Chapter 395 - Second Generation Chun Ma (3)

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Clang! Clang! Clang!

Two people were fighting fiercely, colliding in the air about three times until they stepped on the ground.

They were Yi Mok, Great Leader of the Yulin and Sword Master Lee Wook.

Their actions and their movements seemed to be at such a high-level that everyone acknowledged them as Supreme Masters.

In close distance, they would use their weapons to strike each other and when the distance grew between them, they would use Air Swords to constantly collide, making everyone break out in cold sweat.

“Phew… phew…”

Sword Master Lee Wook was gasping for air.

It was a short battle, but there were a few attacks that were directly aimed at him to take his life.

‘I thought that even if you were one of the five strongest warriors he wouldn’t be this tough of an opponent, but his skills are worthy of his reputation.’

Lee Wook calmly analyzed the current confrontation.

In close combat, even though he was using the Extreme Art of Blade God, he was being pushed back. And when he tried to corner Yi Mok with force qi and Air Swords, Lee Wook was the one getting close to being killed.

‘I’ll have to take my chance with close combat.’

Although the defense of Yi Mok seemed great, it seemed to be a level lower than Lee Wook‘s.

This was going to be a fight of stamina.

Lee Wook would have to deal with Yi Mok quickly so he could join in and help the seven masters who he sent to deal with Chun Yeowun.

However, something unexpected happened.


Sword Master Lee Wook’s expression hardened.

A short distance away, he watched the battle between Chun Yeowun and the seven masters who were supposed to be working together.

‘No way!’

Suddenly, he saw pieces of Ice on the podium.

There was something on the podium that he recognized, the head of one of the masters.

‘Did he defeat all seven of them?’

Lee Wook was well aware of how great the Seven Star Extreme Blade Art was, as he personally competed with those 7.

Even though he knew the schematic for making it work, he found it hard to tackle the technique no matter how much he tried.

‘Shit! We are in trouble!’

The fact that the seven of them were defeated meant that there was no one else in the Jin castle to keep Chun Yeowun in check.

Sword Master Lee Wook, who was in shock, made a decision.

‘This isn’t the time for me to lament.’

Two of their tricks ended up getting broken and they were left with the last trick.

And the last trick had to be used when the Forces of the Great Heaven’s organization and the Forces of Evil were still high in number.

“Where are you looking at with the other eye?”

After those words three Air Swords came in fast.



Sword Master Lee Wook quickly created a curtain of force qi, blocked the Air Swords and shouted at the people in the castle.

“Implement the other strategy!”


The moment his command fell, the eyes of the surviving sixty five warriors of the Blade God Six Martial clan, who were competing with Yulin and the Demonic Cult, began to turn red and the muscles of the whole body began to swell as well.


The clothes on the upper body started being ripped apart and their body stature was close to the one of a giant.

Rather than human beings they looked more like monsters. That was noticeable from anywhere on the battlefield.

“Huh? Th-this is?”

“Blood Reversion Art?”

Flustered by the sudden change, the other warriors began to keep their distance from the warriors of the Blade God Six Martial clan.

‘Blood Reversion Art? No, this is different.’

There were warriors in the Demonic Cult who experienced the Blood Reversion Art with their very own eyes.

Their veins didn’t pop out and neither were these warriors crying out like beasts.

This was the Completed Blood Reversion Art.

‘Is this their hidden trump card?’

Nam Gung-kyong, who was fighting with Hu Bong, also sensed the change in the castle grounds.

‘That man is quite clever.’

Their hidden trump card is similar to his.

Nam Gung-kyong’s eyes narrowed.

The fact that the Sword Master of the Blade God Six Martial clan used this meant that they were at a disadvantage in this war.

Which meant that there was no need for him to save his hidden trump card either.

“It isn’t over yet! Hup!”

‘A truly tenacious one!’

Strictly speaking, Hu Bong was one level lower than him.

And it hasn’t been long since Hu Bong took a step forward. Only after taking in the fire did changes occur. He didn’t have any practice fights to understand his newly found skills, yet, he was trying his best to be on the same level as Nam Gung-kyong.


Nam Gung-kyong’s sword was keeping Hu Bong in check, who was rushing in like a crazed man.

He was too excited with the level up.



Nam Gung-kyong’s sword passed through Hu Bong’s thighs as he couldn’t defend himself.

Thanks to that, Hu Bong’s movements slowed down a bit.

‘This is the time!’

Nam Gung-kyong took a flute which was hanging around his neck and blew into it.

He blew it hard.



As the sound of the flute resounded throughout the battlefield, some of the heads of the factions, who joined the organization, took out something they prepared in advance.

The sound of the flute was a signal to initiate the plan.

Their hands held a needle and after taking a deep breath, they pierced a specific blood vessel between their back and neck.

“For the clear blue sky!”



“What are these men doing?”

The act of stabbing themselves in the middle of a fight was strange to see.

Even though they thought that it was a strange act, the warriors of the Demonic Cult didn’t miss the opportunity to attack them.


While the members of the organizations were momentarily stiff, many of them got stabbed.

But something even more shocking happened.

Those who were cut by the swords didn’t seem to feel any pain, or was that simply their way to handle the pain?

Moreover, their movements seemed to differ from the previous.

Not only were they more agile, but their physical strength seemed to have doubled. It was to the point where every strike was aiming to cut someone done.

Clang! Clang!

“H-how did they get stronger so suddenly?”

“What are they doing?”

After stabbing their necks, they seemed like completely different people.

Even more frightening than being strong was to not feel any pain.


“I-I cut his arm too!”

Even when an arm was cut off, the members of the Forces of Great Heaven attacked without any changes in their expression.

Not only did they not feel any pain, but they turned fully expressionless. As if their emotions disappeared, they were making it seem like they were fighting a non-human being.

‘They plagiarized our skill!’

Seeing that, Crazy Sword Master Cha Yunkang, who was fighting with the Great Guardian Marakim, went stiff.

What was theirs seemed to be used by the Forces of Great Heaven.

“They did something interesting.”

The corners of his mouth rose.

This was supposed to be a technique which made the body capable enough to artificially perfect their clans teachings which exceeded the limits of the human body.

And the ones who managed to master it were the Six Martial Masters of the Blade God Six Martial clan and the Blade Lord.

The Forces of Great Heaven had stolen a relic by ‘that man’ which held the secret to using this technique.

‘Do they not feel pain anymore?’

Moreover, it seemed like an improved version, a perfect weapon for killing.

A monster which had no emotions.

‘Great. If we get out of this war safely, we can rip this art from them.’

That definitely were some good news.

Cha Yunkang pointed to the changing situation with his left hand.

“Can you see that? This is just the beginning. Now you will witness my true power. From now on, it’s going to be a slaughter. Kuakuakauk!”

Marakim’s eyes narrowed through his mask.

He did guess that some hidden cards must have been there for the Blade God Six Martial clan and the divided Yulin, but he never guessed that they would use humans as weapons.

This situation made him lose a little bit of confidence.

In that moment, Marakim’s mind perceived a message.

[Great Guardian, practical experience for the warriors ends here.]

It was Chun Yeowun’s voice.

Marakim, who heard the message, couldn't help but chuckle.

“Right. I need to make sure that the slaughter happens through my hands.”

“What nonsense… huh?”

The puzzled expression of Cha Yunkang turned to the air.

Something felt odd, someone seemed to have stepped into the air.

The person was the Lord of Demonic Cult, Chun Yeowun.


There was no way others wouldn’t notice him.

“Wind God Step Skill!”


He was unfolding the Wind God Step Skill which was known to be close to divinity.

It was something that anyone who reached Supreme Master level could do, but if you go one step further,


“He’s practically floating in the air!”

Chun Yeowun, who reached the middle of the Jin castle in the air, was floating.

More like flying in the sky.

This seemed different from the level of walking or using air for balance with internal energy.

Captivated by the feeling, Sword Master Lee Wook stopped his fight with Yi Mok for a moment and lashed out.

“Lord of the Demonic Cult! You bastard! What are you planning on doing?”


Sword Master Lee Wook swung his left hand and fragments of rocks flew towards Chun Yeowun who was in the air.

However, the fragments flying towards Chun Yeowun stopped and then fell to the ground as if they lost power.

He reached out his hand and every fragment stopped.


‘Why is it not working?!’

Lee Wook was proud of his skills, but no matter what he did, it didn’t work for Chun Yeowun.

It was as if every attack that was connected with force qi was being eroded.

Chun Yeowun opened his mouth, looking down at Lee Wook and the other warriors and said.

“You brought this upon yourselves.”

“We what?”

Everyone seemed puzzled at the cynical words of Chun Yeowun, who seemed to be in anger.

What the hell was he trying to do from the middle of the castle?


“Wh-what is that?”

“It is shaking.”

A strong vibration on the ground.

At that moment, normal warriors, who were exhausted and had fallen to the ground, had their weapons raised into the air.


Everyone was shocked looking at how the warriors' weapons were rising into the air.

But that wasn’t the end.


Among the warriors, there were the Forces of Great Heaven, the Forces of Evil and the North Justice Blade, they were shaking and trying to get their weapons back into their hands.


“My-my sword!”

Those with high skills held onto their weapons, but those who were mere beginners lost their weapons.

Around two hundred people’s weapons were floating in the air.

The appearance of the warriors' weapons floating in the castle was nothing short of a spectacular sight.

“Oh my god!”

“They… are really all...?”

Everyone turned still. The weapons of the warriors soon began to be controlled like Air Swords. That occurrence made people forget about the battles they were in.

Everyone looked at the sky and no one took another step.


‘No! impossible. Even if he is at Divine Master level, not a single person can use more than a dozen Air Swords.’

Sword Master Lee Wook shook his head.

It was only a waste of energy to control so many weapons in the air.

Who would be able to stop the attack from weapons which would suddenly come from the air?

“The swords will drop! Defend yourself with everything!”

At the shout of Lee Wook the warriors of the Blade God Six Martial clan, as well as the warriors from other factions, held their weapons tightly.

Chun Yeowun looked down at the people on the castle grounds and ordered Nano.

‘Nano, target designation.’

[Enable Multi lock on system.]

Numerous red shaped lines formed in Chun Yeowun’s augmented reality and Nano’s voice resonated in his head.

Pip pip pip pip pip pip pip!

When all the targets got locked onto, Chun Yeowun raised his internal energy.

That was when something happened.

Woah! Woah!

Gasps erupted from everywhere.

“Th-that’s ridiculous!”

“The, these are all… all Air Swords?”

Just controlling one sword was amazing enough already, but 200 swords in the sky at the same time was like a constellation twinkling in the sunlight.

“Is… is he even human?”

The leaders of the Forces of Justices, heads of the Yulin clans, even Yi Mok looked up in the sky in shock.

Looking at the Forces of Evil, Blade God Six Martial clan and Forces of Great Heaven’s organization, who were looking up, Chun Yeowun spoke.

“I have a name for this one.”


“Sky Flash.”

“Sky… flash? Wait… no!”

Lee Wook shouted with anxiousness on his face.

Chun Yeowun’s hands slowly pointed to their direction.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

At that moment, the eyes of the Wulin people who were in the castle looked into the sky to see the numerous swords.

This wasn’t a technique.

This… power, which unfolded with two hundred swords, was, to their surprise, the most powerful sword attack, Sky Flash.

The swords, which filled the sky of Jin Castle, fell down like raindrops and in an instant, the castle seemed to be covered with light.


“This is crazy!”

“Av-avoid it!”

“Run away!”

Screams and shouts from all over the castle grounds could be heard, but it soon turned into wails.



The phrase “lighting up“ wouldn’t be enough.

As Chun Yeowun named it, it was like a Sky Flash, a small beam of light that shined and killed everything the very next instant.

As shocking as it was, the swords only rushed towards the enemies.


As he watched the enemies being torn apart right in front of him, the Great Leader, Yi Mok mumbled with gleaming eyes.

“Ah, he… he is Chun Ma… THE Chun Ma has returned.”

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