Chapter 397 - Second Generation Chun Ma (5)

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Sword Master Lee Wook’s judgement was correct.

Even if one was a Divine Master, as long as he was a human, there was a limit to what he could do.

It was normal for one, even for a Divine Master, to end up opening a gap when all the internal energy was exhausted.

If it went according to plan, this could be their big win.

Except that there were two things he hadn’t guessed correctly.

‘This unbelievable amount of internal energy! Does this mean that this much amount of internal energy is left despite firing all those Air Swords for an extended period of time?’

The amount of internal energy possessed by a Divine Master, which was vaguely speculated by Sword Master Lee Wook, was not even comparable to the Supreme Master level.

This was because the internal energy in Chun Yeowun seemed different.

To be able to hold the Air Swords and control them with that accuracy made everything seem weird already.

That was why they aimed for the moment when Chun Yeowun would stop using the Sky Flash Air Sword.

“Did you think that you’d have the chance to kill me once I exhaust my energy? Fools.”

‘Ugh, this guy! Does this mean that he only pretended to exhaust his inner strength?’

This plan was supposed to be excellent, but Sword Master Lee Wook didn’t realize that someone could fool him too.

Shockingly, Chun Yeowun deliberately acted like that to deceive them.

‘No! Was he trying to take advantage of this situation?’

‘Wh-what kind of man is he?’

They never imagined that, even in such a situation, he would try to deceive them.

It was like Chun Yeowun was looking into their minds.

What was more dangerous than the strong people were the ones who were not only strong, but also intelligent.

And recently, the cause for all their failures ended up being this one person only.

‘This guy is way too dangerous!’

For a brief moment that was what passed through their minds.

However, even if they realized it, the invisible sword of force qi, which was radiating black flames and black ice, was already ready to attack the 3 Martial Masters.



In the end, there seemed to be no escape.

They had no other choice but to face the legendary invisible sword.

‘Kuk! Nothing more we can do about it! Even then!’

In terms of power, there was bound to be a difference, but they prided themselves for possessing and surpassing the Extreme Martial Body.

Even in the battle’s before, one of the five strongest warriors, Yi Mok, was also pushed back.


Aiming at Chun Yeowun’s feet, Noh Do-kyung unfolded Blade Ascension, a technique of the Blade Art. Crazy Sword Master, Cha Yunkang, unfolded his Sword Strike, one of the most extreme moves. And Sword Master Lee Wook aimed for Chun Yeowun’s heart with the fifth formation of the Extreme Art of Blade God.


“Su-such speed!”

“Were such skills ever existent before?”

The techniques were so eye-catching that everyone was amazed by it.

These were the supposed techniques of the Blade God, who was known to be the best in all of Wulin.

Even within the warriors of the Blade God Six Martial clan, the only ones who had properly mastered the essence of the Blade God were the Six Martial Masters and the Blade Lord.

The power they were wielding in their hands right now was difficult to compare to what they used before.

But still,

‘Is he using different forces of qi with both hands?’

The eyes of the three Sword Masters, who were in a desperate situation, went wide.

Shockingly, the black ice sword in Chun Yeowun’s left hand and the black flame sword in his right hand were made of different force qi.

Moreover, the black ice sword on his left hand felt familiar for some reason.


The technique unfolding in Chun Yeowun’s left hand was the Extreme Blade Art.

This was something Lee Wook had learned his whole life, there was no way he wouldn’t recognize it.

‘No way!’

‘H-how can that guy use this technique?’

They couldn’t help but be shocked.

It wasn’t someone else, but Chun Yeowun, the Lord of the Demonic Cult, who was displaying the Extreme Blade Art.

It even seemed more vigilant than when they were using it.

The three Masters were shocked when the swords from Chun Yeowun came for them.



The force qi attacks, which were performed by all of them, clashed violently.

Everyone in the Jin castle held their breath and watched the confrontation.

The Divine Master vs the three Supreme Masters.

The confrontation between superhumans, which couldn’t be seen anywhere else, was unfolding in front of their eyes.

What would the results be?

‘Wh-what the hell is this?’

However, before long, the three Sword Masters were turning tired.

Weird things were happening while they unfolded their force qi.

Cha Yunkang, who was tackling the Black Ice Sword, would suddenly freeze.


‘What kind of cold qi is this?’

It was cold enough to halt his movements.

Not just that, Lee Wook and Noh Do-kyung seemed to be having trouble with the Black Flame Sword.

‘Is this really a type of sword qi?’

Noh Do-kyung, who was skilled in fire qi, tried to create fire, but his fire was nothing in comparison to the black flame.


Although they had fallen into Chun Yeowun’s trap, they were still three of the Six Martial Masters who predicted that they would have an equal chance of killing Chun Yeowun if they worked together.

However, conflicting results clearly showed them the difference between a Divine Master and Supreme Master level warriors.

Before they could even grasp the situation, changes were constantly taking place.

“Avoid it!”

Lee Wook urgently shouted at Cha Yunkang.

Constantly freezing the attacks from Cha Yunkang with the ice, Chun Yeowun’s Black Ice Sword almost cut his head off.


Flustered, Cha Yunkang quickly moved to the left, but his reactions were already slowing down.

Chun Yeowun’s Black Ice Sword dug right into his right shoulder.



Blood gushed out of Cha Yunkang’s mouth.

A very chilling cold penetrated his shoulder. The piercing cold felt more like a cut than anything.

He desperately wanted to get out of there, move away and create some distance, but he simply couldn’t.



A scream erupted from Cha Yunkang. The sword, which pierced his shoulder, suddenly cut his upper body in half.

Split in half in such a dreadful manner, his body fell to the floor.


Shockingly, the body of Cha Yunkang froze and shattered into ice cubes as it touched the ground.

‘Kuk! This man is acting nothing like a human!’

Lee Wook began to rethink his plan.

What was supposed to be balanced by the three of them now turned into a battle of two, one of them dead. There was no way they could handle a Divine Master now.

“You shouldn’t look elsewhere in a battle.”


Puck! Fire!


The Black Flame Sword pierced Noh Do-kyung’s left thigh. It was burning away the flesh by releasing black smoke.

‘I am not able to put out the flame!’

He tried raising his internal energy and focused on his thigh, but instead of driving out of the flame, it seemed like it was alleviating the pain.

‘This is messed up! We can’t fight this monster. We can only escape from here.’

Due to the burning pain, Noh Do-kyung came to the conclusion that he couldn’t kill the Lord of the Demonic Cult.

Which meant that continuing the battle would be nothing less than dying a dog’s death.

At least with the remaining power he had left, he had to do something worthwhile.

His left leg was already hurt, which meant it was impossible for him to get out of the place.

‘… I failed this time, but next time the same mistake won’t happen.’

Noh Do-kyung looked at Lee Wook with a bitter smile.

What use was holding onto life after reaching seventy?

If he could save the young one beside him, it felt like his death wouldn’t be in complete vain.

Noh Do-kyung’s lips formed into a stiff smile while looking at Lee Wook.

Lee Wook, who looked at him, was trembling while looking at the stab wound in Noh Do-kyung’s thigh.

‘Should I run away?’

Lee Wook could guess what was running through Noh Do-kyung’s mind.

Lee Wook was about to shout no, but Noh Do-kyung threw himself at Chun Yeowun.

It was at that moment when Noh Do-kyung went closer.


Noh Do-kyung took the red sword into his hand and slammed it into the ground.

At that moment, as the floor cracked beneath the sword, eight swords rushed for Chun Yeowun.


It was the Eight Swords of Blade God technique.

The eight swords, which encircled Chun Yeowun, displayed an incredible amount of explosive power.

Although they were close to him, Chun Yeowun knew the major flaw of this technique.

‘The heart of the formation.’

All that was needed was to attack the heart and soon after the technique would start crumbling down.

A simple weakness, however, not many would have the courage to enter the middle of the eight swords.


Chun Yeowun boldly stabbed the Black Flamesword in the centre of the formation where the eight swords were placed.

‘He knows this too.’

Looking at Chun Yeowun, Noh Do-kyung’s eyes narrowed.

There was no way one could know the weakness of it without learning the technique, but Chun Yeowun was able to act rather fast.



Chun Yeowun moved close and his sword pierced the heart of Noh Do-kyung.

However, something unexpected happened.

Noh Do-kyung, who should have died because of that, suddenly hugged Chun Yeowun.


Muscles began to bulge from Noh Do-kyung’s upper body.

He hugged Chun Yeowun with all his might, even when he was suffering.

“It worked!”


“Being aware of the formation, I knew that you would come right into the centre which was the weak point of the formation.”

It was a trap laid out by Noh Do-kyung to stop him.

He was prepared to face death, so he decided to let Chun Yeowun get close to him.

While he unfolded the technique, he also used the Blood Reversion Art so the Black Flame Sword wouldn’t penetrate his heart.

As Noh Do-kyung caught Chun Yeowun, he yelled with all his might.

“Go and run away!!!”

Short order.

But everyone knew what that meant.

The surviving Forces of Evil and Forces of Great Heaven, even the remaining warriors of the Blade God Six Martial clan, ran without looking back.

“Catch them!”

“Don’t let them get away!”

All the warriors of the Demonic Cult and Yulin who heard that command couldn’t just let them run away.

They tried their best to block the wall and prevent them from escaping.

However, those who survived the Sky Flash Air Sword were the most powerful ones, so the resistance wasn’t enough to stop them.


“Even with their arms cut off?”

“Are they really unable to feel any pain?”

Whether cut off or not, the warriors of the Forces of Great Heaven didn’t stop climbing up the wall.

They already lost the battle, so at the very least they wanted to live.

However, since their number was small, they could get caught at any time.


Great Guardian Marakim and Dual Martial Sword Wang Jing tried to catch Lee Wook who tried to escape by jumping over the eastern wall.

However, the moment they reached him they were blocked off by the warriors of the Blade God Six Martial clan, who were of the Superior Master level and had already unfolded the Blood Reversion Art.

“We are not letting you touch him!”

“You need to pass through us to get to Sword Master Lee Wook!”

No matter how great the two were, they couldn’t take down so many Superior Master level warriors at once.

They were all ready to die if it meant getting that one person out of the castle.

‘That one shouldn’t be allowed to go!’

Meanwhile, Lee Wook jumped over the wall.

He wasn’t the kind to abandon an opportunity created by his people who were risking their lives for his sake.


The muscles of the upper body were larger than Ko Wanghur’s and the eyes of Noh Do-kyung, who was holding Chun Yeowun, shook.



He was a man who reached the highest limit of human beings by using the Blood Reversion Art.

Naturally, he prided himself for being beyond normal warriors, but even then, holding Chun Yeowun felt like his muscles were about to break.

‘Wh-what kind of power is this?’

It made no sense.

He, who reached Supreme Master level, was using the Blood Reversion Art, yet he was having such a tough time.

It was natural since the opponent was a Divine Master.

But still, how could a single human possess so much power?

‘Well, I managed to give them time.’

Even if no one else could escape, Lee Wook had to be the only one to do so. That was the most important thing.


The muscles within both arms were torn to shreds and soon after blood began to gush out.

There was a limit to how long he could tie a Divine Master down.

“Lord of the Demonic Cult, you are a monster! How about we head down towards the underworld together?”


When Noh Do-kyung’s body trembled, the blood vessels began to pop.

In the Blood Reversion Art, there was a secret of self-destruction by letting one’s internal energy explode.

The higher the internal energy, the stronger and bigger the explosion. He was sure that no one would be able to withstand that explosion.

“Even a monster like you won’t survive this time…”

“Everyone before you said the same thing.”


It was at that moment.



Electric shocks began to spread in Chun Yeowun’s body and shortly after reached Noh Do-kyung.

The moment his body met with the shock, Chun Yeowun’s arms began to get stronger. And Noh Do-kyung, who was holding him down, was getting torn apart from the inside.



Noh Do-kyung, whose arms were torn, screamed in pain.

Due to the sacrifice, Lee Wook managed to escape the castle and already headed east.

He already ran to a far off distance with all the might he could gather.

In his view, the castle soon turned small.


Lee Wook’s eyes were filled with shame as he ran, yet he survived and had to pass the information to the others.


Blood was dripping from his mouth.

One thing was clear.

They are the enemies who had to be eliminated.

If they didn’t kill Chun Yeowun, the Lord of the Demonic Cult, their generation would end up dead.

‘Enjoy this victory now, Lord of the Demonic Cult. No matter how strong you are, there is always a weakness.’

There were plenty of ways to take Chun Yeowun down, even if it wasn't a direct confrontation.

For example, if his precious members were kidnapped, no matter how cold Yeowun was, he wouldn’t stop from shaking in fear.

Though he didn’t turn back and ran like a coward, Lee Wook vowed to himself.

‘If ‘he’ comes back, the Lord of the Demonic Cult will disappear from Wulin…’



Sword Master Lee Wook looked down on his chest which was burning him slowly.


Smoke began to flow out with the sound of burning.

Shockingly, the Black Flame Sword pierced through his chest.

“Th-this is…”

It was the Black Flame sword, the invisible sword which Chun Yeowun, Lord of the Demonic Cult, was using.

Sword Master Lee Wook turned his head towards the Jin Castle with an absurd look.

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