Chapter 394 - Second Generation Chun Ma (2)

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Leader Nam Gung-kyong was dumbfounded.

Dang Pil-sun, who was determined to take Chun Yeowun down with him, died alone in vain.

What had happened was definitely a possibility, but who would have imagined that Dang Pil-sun would freeze and blow up?

‘What else does he know?’

This was a skill that the people of the North could do.

Occasionally, Nam Gung-kyong saw a few warriors with strong yin and yang handle such skills, but never did he think that Chun Yeowun, someone who was yin based, could do that.

Unfortunately for Dang Pil-sun, he ended up dead without achieving anything.

‘… he is a scary man.’

Nam Gung-kyong truly felt afraid of Chun Yeowun.

From being frozen to preventing a suicide by blowing himself up right in the midst of an ambush to being thrown out of the castle. Such tremendous ability to judge a situation.

‘If the poison had spread, I would’ve died a dog’s death.’

If Chun Yeowun had thought about his own safety first and pushed Dang Pil-sun away, Nam Gung-kyong would have gotten involved in the explosion. Then the poison would have also spread inside the castle.

‘That experience helped me.’

It wasn’t intentional, but Chun Yeowun was reminded of the time when he competed with Baek Oh.

Thanks to the spread of the poison, those who were witnessing the battle and the people of the Blade God Six Martial clan, who were fighting closely, retreated.

If the poison spread within the castle, it would have been a completely different fight.

‘Now there need to be three members of the Forces of the Great Justice organization left, including one called Hoe-ju.’

The organization was already small enough as is, and now one of its members just died.

Chun Yeowun looked for the next target, meaning Nam Gung-kyong, who was right in the middle of the grounds.

‘… is he aiming for the leader of the organization? Me?’

Nam Gung-kyong, who made eye-contact with Chun Yeowun, couldn’t hide his confusion.

Chun Yeowun looked straight at him after killing one of the members. Nam Gung-kyong could feel his heart pounding for some reason.

‘No, it can’t be…! Is he also aware of my position like the Blade God Six Martial clan…?’

That was impossible.

So why was Chun Yeowun looking at him?

At that moment, a strange energy began to rise behind Nam Gung-kyong.


Shocked at the sudden energy, Nam Gung-kyong turned his head back.

Behind him was a young man dressed in a blue hood in an imperial palace uniform.

It seemed like he was a warrior of the Demonic cult in disguise, just like Chun Yeowun.

Smirking, the man in the blue hood spoke to him.

“You are here! Hehe, I found you thanks to my Lord. Being called a leader of the Forces of Justice who is of high rank, but hides away in the midst of a battle?”


Nam Gung-kyong aimed for the man with his sword.

On the outside, the young man looked like nothing impressive, but the energy... The energy his body was emanating was telling him that this man was a Superior Master.

‘… who is he?’

Hu Bong figured out the name of the leader he was aiming at was Nam Gung-kyong of the Forces of Justice.

In a low-pitched voice and with a thumb pointing to his puffed-out chest, Hu Bong decides to introduce himself.

“Me? I‘m Hu Bong.”

“Hu Bong?”

It was a name he was hearing for the first time.

Among the people of the Demonic cult, there were people called the Six Swords and they seemed to be introduced for the first time. This one seemed to be someone of importance in the cult too.

Of course, he was way higher than the Six Swords based on the energy he was emanating.

“I am the first subordinate of Chun Ma of the Sky Demon Order and the lieutenant of the escorts! Need to know something more? If so I will let you know!”


With those words, Hu Bong’s blade began to generate flames.

The flames were ominous and a foreign energy for Nam Gung-kyong.

It didn’t seem like Hu Bong was a man who should be taken lightly just because he was young.

‘If I am not careful, problems will occur.’

Nam Gung-kyong held the sword and looked at the man.


Meanwhile, others appeared on the podium where Chun Yeowun was standing.

They were the seven masters of the Blade God Six Martial clan, who ran away sensing the poison from Dang Pil-sun.

Sadness was etched on their faces.

“I wanted those Yulin men to do something right. It was unfortunate.”

One of the seven, Master Gye-sang, who came up on the podium, walked ahead while mumbling.

He was one of the people who hoped Chun Yeowun would die from the poison.

The poison emitted by Dang Pil-sun, who took the poison, was so strong that even they felt it was dangerous to stay close.

“I wonder if this is called fate. For us to fight a Divine Master with our own hands. Open formation!”

“Open formation!”


When Gye-sang took the flag of their clan, the other six masters, who were with him, each took a different stance.

Seven Star Extreme Blade Art.

This was a formation made by the leaders of the clan.

This was a formation made to face the most skilful masters in the world. This formation was known to be sophisticated and it made the power of their attacks many times stronger than an individual who reached the Superior Master level.

The faces of the seven Masters were full of confidence.

Probably because they thought that they could fight Chun Yeowun on an equal footing.

‘I was nervous because he is a Divine Master, but this is the best. No, this formation, this attack deserves to be called as the strongest one ever!’

As the war began, warriors of the Blade God Six Martial clan were burdened by the orders from Sword Master Lee Wook.

Even the Supreme Masters in their clan were getting their asses handed to them by the Divine Master. It was questionable if they could even deal with Chun Yeowun on their own.

“Even if you are a Divine Master, you aren’t invincible!”

Chun Yeowun wasn’t as scary as they thought.

The fact that they could compete on equal footing with Chun Yeowun, a Divine Master, meant that they had a chance to defeat him.

“You talk a lot. Are you going to keep talking?”

Unshaken, Chun Yeowun asked him.

Gye-sang smiled at that and answered.

“I think we did take a long time. Let me tell you that what you see us do was just a prelude to this technique. I’ll show you the last and the strongest form of the Seven Star Extreme Blade Art!”

“Seven Star Extreme Blade Art!”

At the cry of Gye-sang, the other Superior Masters behind him seemed shocked.

Chun Yeowun’s eyes lit up.

‘This is not a formation.’

This time, it felt safe to assume that force qi was being used to attack him.


Until now, the seven of them were cleverly creating force qi and were combining their attacks into different attacks, however, this time, all their attacks seemed to merge into one and their power far surpassed the previous ones.

‘He barely stopped the attacks before. With this attack, the Lord of the Demonic Cult might be defeated!’

Their eyes were clouded in victory.

The blue qi with splendid trajectory showed no signs of any gaps whatsoever.

It was at that moment.


Suddenly, foreign energy began to rise from Chun Yeowun’s body.

All their eyes narrowed to see what was happening.

'Is it changing to black?’

The blue color on the sword Chun Yeowun was holding turned into a blackish color.

The black sword, which seemed to be demonic in nature, gave everyone an ominous feeling which couldn’t be expressed in words.

Chun Yeowun’s body moved for the first time.



His form split into seven afterimages, exploiting the tiny gaps in their formation.


“Th-this makes no sense!”

“How is he doing this all at the same time?”

The seven masters, who witnessed that, were shocked.

The gap, which Chun Yeowun was exploiting with his black sword, was the space where the sword qi connected.

‘We’ll have to defend ourselves.’

If they did anything more than that they would end up widening the gap and their formation would be ruined.

The seven of them forcibly continued using the sword qi.



“Wh-what power!”

Something even more surprising happened.

The final formation of the technique began to emit twice as much as the initial power.

‘I feel like my hands are going to rip apart!’

But there was something that they couldn’t endure.


Jeez! Clink!

Their right arm, which was their dominant arm, began to hurt and the sword in their hands began to crack and soon broke.




Their swords breaking apart was one thing, but their bodies, which seemed to meet with the aftermath of using that formation, got thrown all over.

They were pushed to the walls on each side, and no matter how much they tried to defend against the onslaught of attacks, they coughed up blood.

“Ugh, how can the last formation break this easily?”

“Cough, cough… h-how could something like this happen? Until recently, we were on equal footing…”

In addition, the last formation was twice as powerful as the initial one.

Finding the gaps should have taken a lot of time, but Chun Yeowun didn’t just find the gaps, he somehow destroyed them.

To the shocked warriors, Chun Yeowun spoke.

“It looks like you are mistaken about something.”

“Mistaken about what?”

“You guys thought you were strong enough to deal with me because of that technique?”


“There are two reasons why you couldn’t deal with me.”


“Well, it isn’t like you need to know.”

Chun Yeowun raised his left hand and shook it.

Then suddenly, a cold chill began to erupt and a sword made of transparent ice appeared in the air.


The sight itself shocked them.

“What is that?”

“What is...?”

Chun Yeowun waved another hand.

Flustered at what was happening, they hurriedly stood up, but even then, seven ice swords, which didn’t exist until a moment ago, cornered them.


“Th-this is an Air Sword?”

They couldn’t believe it.

Making Ice Swords was tough enough, but this man was using Ice Swords as Air Swords.

But more than that, these seven ice swords were cornering them, ready to take them down any second.

“Wh-what is he trying to do?”

Chun Yeowun’s lips slowly turned into a smile and spoke to those who couldn’t understand what was happening.

“Thanks to you, I learned a nice thing.”

“Learned?... wa-wait a minute!”


At that very moment, the ice swords floating around them moved with impeccable harmony.

The eyes of the seven masters of the Blade God Six Martial clan looked like they were going to explode.

“N… nonsense!!!”

Shockingly, it was the same formation they performed, Seven Star Extreme Blade Art!

Seven icy swords spread out and laid up attacks one after another.

Slash! Slash! Slash! Slash!


“Agh! H-how could this happen!”

They all went stiff not knowing what to do. They even lost their swords as they broke down.

Their bodies, which were helpless and weaponless, were torn apart.


What was even more frightening was that any cut through the ice sword made them feel pain and death at the same time.

[Terminating the system which combined the schematic of the Seven Star Extreme Blade Art.]


Along with Nano’s voice in his head, the ice swords soon lost their color and collapsed.

The severed heads of the seven masters were so startled that all the heads had their eyes wide open.

‘Since I already know the formation, I was able to learn it quickly.’

Chun Yeowun scanned the formation on the spot with the help of Nano.

Because of Nano there was no need for Chun Yeowun to use his strength, and when Nano would replay the formation, Chun Yeowun understood how the formation worked.

If Nano couldn’t replay the schematic, it would have taken a long time for Chun Yeowun to learn it.

That was what Chun Yeowun was aiming for.

From the first time he saw them unfolding something new, he knew that formation was enhancing the force qi, which was why he deliberately fought them.

From the viewpoint of those who suffered this was nothing less than robbing the treasure.


The battle of Chun Yeowun on the podium was witnessed by the others.

The Six Swords, Hu Bong and even the others who were fighting.

All of them had come from the Ten Thousand Mountains for the sake and wellbeing of their Lord.

The elders constantly advised him.

[Lord, you cannot always solve everything on your own. It isn’t that you can’t handle the enemy, but the warriors in our academy also need to gain practical experience.]

This was one of the reasons why Chun Yeowun battled with those seven masters of the Blade God Six Martial clan.

It was his intention to show his power and his form to the new warriors of the Demonic academy, as a means for them to see the war and gain experience first hand.

‘Right. One needs to be strong to follow the strong.’

Chun Yeowun’s lips formed into a smile as he looked at his Six Swords who were fighting in the middle of the battlefield.

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