Chapter 402 - Guest from the North (2)

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The opening of the Demonic Academy.

The site of the opening, which had received great support from the Emperor, and the hall of the academy were both as large as the original hall.

It could be called the largest, except for the main headquarters of the Demonic Cult.

In the grand hall of the branch, about four hundred warriors of the Demonic cult were in their training uniform and watched the battle of two people.

These people were two of the Six Swords, Bakgi and Che Takim.

Tak! Tak!

The two were fighting while not holding onto any weapons, which was different from the existing martial arts.

Unlike the ordinary martial arts that form qi through the connection with internal energy, the movements of Bakgi and Che Takim were techniques that aimed directly for the opponent’s blood points.


Bakgi avoided the incoming attack while spinning in mid-air with his unique footwork and tried to kick his opponent, but only until Che Takim grabbed Bakgi’s leg with his bare hands.


That wasn’t the end.

The moment he grabbed Bakgi’s leg, Che Takim twisted his body like a snake strangling its prey and restrained Bakgi tight enough to break the leg joints for the finest movement.

Each and everyone who was witnessing the battle exclaimed what they saw. Everything was unfolding too quickly.


“How did he suppress the kick from Bakgi like that?”

Che Takim was an excellent martial arts user, but he was the lower ranked one in the Six Swords ranking.

However, when he defeated Bakgi, the third ranked in the Six Swords, in a matter of seconds, everyone was shocked.


Maybe he was offended by the reaction from the Cult’s warriors, so Bakgi bent a little, gathered internal energy in his arms and spread his legs while rotating them like a windmill.


Wooong! Thud!

Thanks to that, Che Takim, who was crossing his legs, couldn’t overcome the force and was thrown away.

Of course he could have clenched his grip a little more to break the legs, but if Bakgi realized his intent and gathered energy in his legs, then Che Takim would end up suffering damage.

“Woah! He got out of it!”

“How can such a skill be used properly?”

At first glance, it looked like he was rolling around on the floor, but at some point, the momentum of a typhoon emerged.

The sharp wind pressure in the rotation of the two legs loaded with energy made it difficult to approach the man.

It was a unique technique completely different from usual martial arts.

‘Nano, what’s this?’

[Capoeira’s Windmill has an appropriate distribution of energy. If strong force qi is concentrated with the internal energy, the killing power will be more than doubled.]

Nano answered Chun Yeowun, who was observing the match.

The martial arts displayed by Che Takim and Bakgi, the current Six Swords who were present, were techniques that Nano made by including the future’s martial arts of boxing, taekwondo, jiu-jitsu and capoeira.

The existing martial arts can be destroyed and defended against once the opponent understands the technique, but the martial arts from the future were thoroughly made only to destroy the opponent’s body, making it a dangerous weapon.

‘I was worried if they could learn it properly, but they got it down perfectly.’

Chun Yeowun was satisfied.

Yet, there were bound to be people with different views.

Che Takim was more specialized in boxing and Jiu-jitsu, both of which depended on the hands, while Bakgi mastered taekwondo and capoeira, both of which focused on the legs.

It was the best way to give them what they were used to the most.

‘With this level of execution, they can do wonders in hand-to-hand combat.’

The work of the modern day martial arts, which they started to train for when Chun Yeowun was crowned as the Lord, had finally come to fruition.

These two had brilliantly learned the skills in just a couple months' time.


Bakgi and Che Takim, who finished their duel, politely bowed to each other.

The warriors, who witnessed the confrontation, cheered.


Hou Jingchang, the head of the warriors, who was standing next to Chun Yeowun, was first seated and then shortly after took a couple steps forward and shouted.

“Watch carefully! This is something that the Lord has created, a combination of different kinds of combat martial arts, which will become the foundational Martial Arts of our academy.”


The “Combination of Combat Martial Arts“.

Chun Yeowun had named it as such because the completed product was done by collecting the essence of various future martial art styles.

When Hou Jinchang first saw it, he couldn’t get himself to believe it.

[The Lord had created such techniques?]

He couldn’t believe that Chun Yeowun, who was nothing more than a beginner at first, created a martial art with a thorough analysis of the human body that was completely different from the existing styles.

[Oh oooh! He is truly on the road of becoming a great lord! The presence of our Lord is enhancing the academy!]


Chun Yeowun was happy, yet it made him feel uncomfortable.

Strictly speaking, it was a martial art created by the analysis of Nano that was inside Chun Yeowun.

“From today onwards, the warriors' guards will be trained like the military. They will be taught the combination of combat martial arts. Let’s learn it perfectly, so we do not become a nuisance to our members!”


Chun Yeowun’s lips went up at the morale filled shouts of the fierce warrior guards, which resonated throughout the hall.

This was just the beginning.

And within the Ten Thousand Mountains, Demon Doctor Baek Jongwu and Godly Doctor Gam Rosu were done analyzing the Qilin’s Blood and entered into the process of converting it into a stable elixir.

The process was done quickly as Chun Yeowun had passed on Nano's information about the ingredients.

‘Not long now.’

The day to hold the power that one wants was coming closer.

Meanwhile, two women were watching the battle from outside the great hall.

The two women were so beautiful that it would be no exaggeration to say that they were the best looking women in the place.

The woman in the blue uniform with a pleased smile on her face was Mun Ku.

However, Mun Ku, who always had a smiling face, had reddened cheeks and was conscious of the woman standing next to her.

With a pure white face like Chun Yeowun and long silver hair stood Wang Yogun.

Wang Yogun’s gaze didn’t move from Chun Yeowun’s face, who sat in the Great Hall like the king.

Seeing Yogun’s cheeks flush red, Mun Ku’s cheeks began to turn red in anger.


Plain dissatisfaction.

She was nothing more than a female warrior who arrived at the academy five days ago.

She said that she had come with Lee Hameng to announce some important news, but she had been hanging around the Lord for five days straight!

Mun Ku did say that she’s trying to understand the situation, but she couldn’t help but be pissed off at her presence.

‘Right. I need to act bolder!’

Jealousy didn’t suit her.

In her usual tone, Mun Ku spoke to her.

“Hm hm! Lady Wang, I heard that you weren’t feeling well yet, so why not go and rest instead of straining your body unnecessarily?”

Thanks to Chun Yeowun, Wang Yogun’s life was saved, but her body was currently fragile as she had Chun Yeowun’s yang energy inside her.

And she was picking up excuses to always be around Chun Yeowun.

At Mun Ku’s words, Wang Yogun responded with a smile.

“No, Lady Mun. I am fine. It’s nice to see the Lord enjoying himself. If you are tired, you don’t have to worry about me and can head back in.”


At her answer, Mun Ku’s cheeks blushed red.

It felt like she had been attacked.

‘Bold… be bolder… I need to be bold… ah! I don’t know!’

She couldn’t be bold.

Wang Yogun had come to tell Chun Yeowun about the news of Chun Yujong after waking up, but she was using it as an excuse to cling to Chun Yeowun and try to get to know him better.

‘She should have just headed back with the Left Guardian. There is nothing left for you to do. Tch tch.’

When Chun Yeowun heard that the former Lord had woken up, he sent Lee Hameng to finish the work that was left behind in the central academy.

However, Wang Yogun wanted to return to the Demonic Cult with Chun Yeowun.


Looking at Mun Ku, who was embarrassed, Wang Yogun felt sorry for her.

‘Lady Mun, I am sorry. It is hard for me to see the Lord's face too, which is why I am doing such things.’

Unlike Mun Ku, who had an emotional bond with Chun Yeowun since the time of the academy, Wang Yogun was connected to him through her body. And because she didn’t know him very well yet, it was the exact reason as to why she wanted to get to know him better.

However, since Chun Yeowun is the Lord of the Demonic Cult, she couldn’t meet him very often. Also, there was no better opportunity for her to meet him than the one right now.

‘If things go well with the Lord, I’ll treat you as an older sister. Until then, hold on. Hm.’

While they were competing with each other, someone hurriedly entered the Great Hall.


“Hu Bong?”

Mun Ku was shocked when she saw him.

However, as it was urgent, Hu Bong didn’t even greet her and went straight for Chun Yeowun.

‘What is wrong?’

Even Chun Yeowun was surprised to see Hu Bong rush in like that.

He knew that something big had happened.

** *

Chun Yeowun followed Hu Bong.

He said that a guest was waiting for him within the hall.

Hu Bong’s hand held the jade slate, which was engraved with the signature of the former Lord Chun Inji.

The identity slate was real and so was the seal on it.

He had Nano analyze it and it was an object made of jade with the same composition that he had.

‘The identity slate of my lost grandfather.’

Chun Inji had gone missing during the festival twenty years ago.

He disappeared without saying a word, so the warriors of the Demonic Cult searched for him everywhere, but they were never able to find him.

However, after so many years someone who knew something about him had appeared.

“Lord, you need to be prepared just in case. Although the jade slate is real, it doesn’t mean that we can trust him blindly.”

Great Guardian Marakim, who was walking next to Chun Yeowun, expressed his opinion.

Marakim was the only one who saw Chun Inji before he disappeared.

Even to him, Chun Inji didn’t reveal why he wanted to leave the Cult.

The fact that such a man, who disappeared without a trace, sent his identity slate with someone else made it difficult for him to trust the situation.

“Once we see him, we’ll know.”

The truth can only be found out when the person was met.

When they entered the guest room on the east side, Ko Wanghur and Hou Sanghwa were waiting with a young man, whose face was full of scars.

Almost as if he had been detained by the two.


The two of them got up when they saw the Lord. The eyes of the young man looked straight at Chun Yeowun.

‘That is the current Lord of the Demonic Cult?’

The supposed lord seemed a lot younger than him.

When he came down to Jianghu and heard of the rumors about the Divine Master level, he thought that the Lord would be elderly and someone who possessed unparalleled dignity, but this was completely different to what he had expected.

Although his eyes were sharp and he had a mysterious aura around him, there was no sign that said that he had been training in martial arts. He just looked like a noble family’s young lord.

‘Are they trying to make a fool out of me?’

He couldn’t help but feel suspicious, but the man who was walking next to the Lord made him nervous.

Just looking at him was enough to know that he was a great man.

‘Ah! He has to be that famous man!’

The famous Dark King, Marakim.

Everyone knew that he was the Lord’s right hand man, but the fact that he was walking alongside this young man meant that he had to be the Lord of the Demonic Cult.

The scar faced young man quickly got up from his seat and was about to greet, when suddenly Chun Yeowun opened his mouth first.

“Are you the one who brought this slate?”

Chun Yeowun asked after showing the identity slate of the former lord of the Demonic Cult.


That was when Ko Wanghur, who was next to the man, warned him in a low voice.

“You saw the Lord of our faction now, are you still not going to disclose your identity?!”

The young man had insisted that he wouldn’t reveal anything until he met with the Lord of the Cult in person.

They were planning on forcing him to answer, but realizing that the issue was serious, they held back and brought him to the academy, despite not liking him.


At that moment, the young man hurriedly introduced himself.

“I-I am honoured to meet Chun Ma of the Sky Demon Order. My name is Dan Baekhyun who came here as an envoy from the North Ice Palace.”

“North Ice… Palace?”

Everyone in the room was shocked at the unexpected identity reveal of the scar faced young man.

Shockingly, he wasn’t a warrior from the Jianghu, but a person from the North Ice Palace, one of the three powers who held supremacy over the cold northern land.

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