Chapter 396 - Second Generation Chun Ma (4)

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The entire castle grounds seemed to be colored blue.

The power of the Air Swords that fell from the sky were more like a meteor shower in bringing destruction than anything else.

The destruction was so large that all of the Yulin clans, the Forces of Evil, the Blade God Six Martial clan and even the people of the Demonic Cult couldn’t help but be in awe.


“Is-is this really power coming from a human?!”

“Help me!”

The Forces of Evil, who were relatively weak, were in a mess.

Every single time the blue light sword descended from the sky it blew up the ground. Their people were either hurt or had their bodies shattered to pieces.

“Defend! Defend yourselves!”

The 17 River families, including Gar Mojam, who led the troops shouted, but it was to no avail.

The power emitted by the Divine Master seemed to be on a whole different level from what they had imagined.

“Ma-master! We need to run for it! Th-that man is a monster…”


One of the 17 River families, who advised Gar Mojam to escape, were hit by the Sky Flash technique and disappeared in an instant.


Gar Mojam’s face flushed red while looking at the bloodshed around him.

What he was facing was truly a force beyond the realm and capabilities of human beings.




He hurriedly avoided the Sky Flash Air Sword that was coming for him. He tried to defend himself with his sword, but his two hands, which were holding onto the sword, began to hurt as if they were about to crack from inside.

‘Wh-what power is this?’

Comparing that power to a regular technique seemed wrong.

Each attack of the Sky Flash Air Sword had the power to annihilate the head of elite warriors in a single shot.

Gar Mojam was truly frightened.

Even if Chun Yeowun was at the Divine Master level, the assumption that three forces joining hands would be enough to subdue Chun Yeowun was a clear misunderstanding on their part.

‘… this monster can annihilate everyone in this place.’

He wasn’t sure if another Divine Master could do it.

But witnessing Chun Yeowun’s power, it seemed more than possible.

The slaughter that was happening inside the castle grounds was enough proof of that.

Warriors were dying helplessly due to the non-stop rain of swords. Only those who were at the Superior Master level or above seemed to have a chance.

‘Di-did we touch a monster that shouldn’t have been touched?’


“Kuak! Do-does this much power even make sense?!”

Nam Gung-kyong of the Forces of Great Heaven couldn’t help but be shocked by the Air Swords that were coming for them.

Even he, who had reached Superior Master level, could barely block it.

Even more shocking was this,

Swoosh! Bang! Bang!

“Move away! If you get too close you will be hit!”

“Crazy! How can one avoid the Air Swords that are chasing us?!”


More than two hundred Air Swords poured down on the enemies as if it was snowing.

It was as if two hundred warriors were handling the swords for their leader.

‘This is a technique where the Air Sword and the force qi turn into one. No matter how skilled he is, how can he control so many at once?’

Conceptually it was impossible.

It was all Nano’s computing that made this possible.

The combination of a Multi-lock-on and a panel based system on the computation power of Nano, which was known to be the future of aggregate technologies, has helped in evolving the Air Sword technique into a truly disastrous level.

‘It is fortunate that we don’t feel any pain.’

As they managed to remove the sense of pain and emotion, they were able to move regardless of any injuries.


In fact, even though their limbs were cut off, the speed at which the people pierced the back of their necks with needles didn’t change.


‘Nano. Aim for their heads.’

[Understood. Specified the detailed parts of the targets as headshots.]

The beams of the force qi aimed for their heads.

Even those who were unable to feel any pain got their heads blown away. As they weren’t immortal, they simply died off without being able to do anything.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The bodies of those who lost their heads staggered a couple more steps and then helplessly fell to the ground.

“H-he is aiming for the heads!”

Nam Gung-kyong’s expression distorted.

By now, more than half of them had turned into corpses already.

As a result, things changed.

‘It can’t be… are they all afraid?’

Just because one couldn’t feel pain didn’t mean that all their cognitive abilities were clouded.

It would be even stranger if they wouldn’t be scared despite knowing that they were all going to be killed.

Hu Bong walked in front of Nam Gung-kyong.

Seeing how happy he looked, it seemed like he was proud of Chun Yeowun’s thrilling display of power.

“I have to finish my task too!”


“N-now isn’t the time for..!”


Nam Gung-kyong defended himself from the flying Air Sword.

He was too nervous and angry at the Sky Flash Air Sword, but he didn’t even have a second to breathe.

However, even Hu Bong was attacking him now.

Despite that situation, Nam Gung-kyong, who was angry at the change in battle and the man who was aiming for him, performed a Special¹* Sword technique, which was close to completion.

Chow chow chow!

It was then,


A blue force swept down the head of Nam Gung-kyong who was gathering energy.

Nam Gung-kyong used his sword to block Hu Bong’s flame sword, not even giving him a single break.

“You coward!”


Hu Bong’s flames had nothing to do with his internal energy as they were his natural energy which made it much easier for him to wield the sword without getting exhausted.

In an instant, Nam Gung-kyong’s left arm flew off when Hu Bong used his Sword of Illusion.


Nam Gung-kyong, who had never been defeated in his life, was defeated by Hu Bong who was a level lower than him. His face was red in shame.

Meanwhile, Lee Wook, one of the Six Martial Masters, couldn’t help but be astonished by the Sky Flash Air Swords technique.

‘What the hell is all of this?’

It was a situation he couldn’t understand, even though he had mastered martials arts and force qi too.

It was shocking how accurate the swords were falling on Chun Yeowun’s enemies without a single mistake while also accurately aiming for the heads.

Bang! Bang! Bang!



Even those who used the Blood Reversion Art were no different from the Forces of the Great Heaven’s warriors who got their heads destroyed at once.

However, the only difference was that those of the Supreme Master level, who had great internal energy due to their constant training, were able to stand their ground unlike the Superior Master warriors.


“Spread away and stop it!”

They were struggling while blocking the swords falling from the sky.

If there were no other enemies, the damage would have been minimal.

But with the leaders of the Forces of Justice from Yulin taking the Demonic Cult’s side and attacking them without missing the opportunity, the extent of the damage only increased.

“Lord, help me to get rid of the enemies!”


Because of that, their morale rose and they ended up turning it into a battle that couldn’t be compared with anything. It was more of a slaughter than a battle.

The strong smell of blood filled the castle ground.

‘If things go on like this, we will be annihilated. Our plans have already been unsuccessful. Should we retreat to avoid any further sacrifices?’

Sword Master Lee Wook wasn’t sure on what had to be done.

Even if they left the Jin Castle now, they would only be able to save minimum power.

It was then.


Lee Wook’s eyes narrowed at the sudden scream in the midst of the battlefield.

At first, he was shocked to see the non-human ability that the Lord of the Demonic Cult was displaying, a power he couldn’t ever hope to stand up against, but then an idea struck him.

‘Even if he is a Divine Master, there is a limit as to what a human can do.’

Even he, who, in order to use 12 Air Swords, would shorten the distance to have control over them for a longer period of time.

Now Chun Yeowun was using amounts of Air Swords that were ten times the actual number, which consumed a terrifying amount of energy.


The entire castle grounds were destroyed.

He already killed half of the number of warriors, so Chun Yeowun might be soon reaching his limit.

‘Now now… if I hold on a little longer, I may have the chance to aim for the life of that monster. If not now, when else would I have the chance to kill him?’

The only chance for a turnaround.

It completely changed his thoughts about retreating.

‘I need the consent of the other Sword Masters too.’

Cha Yunkang was dealing with the Dark King, Marakim, when he sent a telepathic message to Lee Wook.

[Sword Master Lee Wook, if things go like this, we will be annihilated. Even if we are being reprimanded, the only way to survive this situation is to collect our men and retreat right away.]

[… that monster is much stronger than us.]

They knew that the plan would completely fail.

[There still is a way.]

[What way?]

At Lee Wook’s statement, the other two Masters asked with a questionable expression what he meant.

Although sacrifices seemed reckless and inevitable, if the plan worked and made sense it would be a big achievement nonetheless.

[If we fail this time, do you think we will be able to defend ourselves any longer?]


Even with his Divine Master level, no matter how skilled Chun Yeowun was, he was bound to run out of strength sooner or later.

The cautious one, Noh Do-kyung, didn’t like the idea, but Cha Yunkang agreed with the plan immediately.


Lee Wook was pleased after receiving their consent.

“Keep going!! No matter how long, you must endure this!”


He tried his best to boost the morale of the warriors who were barely holding on.

It was his role as a representative of the Blade God Six Martial clan.

To maintain morale in the face of despair.


By the time it came to an end,

A change occurred inside the castle grounds, which were so destroyed that it was impossible to recognize them.

The swords, which were aiming for the heads and were shining like stars in the noon sky, lost their power.


There was only one explanation for it.


Chun Yeowun, the Lord of the Demonic Cult, the Divine Master, has finally exhausted his internal energy.

Lee Wook’s eyes flashed at the opportunity.

The eyes of the surviving enemies inside the castle soon looked at Chun Yeowun who was floating in the air.


Chun Yeowun began to reach the ground as if he couldn’t float in the air any more.

It was then.

Pat! Pat! Pat!


The warriors of the Demonic Cult shouted in shock.


“Don’t! it’s too dangerous!”

Three people suddenly rushed towards Chun Yeowun who stopped floating and came back to the ground.

The three Sword Masters of the Blade God Six Martial clan, who were waiting for Chun Yeowun’s internal energy to get exhausted, used this opportunity to finally kill the Lord of the Demonic Cult.

‘Huh! Were they aiming for this moment?’

Yi Mok wondered if this was why they didn’t retreat even though they were in a very unfavourable situation.

He was desperately holding onto the battle while avoiding getting hurt, so while waiting for Lee Wook to give his best, Lee Wook’s goal had always been the death of the Lord of the Demonic Cult.

‘He must have been arrogant thinking he was invincible!’

‘I have been waiting for this moment!’

‘Lord of the Demonic Cult, you need to die here!’

The three Sword Masters were ready to kill him at any point and time.

It was this exact moment they had been waiting for. Their only chance to kill the Lord of the Demonic Cult!


They began to raise their internal energy, ready to take on any form to kill Chun Yeowun.


However, among the three, Noh Do-kyung, who was aiming for Chun Yeowun, noticed something.

Chun Yeowun, who should have been at least a little worried, was actually smiling.

‘He’s smiling?’

It didn’t feel right.

This was supposed to drive Chun Yeowun into a corner, so why was he smiling?

Noh Do-kyung, who got worried, was about to warn the other two, when Chun Yeowun spoke to them.

“Did you think that you’d have the chance to kill me once I exhausted my energy?”

‘How did he know that?’

All three of them were surprised.

In front of their bewildered eyes, something even more surprising happened.

An ominous energy began to rise from Chun Yeowun’s body, causing a shiver to run down their spines.


At that moment, Chun Yeowun’s left hand brought out a Cold Ice Sword and his right hand held a Flame Sword.

The moment the swords came into view, the three of them said the same thing.

“Invisible Sword!!!”

What Chun Yeowun had just displayed, who was believed to have exhausted his strength, was the legendary Invisible Sword which only a Divine Master can unleash.

‘Shit! Did he fool us?’

Editor Note

¹* = Important! We decided to change the original name to "Special Sword Technique“ because the original name could lead to confusion. The original name is "Black Sword technique“ and we were worried that confusion may arise because the word "Black“ is usually associated with very special techniques in this Novel. We believe the Author‘s choice wasn’t the best, so we decided to stick with "Special“ as that technique isn’t giving the story any relevancy anyways.

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