Chapter 393 - Second Generation Chun Ma (1)

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The command which came out of the Lord of the Demonic Cult’s mouth made all the people of Wulin gathered in the Jin Castle tremble.

Indeed, they came to know that his purpose was to annihilate everyone who was on the castle grounds.

The plan to drive the enemies into one place, which wasn’t even in the domain of the Demonic Cult but in the realm of another faction wasn’t just bold but simply terrifying.

‘He’s Chun Ma?’

On the other hand, the faces of the four leaders of the Forces of Justice and the Great Leader, who were on his side, were in shock.

They were shocked with his order to kill everyone in the castle grounds, but what shocked them even more was Chun Yeowun referring to himself as the second generation Chun Ma.

Chun Ma (Heavenly Demon)

There was not a single person in the entire Wulin who wouldn’t know that name.

In the entirety of Wulin he was known to be one the "Four Great Warriors“ along with Lone Supreme Warrior (Dokgo Gupae), Western Dharma and Jang Sambong.

Chun Ma is a legendary figure, who was known to be the strongest in the history of Wulin and the founder of the Demonic Cult.

Even though he pursued the path of demons and even when his reputation was overshadowed by the other factions, he was still the only one who shook the entire Wulin. There was no way anyone would deny that Chun Ma was a legendary figure.

Great Leader Yi Mok and the leaders of the Forces of Justice didn’t know why Chun Yeowun was calling himself Chun Ma.

As far as they knew, the person named Chun Ma was a demon who walked like a king only to lose his way.

‘Oh my… he called himself Chun Ma, is he also going to lose his way? Heavenly god!’

It was an unusual choice of word for the others.

One thing was certain to them, when looking at Chun Yeowun, they were constantly being reminded of the actions of Chun Ma, the original Lord.


Watching the warriors of the Demonic Cult march forward, shouting about killing everyone, the warriors of the Forces of Evil, Blade God Six Martial clan and Forces of Great Heaven took out their weapons as well.

Chang! Chang! Chang!

The war, which consisted of the best from each faction, was no longer a war where only the leaders could be involved and ask the warriors to step back.

This was turning into a war which could have a profound effect on the balance of power in each faction in the future.

“Damn it!”

Even before the Lord of the Demonic Cult appeared, Gar Mojam of the Yellow River was worried that he would only get to take revenge on the Lord but not be able to damage the Cult.

However, now it turned into a nightmare for the 17 River families which had accompanied him into the war.

Woong! Woong!

Seeing the man wield two swords in both of his hands, he immediately remembered what happened in the past.

It was literally a slaughter.

With thousands of people along with him, and in just half a day, they were being driven into a corner by the Martial Dual Sword, Wang Jing.

Gar Mojam did grow when compared to the past, but the energy he was feeling from the war instilled fear in him.

“This is my first task.”

This was supposed to be Wang Jing’s first time working as someone’s subordinate.

He wondered what kind of battles would unfold while accompanying Chun Yeowun and when he would be summoned, but seeing this sight, he couldn’t help but feel satisfied.

He was given the chance to annihilate the remaining heads of the River families which had joined hands with the Forces of Evil.

“I’ll grab the leader first!”


Wang Jing took a stance of javelin throw, and with all his might, he was ready to throw one sword to the place where Yellow River’s Gar Mojam was.

“Damn it! Is he aiming for the leaders right away?”

It was impossible for him to step back as there were subordinates behind him.

Gar Mojam gathered internal energy on the Water Dragon Sword.


He was trying to look for the moment when the sword would come in contact with him and he already had a nervous expression, but someone blocked it for him.


The back view showed a man with white hair and a red sword on his back.

He was Noh Do-kyung, one of the 6 Martial Masters of Blade God Six Martial clan.

Thanks to him, Wang Jing, who was about to throw his sword towards Gar Mojam, stopped.


Gar Mojam, who was nervous, breathed out a sigh of relief without realizing.

Noh Do-kyung, who saved Gar Mojam from the crisis, began to release intense energy and spoke to Wang Jing.

“A man who aims for the weak to seem strong to others. Pathetic.“

Although he was a little mean, Gar Mojan couldn’t help but frown at the words that called Wang Jing weak.

However, Noh Do-kyung wasn’t concerned about it at all and gestured to the back to send a message.

[You should go and attack the podium by attacking with the remaining Yulin warriors who are divided into two groups. Leave this to me.]

There was no choice given.

Gar Mojam nodded his head and led the 17 River Families¹* and one hundred warriors and advanced towards the podium.

‘Is he one of the Six Martial Masters that the Lord spoke of?’

Wang Jing’s eyes sparkled.

A person who wasn’t the head of the clan, but one of the leaders, was in front of him.

Although he hasn’t competed with this man, Wang Jing knew right away that his ability was similar to his own.

“I never realized that there was such an old person in Wulin.”

“Huhuhu, you are a person who is valued. You are one of the Five strongest warriors of Wulin. Only as I grow old will I be able to overpower you.”

They were arrogant words wrapped up in a polite manner.

For a moment, neither of them spoke and they only looked at each other, not a single person took a step ahead.

They needed a proper provocation to move ahead.

“If you want a fight with a great opponent, how about you go fight with our Lord?”

At those words, the face of Noh Do-kyung went stiff.

He wanted to say something, he knew that he wouldn’t win in a one-on-one battle with the monstrous Lord of the Demonic Cult.

“Your mouth is the only thing that is strong. Our Lord has something specifically prepared for him, so you will have to fight me!”


Even before Wang Jing could complete his words, Noh Do-kyung’s bright red sword reached for the head of Wang Jing.

There was no way that Wang Jing, who was in his best condition, couldn’t prevent it.

Lightly raising his sword to the side, he managed to block the attack.


‘Surprise attacks don’t work on him. This much was expected from one of the five strongest warriors.’


Wang Jing’s greatsword shuddered.

Yet, he wasn’t pushed back nor had he suffered any internal injuries.

‘That power isn’t normal.’

The two of them seemed to possess the same amount of power, which meant that their attacks would be nullified.

That meant they had no choice but to confront each other by using qi.

“Let’s do it right, old man!”

Lightly wielding the greatsword in his right hand, Wang Jing jumped for Noh Do-kyung.

Cha! Cha! Cha! Cha! Cha!

The true swordsmanship skill which was just as anyone would expect from one of the five strongest warriors, this man, Wang Jing, was wielding a greatsword as if he was holding onto a branch.



Perhaps he was too excited from seeing Wang Jing’s swordsmanship, that’s why Noh Do-kyung performed a unique foot work of the Extreme Art to avoid letting the sword get too close to him without moving more than three steps.

It was a risky gamble.

‘Is he that confident that he can avoid getting hit by my sword?’

Without such confidence, no man would have stayed in the same place.

However, Noh Do-kyung made the right choice.

The only weakness of the Martial Dual Sword, Wang Jing, was that he used greatswords as his weapon, which made it difficult to use sword qi in close distances.

‘This is going to be a close fight!’

Just the thought of it made a smile creep onto Wang Jing’s lips.

On the other hand, the Blade God Six Martial clan’s warriors and Forces of Great Justice were getting pushed back by the warriors of the Demonic cult, contrary to what they had planned.

Perhaps it was because of being with their Lord, but the morale of the warriors of the Demonic Cult seemed to have soared to the sky.


Slash! Slash! Slash!

If it was Chun Yeowun alone, the opponents would have had an easy time to focus on him, but with his warrior’s in front of him, it seemed like getting through them would be tough.

‘Woah! You were well prepared, Lord of the Demonic Cult!’

Nam Gung-kyong’s eyes raged in anger.

How did he even get the idea of bringing in his men disguised as officials of the palace?

His audacity made Nam Gung-kyong more furious.

‘I need to pour all my power into my attacks to take down that guy…! Where is he though?’

Although it was a difficult battle, the plan to take down Chun Yeowun hadn’t changed.

Just cutting down Chun Yeowun’s head could change the entire scenario.

In order to do that, the Superior Master level warriors or clan heads had to move first.


Cha! Cha! Cha! Cha!


Nam Gung-kyong unleashed his flame sword and defeated the warriors of the Demonic Cult who rushed towards him.

In the meantime, he searched for the whereabouts of the other leaders of the Blade God Six Martial clan.

They were moving forward little by little too, but the leaders couldn’t be seen.

Among the sounds of numerous people clashing, the exceptional sound of high level people clashing their swords caught his ears.


When he turned to that place, the leaders of the Forces of Justice and other clan heads of the Yulin faction were colliding with the warriors of the Blade God Six Martial clan.

From the very beginning, the Yulin faction aimed to take down the Blade God Six Martial clan.

“Great Leader…”

Forces of Justice’s Great Leader, Yi Mok, was competing with the one called Lee Wook, who seemed like the one leading the Blade God Six Martial clan in the treaty.

As soon as war started, Yi Mok immediately moved to take Lee Wook as his opponent.

‘This is amazing!’

Indeed, he was one of the five strongest warriors of Wulin, who represented the Yulin.

The three Air Swords which Yi Mok was handling seemed effective in pushing back Sword Master Lee Wook.


‘To create such formations using the Air Swords, he truly is a great man.’

Even Lee Wook, who was a master in controlling Air Swords, couldn’t help but admire Yi Mok’s skill.

It displayed his will as a leader, who wanted to end the battle to avoid any more unnecessary losses.

‘But to act so hastily against me means you are being arrogant!’


Sword Master Lee Wook created a net-like pattern to block the Air Sword. While raising energy in his left hand, he gestured the lift of something into the air.

Cracks formed on the ground and the energy around split the ground as the chunks of stones soared high at once.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

“Av-avoid it!”

It was so powerful that the leaders of the Forces of Justice and the others of the Blade God Six Martial clan, who were having their own battles in close by places, tried to avoid getting hit.

It was a technique where the force qi was used by those who reached the Supreme Master level.

‘Huh! Each of those stones is moving with the speed of a released cannon!’

When Yi Mok, who was a little startled, pushed his left hand, one of stones which was coming for him passed through the Air Sword and ended up cracking into multiple more rocks.



“Ugh? Those fragments too?”


The rock, which broke into multiple small fragments, showed incredible power. Enough to pierce into the bodies of nearby warriors.

“S-step back!”

“Don’t get near their battle!”

Warriors of both sides decided to move away from them at the same time. It was a high level battle which left viewers in awe.

‘Ha! Is this the level of the five strongest warriors?’

It could be said that their confrontation looked like past-human stage.

It was tough for someone who was having a confrontation with Yi Mok to help others in taking down the Lord of the Demonic Cult.


At that time, the voice of Dang Pil-sun entered the ears of Nam Gung-kyong.

At a short distance away, Dang Pil-sun was standing there, and it could be said that they had advanced around fifteen steps closer to where the Lord of the Demonic Cult was standing.

[The Forces of Evil are now blocking the warriors of the Demonic Cult. This is the right time to hit their Lord!]

A voice filled with determination.

As Dang Pil-sun said, the Six Swords seemed busy fighting with the Yellow River members, Gar Mojam and the 17 River families which came from the west.

‘I thought they were nothing special, but I am impressed.’

Due to the nature of the Forces of Evil, Nam Gung-kyong thought that they wouldn’t move unless they were cornered.

Of course, Nam Gung-kyong didn’t know that the Forces of Evil just took the easiest person to deal with by leaving Wang Jing to Noh Do-kyung.

[Member of the alliance! You are not alone! Even after saying that to…]

[Where is the Divine Master? This is our chance to take him down. With a secret move we will aim for the Lord of the Demonic Cult!]


The word secret made Nam Gung-kyung’s eyes flutter.

It seemed like he was talking about the same secret that Dang Pil-sun was talking about before coming to Tongho.

Dang Pil-sun said that he was unmatched in terms of poison when compared to the Demonic Cult’s Poison Clan head, Baek Oh.

‘Is he trying to perform the ‘Thousand Poison’ Martial arts?!’’

Thousand Poison Martial Arts.

The highest level for those who were learning poison arts.

When someone reached a state where that person could release poison from all over their body. However, there was known to be a limit as to how much the caster could endure.

[There is intangible poison in my hands.]

[Huh! You mean you managed to do it?]

[… there is only one bottle of poison left on me.]

It was no exaggeration to say that the intangible poison was the best poison produced by the Dang family.

This poison, which had neither a form, nor smell, nor taste was so powerful that once poisoned, even the Super Master levels warriors cannot help but die.

‘We are lucky that he didn’t leave it behind.’

Aside from its amazing power, it was likely that one would confuse it because of its colorless or odourless properties, so it was a forbidden poison that Yulin had decided to never use.

Its formula was extremely complicated and considered a secret.

Every poison samples and books regarding it had been discarded, but it was great that some kept that poison hidden.

[This is the last bottle I have left. I will risk my life to kill that Lord of the Demonic Cult and push him to the underworld. I hope God turns a blind eye to this.]

Nam Gung-kyong looked at Chun Yeowun, who was standing on the podium.

He was battling with the 7 members of the Blade God Six Martial Clan, who were using Seven Star Extreme Blade Art.

This was supposed to be a trump card prepared by the Blade God Six Martial clan and it was shocking how they were able to hold up well against Chun Yeowun.

‘Ah! This is our chance!’

When Chun Yeowun would turn tired, it seemed like using the poison of the Dang family was possible.

[… I get it.]

Nam Gung-kyong finally gave the permission.

As it was already known, he wasn’t in a position to kill the Divine Master at his level.

‘There is a chance since this is the intangible poison.’

If it was such a great poison, then it would surely be able to kill that monster on the podium.

However, the use of poison was considered as foul in Wulin.

This was the very reason why the five strongest warriors were chosen based on their ability to kill people with their own weapons. That was also why monsters like Baek Oh of the Demonic cult and the Dang family weren’t recognized in Wulin.

‘I will use this body to kill the Lord of the Demonic Cult! If that happens, then the name of my family will have to resonate within Yulin!’

Dang Pil-sun looked sad as he went close to the podium.

The closer he got, the more difficult his face seemed.

Not only the warriors of the Demonic Cult, but several other warriors were entangled in fights.

He was taking advantage of the gap and kept moving ahead.

‘Nine steps.’



‘Eight more steps.’

Dang Pil-sun moved forward as much as he could.

With minimal movement, Dang Pil-sun moved very slowly to avoid getting hit by the battles which were happening around him.

As a result, there were five steps left.

This was enough distance to use the intangible poison.

Even Nam Gung-kyong’s face was turning tense, holding his breath as he looked around at what was happening.

Gulp! Gulp!

Dang Pil-sun took out the vial from his pants and drank it at once.

It was something that normal people shouldn’t do, but he was someone who was accustomed to poison and his body was trained to fuse with the poison.

‘Wah! This is burning. Even though I am used to it, my body seems to be burning from inside.’

Such a thing was bound to happen since it was the strongest poison in all of Wulin.

Even if the poison fused with the body of Dang Pil-sun, it would still bring the death of any Divine Master.



Dang Pil-sun, who fused with the intangible poison, was screaming in pain.

The vicious poison was emanating from his body and purple energy flowed from his body.


“Kuak! Poi-poison!”

“Poison user!!!”

Even the warriors of the Demonic Cult who were trying to stop him were bewildered at the sudden energy coming out of Dang Pil-sun.

They couldn’t let someone like him onto the podium.

At that moment, a swordsman rushed ahead and blocked the warriors of the Demonic Cult from coming ahead.


Dang Pil-sun noticed it as Nam Gung-kyong, who was trying to pave the way to the Lord of the Demonic Cult, was coming forward to block the Demonic Cult‘s members.

[Go ahead! Become a hero!]


Dang Pil-sun was moved by Nam Gung-kyong’s act, without any hesitation, he moved towards Chun Yeowun, who was on the podium.

‘I am sure to succeed!’


His body was releasing so much poisonous energy that everything which came close to Dang Pil-sun’s body was melting.

Even if he exploded, the explosion would cover up to a radius of ten meters.


“A poison user?”

“Get away!”


The 7 masters of the Blade God Six Martial clan and the Six Swords both looked towards Chun Yeowun, while the 7 masters of the Blade God Six Martial clan were slowly retreating.

That was the moment Dang Pil-sun had been waiting for.

Chun Yeowun, the Lord of the Demonic Cult, was standing there, waiting for his death.

Dang Pil-sun will remain in the hearts of everyone as a hero who contributed to the future of a fair Wulin.

“Lord of the Demonic Cult, for justice, you will have to go to the underw...!?”

Dang Pil-sun, who was screaming, went speechless.

Two steps away from the podium, he got lifted into the air by Chun Yeowun.


“Wh-what is this?”

Chun Yeowun lightly waved his palm as if he blocked something and looked at the man.

Dang Pil-sun was so frustrated that he couldn’t put it into words.

‘Da-damn it!’

He didn’t think of this.

Who would have predicted that Chun Yeowun would hold him in mid-air!

The difference between their skills turned out to be too much.

‘This monster! Maybe I should blow myself up!’

Dang Pil-sun, who was flustered, tried to blow himself up!

“Are you thinking of committing suicide? I have already felt enough poison until now. You can go to the underworld all alone.”



At that moment, his body began to grow cold.

“W-wait a moment, this…”


Before he could even finish what he wanted to say, Dang Pil-sun’s body turned cold, as if trapped in ice.

When he was completely frozen, Chun Yeowun pushed the floating and ice cold body with his hand, as it moved with great speed and fell outside of the castle walls.

Swoosh! Bang! Crack!

The sound of something falling and exploding outside the castle was heard inside.

Nam Gung-kyong was at a loss for words as he looked at the black smoke rising outside the castle.

‘Crazy bastard... how did this… happen... in this way…’

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