Chapter 383 - Title of Five Strongest Warriors (4)

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Monk Sathi of Hangsan clan.

She'd risen to fame at the same age as a typical high-schooler.

Because of the way she handled swords in her youth, she was known as the Elegant Sword.

In her mid-thirties, she'd been recognized for her sword skills after beheading a notorious swordsman.

Currently, she had a strong reputation as a leader of Yulin, but during her time as an active member, she'd only been seen as an excellent female swordsman.

“Monk Sathi!”


The nuns shouted in shock.

For the excellent swordswoman, Monk Sathi, to have been attacked by the Demonic Cult, and not just that, but for her to be held by her neck and lose her ability to move...

“You- Lord of Demonic Cult?”

A man in a black robe, with long hair and a white face.

No matter how many times she looked, the young man who seemed to be pinning her in place with just one hand seemed as arrogant as a Lord could ever be.

‘Why is the master not moving?’

Amongst the nuns, there was a younger one who bit her lip.

She was the first disciple of Monk Sathi, Wo-seon.

[Sister! If this continues our master will be defeated!]

The woman who'd sent the message was the second disciple Oh Hye.

[Ah! Sister is right!]

After hearing Oh Hye’s message, she came back to her senses and told her to perform the Sword of Collective Harmony, a technique of the Hangsan clan.


The two disciples, of the proud Hangsan clan, simultaneously unleashed their technique.

The two nuns crossed each other several times, making the watching eyes grow dizzy, and at the same time, moved to attack Chun Yeowun from his left and his right.

“Let go of my Master right now!”

“You evil Lord of the evil Demonic Cult!”

The two swords avoided hitting their master, and seemed to be aimed for the right shoulder and left rib of Chun Yeowun, but something totally unexpected greeted them.



Someone grabbed Oh Hye’s wrist, which was aiming for Chun Yeowun’s right shoulder.

Shocked, she looked at the person who had grabbed her wrist, a muscular young man with a beard.

“How dare you! a mere monk trying to get close to him.”

The crude hand which held her was so large that her slender wrist could break like wooden sticks from the pressure.


At the same time, Wu-seon’s sword, which had aimed for the left rib, was blocked by someone.

With bare hands, he grabbed the sword’s blade and broke it, this man had a unique pattern on his mask.


Shocked, she quickly tried to increase the distance between her and the man.

She looked over to see if Oh Hye had succeeded, but a muscular man, twice the height of normal people, had grabbed her by her wrist and lifted her.


Hu Bong looked at the giant man and shouted warmly.

The man was none other than Ko Wanghur of the Demon Fist Clan!

After the end of the Demonic Cult civil war, he remained in the Ten Thousands Mountains. It would appear that he'd finally left that place and entered the Imperial Palace.

“Hey Hu Bong. It's been a while. You have been enjoying your time with the Lord alone I see… Ah!”

Ko Wanghur raised his hand and waved at Hu Bong.

The Lord, Chun Yeowun, had been a monster from the very beginning.

‘Is… it true?’

Ko Wanghur hadn't been able to follow the Lord on his journey because of his level and had dedicated himself to training.

In order to not become a burden for his Lord, he was the only member of the Six Swords to have reached the beginning of the Superior Master level after his exhausting training.

It was just yesterday that he was happy about reaching the level of an elder, but now Hu Bong was giving off an energy that was even greater than his.

‘I was so delighted with my results this time, but Hu Bong’s level makes me nervous.’

Hu Bong, wasn’t given major roles in the Six Swords team because of his low martial skills.

If he had grown by this much, then it was certain that he could claim a title if he battled for the Six Swords.

‘Who are these people…’

Wo-seon didn’t know what to do when two people with strong energies suddenly appeared.

She'd tried to save her master but had ended up causing her fellow sister to be caught instead.

It was pathetic to see Oh-hye hanging by her wrist.

‘Other masters have appeared.’

Monk Sathi’s expression darkened after looking at Wo-seon's reaction.

It was her mistake to come here without any prior preparations.

‘Being crushed like this, I can’t even fight… Amitabha!’

It was a truly shameful situation.

She could get hurt, but she desperately wanted to get out of the hands of the Lord of the Demonic Cult.

“Yo-you take your hand off my body, otherwise!”


“You will regret it!”

As soon as she said that, Monk Sathi began increasing the energy in her body, and gathered it near her chest.


It was something she had learned in the temple for several decades, and she always thought that her skills were profound enough for her to be counted as one of the five strongest warriors.

Geshan Da Niu (Hitting Cattle in the Mountain).

It meant to hit cattle in the mountain.

A high-level method, an attack that could deliver a huge impact when an object is used as a medium.

Unable to get out of Chun Yeowun’s grasp, she decided to use her own body as a medium to escape.


She could feel the energy running through her body.

She'd never tried using her body as a medium, but it somehow felt like she had succeeded.

Tring! Tring!

Fortunately, since she had used her body as the medium, it looked like the energy had flowed to the back of her neck.

‘It was a success! Now all that is left… ah!’

No matter how skilled he was, she thought that if he realized that she was trying to use internal energy to invade his body, Chun Yeowun would naturally remove his hand to prevent any injury.



The stone slab under Chun Yeowun’s feet cracked.

Upon hearing that, her eyes widened.

“N-No way!”

The cracking of the slab was the aftermath of her energy, which she had tried to use on Chun Yeowun because of her Geshan Da Niu.

Surprisingly, Chun Yeowun had guided the energy that had entered his body through the meridians in his body and discharged it into his feet.

He'd accepted her energy and used a more advanced method to avoid getting hurt.

“Ho-how did you do that?”

Her final supreme attack had miserably failed.

From the moment he'd caught her without releasing any energy, she'd guessed that he was stronger than her, but this was different.

'He is a monster! No, he is the Demon God himself!'

At that moment, the warning she'd been given by Elder Cheong-su, came to her mind.

She'd thought his words to be nothing but bullshit, but the man grabbing her by the neck really was a monster.

[He, he really is a Divine Master!]

Goosebumps rose to the surface of the skin along her back.

For a moment, it really felt like he was a Divine Master.

If not that, he must be one of the Five Strongest warriors.

‘No, no, no! No one, with the exception of Great Leader Yi Mok, can stand up to this man.’

Whilst she was lost in the abyss of shock, Chun Yeowun spoke to her.

“You seem to use the word ‘regret’ a lot.”

At that word, Monk Sathi’s face turned red with embarrassment.

“Lo-Lord of the Demonic Cult. I am a member of the Forces of Justice, which is allied with your cult! There seems to be a misunderstanding, how about you let me go and we have a proper conversation?”

She knew that fighting with him would cause her to meet nothing but a pitiful end.

It was fortunate that the Forces of Justice had an alliance with the Demonic Cult.

But there was one thing she didn’t know.

“If you wanted to talk, you should never have drawn your sword before me.”


Chun Yeowun was the kind of person who repaid ten times what he received.

“Ah no. That was…”

She was the one who'd drawn her sword at Hu Bong first.

From Monk Sathi’s perspective, her reason for drawing her sword was justified as she had wanted to prevent the dismantling of the temple, but she couldn’t deny the fact that she was the one who drew their sword first.


‘What is he?’

Monk Sathi sensed the energy rise behind her, with fear rising inside her heart, she shouted.

“Wa-wait! If you harm me, the alliance…”

“The alliance doesn’t mean that we forgive your mistakes. And you shouldn’t have done anything you’d regret in the first place.”


After those words were heard, something swiftly passed over her left shoulder.

There was no pain at that moment.

But a second later, an indescribably extreme pain shot through her nerves.


She screamed in pain as she gazed down at where her left arm should have been.



Chun Yeowun threw her to the ground.

Looking down at her, screaming in pain because it was her first time experiencing it, Chun Yeowun spoke again.

“As a courtesy to the alliance, I’ll only take your left arm.”

It was no gratitude, but it was a lot better than taking away the right arm of a swordsman.

From Chun Yeowun’s side, it meant showing mercy.

Seeing their respected master’s arm fall to the ground was something that horrified the other nuns of the Hangsan clan.

Chun Yeowun then gave orders to the warriors of the Demonic Cult.

“Bring it down, if they resist, cut them down too.”


At the same time, in the Throne Room of the Dragon Palace where the Emperor resides.

Thud! Thud! Thud!


“I can’t straighten my knees!”

Twelve eunuchs of the Cardinal Spear were kneeling on the floor.

Although they were skilled people, they couldn’t resist the energy which was pushing them to the ground and humiliating them forcibly.

At this sight, the eyes of the emperor, who was on the throne, shone.


In the throne room, fifty steps away from the hall, two men of the Forces of Justice were standing.

And the man who was the reason for the pressure the eunuchs were feeling was coming from none other than Yeon Buso, the eldest son of the Great Leader of the Forces of Justice.

‘Shocking. I've only heard about him.’

Yeon Buso standing next to Peng-gyu made him a little shocked.

He had guessed that Yeon Buso had reached a level that surpasses his own, but to see him bring those people to their knees was surprising.

‘How could a guy of only 30 years old reach the Supreme Master level’

Supreme Master.

It was a level that very few people within Yulin had managed to reach.

Peng-gyu knew that Yi Mok and seven other leaders of the Forces of Justice had taught this man, but to see his growth was startling.

‘Amazing. In my generation, the best kind of warriors were only born out of wedlock between strong families.’

Of the five strongest warriors of Wulin, Peng-gyu was told that a master who reached this level at the age of thirty was like a monster.

A sense of pride filled Peng-gyu’s heart at the thought that he was walking alongside the next generation’s Lord.

“Did you see that! Your Majesty! That is Yeon Buso, who is going to earn the title of Five Strongest Warriors of the East!”


Peng-gyu and Yeon Buso were being praised.

They couldn’t praise themselves, but the others were doing it for them.

Of course, the Emperor himself had to confirm the ability of Yeon Buso with his eyes, as he wasn’t the kind to easily trust others.

[Somehow, make sure that you show them that you can protect the Imperial palace from the Blade God Six Martial clan a lot better than the Demonic Cult.]

That was what the Great Leader of the Forces of Justice had said.

Yeon Buso was doing an excellent job so far.

Even the Emperor seemed a little impressed.

Now the key was to persuade the emperor to change the art.

However, the Emperor soon sighed and flicked his finger.


As if they had been waiting, eunuchs from all over the corners began to gather.


The number was close to two hundred or so.

The palace was so wide that it was filled with only them, but he couldn’t understand why the eunuchs had been called in.

The emperor soon opened his mouth.

“You must be Yeon Buso.”

“Yes, your Majesty.”

“Try it again.”


At the unexpected command which came out of the emperor’s mouth, Yeon Buso and Peng-gyu’s eyes lit up.

They weren’t sure till then, but now they knew that he wanted them to make all the eunuchs in the hall kneel.

It seemed like he wasn't satisfied with what had shown earlier, and was trying to confirm it again.

‘Should I take them down?’

The number was too many for him to make them kneel.

Before entering the Dragon palace, he'd left his weapon, and now he was being asked to subdue the eunuchs with his bare hands.

The emperor opened his mouth again.

“Three hundred people.”


“That is the number of people who knelt down in an instant with a single gesture from the Lord of Demonic Cult.”

Hearing the ridiculous number coming out of the Emperor’s mouth, Yeon Buso’s eyes shook.

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