Chapter 378 - Don’t touch him (1)

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Being invincible can be weird.

The difference between a low-ranked master and a high-ranked master wasn’t very big.

However, the stronger a person got, the bigger the gap would get.

It was one of the reasons why the people of Wulin clung to the concept of strength, higher levels, and internal energy rather than working hard to reach a higher noble status.

For example, the internal energy and qi required to use techniques would become less as one achieved higher levels of cultivation.

Of course, when it comes to techniques, their efficiency depends on the situation, the use, and the understanding, more than the cultivation level. Nonetheless, such dependency simply fades away when the warriors reach higher levels.

Lim Gyu-hwa, the Wave Sword.

He had reached the perfect Supreme Master level.

Even compared to the top five skilled warriors of the past, he must be one of the top three.

Moreover, he had lived for a very long time, his experience in martial arts would most likely make him the strongest person in the current Wulin.

‘… Oh goodness!’

‘How could he be taken down so easily…’

Great Guardian Marakim, and Great Elder Ran-yeong, who were worried about their Lord, were immediately confused.

It had all happened before they could even try to dissuade their Lord from engaging in battle.

The moment that Lim Gyu-hwa appeared and revealed his identity, they'd grown worried that Yeowun might be in danger.

However, it ended in Lim Gyu-hwa's swift decapitation after just three strikes.

‘Ugh! Unbelievable.’

Elder Cheong-su and his disciples, who were watching from the side, wore dumbfounded expressions.

Was there a sky above the sky?

When they saw Lim Gyu-hwa, who was called the Guardian Escort, rumored for his unparalleled strength, they'd also grown worried.

But then, Chun Yeowun had cut off his arm and neck as if he was dealing with a low-level warrior.

‘There is no way that what my eyes just saw is an illusion. It must be the black invisible sword he made using that black flame!’

Invisible sword.

A tangible sword known to be formless with intangible energy.

The legendary sword of Dokgo Gupae of the Mount Hua Sect, which could only be achieved when one reached the Divine Master Level.

‘That sword definitely has no sword qi.’

The strength which gets aggregated by the qi is excellent, but it couldn’t be compared to this invisible sword he'd just witnessed.

Its power was astonishing enough to pierce through the Wave Sword Shield, which became harder and sturdier with every attack.

“… Divine Master.”

A small, quiet, and short mumble, but its impact was enormous.

Most of those in the underground were martial arts users, so they were well aware of the cultivation levels.

There was no way that those who practice martial arts wouldn’t have heard of the Divine Master level, the level, told of in legends.

“No way!”

“Di, Divine Master level?”

“Does that even exist?”

The Admirals, the commanders, and all the other eunuchs were all shocked and confused.

A shocking scene that displayed how easily the Guardian Escort had been killed.

Being one of the 17 leaders of the Forces of Justice, he really shouldn’t have been moved by Chun Yeowun.

‘Huhu, that person is taking another step closer to becoming invincible. A real monster has been born within the Demonic Cult. Heavenly God!’

However, He couldn’t help but acknowledge him.

That was when a question popped into Elder Cheong-su’s mind.

‘Maybe the Lord of the Demonic Cult can be compared to the monster in the east?’

A monster from the east that no one could touch.

There wasn’t much information about the monster because he didn’t walk along with other members of Wulin, but he was one of the Five Great Warriors and had a wild character of ‘God’ in his title.

He was also called the God of War and God of Battle.

And it was said that he had earned all these titles with only the use of his two fists.

‘A monster against a monster…’

A loud scream entered Elder Cheong-su’s ear.

“Yah! You! Step away from His Majesty right now!”

Northern Commander Yeongjo, was pointing his sword at Chun Yeowun, his hands trembling visibly.

After killing the Guardian Escort, Chun Yeowun approached the emperor with just two steps.

However, seeing the overwhelming power Chun Yeowun had, Yeongjo couldn’t move his feet no matter how much he tried.

‘I’ll die with just one strike from him.’

It was certain that he was going to be killed the moment he stepped out.

Whilst he was struggling to overcome the fear, a blue blade suddenly touched his neck, as he struggled to stand.

It was the Great Guardian, Marakim, wearing a mask with a unique pattern.

“Da-Dark King!”

“I swear, one more step and you lose your head.”


Yeongjo’s face turned dark as his heart leaped into his throat

He’d completely overlooked the fact that it wasn’t just Chun Yeowun in the underground shrine, but also Ran-yeong, who claimed to be a member of Demonic Cult and Great Guardian Marakim.

As Yeongjo shut his mouth, everyone’s eyes focused on one place.

‘How can the Guardian Escort be so helpless?’

The head of the Guardian Escort, Lim Gyu-hwa, was rolling on the cold floor.

His eyes were still open as his death came as fast as lightning.

[Can you deal with that person?]

[I’ll have to compete to know, but don’t worry, I don’t think I will be defeated.]

Those were the words Lim Gyu-hwa, the strongest person in the Imperial Palace, had uttered before his death.

He hadn't lost his confidence even after encountering the Five Great Warriors of his time, so, how could he not withstand one arrogant and inexperienced Lord?

‘Wh-what did I end up doing?’

He'd only been trying to gain control of them but had ended up losing his Guardian Escort, the legacy he had inherited from his predecessors.

The Emperor’s confidence, which had never wavered, began to crack.

Embarrassment was visible in his solemn eyes, and he unconsciously took a step backwards.


Chun Yeowun’s eyes lit up.

“Oh! Are you afraid of me?

Everyone’s eyes quickly locked onto Yeowun as silence suddenly fell.


The emperor’s eyes shook.

To the emperor of the great Empire, who had always ruled and never backed down, Stepping back would mean he was accepting defeat before his opponent.

‘No. I am the emperor of this wide empire. This can’t happen!’

Bewildered, the emperor glared at Chun Yeowun and shouted.

“Arrogant! Step back! Right now!”

Hearing that, Chun Yeowun couldn’t stop himself from smiling.

Even though he had instinctively stepped back, the Emperor didn’t want to recognize the power of the Demonic Cult.

Enjoying the way things were turning out, Chun Yeowun opened his mouth.

“You seem to be misunderstanding something. Your Majesty!”

“Misunderstanding? Are you trying to ridicule me?”

“You can actually order me! Your Majesty! But only when you are superior to me!”

With those words, Chun Yeowun took another step closer to the Emperor and raised his hand.



The Emperor’s body slowly began floating in the air.

The Emperor's expression hardened at the humiliation he was facing for the first time.

“H-how dare you put the Emperor through this!”

Admiral Seo Tae-sik of the Cardinal Spear, who had deep loyalty to the Imperial family, couldn’t stand still and began yelling as he took out his weapon to save the Emperor.


He tried to move towards Chun Yeowun’s back and stab him with the sword, but there was no way Chun Yeowun’s subordinates would let that happen.



Just as he was about to aim for Chun Yeowun, a pillar of hot fire soared right in front of him creating a flaming wall.

Flustered, Seo Tae-sik turned his body to avoid getting hit and tried again, when Ran-yeong reached out and unleashed more fire.

“Who gave you the permission to act like this? Admiral Seo! If you have no intention of dying, don’t do things you’ll eventually regret!”

“Guardian, I’ll remember this!”

If he could, he wanted to cut through the fire, but if he tried to do anything, Ran-yeong was ready to kill him.

However, as a subject, he couldn’t watch the Emperor be humiliated.

It was his duty to protect the Emperor, even if it meant losing his life.

‘Cut one’s flesh and cut the opponent’s bones!’

Admiral Seo Tae-sik of the Cardinal Spear tried to break through the pillar of fire created by Ran-yeong with the resolution to cut one's flesh and cut the opponent’s bones.

“How dare you!”

While Seo Tae-sik was deciding, Ran-yeong’s flames, which began to narrow the distance, gracefully moved to the air and aimed for him.


Seo Tae-sik gave up his defence and raised his sword rushing towards the fire.

‘Clench the teeth and hold on, I will cut into the back of this devil and its fire!’

After all, that was his simple plan.

The pillar of fire was blocking him from approaching Chun Yeowun’s back, if he could go past it, he could cut Chun Yeowun down and save the emperor.

With that determination, he struck the pillar of fire with his sword, imbued with sword qi.

“Uh? Th-that can’t be!”

The pillar of fire, which he thought would split at once, rose like a whirlwind and easily deflected his sword.

The dead Guardian Escort, Lim Gyu-hwa, had managed to put out the flames, making Seo Tae-sik believe that he could too, but this time the flames had manifested from Ran-yeong’s body.

There was no way that he could deal with a Supreme Master.

“That was the final warning, Admiral Seo!”

“Damn it!”

Pak! Pak! Pak! Pak!

Ran-yeong’s graceful hand, aimed at Seo Tae-sik’s back, and attacked.

Admiral Seo tried blocking it, but he wasn’t on the same level as her and he received the full brunt of the attack.



The sound of broken bones was clearly heard.

He'd tried to use his life in exchange for Yeowun's, but in the end, he had given up his own for nothing.

Ran-yeong grabbed Seo Tae-sik by his neck and flung him away from Chun Yeowun.


Seo Tae-sik, who fell to the ground, coughed up blood and shouted at the eunuchs and Guards.

“Cough! Cough! What are you doing! Protect His Majesty right now!”


Even Lim Gyu-hwa hadn’t been able to compete with that monster.

“Ahh! There are only five members of the Demonic Cult! Do you mean to commit treason by allowing His Majesty to be humiliated?”



At Seo Tae-sik’s words, they all drew their weapons.

They were having a hard time figuring out what had to be done in such a chaotic situation, but the words of Admiral Seo had managed to knock some sense into them.

‘Ye-yeah! No matter how good they are, there’s only five of them!’

‘We are superior in numbers. As long as he is human, there is no reason why we won’t be able to take him down.’

Even if they weren’t as skilled, their numbers alone exceeded three hundred.

It seemed like there was a possibility of taking him down if they constantly attacked.

“Cough! Cough! Aim for the Lord of the De-demonic cult!”



At Seo Tae-sik’s command, they went to attack Chun Yeowun, who was controlling the Emperor.

“Put down His Majesty right now!”

“You arrogant man!”

Cha! Cha! Cha! Cha!

The sound of swords clashing reverberated throughout the shrine.

Three hundred eunuchs and Guards had finally started moving together.

“If you put me down right now…”

Chun Yeowun shook his head at the emperor’s words.

“Abandon your useless expectations.”


An unbelievable thing happened in front of the Emperor’s eyes.

Chun Yeowun raised his left hand and opened his palm, the Guards who were charging forward to attack suddenly got blocked by an invisible wall.



“M-my nose!”

“Wh-what is this?”

A few of them hit the invisible wall really hard and ended up breaking their noses.

Chun Yeowun lightly waved his hand towards those who were bumping into the invisible wall.




A strong wind pushed at them and flung them backwards.

“Take him down!”

‘Yes! Ahhh!’

Phat! Thud!

The Guards, who were waiting for a follow-up attack, were ready to jump past the wall when the wind ended up blowing them away too.



Those who were trying to help the flying Guards ended up puking blood because of the force with which they'd been flung backwards.

They had all ended up suffering some kind of internal injury.

“Eik! Everyone, attack at once! There is only one enemy! One!”

Hundreds of Guards who were at the back got ready to attack Chun Yeowun, whose skills were taunting them.


“Huh? Th-this?”

A shiver ran across their spines.

Yeowun had managed to bring down the three hundred eunuchs and the Guards all together.

“Th-this energy is?”

“This should be impossible!”

Flustered, they tried to make sense of what was happening.

Thud! Thud! Thud! Thud!

Three hundred people had knelt on the ground, their faces white, unable to withstand the energy pressing down on them.

‘Ugh, he-he is a monster!’

‘Yo-your Majesty!’

They'd thought that if they attacked constantly, they could push back the monster and free their Emperor.

However, they couldn’t even raise their heads at the moment, they couldn't even see what would happen to their Emperor.

“How could a mere human do such…”

The Emperor got nervous after seeing the eunuchs and the guards kneeling in front of someone else.

Even if he wanted to maintain his calm, it was becoming harder and harder with every passing second.

Chun Yeowun, satisfied, turned his head towards the Emperor.

“It got quiet at last. Now, shall we continue our talk?”

Unlike Chun Yeowun, who was relaxed, the emperor couldn’t even open his mouth.

Chun Yeowun continued to speak.

“Do you understand which side would have a favourable outcome if this continues?”

The emperor didn’t want to admit to Chun Yeowun’s words, but he had no choice but to agree.

A monster like him would be able to invade the palace and kill everyone in the Imperial family if he wanted.

A frightening reality that made his heart start to shudder.

“Well, I’m sure you know this, but the reason why the first emperor signed the treaty wasn’t because of the achievements made during the founding of the empire, but to protect himself.”


Humiliating, yet no room for objection.

However, his pride and authority as an Emperor didn’t allow this humiliation to continue.

The emperor’s face grew red with anger.

“I made a number of concessions thinking that you deserved a chance. But do you think that even after threatening me like this, you’ll be able to get out? Even if you are this strong, not everyone in your cult is like this.”

“… Your Majesty is so diplomatic even in threatening situations.”

At Chun Yeowun’s laughing words, the Emperor had an absurd expression.


He glared at Chun Yeowun and shouted.

“You are making fun of me! No matter how reckless you are, you should be well aware of the aftermath of killing me, I, this land’s Emperor!”

The confidence of an Emperor.

Probably because of all the years he had ruled over the land.

If he died immediately, a civil war would occur in order for a new government to form and for a prince to be given support as the next ruler.

If the political situation became chaotic, the west and the north, who had constantly been at war with the empire, would aim for the capital.

“You can’t threaten my life with this…”



At that moment, the sharp edge of White Dragon Blade slightly cut the emperor’s neck.

bewildered, the emperor gasped in surprise.

“uh, what the hell do you think you're doing?”

“Your Majesty seems to be overconfident about your existence.”


“When a tooth falls out, a new tooth emerges and takes over the role of chewing, that is how this world works. In the end, someone else will take your place.”

“Wh-what are you saying…”

Chun Yeowun noticed the trembling in the Emperor’s voice and looked over at Zhu Taikhan.

“There is a very good ‘tooth’ over there. Besides, he is a shogi horse that I can move at my will.”


The furious face of the emperor, which was full of rage and anger, immediately turned corpse-like white.


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