Chapter 389 - Non-Aggression Treaty (2)

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“You can go this way.”

The first to enter the Jin Castle of the Wulin people were the heads of each clan of Yulin, who moved to the opposite side of the Imperial palace’s guards under the guidance of the imperial guards.

The people of Yulin who were assigned a place close to the western gate got into a formation right away.

It showed how orderly and disciplined their faction was.

Among those, there were those who couldn’t hide their energy, the elite warriors of North Justice Blade.

‘It was worthwhile to bring in 100 of the North Justice Blade.’

The 3rd leader, Nam Gung-kyong, couldn’t hide his satisfaction while looking at the warriors.

The leader of North Justice Blade, one of the best forces of Yulin, was under Yeon Buso, the eldest son of Yi Mok.

The warriors of North Justice Blade seemed to be in anger when they learned that Yeon Buso had been captured by the Lord of the Demonic Cult, Chun Yeowun, in the Imperial palace.

The air seemed to have turned cold, perhaps because they wanted blood to flow.

‘Lord of the Demonic Cult. You have a talent for making enemies.’

The North Justice Blade is made up of only those who are extremely skilled.

For the Extremists to have this power on their side was something that could instil confidence in them, and with 100 North Justice Blade warriors, they could destroy 2 to 3 Demonic Cults in one night.


‘Did you pressure the 300 guards and eunuchs? Would you be able to do that again this time?’

The people who attended this time were all masters.

There was Yi Mok, the Supreme Master, and the five leaders who were all Superior Masters, including Nam Gung-kyong.

Moreover, from the small and medium clans, there were more than 50 Super Master level warriors.

They were fully prepared to face the Divine Master.

‘This will be the same for the Forces of Evil and the Blade God Six Martial clan too!’

They will bring their best power to kill Chun Yeowun too.

If the three forces attacked at once, it was determined that, no matter how strong Chun Yeonwun was, he wasn’t invincible.

‘The main point comes after dealing with the Lord.’

After dealing with a common enemy, the Demonic Cult, all the other three factions will end their alliance immediately.

And the factions which survive in that position will turn into a major faction in the Yulin.

‘At that specific moment.’

He looked up at the sky, the sun was heading towards the middle of the sky and noon was approaching.

At the western gate of Jin Castle, the sound of drums echoed around.

Thud! Thud! Thud!

“The leaders of the Forces of Evil and their clan heads are entering.”

The second to arrive were the Forces of Evil.

The eyes of Poong Chungwun, a long time member of the Forces of Justice, widened.

‘I heard there was a civil war happening, yet they are attending?’

Even within the Wulin, there were spies placed in each faction.

It was done by the Forces of Justice who knew that the Forces of Evil were complicated to deal with.

Naturally, they thought that no one would be dispatched to the treaty.

‘Gar Mojam from the Yellow River!’

‘No way. Why is he here?’

A middle-aged man with a black eye patch entered through the gate.

He was the head of the 18 River families and also a tyrant, someone very close to the Forces of Evil.

And there were 17 men, who seemed like leaders, who came after him.

‘That one is Bok Ho-sun.’

Jegal Yong-un, the 13th leader of the Forces of Justice, who was the head of intelligence, immediately noticed that one person.

The River Family‘s Bok Ho-sun.

It was said that Chun Yeowun had drowned them all in the river with his own hands.

‘Where are they?’

As soon as Gar Mojam entered the castle, he looked for the Demonic Cult.

One of the facts he found out about them was that the Demonic Cult were looking for the base of the Blue Sky Brotherhood.

As a result, it was Gar Mojam who was convinced that the true culprit wasn’t the Blue Sky Brotherhood but the Demonic Cult who disappeared overnight.

Today, he was going to make sure to let the blood of Demonic Cult flow for the sake of his nephews, and the Blue Sky Brotherhood’s men who died.

‘I will never forgive those demonic bastards!’

Who the real culprit is was still unknown, but he hoped to find someone called Yang Danwa among the Demonic Cult‘s members.

He only heard this name once when he hypnotised someone.

[A young man with a pure white face, named Chun Yeowun, the head of the Demonic Cult… ah… they must have come from the Ten Thousand Mountains seeing Yang Danwa there, but also witnessing the Lord treat him so politely, he seemed like a high ranked member of the Cult!]

It was said that Yang Danwa had beheaded a person on the command of Chun Yeowun.

If he came to the treaty, Gar Mojam was sure to pay back twice the number.

He was planning to find out every single member of the cult and decapitate them.

Thud! Thud! Thud!

Gar Mojam and the River families, as well as hundreds of warriors below them, were about to get into formation under the guidance of the imperial guards, when suddenly the drums began to echo from the east.

‘Is it them?’

‘Have they arrived?’

The gazes of both, the Forces of Evil and the Forces of Justice, went towards the eastern gate at the same time.

Among the three largest factions, the only one remaining was the Demonic Cult.

The one who entered was someone other than the one they wanted, the new power and the leading faction, Blade God Six Martial clan.

“The three leaders of the Blade God Six Martial clan are entering!”

At the shout of the guard, the eyes of all the leaders turned sharp.

It would be their first time seeing these people.

Through their hands, the sub clans of the Forces of Justice were completely destroyed.

‘Three leaders?’

The Yulin thought that as they were made of six clans, there would be six leaders controlling numerous clans, but only half of them seemed to have come.

But the fact that only half of them are here meant a lot.

It meant that they were aiming for peace through this treaty.

‘They are coming.’

Everyone’s attention was focused on the spot where they would confront these leaders for the first time.

They saw three people walking side by side at the eastern gate.

On the left side was an old man with short white hair and red scabbard, and the one in middle was with long hair, and a black cloth covering his eyes.

And on the right side was another middle-aged man with a beard and well developed muscles without wearing a top. What was unusual about him was the fact that he was wearing a huge sword that was of the same height as him on his back.

“They are unusual, Great Leader.”


Yi Mok didn’t respond to the 6th leader Poong Chungwun’s words who was puzzled. However, he had a serious expression on his face.

“Great Leader, what should we do?”

“… Elder Poong. Maybe everyone here today will risk their lives.”


“All three of them are Supreme Masters. Besides… one of them is powerful enough to compete with a Great Leader like me too.”


Poong Chungwun couldn’t help but be shocked at the words of Yi Mok.

He couldn’t estimate the exact level of them. He knew that they would be better than him, but he never imagined that they would be so dangerous.

“Ugh, what does that mean? Great Leader, does this mean all three of them are capable enough to be on the same level as the five strongest warriors?”

At that question, Yi Mok looked at the man in the middle who covered his eyes in a black cloth.

The two men on either side of him seemed to have reached the entry stage of Supreme Master level, but the man who covered his eyes with the black cloth looked to be on the same level as Yi Mok.

The five strongest warriors had different abilities, but when the standard is taken in a general term, then this blindfolded man can be called one of them.


Gasp escaped from Nam Gung-kyong’s mouth.

In fact, it was a voice closer to embarrassment.

There were twelve other masters with unusual energy flows who followed behind the three main leaders, and to his surprise, all of them were Superior Master level.

Besides that, the hundred warriors behind them were all close to the initial stage of Super Master level, it looked like they brought in all of their elite warriors.

‘It-it makes no sense to have that much power with them!’

Everyone thought that other factions would come fully prepared.

However, this was far beyond the expected range.

The first goal of Nam Gung-kyong was to get rid of the common enemy, the Demonic Cult’s Lord Chun Yeowun, and then aim for the Blade God Six Martial clan, but never did he think that he would have to revise the plan.

‘Lord of the Demonic Cult, with him, these ones should be taken down first.’

It was Nam Gung-kyong’s attempt to conserve his power and use it when it was needed the most.

If he went according to the first plan and removed the Lord of Demonic Cult with the help of Blade God Six Martial clan, then Yulin forces would have a hard time taking down Blade God Six Martial clan all by themselves.

The number of Super Masters and Superior Masters the Blade God Six Martial clan possessed was overwhelming.

‘It looks like they are shocked. Hehe!’

The muscular man without the shirt smiled when he looked at the stiff faces of the Yulin forces.

That was when the white-haired man on the left spoke softly after clicking his tongue.

“Tch, why do you care what their reactions are like? They are gonna die anyway. Crazy Sword Master, Cha Yunkang.”

The man wearing a sword that was his height was one of the top three of the Six Martial Masters of the Clan, Crazy Sword Master Cha Yunkang.

Among the top three Martial Masters, he was the only one who competed in the Extreme Art of Blade God.

“Why are you being so stern with me now, Fire Sword Master, Noh Do-kyung? You are too old to know the joy of being in the spotlight.”

The white haired old man, who had a red sword on him, was the Fire Sword Master, one of the Six Martial Masters of the clan.

Among the Six Martials, he had been the only person to hold the title of Sword Master for the longest time.

Ignoring their chatter, the blindfolded man in the middle spoke to the white haired one.

“I expect that everything is well prepared.”

“Yes, Sword Master Lee Wook. Once the Sword Master sends a signal, not a single person inside these walls will be able to survive.”

The person who covered his eyes with the black cloth was one of the Six Martial Masters, Sword Master Lee Wook.

He was the older brother of Lee Baek, who died through the hands of Chun Yeowun.

Ever since that incident, Sword Master Lee Wook had been in a bad mood, at which Do Kwang shook his head and spoke.

“We are soon going to use the ‘Rage Roaring Thunder’, Sword Master Lee Wook. Wouldn’t everything be solved once the Lord of the Demonic Cult gets removed from this world? Do you not believe in the technique that will be used?”

Rage Roaring Thunder.

A bomb made by an explosive’s expert a hundred years ago. It was the worst weapon with an explosion radius equivalent to five times the normal blast made by energy.

Since the materials needed for the bomb were difficult to obtain, manufacturing it turned hard. Even the Blade God Six Martial clan only had a few and they were all laid out in the underground of this castle.

“Even if they are used, it is natural for us to prepare for any mishaps. Even if we remove everyone in here, including that Lord of the Demonic Cult, we would only be taking one small step to our goal.”

“… I don’t have time to listen to this. Fine.”

The blindfolded man was already crazy before, but after losing his brother, he turned even colder and much more obsessed.

After all, the person in charge of this task was Sword Master Lee Wook. Following the orders of the Great Master, they decided to follow and help him.

Even the others of the Six Martial masters highly praised him for his thoroughness.

‘As long as this man is here, no one will survive. You, Lord of the Demonic Cult, have interfered with our plans enough times. You will be brought to justice here.’

In that way, the three factions of Wulin had gathered - the Yulin, the Forces of Evil and the Blade God Six Martial clan.

The only one that was left was the Demonic Cult.

It would be difficult to come to the castle as their path was being blocked.

Noon, when the sun was high in the sky.

Yet, not a sign of Demonic Cult.

Naturally, the leaders of each faction had no choice but to be puzzled.

‘What is this? Why are they so late?’

‘Are they going to abandon their pride and hide in the Imperial palace?’

It was what everyone was thinking. But then..

Thud! Thud! Thud!

At that moment, the drumming sound came from the southern gate of the castle along with the shouts of the imperial guard above the wall.

“The Lord of the Demonic Cult is entering!”

‘Finally, they are here!!!’


All three factions, which had gathered inside, looked at the southern gate.

The cult was the only faction they had targeted and it finally appeared.

The guards hadn’t informed about any other leaders or cultists coming along, since they were all blocked near the Yellow River.

[As soon as the Lord of the Demonic Cult steps foot into the castle, the war will begin!]


At Sword Master Lee Wook’s telepathic order, Master Yi Gam, who assisted him, nodded and answered.

Shockingly, the moment they were aiming for wasn’t the end of the treaty like how it was for the Forces of Evil and Forces of Justice.

The moment of the beginning of the treaty was known to be the most auspicious moment of all.

But that didn’t matter to them, let it be royals or warriors.

After all, the Blade God Six Martial clan had decided to kill everyone to keep this matter shut.

Thud! Thud! Thud!

Some heavy footsteps could be heard from the gate.

Everyone looked at the situation curiously, but a few members of the Demonic Cult came in from the northern gate with four to five large wooden boxes and brought them into the castle grounds.

It looked strange as the members of the cult were covered in dirt, like they had been rolling in the ground for quite some time.

‘What is that?’

‘What did they bring?’

As if coming late wasn’t enough, they came in with wooden boxes.

Even the top three Masters of the Blade God Six Martial clan were looking at the boxes.

When the wooden boxes reached the centre, where the officials and the guards were present, the members of the Demonic Cult came to a sudden halt.

‘What? How big is he?’

In the midst of the warriors of the cult, there was a muscular man twice the size of a normal male adult.

Who could ever be that tall?

At that moment, the large man kicked the wooden box with his foot.

Bang! Creak!

The large box fell and with the sound of metal pieces colliding, something fell out.

It was something which was round and twice the size of human fists, and it seemed to have a wick on top of it.


‘What is that?’

‘An iron ball?’

Everyone seemed puzzled with it, it was their first time seeing such an item, but there were those whose expressions went siff.

The Masters of the Blade God Six Martial clan.

They couldn’t hide the shock as their mouths opened wide seeing the iron balls which came out of the wooden box.


“They, how did they…?”

The identity of the iron ball that came out of the wooden boxes was none other than the Rage Roaring Thunder bombs, which they had planted in the underground of the Jin Castle.

‘What the hell!’

Even Lee Wook was shocked, the large man knelt down on one knee and looked at a member who was standing in the middle of the imperial officials, and shouted in a large voice.


“Sorry for being late. Since there were so many, we had to dismantle them and remove every last one of them, Lord.”



Everyone looked at the man, who looked like an official of the palace with shock in their eyes, as the large man spoke unexpected words.

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