Chapter 399 - Rise to the Five Strongest Warriors (2)

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Did he just provoke the Great Leader?


Great Leader Yi Mok and the leaders of the Forces of Justice were speechless.

Seeing Nam Gung-kyong in Chun Yeowun’s hand, no one could object anymore.

He cleverly used their words against them.

“Then I’ll be taking this one.”


When no one else objected anymore, Chun Yeowun clenched his hands which were holding onto the head of Nam Gung-kyong.

Nam Gung-kyong looked at Yi Mok with a contemplating look and shouted.

“Great- Great Leader! How can you just give up like this! If I get taken by them, then...”

“Shut up.”


“Hmmp! Hmmpp!”

Before he could finish his words, Chun Yeowun pressed the blood points on his throat.

After his blood points were pressed Nam Gung-kyong couldn’t do anything else other than moan.

Poong Chungwun, the 6th leader, who saw that situation unfold in front of him, took a step ahead and spoke.

“Goodness, Lord Chun. Have some courtesy for the alliance. Can’t you just hand over Nam Gung-kyong to us? He is a leader of the Forces of Justice too, just saying.”

Unlike the other leaders, Poong Chungwun was the only one who was acquainted with Chun Yeowun.

Considering their relationship, he tried not to step in at each situation, but thinking that handing over Nam Gung-kyong was rather precarious, so he decided to speak out.

Despite his intervention, Chun Yeowun didn’t let go of Nam Gung-kyong.

Bewildered, Poong Chungwun raised his voice.

“A-are you really going to act like this?”

Without even blinking, Chun Yeowun asked.

“Leader Chungwun, if it were you, would you let go of an enemy who tried to kill you?”

“Well, that would…”

It was true that Yulin was divided in the Jin castle and Nam Gung-kyong was the head of an organization which wanted to execute Chun Yeowun and all the warriors of the Demonic Cult.

When Poong Chungwun didn’t answer, Chun Yeowun looked at the other leaders and spoke in a cold tone.

“Using courtesy to the alliance to make things go your way is an easy way out. Are you all trying to protect Nam Gung-kyong as your colleague?“


When Chun Yeowun reached out his hand, one of the corpses from Jin Castle flew towards him.

One of the members of the organization’s body, whose head has been cut off, flew in.

They were the ones who lost their pain and emotions, the ones who wouldn’t die unless their heads were cut off.

“Are you afraid that this thing he used will get into our Cult?”

“Th-that is…”

“If you wanted to protect Nam Gung-kyong from the very beginning, shouldn’t you have persuaded him before the battle to strengthen your numbers?”


The leaders couldn’t respond to those words at all.

As Chun Yeowun said, there was only one reason for Yulin to protect Nam Gung-kyong.

The method of the Extreme Martial Body.

It was to prevent the fall of the procedure which created non-humans who felt no pain. They feared that it could fall into the hands of the Demonic Cult.

Surely the Yulin could try to use it too, but it wouldn’t be as scary as letting the Demonic Cult have it.

Not a single person opened their mouth, except Yi Mok. He very cautiously opened his mouth and started to speak.

“Lord Chun, I’ll be honest with you. As all the warriors in the castle saw, that skill is too dangerous. As you said, I am concerned about that getting misused by the Cult.”

Great Leader Yi Mok expressed his opinion without sugar coating it.

There was only one reason why he was honest.

Because there was always a chance of abuse of power in any faction, he asked the Demonic Cult about keeping Nam Gung-kyong as he was too worried about the information leaking out.


At Yi Mok’s words, Hong Palwoo and Moyong Kang admired him in their hearts.

Obviously, speaking out like this meant that the chance of Lord Chun taking away Nam Gung-kyong by force was eliminated.

Even Jegal Yong-un appreciated it and continued.

“Exactly. As Great Leader Yi Mok said, we are concerned about such abuse. If Lord Chun has no such intention, you should punish him according to the Wulin. Placing him in captivity isn't a problem, right?”


In addition to the accusation from Yi Mok, Jegal Yong-un’s words made the other leaders filled with joy.

As a result Chun Yeowun, the Lord of the Demonic Cult, lost the justification to take Nam Gung-kyong.

If he took the prisoner forcefully, it would be like saying that he has the intention of using that extreme martial technique.

‘Lord of the Demonic Cult, you will have to concede this time.’

‘Can you really come out and say that you have malicious intent in a place where the warriors of Yulin are gathered?’

Whatever choice was made, it was beneficial to Yulin.

If he gave up Nam Gung-kyong, then they would end up learning about the technique he used and if Chun Yeowun still insisted on taking him away, they could spread the news that the Demonic Cult was trying to use dangerous techniques.

They all thought that Chun Yeowun was in trouble.

Chun Yeowun, who was silent, shook his head.

‘Even if you are smart, there is no favorable answer for this particular situation.’

Seeing that, Jegal Yong-un smacked his lips, convinced that his plan worked.

And Chun Yeowun answered.

“There is truth to that statement.”

Even the Six Swords, who were close by, were shocked to hear Chun Yeowun’s words.

It looked like he really was ready to hand over the man to Yulin.


Jegal Yong-un, who thought that Chun Yeowun was stepping back, decided to push his luck even further and make Chun Yeowun more uncomfortable.

“After all, Lord Chun is also under the guidance of the heavens. I know that Lord Chun has no such malicious intent.”

He was purposely pushing Chun Yeowun.

If they used power, no one could go against Chun Yeowun.

Which was why he used words. Next, he spoke to the members of Yulin.

“Leader, can you bring me leader Nam gung-kyong…”


“… what is it?”

When Chun Yeowun suddenly stopped him, Jegal Yong-un, who was anxious, asked cautiously.

There was no way he could find a way out of the situation, yet, the fact that Chun Yeowun was a Divine master was what made him tremble.

“Let’s make this clear.”

“What do you mean?”

“The Forces of the Great Heaven as another member and also their head, someone called Hoe-ju.”

“That was information Lord Chun sent to our Great Leader, right?”

Chun Yeowun was the one who sent the information regarding the organization that the Yulin factions were unaware of.

Based on that, the Forces of Justice were able to find out the traces of members who joined it before the treaty.

However, the man called Hoe-ju and another member couldn’t be found.

Since Nam Gung-kyong was of a high position and said that he was the only one who knew about Hoe-ju, they were thinking of using this opportunity to find him.

“Catch them.”


Jegal Yong-un realized what Chun Yeowun’s words meant.

This man, he really was a new kind of Lord which the Demonic Cult never had before.

With a voice full of determination, Jegal Yong-un spoke.

“We will! It was something that Lord Chun has trusted us with, so will most definitely see it through. Please trust us.”

“You should. If you fail to catch them, I will never forgive the Forces of Justice or the Yulin, who will end up creating trouble for my Cult.”


Jegal Yong-un’s expression turned sour at the warning.

Rather than a request, it sounded more like a threat. The words were closer to intimidation though.

Jegal Yong-un hesitantly answered, knowing that they weren't words filled with malice.

“Kuekm. I understand. That will never happen.”

“Nice. Then you can take him.”

At those words, Jegal Yong-un asked subordinate Jacheong.

“Bring him, Jacheong.”

“Oh, yes, 13th leader.”

The man went closer and tried to pick up Nam Gung-kyong who had a lot of blood on him.




Dark blood flowed out of Nam Gung-kyong’s swollen eyes.

Shockingly, his broad forehead was pierced with a sword in an instant.


Nam Gung-kyong shook violently before he fell down.


Everyone was stunned as they stared blankly at the dead Nam Gung-kyong.

At the sudden turn of events, none of the leaders could hide their shock.

“This, what is this?! Didn’t you decide to hand him over to us?!”

Jegal Yong-un’s face turned red as he shouted.

It wasn’t agreed that the prisoner would be handed over and then not be killed.

Chun Yeowun spoke with a cold expression.

“I don’t remember saying that I would give him to you alive.”


Everyone was speechless as they looked at Chun Yeowun, who spoke in a provoking manner.


Hu Bong, who was seeing this, and the Six Swords, who listened, were all smiling.

It was impossible for Chun Yeowun, the Lord they knew, to just hand over what was his so politely.

On the other hand, Yi Mok strongly shouted back.

“Lord Chun, this isn’t a situation to act like this. This is an act that looks like you are insulting us.”


“Right, how could you kill Nam Gung-kyong, whom you decided to hand over to us!”

Yi Mok pointed his finger at the dead man.

Such a death was unfair to a man who tried to live through the war using every tactic he could.

Chun Yeowun calmly asked Yi Mok, who was furious.

“Are you contradicting what leader Jegal just said?”

“What the hell does that have to do…”

“He just said it a moment back. He said to punish this man in Wulin’s way, right?”


With those words, Chun Yeowun looked at Jegal Yong-un.

Jegal Yong-un was taken aback by those words.

Obviously he said that, but it was only to pressure Chun Yeowun.

But he just used those words as an excuse to kill the man?

“Ah-no. Lord Chun. What I said earlier didn’t mean…”



With a sudden rise in energy, the people present around turned stiff.

It felt like they were standing on a slope with a knife to their throats.

Jegal Yong-un opened his cold lips.

“The… Dark King!”

The person who released the energy was Marakim. He was standing left to Chun Yeowun.

A man famous for bringing death.

Marakim spoke in a low voice.

“Leader Jegal, who do you think is standing in front of you?”


“Are you trying to change the words you said to the Lord? If that is the case, I won’t forgive you!”

It felt like Marakim was ready to kill him at any moment.

Jegal Yong-un tried to think of what had to be done.


‘Ah! When?’

All of a sudden, the members of the Demonic Cult gathered around him.

It was as if they were protesting for insulting their Lord.

With a sneering voice, Chun Yeowun spoke to the bewildered leaders.

“Well, if he was a man who hit your backs, shouldn’t it be fine taking back his corpse? The so-called technique that you are so worried about being misused won’t happen now.”

‘What? Does that mean he never intended to use the technique?’

At those words every single leader was confused.

There was no need for the technique.

The leaders didn’t know, but the person who developed that technique was currently in the Demonic Cult.

Until recently, those who were delighted that the Demonic Cult wouldn’t be able to get their hands on the technique were in utter shock at the failure of their plan.

‘Ha! How did this…’

It was only then that Jegal Yong-un realized what Chun Yeowun had been scheming.

Chun Yeowun didn’t aim for the technique from the beginning.

‘Kuek! This is what he meant when he said he wouldn’t forgive those who threatened the Demonic Cult.’

The true goal of Chun Yeowun was to find the real head of the organization.

But that didn’t mean that he would give up Nam Gung-kyong to the Forces of Justice, who were completely unaware of the existence of the organization until Chun Yeowun told them.

The Demonic Cult meddled in the Forces of Justice and made them search for the organization.

‘… we were outplayed!’


Jegal Yong-un, unable to hold in his rage, bit his lower lip.

‘Uhhhh! Lord of Demonic Culttttt!!!’

It turned out to be a foolish mistake to intervene.

The results ended up turning bizarre.

Thanks to that, not just Jegal Yong-un, but everyone was able to know one thing.

‘He really is… the current Lord of Demonic Cult!’

No hesitation in his moves.

They had to accept the fact that Chun Yeowun was completely different to the previous Lord of the Demonic Cult that they knew.

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