Chapter 390 - The Heavenly Demon Emperor (1)

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A middle-aged official with a round face was standing on the podium.

It was an official uniform, in the Imperial palace he would be someone in a high position, but from the standards of Wulin, he was nothing more than an ordinary person.

There wasn’t a single sign of internal energy in him, he wasn’t any different compared to a normal person.

So why did that large man get down on his knees and refer to that person as his Lord?

‘Besides, doesn’t he look different from what I’ve heard?’

In the entirety of Wulin, the Lord of the Demonic Cult was being called the ‘Heavenly Demon Emperor’ and his appearance was orally spread to each faction.

The moment he would come out from the palace, the factions were ready to send him to heaven.

While everyone was shocked, the middle-aged official turned his head and looked at a middle-aged man in blue armor and a eunuch in red, who were standing on the left side of the podium.

They were Yeongjo, the Northern Commander and an eunuch from the West Spear.

They couldn’t hide their shock when they saw the iron balls roll out of the wooden box.

The middle-aged man spoke to them.

“Do you want to check them?”

“How could such large amounts of bombs be hidden in the Jin castle?”

“They are a lot bigger than the ones in the Imperial palace's armory! How could these bombs be in here?”

Everyone who was paying attention to what was happening on the podium began to whisper amongst themselves.

They weren’t particularly paying attention to the words, but the word ‘bomb’ was what shocked them.

Whisper! Whisper!

“Wh-what did I just hear?”

“Are those iron balls bombs?”

Nearly a hundred or more iron balls poured out of a single wooden box.

And if they added up that there were five boxes in total, there were at least five hundred bombs.

And since they would need gunpowder for such items, it would be impossible to procure it unless they had an official permission.

“We can’t possibly be making a non-aggression treaty with those who possess such dangerous weapons.”

“We need to inform His Majesty right away.”

Commander Yeongjo and the West Spear’s eunuch shuddered while looking at those bombs.

The fact that such large amounts of bombs were hidden in the basement meant that someone was trying to kill everyone in the palace with an explosion.

‘How did this happen?!’

Sword Master Lee Wook couldn’t understand.

All of a sudden, he took off the black cloth that had been covering his eyes and looked at the bombs.

There were supposed to be members of the Blade God Six Martial clan at the entrance of the underground in the castle.

However, finding the bombs meant that his men had been taken down.

‘Ah! That isn’t the problem now!’

Sword Master Lee Wook, who was shocked at the discovery of the bombs, realized an even bigger problem.

The bombs, the Raze Roaring Thunder bombs, were the last resort if they couldn’t take down the Lord of the Demonic Cult. And the bombs were discovered by the people of Chun Yeowun!

‘Are those guys members of the Demonic Cult too?’

Sword Master Lee Wook glared at the officials on the podium.

Since they were too invested in the situation and the fact whether the Lord of Demonic cult was coming or not, they hadn’t realized that the emperor who was supposed to be there to sign the treaty hadn't even arrived yet.

The fact that it was past noon and the emperor hasn’t arrived meant,

‘This was their very intention from the beginning, to wait until the bombs were found! The treaty wasn’t even a priority for them!’

And he was right.

The officials on the podium reached out to the bombs that were poured on the floor.

Shockingly, two iron balls floated into the air and got sucked into the hands of an official.

“Te- telekinesis!”

“Unbelievable! That man is at the very least a Superior Level Master!”

The man looked so ordinary that when he showcased such skill, the people of Wulin couldn’t help but be shocked.

Telekinesis, which used by the official, was something only people with great internal energy and above Superior Master level could perform.

Nam Gung-kyong, the 3rd leader of the Forces of Justice and member of the Extremists, was perplexed.

‘Is that man really the Lord of the Demonic Cult?’

Still, he couldn’t feel anything from the official.

Not caring about the reactions of the Wulin people, the official pulled in the two bombs and handed them over to Northern Commander Yeongjo.

“Didn’t I tell you that one faction would definitely do such a thing? You need to take this to His Majesty and inform him of this situation immediately.”


“If it wasn’t for Lord Chun’s warning we would have been in huge trouble. We will definitely inform him!”


At the same time, the other two men thanked Chun Yeowun.

They were going to take those and tell the emperor what they had seen.

“You need to hurry.”

At Chun Yeowun’s warning, the faces of the two men went stiff.

Because they understood the meaning of the warning.

It was impossible for a group of people who were bold enough to hide such bombs in the underground to not have something else planned.

“We will!”


The two of them sprinted towards the northern gate at the same time. Fortunately, they were both Superior Masters who were only on the podium to confirm Chun Yeowun’s warning.

And their footwork was a lot lighter and faster than most people of Wulin had.

At that sight, Sword Master Lee Wook was in shock.

“Crazy Sword Master!”

“Tch! Things are going awry right from the beginning!”

If those people went out of the castle gate and went to the Imperial palace to inform them of the matter, they would end up making enemies in not just Wulin but even the empire.

It would end up going in a completely different goal from what they wanted.


For the moment the bombs were revealed, Crazy Sword Master Cha Yunkang knew that things would go wrong. Thanks to his quick intuition though, he managed to head towards the northern gate.

In accordance to that, Sword Master Lee Wook raised his hand and sent another signal.

“Close it!”

Then, twelve of his men, who were behind him, took the horn which was in his hand and blew hard.


As if waiting for the sound of the horn, the warriors near each gate cut the thick rope which was pulling down the wooden gates.



When the rope got cut, the wooden gate, which was supposed to stay open, began to close at once.

“Wh-what the hell is this?”

“Have they taken over the gates?”

At that sight, people of the Yulin and the Forces of Evil couldn’t hide their embarrassment.

The southern, eastern and western gates were closing at the same time.

To get out of the castle, they had no choice but to jump over the huge wall which seemed like it was touching the sky.

However, the northern gate was the only one that wasn’t closed yet.

‘They took them out too!’

Sword Master Lee Wook cursed to himself.

Having found the bombs in the underground, it meant that the people of the Blade God Six Martial clan at the northern gate were also dealt with.

When the northern gate was left open, the Crazy Sword Master, Cha Yunkang, felt annoyed.

“Tch! Not helpful at all!”


Cha Yunkang quickly pulled out the sword, which was the same size as him, from his back and turned it into a sword which suited him.


He was planning to use internal energy to narrow the distance between him and the two officials; at once, he managed to cover a six foot distance.

“When you are planning to fight, internal energy is supposed to gather in the palm.”

All of a sudden, someone appeared between him and the two officials who were only 20 steps away from the gate.

‘How did he catch up?’

At the sound from his back, Yeongjo was shocked.

It was absurd that he, who was known to be the best swordsman in the Imperial palace, was easily caught by a member of a faction!

“I’m going to cut you down!”

That wasn’t a bluff from the man following him.

The sharp rise in energy was unusual.

Whoever he was, he managed to cover up ten steps at once and tried to wield the huge sword in his eyes.

‘This is it for me! Those guys there…!?’

It was right then.


An afterimage appeared right in front of him.

The blurry afterimage gradually turned darker and then there was an unidentified long-haired man with a unique mask.

“You damn bastard! Stay out of this!”


The huge man tried to cut him at once, but the masked man evaded every incoming attack with versatile movements, and instead stabbed Cha Yunkang in the neck.



Shocked, Cha Yunkang immediately leaned back.

It was difficult for any other warriors to perform such an action in his stance, but the Six Martial Masters of Blade God Six Martial clan went beyond the limits of human beings.


With his body leaned to the back, Cha Yunkang lightly moved his body to the side and quickly swung his huge sword to slash the masked man.


In spite of attacking with tremendous power, the masked man didn’t move further than ten steps away and as he straightened himself, Cha Yunkang narrowed his eyes.

“You… You are the Dark King.”

The Dark King, Marakim.

The name used for the man in the Demonic Cult who was in charge of giving death.

He heard that Marakim was excellent in his escape from the attacks of dead Sword Master Lee Baek, but seeing it now, he looked like a true masterpiece.

“You know me?”

‘The fact that he is here means that the Lord of the Demonic Cult is here too!’

According to the information gathered, Chun Yeowun, the Lord of Demonic Cult, resided in the imperial palace along with Great Guardian Marakim.

The fact that he blocked him meant that one of the officials had to be a member of the Demonic Cult or the Lord himself.

“Damn it!”

Cha Yunkang ended up cursing.

During the meantime, the two officials were already passing through the northern gate.

He was supposed to catch up with them, but as a result of this man, he ended up wasting precious seconds.

‘Then that Lord is here too!’

Seeing how Cha Yunkang was blocked, Lee Wook bit his lower lip.

The officials shouldn’t be allowed to let go.

When Lee Wook raised his hands, three swords appeared.

“Follow them!”

As Lee Wook pointed to the gate, the three swords moved like arrows.

Swosh! Swosh! Swosh!

However, halfway to the northern gate, they stopped as if they couldn’t move anymore.

As if blocked by a wall, the swords were trembling in the air.


Lee Wook, who was shocked, couldn't say anything.

Fire Sword Master, Noh Do-yung, asked in shock.

“How could that be happening?”

“The control of the Air Swords got taken away.”

“What? Taking control of the Air Sword? Who could even do that?”

In response to the question, Sword Master Lee Wook looked at the man who was standing on the podium.

The middle-aged official who was standing on the podium with his hand outstretched towards the three swords.

‘He is taking control of the Air Swords which are connected to my energy? Quite astonishing abilities.’

Even when Lee Wook raised energy, the swords only trembled but didn’t move ahead.

All the people of Wulin who were gathered in the castle grounds went speechless at this sight.

Woong! Woong!

“Do-does that even make sense?”

“Did the Air Swords really get blocked?”

The Air Sword itself was a technique which would astonish the people of Wulin, but this middle-aged chubby official was blocking it with just his hand.

It meant that he reached an unimaginable level.

‘Divine Master level!’

Among those in the castle, the five leaders of the Forces of Justice and Gar Mojam of the Forces of Evil were able to realize what it meant.

Unless one was of Divine Master level, one couldn’t handle such techniques as effortlessly as he did.

That man was truly a monster.

An amazing thing happened when the official with a chubby face waved his stretched out hand.


The swords, which stopped in mid-air, turned towards the opposite direction and aimed for the master of those swords.

“This! What!”

Sword Master Lee Wook’s eyes went wide due to the shock.

The control, which was slowly drifting away, ended up in the hands of the official.

The official looked at him and spoke in a cynical voice.

“Take these back.”

And as he waved a finger, the three swords rushed towards Sword Master Lee Wook.

Ordinary warriors would have been shocked and bewildered, but these people were on the same level as the five strongest warriors.


Clang! clang! Clang! Clang! Clang!

Sword Master Lee Wook, and Fire Sword Master Noh Do-yung, who was next to him, drew their swords and blocked the Air Swords.

As if that wasn’t enough, they desperately tried to break down the connection of the Air Sword.


An Air Sword was like the greatest weapon of a Supreme Master.

‘Damn it! How could the plan go wrong right from the beginning!’

It was Lee Wook, who was annoyed as his Air Swords got taken away.

The two officials had already passed through the northern gate, they were nowhere to be seen.

It was definite that catching up with them would be difficult.


Sword Master Lee Wook grinded his teeth and pointed his finger at the official on the podium and shouted.

“Lord of the Demonic Cult Chun Yeowun! How long are you going to put up the beastly mask and act like that! Remove that mask and reveal yourself right now!”

“Beastly mask?”


At those words, all the eyes in the castle turned towards that official.

They thought that he couldn’t be the lord because of the way he looked and from what they heard, but if that was a mask, then there was a good chance that he was the Lord of Demonic Cult!

“Well, it was getting stuffy for me anyway.”

The official chucked and grabbed the skin under his chin and pulled it out.

The skin stretched like rubber and soon the mask peeled off, revealing the true face hidden behind it.

The eyes of the Wulin people, who were looking at him, went wide in shock.


‘It was true!’

‘That is him, him!’

A young man with long hair, white face and sharp eyes like a blade - that is the one they heard so much about.

The reputation that shook the entire Wulin.

Chun Yeowun, the Lord of the Demonic Cult, who was called the "Heavenly Demon Emperor“, finally revealed himself.

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