to the worthless threats of the man.


Chun Yeowun’s eyes trembled for a moment.

The energy that was consumed in order to maintain the Air Sword was beyond one’s imagination.

If Nano consumed any more energy to maintain the Air Swords, Chun Yeowun knew that it would cause a heavy setback for him when dealing with the remaining enemies, and so the Air Sword’s remote control was stopped.


As a result, Ran-yeong, who was dealing with six Air Swords, got some space to breathe.

Ran-yeong, who'd been freed, began approaching Chun Yeowun without hesitation.

She seemed visibly angry as she ran with flames all over her body.

‘It-it is dangerous!

Hu Bong, who was the first to look at her movements, instinctively judged that it would be dangerous to get in contact with her.

In a short moment, Hu Bong bit his lip.

Deciding that he shouldn’t be a burden, he tried to attack his captor, raising the energy in his hand, he decided to throw away his life to save his Lord.



There was no way that his captor wouldn’t notice this.

When the qi began to rise from Hu Bong, he instantly felt threatened making him subconsciously act and ended up cutting HU Bong’s neck with the dagger.



Hu Bong, whose neck had been slashed, fell forward.

Drops of blood scattered around as he fell.

‘Lord… behind you…’

Falling face down, Hu Bong pointed his finger somewhere.

He was dying, yet he desperately tried to inform his Lord of something.

“Hu Boonnngggg!”

_Thud! _

Yeowun, who couldn’t hold in his anger anymore, dashed forward, instantly covering ten steps.


The eyes of the captor trembled.

He'd ended up acting without thought, so he had to defend himself.



A black sword in the air moved with the speed of lightning, and the arm which was holding the dagger got cut off.

Before the severed arm even fell to the ground, Chun Yeowun made the black sword fall to the ground



The energy his hands were releasing was overpowering.

The energy was so strong that anyone in the way would be cut down.

“Kuakk, what, what are you doing?”

“I told you that you’d regret it!”

“Pl-please just kill me…”



Chun Yeowun’s finger broke through the man's skull.

It was a lot more painful than his arm being cut off, it was indescribably painful!

The kind of pain no one would wish on anyone.

Ta! Ta! Ta!

‘Damn it!’

He wanted to inflict more pain, but Yeowun immediately sensed something fast approaching from behind.

With his finger pushed into the man's skull, Chun Yeowun held him by his shoulder.


‘N-no way!’

Blood was oozing out from the skull, and his eyes were wet with the tears he cried.

The man realized what Chun Yeowun was planning to do.


Crack! Swoosh!


The scream didn’t end.

Chun Yeowun, held onto the captor’s shoulders, flexed his muscles and tore the head away from the body.

Along with the head, the spine was also gruesomely torn from the body.

The man felt no pain, but as he'd been warned, it was the most painful and cruel death.


Chun Yeowun threw the head onto the floor and immediately reached towards the ground .

Swoosh! Chak!

The black sword which had fallen to the floor, whizzed back into his hands.

Chun Yeowun, who'd retrieved his sword, spun around, and threw it at Ran-yeong, who was coming for him.

But then,



Ran-yeong, who surely looked like she wanted to attack him, suddenly fell to her knees.

Chun Yeowun wondered what she was up to, but she still kept her head down and shouted so loud that the hall echoed with every word from her.

“Ahhh! Have you finally come looking for me? The Lord of the Demonic Cult, he who is the Heavenly Father of the Great Demonic Cult!”

TL Notes: The author states that Hu Bong level is "Super Master Level" (초절정경) which was used by the previous translator in c268, we have no reference in the cultivation levels stated in the wiki so we decided to go with it.

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