Chapter 400 - Rise to the Five Strongest Warriors (3)

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What was it called again? The tiger’s momentum?

The momentum of the Demonic Cult’s side, including that of Lord Chun Yeowun‘s, was like a flooding wave that had long surpassed the current Yulin forces.

‘Ah, we can’t help it.’

Great Leader Yi Mok sighed deeply.

Contrary to the Demonic Cult’s side, the Yulin and the Forces of Justice had fewer than a hundred people, including their leaders, standing unscathed after the battle. However, the Demonic Cult still had over a thousand people.

Of course, even if the cult had no warriors standing, it would be no exaggeration to call the Lord of the Demonic Cult, Chun Yeowun, a disaster level one-man army who couldn’t be defeated.

The bottom line was that it was impossible for them to bring down the Lord of the Demonic Cult no matter what they would try to do.


Another sigh.

Great Leader Yi Mok's thoughts when he took the first step into the Jin Castle for the ceremony were different compared to what was actually going on in his mind right now.

He thought that the situation in Wulin would change.

And the result was,

‘… for the time being, it is the time of Lord Chun.’

The entire place has become a place where the existence of Chun Yeowun is absolute.

Now the entire Wulin would know of his greatness.

In a situation where everyone was tense after being surrounded by the warriors of the Demonic Cult, the Great Leader opened his mouth.


‘Great Leader?’

While everyone was nervous, their eyes turned towards the Great Leader.

“Lord Chun. We too had absolutely no intention of abusing that technique. Lord Chun said that he resolved the enmity he had with Nam Gung-kyong out of concern for his Cult, but I can no longer turn a blind eye after this.”


‘How could this be?’

At the words of the Great Leader, who took a step back, sighs flowed from everywhere.

The feeling of concession was entirely different.

It was like the man, who was the most respected figure in a faction and one of the five strongest warriors, was deciding to kneel because of the overwhelming power of the Lord of the Demonic Cult.

‘I am sorry to all the warriors and leaders.’

The Great Leader, Yi Mok, shook his head slightly as he looked at each of the leaders of the Forces of Justice and Yulin factions, who couldn’t hide their disappointment.

However, this was a choice he had to make.

If Chun Yeowun really was what he had shown so far, then it would be impossible for the Yulin to stay strong if friction rose between the two.

‘Great leader. I know your intentions are good.’

Of course, not everyone was disappointed.

Poong Chungwun, a long time member of the Mount Hua Sect, and Hong Palwoo believed that this judgement was indeed correct.

It was humiliating, but this had to be done.

‘Even the strongest men were said to have endured more terrifying things than this, so what is the problem with letting go of the pride?’

They sent their sympathetic gazes to ease Yi Mok's heavy heart.

Yi Mok looked at Chun Yeowun and spoke.


“Lord Chun. I apologize that the situation turned uncomfortable because of the incident with Nam Gung-kyong. So, how about the Lord and I go back and discuss the future together?”

Yi Mok held his posture while clasping his hands together.

Chun Yeowun, who looked at Yi Mok, raised his hand.

The warriors of the Demonic Cult, who encircled them quickly, retreated as if they were never there.



Seeing that, the leaders of factions and the Forces of Justice sighed in relief.

If the situation had gotten any worse, it wouldn’t seem strange for another battle to happen.

‘I put in enough pressure so the matter would stop right here.’

In fact, even Chun Yeowun had no plans to push his luck any further with the Yulin.

Although the battle was won they didn’t get to deal with the Blade God Six Martial clan, which meant that he couldn’t break the alliance with Yulin’s Forces of Justice yet, especially because the Forces of Evil seemed to be joining hands with the Blade God Six Martial clan.

It was too early to break the alliance.

‘Let’s hold on a little bit longer…’

The corners of Chun Yeowun’s mouth rose slowly.

The Dragon Palace in the Empire.

The emperor sat solemnly on the throne and on a seat which was lower than his was 1st prince Zhu Taikhan, who was given the title of the Crown Prince starting from the Dano Festival.

Although nothing was said outside of the palace, Zhu Taikhan had turned into a catalyst in the Shrine incident and eventually took the place of crown prince. He was gleaming on the inside.

However, the atmosphere in the throne room was too heavy for him to smile.

All because they had to focus on one event.

In the middle of the throne room was Yeongjo, the Northern Commander and an eunuch of West Spear, both kneeling on one knee.

In front of them was a round piece of iron, about twice the size of a male fist.

The emperor and the others who saw that were astonished.

[How could such a group of people use weapons that hold gunpowder, which are only used within the military?]

In addition, this bomb seemed a lot stronger than theirs.

Apart from the non-aggression treaty, explosives were dangerous weapons of lethality that were prohibited by the laws of the Empire.

Possession of bombs was a problem, but that wasn’t the major problem. What made the emperor furious was the report that bombs were being laid out in the underground of the Jin castle.

[Does that mean that they plotted such an outrageous conspiracy to kill the officials and the prince, who would go there on my behalf? They really are rebels! I can’t just sit back and watch this anymore! This is it!]

The emperor immediately ordered the subjugation of the Blade God Six Martial clan.

Originally, the Lord of the Demonic Cult had informed the emperor that he would take care of them, but the Blade God Six Martial clan had gone too far for the emperor to stay still.

Baek Jagi, the Supreme Commander, and Southern Commander Yon Namgung led 2,000 guards along with 10,000 soldiers to the Jin castle.

For the first time since the founding of the empire, they were going to declare war on a Wulin faction.


[What? They’re coming back already?]

Within a few hours after the military was deployed, they received a report that Supreme Commander Baek Jagi was returning already.

The emperor was waiting to know what happened.

Just then, the eunuchs in the throne room, who were outside, shouted.

“Your Majesty, the Supreme Commander Baek Jagi is requesting to enter.”

“Send him in.”

The emperor’s orders fell and Baek Jagi, who was wearing grey solid armor, hurried into the room.

“I, Baek Jagi, the Supreme Commander, request an audience with His Majesty!”

As soon as Baek Jagi greeted him, the emperor asked what he was most curious about.

“Why did the Supreme Commander return when it hasn‘t been long since your deployment?”

The guards and the soldiers hadn’t returned yet, but the commanders were the only ones who came back since they had to inform the emperor of the situation directly.

“Your Majesty, before the imperial army of the empire arrived at the castle, the spies and rebels in the castle had already been annihilated.”

“The entire group of rebels were annihilated?”

The emperor’s eyes lit up with curiosity.

At the request from the Lord of the Demonic Cult, he lent him the armors of guards and soldiers. However, he didn’t expect the end of the war in such a short amount of time.

“Didn’t it happen too fast?”

Even if it was a battle between martial arts users, it was too fast.

Baek Jagi said the same thing again, it was definite that the battle was over.

“As the emperor ordered, we rushed to Jin Castle. We first sent in excellent guards to check out the situation…”

All the officials in the throne room were doubting their ears at the report of Baek Jagi.

At the time when the Northern Commander and the eunuch escaped from the Jin Castle, it wasn’t like there were no other officials of the palace.

Some members of the guards were present for the sake of monitoring the situation. Through them, the guards were told about the amazing things that unfolded in the Jin Castle and were reported to the commanders.

Even the Supreme Commander Baek Jagi, who first reported it, couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

“Is that even possible?”

Most of the reports that he heard were so ridiculous, they made it sound like Chun Yeowun had surpassed the stage of a human being.

Later, it was told that he was the one who killed the vast majority of enemies.

They reported that it was not a battle, but a slaughter.


“What? He flew into the air and made swords rain down from the sky?”

When talking about Sky Flash, even the emperor seemed at a loss for words.

There was no other way to explain the Air Swords which brought in blood shed.

“Huu, how could a human body perform…”

Admiral Seo Tae-sik of the Cardinal Spear mumbled to himself, not being able to believe the report he just heard.

The admirals and the commanders were all well aware of martial arts, but never had they imagined that a Divine Master would be such a monster.

‘… he is no human. I am really fortunate to be allied with Lord Chun.’

Crown prince Zhu Taikhan once again realized that his choice wasn’t wrong.

Chun Yeowun, the Lord of the Demonic Cult, was too dangerous to make an enemy out of.

“That was why the army returned already, your Majesty!”

When the Supreme Commander Baek Jagi was done with his report, the entire throne room was filled with silence.

That was how shocking the information about Chun Yeowun, the Lord of the Demonic Cult, was.

‘Your Majesty must be very surprised.’

As a ruler of an empire, a monster with that much power was a threat to him.

Maybe he was feeling even more fear than before.

Everyone was in deep concern when the emperor, who had been silent, slowly opened his mouth.

“… Th... there will never be a change in the state religion until my time ends.”


A fact which no one could dispute.

Time passed quickly and a full month had passed since the day of the Dano festival.

News went around very fast.

It didn’t take long for the events in the Jin Castle to spread throughout the Jianghu.

Although they participated in the victory of the alliance, they were humiliated to the extent of being overpowered.

To hide this humiliation, they announced that the battle in the Jin Castle of Tongho was something that the Forces of Justice and the Demonic Cult’s alliance planned together to defeat the Forces of Evil and the Blade God Six Martial clan, but there was no way the truth could stay hidden.

The heads of multiple factions under Yulin had witnessed it with their very own eyes.

Chun Yeowun’s monstrous strength spread throughout all of Wulin, and the humiliation the Forces of Justice faced spread as well.

The Forces of Justice strongly denied it in Yulin, but the consequences that followed made it undeniable.

In a fortress of the Ten Thousand Mountains.

A middle aged man with short hair was drinking something while he was on the bed.

He was the former lord, Chun Yujong.

After months of staying in a coma, he finally woke up.

He was extremely skinny as he hadn’t moved for a long time, however the side effects had disappeared from his body and his lively spirit returned.

Gasp! Gasp!

“Kulkulkul, drink it slowly, Lord.”

Next to him, a middle-aged man in shabby clothes with an eye patch was seated. It has been three days since the former Lord has woken up.

However, he was extremely weak, and it took two days for Submeng to get permission to see him.

Submeng visited the former Lord from the day before and informed Chun Yujong about all that had happened.

Coincidentally, Chun Yujong’s memories after the battle with the Blade God Six Martial clans warriors were like shattered fragments. He could hardly remember anything from that day.

“Keep talking, Right Guardian.”

Chun Yujong wiped off the medicine he was drinking with his sleeve.

While Submeng continued talking.

“How far did I tell?”

“… Yeowun.. no, you were talking about the current Lord.”

Calling not himself, but Chun Yeowun as the Lord felt a little awkward for Chun Yujong.

When he lost consciousness and woke up, so many things seemed to have changed.

As soon as he woke up, he couldn’t get used to people calling him the former Lord.

“Ahh! Right, as I was saying earlier, the Lord is very busy with the work of the academy.”


A sigh escaped from Chun Yujong’s mouth.

It was shocking enough to hear it all over again, and yet it was still unbelievable.

It was said that the entire Henan province was officially under the domain of the Demonic Cult.

“And the Yulin people and the Forces of Justice tolerated it?”

“Tolerate? There was nothing else they could do.”

While promoting the Sky Demon Order, which was currently the state religion of the empire, the imperial order built a branch of the Cult not only in the Imperial Palace but also in the capital.

Since it was the domain of the Yulin, there was no way that they would have agreed to it.

Since the announcement was made by the emperor, the Yulin announced that it would accept it by honoring the emperor and respecting the alliance.

“Actually, that wasn’t it. Hehe.“

As the faction heads who joined the Forces of the Great Heaven were annihilated, they lost nearly thirty percent of their power. And if they immediately broke the alliance with the Demonic Cult right now, they would get surrounded by all the enemies, including what is left of the Blade God Six Martial clan.

“All of this was possible because the Lord showed incredible devotion in the battle of Jin Castle.”

That was the biggest reason.

With the war, Yulin realized that there was no chance of winning a war against the current Lord of the Demonic Cult.

That’s why even when it was humiliation, they conceded.

‘That child reached Divine Master level.’

That was the most startling news for Chun Yujong.

It was astonishing that so many things happened since he lost consciousness.

Chun Yujong spoke in a frustrated voice.

“It seems like the title of being one of the Five Strongest Warriors should be passed down to the Lord.”

Hearing those words, Submeng licked his lips and spoke cautiously.

“Hm, hm, Former Lord. I apologize, but the current Lord is already considered one of the Five Strongest Warriors due to the war.”

“What? For real?”

Five strongest warriors.

A title that only five people, who stand at the top of the Wulin, hold.

It was unprecedented for a warrior to attain that title at Chun Yeowun’s current age.

After hearing that, Submeng, who took pride in being the teacher of the current Lord, couldn’t hide his joy.


Chun Yujong was suddenly engulfed in a strange feeling.

It was thrilling that Hwa Yun and his child, who struggled to learn martial arts, stood tall, all by himself.

Chun Yujong was looking at Submeng, who was extremely happy for some reason, and asked.

“Kum, if he has become one of the five strongest warriors, he probably has a name worthy of the title.”

At that question, Submeng answered with a wide smile.

“He got a name that suits the Cult best!”


“Demon God! The Lord is being called the Demon God!”

Chun Yeowun’s new name, which he obtained after being recognized as one of the 5 strongest warriors, is truly befitting.

Demon God!

Regardless of whether he was the Lord or not, the members of the cult considered him a Demon. However, due to his thrilling actions, everyone else called him a God.

“Demon God!!!”

Chun Yujong couldn’t contain his trembling at Submeng’s words.

It wasn’t that he was surprised by the crazy and wonderful name, but it was because after the previous Lords, this was the second time that the title of Demon God was given to someone after Chun Ma.

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